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MAC UNDERWOOD GENERAL MANAGER We established our Strategic Plan in August 2012, it is centered around seven of the Ten Attributes of Effective Utility Management, which include: 1) providing the highest-quality water; 2) being recognized as financially viable and fiscally prudent; 3) recruiting, developing, and retaining a high performing and innovative workforce; 4) enhancing customers’ and stakeholders’ understandings; 5) configuring and implementing efficient business systems; 6) optimizing financial resources, and 7) developing new sources of revenue. Management, staff, and the board have all embraced the strategic plan and are working to accomplish our key goals. Vision “Birmingham Water Works Board (BWWB’s) vision is to be recognized locally and nationally for providing the highest-quality water to our customers by focusing on customer service, innovation, fiscal responsibilities, and sustainable growth.” Our customers and stakeholders give us high marks for our water quality, fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth. We provide water that meets all federal regulations. Our customers seem to always talk about how good our water is when compared to water on trips to the beach or out of town. Our AA bond rating shows our commitment to fiscal responsibility. Local elected officials and large industrial customers constantly see our commitment to providing an adequate supply of water for residential, commercial, and industrial use, which helps ensure the economic viability of this region. Mission “BWWB is committed to providing the highest-quality water to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders. Our services enhance the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the communities we serve.” For many years, our driving force has been to provide the highest-quality water (meeting all federal regulations) to our customers and stakeholders. Several years ago, a study was conducted to review consumer confidence reports from across the nation and the study ranked BWWB’s water quality 5th in the nation. The study results confirmed our commitment to our core vision and mission. Our customers confirm this everyday as they consume water directly from their taps. Most restaurants in the area also serve water directly from the tap. We are positioned for future economic growth by having excess treatment capacity at our water treatment plants. We are capable of providing 185 million gallons of water each day, while the average daily delivery is 125 million gallons per day. Accomplishments We track our performance annually and this booklet highlights the numerous accomplishments achieved over the last five years. Our water treatment plants have received numerous awards, which again demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest-quality water. The Training Magazine award spotlights our commitment to developing a high performing and innovative workforce. We also continue to implement new computer systems as we become more efficient in our operations. PAGE - 9

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