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THE ROYALS KICC’s Young Adults Ministry Royals kicked off 2018 with Goals: An insightful meeting where attendees discovered how to strategies and set realistic goals. The event also featured group discussions and a networking sessions. 8

TESTIMONIES TESTIMONIES ABOUND AT THE RIVER JEHOVAH JIREH I was made redundant in February 2017, due to Brexit. I started a part time MBA programme after being made redundant. After 6 months of unemployment, I was contacted for an engineering role not far from where I live. I had two interviews and was offered a role that more senior that the position I originally applied for. After a few weeks in the job, my colleagues started picking on the field engineers’ mistakes and began accusing me for their mistakes as I was the one coordinating their tasks. I spoke to my line manager who reassured me. Day after day I went into work feeling frustrated. During The River evening service on Sunday 4th Feb 2018 Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo asked everyone who called Joke to come to the altar. I went forward on behalf of my mum. Whilst Pastor was praying, he called me forward and prayed saying: “I take frustration off you, you’re about to make a decision … you don’t know which way to go but God will guide you.” A few hours before the interview, just as I was about to send an email to the recruiter to say that I would no longer be attending the interview (I’d discussed my intention with my husband the night before), an email came in from my husband. He said: “You have never applied for all your best roles so far; they always found you. God is up to something. Go for that interview, Pastor prayed for you already, it’s your job.” I went for the interview, three days later I was told the client wanted to offer me the position. It’s with an engineering consultancy I’ve always admired. I handed in my one week notice as I was still on probation. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I thank God for Pastor Matthew and Pastor Yemisi Ashimolowo. Thank you for following the calling of God for your lives. Miracles happen at The River! Mrs B.A Image posed by model Image posed by model I was shaken to my core because a few days before, a recruiter phoned me and said: “I saw your CV on our database and my client needs your set of skills”. My current role was permanent but with a lower salary; the new position was a contract job. During that week I had a Skype interview, the next day I was told the client would like to interview me in person. I didn’t know whether to go for the interview. I wondered what would happen if I don’t get through. DIVINE DELIVERANCE I attended The River on Thursday 1 February. I responded to Pastor Matthew’s revelation that there were people in the service who were experience ‘pain inside the bone’. I had a painful ankle and felt severe pain when I put pressure on it, especially going up and down the stairs. I left after the service, claiming my healing but still felt the pain. The following morning I woke up and stretched my legs. I felt my ankle bone click into place - I was unaware that this was the cause of the pain. The pain has disappeared and I can now walk with ease. During the same service that I went forward for healing Pastor Matthew asked everyone called Tony or Anthony to come to the altar. 9

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