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TALK OF THE TOWN Is this winter like the ones you remember? KELLEY LAWTON, WITH MAX & LUCY “I think our seasons have changed, our winters are more mild than they were before...I think something's up...“ KENT BUSHEY “I remember growing up in Granby and it being much colder in wintertime...20 below zero waiting for the bus..." MINDY BORREGO “We've got totally different weather now than when I was growing up... maybe I'm just getting older, but it certainly seems like it's colder...“ DIGITAL WORKFLOW // COMPUTERS // NETWORKS // DIGITAL SECURITY subseven 8 | MARCH 2018 Supporting the Farmington Valley Locally Owned 860.653.6630 Contemplating Divorce? Why divorce by Mediation may be right for you. Reduces the costs of divorce and More lawyers’ Than fees. Just Better benefits the children who suffer Horse from Feed! divorce. Expedites the process and reduces court appearances. Helps you reach a fair and comprehensive Pet Nutrition agreement. Consultations Call for a free and confidential consultation. 15 Mill Pond Road Granby, CT 06035 15 Mill Pond Road 860-413-9880 Granby, CT 06035 860-413-9880 Find us on Facebook! Find us on Facebook! Open Open 7 Days/Week 7 Dog and Cat Food and Supplies Chicken and Duck Feed and Supplies Goat Feed Pig Feed REBECCA OLESEN 860-305-9400 Llama Feed 77 Hazard Ave., Suite M1, Enfield Rabbit CT and Guinea Pig Supplies Wild Bird Seeds 15 Mill Pond Road The Guidance Office Deer Chow Granby, CT 06035 Dog and Cat Grooming Services 860-413-9880 Guidance For All of Lawn Life’s and Changes. Garden Care and Supplies Equestrian Apparel Find us on Facebook! Engraving and Embroidery Open 7 Days/Week Leatherman Chicks Arrive in March! 15 Mill Pond Road Granby, CT 06035 860-413-9880 Find us on Facebook! Open 7 Days/Week Lawn and Garden Care and Supplies Equestrian Apparel Engraving and Embroidery Leatherman Chicks Arrive in March! Dog and Cat Food and Supplies Pet Nutrition Consultations Chicken and Duck Feed and Supplies Goat Feed Pig Feed Llama Feed Rabbit and Guinea Pig Supplies Wild Bird Seeds Deer Chow Dog and Cat Grooming Services We Deliver! More Than Just More Than Just Horse Feed! Horse Feed! Dog and Cat Food and Supplies Pet Dog Nutrition and Cat Consultations Food and Supplies Poultry and Pet Gamebird Nutrition Feed Consultations and Supplies Chicken and Duck Feed and Supplies Goat Feed Goat Feed Pig and Pig Cow Feed Feed Llama Llama Feed Feed Small Rabbit Animal and Feed Guinea and Pig Supplies Supplies Wild Wild Bird Bird Seed Seeds Deer Deer Chow Chow Valley Dog and Dog Cat Grooming Salon Services Lawn Lawn and and Garden Garden Care Supplies and Supplies Riding Equestrian Boots and Helmets Apparel Engraving and Embroidery Engraving and Embroidery Leatherman Chicks Leatherman Arrive in March! More Than Just Horse Feed! 860-413-9880 Find us on Facebook! Open 7 Days/Week Lawn and Garden Care and Supplies Equestrian Apparel Engraving and Embroidery Leatherman Chicks Arrive in March!

THIS MONTH IN GRANBY HISTORY BY KEN KUHL GRANBY March 1833 — At an adjourned Town Meeting holden at the Episcopal Church House the first Monday of March 1833. Voted to lay a Tax of nine Cents on the dollar on the list 1832 to defray expenses of the Town building bridges etc. By the 1830s the most popular bridge being built in New England was the venerable covered bridge. While records do not describe the type of construction for this bridge in Granby, it would likely have been a covered bridge. In the 18th century, bridges were initially just two logs that spanned across small streams and brooks. These structures were, however temporary, because they had a lifespan of only 10 to 15 years before of the effects of rain and sun rotted them. At this time traveling across large brooks and rivers was accomplished by use of a ferry boat like the famous Bissell Ferry in Windsor, Connecticut. However, in 1785 Enoch Hale built a bridge over the Connecticut River in Bellows Falls, Vermont. This bridge was the first American structure that spanned 365 feet with the newly engineered strengthened stringer type. Although this was a revolutionary breakthrough, it did require open joints made of post, beams and pegs which were still subject to decay due to exposure to the weather. Variations of this new type of bridge called for the joints to be covered or boxed in with pine or an absorbent wood to protect them from deterioration. A 1782 bridge erected in Riverton, Connecticut, was an improvement; the pine boards that covered the oak timbers were slanted toward the outside to take the rain away. While this extended the life of the structure, it was later entirely covered with a barn-like enclosure, and the covered bridge was born. A covered bridge is a timber-truss structure with a roof, siding and windows which, in most covered bridges, create an almost complete enclosure. Bridges had covers for reasons other than protecting wood trusses, such as for protecting pedestrians and keeping horses from shying away from loud rushing water. Early timber-framed covered bridges consisted of horizontal beams laid on top of piles driven into the riverbed below. However, this construction method meant that the length between bridge spans was limited by the maximum length of each beam. The development of the timber truss circumvented that limitation and allowed bridges to span greater distances than those with beam-only structures or arch structures, whether of stone, masonry or timber. At least two covered bridges make the claim of being the first built in the United States. Town records for Swanzey, New Hampshire, indicate their Carleton Bridge was built in 1789, but this remains unverified. Meanwhile, a patent was issued in 1797 to Philadelphia artist and inventor Charles W. Peale (the famous painter of George Washington at the Battle of Princeton). His bridge was erected over the Schuylkill River in 1804. By the mid-1800s, the development of cheaper wrought iron and cast iron led to metal rather than timber trusses, except in areas like Granby where there remained a plentiful supply of large timber. CONNECTICUT March 2, 1833 — Prudence Crandall runs an ad in The Liberator magazine, offering equal access to black girls at her private boarding school in Canterbury, Connecticut. UNITED STATES March 2, 1833 — President Andrew Jackson signs the Force Bill, which authorizes him to use troops to enforce federal law in South Carolina. War. WORLD March 20, 1833 — The Roberts Treaty of 1833 was the first treaty between the United States and Siam, an Asian nation. Ken Kuhl is a board member of the Salmon Brook Historical Society in Granby. CELEBRATING ST PADDY’S DAY ALL MONTH! LIVE MUSIC MOST WEEKENDS! Visit our website or facebook page for complete schedule & special events. Lunch: Tues, Wed, & Sun 11:30am-4pm | Dinner till 9pm 860-653-2739 357 Salmon Brook St., Granby CT BAR OPEN LATE Lunch: Thur, Fri & Sat 11:30am-4pm | Dinner til 10pm GRANBY LIVING | 9

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