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Cedar Bear Promotional Examples

What is a TincTract?

What is a TincTract? More than a tincture, more than an extract, TincTract® is the flagship technology of Cedar Bear Naturales. The technology incorporates the 4–Fold elemental approach as developed by L. Carl Robinson, the founder of Cedar Bear – drying (Earth), tincturing (Water), extracting (Fire) and clarifying (Air). The process is 100% true alcohol-free and utilizes a glycerin-based proprietary extractive medium that retains the full effectiveness and flavor of the herbs. Industry Firsts First to be able to extract numerous constituents and compounds (i.e. resins, waxes, heavy polysaccharides, etc.) previously thought not possible with a glycerin-based processing technology. First to commercially introduce in the marketplace totally alcohol-free liquid herbal product lines for children, pets and equine use. First to introduce complex liquid herbal formulations into the marketplace. First to develop and introduce a totally 100% alcohol-free glycerite of mono element triiodide of nascent iodine into the marketplace that was also an industry and iodine products chemistry first! Glycerin Versus Alcohol Glycerin possesses a bacteriostatic action (i.e. deprives bacteria/spores of moisture – dehydrates them) that has a sterile effect without denaturing or rendering other compounds inert like ethanol alcohol does. High glycerin-towater extractive bases are highly stable, which includes microencapsulating qualities that encapsulate many extracted constituents and compounds in the glycerin/water matrix. This reduces ingredient inversion and precipitation, arrests components from complexifying and mitigates REDOX (i.e. Reducto-Oxidative reactions). *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Multiplex Formulating Approach Our multiplex approach to formulating herbal products includes: clinical inputs/ feedback, pharma considerations, chemical compatibility factors, mineral ‘signature’ group profiles unique to each herb, pH factoring, organoleptic considerations (i.e tactile sensory & smell/taste), herbal energetics (varying physiological effects on tissue states such as heat/cold, moist/drying, hardening/softening, etc.), palatability (flavor) – our single herbs are often true to the taste of a fresh harvested herb, which shows the unique comprehensive extraction qualities only a TincTract® process possesses.

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