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Wholesale Shipping

Wholesale Shipping Policies: These Policies apply to Wholesale/Retail Accounts that purchase Cedar Bear Naturales, Inc (Cedar Bear) Brand Products directly from Cedar bear. Policies change or are updated from time to time and all orders and prices are subject to the most current policies and prices at time of order. To Establish a Wholesale Account with Cedar Bear, each Account must supply the following: State Tax ID Number, Business License Number. (Professional Licenses qualify.) Must have a business in natural health products and be purchasing for retail resale. Must fill out Cedar Bear Wholesale Account Information Form. Cedar Bear reserves the right to decide who qualifies for a wholesale account based off of qualifications. Wholesale Account Shipping Policies: Orders are fulfilled on a first in first out basis. All orders take one full business day to process before shipping. If an order is not received by 5 pm MST that day it is considered the next business day. All orders are shipped UPS GROUND Shipping, unless otherwise arranged by Account’s request. Orders under $100 are charged a small order handling fee of $5. Orders over $300: FREE SHIPPING UPS GROUND to Account’s Listed Store Location Only. Orders under $300: UPS GROUND. Shipping will be charged as listed in Wholesale Account Shipping Table. Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other US territories are exceptions to above: no rush deliveries and there is an additional surcharge of $10. For foreign shipping costs there is additional charge that will be assessed depending on order location that will be billed separately. USPS: (United States Post Office) will be charged applicable package weight/size and shipping fees for orders under $300. Cedar Bear ships to Listed Business Locations Only. Shipping of product directly to customers (Drop Ship) is not available. An order may only be shipped to one store location. Cedar Bear Naturales P.O. Box 158, 1407 E HW 40, Roosevelt, UT 84066 Website: Call: 888-854-3727 Email:

Same Day Shipping/Rush Orders/Expedited Shipping: A Rush Order must be received by 10:00 a.m. MT (Mountain Time) to go out same day. USPS does not offer a true-overnight from our manufacture location. UPS does offer true-overnight shipping from manufacture location. Rush Order requests for same day shipping are only available for products in the sizes that are on the most current Standard Wholesale Price List/Order form. (Special Order items and sizes not on the Standard Price List/Order Form require Special Bottling and are not available for same day shipping.) Expedited Shipping Orders must be Prepaid in full. Cedar Bear is not responsible for Freight or Parcel Company not meeting their delivery schedule. Returns: No returns to Cedar Bear without RMA RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number must be obtained from Cedar Bear before product is to be returned to Cedar Bear for any reason. Unauthorized merchandise returns (e.g. not accompanied with a RMA number) will not be eligible for product credit. If product is returned for product quality issues, Please detail product’s problem in a written document accompanying the returned product for Cedar Bear to investigate and review. If product is being returned for product credit or replacement, returned product must be received by Cedar Bear unbroken and unopened and within expiration date to be accepted. No RMA or product credit will be issued for product that is past the expiration date on the label. 20% restocking fee will be applied, (unless product is returned for Product Quality Issues). No cash refunds and/or credit card charge backs will be given for returned merchandise. Customer Returns: Historically, store accounts report very few customer returns of Cedar Bear products, but they do occasionally happen. For stores that have a money back guarantee to their retail customers, CBN will give product credit (to be applied to a future order) for customer returns when the following information is provided: Fax 435-722-6607, or email Product Name, Size, Lot Number, Expiration Date, date and reason for customer return. Returns for PRODUCT QUALITY ISSUES must be returned to Cedar Bear under RMA policy above. Request for credit on Customer Returns must be received by Cedar Bear within the month of the return. Product Credit given for Customer Returns will be for the wholesale price that was paid for the product. Cedar Bear Naturales P.O. Box 158, 1407 E HW 40, Roosevelt, UT 84066 Website: Call: 888-854-3727 Email:

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