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Colonies March 2018


BRADFORD COLONY 1 & 2 (BC1&2) NEWS FROM THE BOARD Monthly Meetings We have moved our monthly meetings to 2 nd Wednesday every month at 7 PM and we will be meeting at the M.U.D. 102 water plant building. The address is 15300 Falmouth Avenue and it is right next to the water tower. You should have received a post card notification on this change. Please come join us at the meeting and let us know of any questions/issues or give input and get updates. Annual dues and Late fees By now if you have not paid the 2018 annual dues, there will be late fees and interests added to your balance, please contact our manager - Shannon Abernathy at - to get your correct balance to pay so fees and interests will not continue to be added to any outstanding amount left in your account. Our website If you have not added your email address in the PMG website, please do so. General announcements will be sent via emails and you can also check for announcements and get the information more timely directly from our website where you can get a variety of information including deed restriction information. The site is https://community. All homeowners in Bradford Colony 1&2 can access the site by registering with your account number (which is listed on your assessment statement from PMG). If you need assistance, please contact our management company manager- Shannon Abernathy at s.abernathy@pmghouston. com. We will continue to improve and add information to the site and use this as an additional venue to communicate information to all homeowners. Additional fees to access pool In case you are not aware, your annual assessment does not include the pool access. But if you are interested in using the pool, you can contact the Colonies Recreation Association (contact information is listed in this newsletter) and pay the pool fee to get access. BRADFORD COLONY SECTION 3 (BCS3) WHAT IS BCS3? Some residents may be wondering about the differences between our neighborhood (Bradford Colony Section Three or BCS3) and Bradford Colony Sections 1 & 2. These are two separate homeowner associations (HOA’s) with separate management companies, governing documents, deed restrictions and Boards of Directors. BCS3 was officially formed in 2001 by the builder with the first resident related HOA meeting taking place in the summer of 2002 (when the first Board of Directors was elected). Bradford Colony 1 & 2 was formed over 20 years earlier as a separate entity with its own Board and management company. BCS3 is composed of the 59 properties formed by the circle of streets including Searston Drive, Vaughnville Drive and parts of Harcourt Bridge Drive and Horsepen Bayou Drive. The neighborhood also includes Harcourt Bridge Court. Since the neighborhood was formed, over 60% of the homeowners in BCS3 have changed. Over 25 different residents have served on the Board of Directors and various committees. We have had five different management companies. There have been a lot of changes over this time. But what has remained consistent over the past 15+ years are the efforts of the BCS3 residents to do their best to try to keep our neighborhood as safe as possible while showing their pride in maintaining their properties to the best of their efforts. This pride has served to maintain our property values at their highest possible point over this time period. The Board would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts to make our small piece of Houston as good a place to live as possible. (BCS3) 2018 HOME OWNERS ASSESSMENT The Board would like to thank everyone who has paid their 2018 Assessment as of this date. Approximately 75% of the property owners have made their payments prior to the requested deadline. If you are reading this note and have yet to pay your 2018 Assessment, please contact Theodora Daly at ACMP (281-855-9867) to make arrangements to handle this financial obligation. Please note that any costs associated with the collection of past due assessments will be passed along to any delinquent property owners. These expenses can add up and easily double or triple the original assessment total if action is not taken to handle the necessary payments. (BCS3) 2018 ANNUAL MEETING The Annual meeting for our neighborhood is scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 20 th at 7 PM. Look for more information about this meeting in upcoming newsletters and postings. (BCS3) BOARD OF DIRECTORS / “FRESH BLOOD” NEEDED Due to the size of our neighborhood, we only have a three-member Board of Directors (instead of the normal five-person group). We also conduct a much more informal HOA with respect to meeting frequency, ARC committee responsibilities and overall HOA business. The key to our present HOA approach and policy “to get the job done right.” This is easy to do with no complications due to the small size of our BCS3 neighborhood and an excellent relationship with our management company (ACMP) and representative (Theodora Daly). The present Board is composed of members who have been in office for a minimum of six years and a maximum of 14 years. The most senior of the present Board members will be leaving BCS3 in the next 12 to 18 months while the other directors would be ready to pass the torch to other residents once their terms expire in the coming years. Although there has always been a desire to get new people involved with Home Owners Association activities, the urgency to get “new individuals” onto the Board via Annual Meeting elections is paramount at this time. There will be one open position up for election at the May 20 th Annual meeting. This is for a three-year term. If anyone is interested in running for this open position, please contact any Board member for details. Although it is a low-profile group, the Board does a lot to maintain key issues that impact the neighborhood. And, in turn, the value of our properties in BCS3. Thank you for any interest you may have to be a part of this necessary and rewarding process. (BCS3) DOG OWNERS - PLEASE NOTE There are a lot of residents who walk their dogs through the neighborhood. Please remember to pick up after your pets as necessary during these travels around BCS3. This little bit of courtesy goes a long way towards keeping our neighborhood as clean as possible. Plus, it is the right thing to do! (BCS3) CONTACT THE BOARD As is the case with everything in our small neighborhood, every resident should feel free to contact any Board member as to any issue or question that you have about BCS3. Contact information for all the Board members is located on the inside front cover of this publication. 4 March 2018 | The Colonies Community Newsletter

CHARLESTOWN COLONY (CHC) NOTES FROM THE BOARD HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY & LET’S RODEO! Although many of us are back in our homes, we are still very much in recovery mode as we continue to rebuild our lives. With all the unpacking organizing and re-organizing of our households, we are now faced with another task, which is yard work and lots of it. Due to all the long hard freezes and cold snaps this winter, many of us will have a lot of work to do outside. Many of our plants, shrubs, trees and other greeneries are on life support and will be in desperate need of TLC this spring which may be therapeutic for some of us given what we have all been through the last few months. As we continue to beautify our homes, we should not forget to celebrate the milestones of our progress. There are many events happening now and later this Spring, let’s give ourselves a break every now and again. Remember, we are resilient and we will come back stronger, better and more beautiful than before Hurricane Harvey! GOT THE NEXTDOOR AP? It only takes a few minutes to sign up and it helps keep everyone informed on current events in our area. If you see something, say something, because we are our best defense against crime and retaining our home values! Report: • Park Lights that are not working properly • Safety issues in common areas • Suspicious activity • Abandoned Houses • Homes where recovery efforts have not begun • Other Violations of our Deed Restrictions Happening Soon! • Cypress Fairbanks ISD Spring Break - March 12 th -March 16 th • Happy Saint Patrick’s Day - March 17 th • Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo - Through March 18 th • March Madness - March 13 th -April 2 nd • Berry Center - Thursday, March 22 nd , 7 PM The Roadshow 2018 - For King & Country, Matthew West, Natalie Grant, Bethel Music, Zach Williams, & Social Club Misfits ANNUAL DUES PAYMENT Thank you to all who have paid your HOA dues! If HOA dues have not been paid yet, expect a certified letter soon with penalties. In order to avoid additional costs and fees, there are several options to make HOA payments. As of February 1 st , unpaid annual dues are considered delinquent and subject to late fees and penalties. Our management company has new policies and procedures in place to collect on past due HOA assessments. If these have not been paid yet, please make every effort to pay or make a payment arrangement. The Board worked The Colonies Community Newsletter | March 2018 BOAT & R.V. STORAGE Convenient 24 Hr. Access • 13 514 Wieman Rd. Prices start at $ 50. 00 281-550-1136 Hwy. 6 WIL-STOR & N 290 529 Wieman Clay Rd. Eldridge Rd. West Little York diligently to maintain our HOA dues at $300 for 2018 although the neighborhood incurred additional expenses caused by the flooding. There are several payment options available. Register and Pay online: Mail: PMG/Charlestown Colony P.O. Box 3157, Houston, TX 77253-3157 Pay in Person: PMG 11000 Corporate Centre Drive #150, Houston, Texas 77041 If a payment plan needs to be worked out, please contact our Association manager, Shannon Abernathy, at a.abernathy@pmghouston. com (713-329-7130). Email or in more serious situations, certified mail, should be your preferred method of contact as these provides a written record of the conversation and any agreement or modification granted. HOME RENOVATION PROJECTS Many of us are in various phases of renovating our homes. Please be conscious of our deed restrictions and the Architectural Review form required to complete exterior projects such as replacing fences, exterior painting and pretty much any other exterior project attached to the home that can be viewed from the street. The Architectural form can be obtained from Principle Management Group Houston (PMG). We have all endured a lot due to the flood and have probably filled out enough forms over the last few months to last a life time. However, this form is just another step in the renovation process and keeping the project on track. Our deed restrictions have these forms in place to maintain the appearance of Charlestown Colony. If exterior projects are completed without consent, the homeowner could be subject to make changes such as re-painting the house all over again which is costly and time consuming. Most of the Architectural Review forms can be processed within 10 business days, but it could take up to 30 days. If it is urgent, please indicate that on the form and include a phone number. PMG may be able to offer a verbal, “yes” to get the project started while the form is being processed. DEBRIS REMOVAL & DEED RESTRICTION VIOLATIONS The Board has graciously given us until May 1 st to have all debris removed from in front of our homes without receiving one of those dreaded deed restriction violation letters. Please make every effort to have the renovation projects complete by this time. If more time is needed, the board and management company will review these on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to the management company. NEWS AND NOTES: Horne, Truitt and Cy-Falls School are Spring Breaking it March 12 th - March 16 th Lone Star College and Houston Community College - If Spring registration was missed for a regular semester, check out the late start class dates and mini-mester classes. I-10 5