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MARKET POST EVENT 71 st Conference of IRIA and 17 th AOCR held in Mumbai The inauguration was graced by Governor of Maharashtra, C Vidhyasagar Rao and members of national and Maharashtra State Chapter of IRIA Amitabh Bachchan during the inauguration Over 200 eminent speakers from India and other Asian countries congregated at Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology (AOCR) 2018, Asia’s largest radiology and diagnostic imaging congress. The event held in Mumbai saw attendance from radiologists and diagnostic imaging experts from across the globe. The conference began with an inaugural ceremony of the Indian College of Radiology and Imaging (ICRI). Dr Bhupendra Ahuja, President, Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA), delivered the opening remarks and congratulated the IRIA and AOCR team for organising such a huge convention of top notch radiologists, technicians, and experts from the field of diagnostic imaging. He highlighted the agenda of the conference and shared his insights on the ever evolving field of radiology in India. Dr Vara Prasad, Secretary, ICRI, presented the annual report of the ICRI. He spoke about the new voluntary education programmes started by ICRI and IRIA to promote advanced learning in the field of radiology which is made available to most professionals and radiologists in India. The function was followed by an award ceremony where many deserving radiologists and researchers were conferred with awards and fellowships. The first day of 17 th AOCR 2018 also saw eminent speakers including many international experts share global perspectives at the conference. One such session was ‘Liver elastography guidelines and current state’, held by Dr Richard Barr, Radiology Professor, Northeast Ohio Medical University. He discussed the major consequences of liver disease. He informed that the stage of liver fibrosis is important to determine progno- 14 EXPRESS HEALTHCARE February 2018

sis, surveillance, priorities of the treatment and potential for reversibility. He pointed out that multiple elastography techniques are available and that the literature supports the non-invasive use of these techniques to assess liver stiffness. Further, he went on to say that to obtain accurate liver stiffness measurements, adherence to strict protocol is required. Dr Barr also educated the audience about the critical points to be kept in mind while interpreting results and thereby acquiring accurate diagnosis. He also highlighted that both, the patient and scanning factors affect these results. Concluding the session, he elaborated on the multiple ways that can help make radiologists improve imaging results. The inauguration of the 71 st Conference of the IRIA and the 17 th AOCR was graced by Maharashtra’s Governor, C Vidhyasagar Rao and members of national and Maharashtra State Chapter of IRIA. During the ceremony, Dr Mohanan K, 74 th incoming IRIA President, said that the association would always stand by the radiologist members. The Maharashtra state chapter of IRIA launched the RAKSHA campaign, a nationwide initiative to save the girl child.The campaign was inaugurated by Amitabh Bachchan who has extended his support to the cause. More than 1000 radiologists present at event also pledged their support to the cause He said that IRIA would ensure radiologists are trained to be the best so that there is no encroachment by 'sonoquacks.' He also appealed to the Governor of Maharashtra to give some clarity on levying GST on radiology equipment. He also opined that there should be zero GST on such equipment as they are life-saving. The Governor praised the efforts of radiologists, and calling them lifesavers. He stated that radiologists play an important role in early detection of diseases and thereby in the reduction of the country's disease burden. He also mentioned the urgent need to harness teleradiology, given the lack of radiologists and doctors. He rightly pointed out that as India is predicted to have a huge geriatric population, more than that of the US, there is an urgent need for effective radiology solutions. Further, he urged the radiology equipment players to manufacture advanced radiology equipment in India and reduce costs. He asked Dr Mohanan to make a report on this and promised to take it up with PM Narendra Modi, who is very keen on the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The Governor lastly highlighted the skewed sex ratio in the country and the role of prenatal sex detection in this abysmal situation. He also pointed out that female foeticide too remains rampant, and said that the way forward is to change the mindset of the population. Moreover, the Maharashtra state chapter of IRIA launched the RAKSHA campaign, a nationwide initiative to save the girl child. The campaign was inaugurated by Amitabh Bachchan who has extended his support to the cause. More than 1000 radiologists present at event also pledged their support to the cause. The inauguration ceremony began with Dr Sona Pungavkar, explaining the aim and vision of the initiative. 'Save the girl child' and 'Laadli' are some of the social initiatives to wage a war against female foeticide which aims at protecting, safeguarding, supporting and educating the girl child. Similarly, these radiologists have also joined hands to continue this effort. Pledging his support to the initiative, Bachchan said, “During my TB and Hepatitis B treatment time, I discovered that there was discrimination amongst women with these conditions. Therefore, this subject is very close to my heart. So, when I was approached to support this initiative I couldn’t say no. We need to support all women who face discrimination because of their illnesses and medical conditions. We have to encourage women for early diagnosis of diseases and ensure a secured future for them. We will fight for women of our nation until they are completely empowered. He also shared his willingness to be the voice for this cause. QUIZ CONTEST IRIA/AOCR 2018 witnessed a lot of interesting activities to engage and educate radiologists across the country.The quiz contest was one such case-in-point. 20 multiple-choice questions were posed to the experts. EXPRESS HEALTHCARE 15 February 2018

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