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The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss<br />

new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day<br />

activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our<br />

attention so here we take a look at some of the products we<br />

think you won’t want to miss this month.<br />

Cloud integrated security<br />

platform creates revenues<br />

Honeywell has announced that its<br />

MAXPRO Cloud platform will now<br />

be available in Europe. MAXPRO<br />

Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure<br />

and integrates access, intrusion and video<br />

surveillance data into a single user interface.<br />

With support for single or multiple locations,<br />

it provides a new tool to secure facilities while<br />

simplifying security operations.<br />

A business with multiple sites can use<br />

MAXPRO Cloud to make decisions on access<br />

control remotely from a smartphone, instead<br />

of having to spend time accessing a desktop<br />

computer at one particular location. In<br />

addition, because the system is cloud-hosted<br />

there is no additional server or software to<br />

buy and manage. MAXPRO Cloud gives<br />

installers the opportunity to create new<br />

recurring monthly revenue from cloud hosted<br />

systems, while providing an integrated<br />

security platform with lower installation and<br />

service costs.<br />

Additionally, the MAXPRO Cloud API will be<br />

available on the Honeywell Developer Portal.<br />

www.maxprocloud.com/uk<br />

PTZs to make sites<br />

safer and installers’<br />

lives easier<br />

The next generation of Concept<br />

Pro PTZs is now available from<br />

Videcon. With up to eight alarm<br />

inputs and four outputs in the<br />

head of the PTZ, 10, 20 and 30x<br />

zoom options, seamless<br />

integration with legacy installs,<br />

low-light capability and an easy<br />

upgrade path, the new CP-HSD range has new<br />

features that the company believes further<br />

enhance the safety of sites and make life easier<br />

for the installer.<br />

When added to existing sites with a large<br />

amount of alarm triggering devices, the CP-HSD<br />

range eliminates the need for an extensive<br />

amount of work to take place for installation in<br />

the pre-existing system; the cameras are<br />

designed with the coverage of a large area in<br />

mind, purely because if more alarm triggering<br />

devices are set up around a site then the system<br />

can cover and protect a larger area.<br />

The CP-HSD range operates using Sony Starvis<br />

sensors meaning that back-illuminated pixel<br />

technology in the sensor with sensitivity of 2000<br />

mV or more per 1 µm2 realises high picture quality<br />

in visible-light and near infrared light regions.<br />

www.videcon.co.uk<br />

App allows operators to be in contact with their security system<br />

Vista has revealed the latest features and<br />

functions added to the Viper range in particular<br />

Viper-Remote, an app that allows operators to be<br />

in constant contact with their security system. The<br />

app provides alarm notifications straight to the<br />

user’s device, the ability to view live and recorded images<br />

remotely, various display options and an intuitive navigation<br />

system. Search options also ensure that time is saved when<br />

reviewing footage and important events can reportedly be found<br />

with ease. The app also allows for the management of devices in<br />

the system providing the opportunity to add and remove devices<br />

whenever necessary, from a remote location.<br />

Vista has also been working to enhance the functionality of<br />

the H5 range of NVRs. The latest development is the de-warping<br />

function that allows 360 degree cameras to be viewed in a 180 degree view. This development aims to improve user experience by making<br />

reviewing images as simple as possible. In response to ‘Voice of Customer’ feedback and suggestions Vista has also been working on<br />

making the range compatible with Immix. www.vista-cctv.com<br />

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers<br />

www.psimagazine.co.uk<br />


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