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Transformation 17 Your color, status, origin, tribe or physical appearance, does not discriminate you before God. You are his own masterpiece and when He looks at you, He sees His own beautiful creation. We are all equal before God. No one is inferior or superior than the other. All of us are Gods children and yes, just like the man, a woman is primary not secondary. God issued the same command to both of them. He did not give it separately. This means that women also have the same role to play in Gods creation. You were created to minister to God and for God and this qualifies each one of us to be representatives of God on earth. This means that your reason for creation is to be an instrument of God in accomplishing His divine plan on earth. You are supposed to work in unity with your Creator to release, establish and implement His kingdom on earth. Everything you do as a woman must demonstrate the greatness of the Lord and everything about you should reflect the glory of His kingdom. Accomplishing this plan will require you, as a woman to pay a price. First, it will mean defying the world and its way of doing things and raising against its standards which are limiting, oppressive, manipulative. This means you must put on Jesus Christ and allow yourself to be ruled by the spirit of God. Discover your gifts and understand your purpose. This is the only way you will know your area of calling and ambassadorial position. Secondly I will briefly address a womans influence and her position in the society which cannot be under-estimated. There are so many instances in the scriptures where a woman, just

y acting, turned situations around. A woman, no doubt, is powerful. Her capacity to influence is beyond measure. She is a leader and unlike men who lead by power of position, a woman leads by power of influence. Her influence is so powerful that the enemy even knows it. This is why he approached Eve, not Adam. He must have known that she was the right person to use. Through her, the man also came down and sin was born. A womans influence when used in a negative way can be real poison. Its actually a very dangerous and deadly venom. She is able to bring someone down without much effort. Sometimes she doesnt have to say anything, her actions can be enough to ruin everything. Remember Queen Vashti in the book of Esther? Her actions were enough to throw the whole kingdom into tension. Other women, it was feared, were going to mimic her behavior and disrespect their husbands because of her actions towards the king. To discourage this, she had to be thrown out of the palace and ripped off her crown and position as the queen. This is how powerful it can be. In a positive way, we can be the best thing that has ever happened to the world. We are not given such power to manipulate or intimidate others or use it for our own selfish gains. God wills for us to use it for His own glory – to serve Him and >>>

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