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Transformation 19 humanity. A woman is the strongest weapon that God has in His arsenal and if we can position ourselves to be used of God, then we can influence in the right direction. The enemy succeeded in deceiving Eve because he aroused within her an evil and selfish desire – the desire to want more. God had given her everything, whatever she needed she could get. Everything was in perfect order and harmony. The fellowship was flowing, unhindered and unbroken. The enemy, however, was not happy about this. He had ill motives to separate God and man. He made sure not to arouse any suspicion and he began questioning her. Its through this that he managed to plant doubts in her mind. He gave her a new selfish reasoning which led her to sin against God. She came to the realization that all this while, there was something important she was missing. And it was not far, infact the solution was always right before her. How could she have been so foolish and blind not to have realized it all this while? The scriptures record that she 'saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye'. This had now gone from spiritual to natural. Everytime the enemy wants to deviate us or remove our focus from God, he uses what our fleshly eyes can see. He uses facts and reality of our situations to seduce us from the love of God and if our faith is not strong enough or if our foundations are faulty and arent stable in Christ Jesus, we can easily fall. Much A woman is the strongest weapon that God has in His arsenal and if we can position ourselves to be used of God, then we can influence in the right direction. of his suggested solutions are meant to satisfy the flesh. >>>

Transformation 20 We need to be very careful of the enemy and his tactics because when you become a friend of the world, you become Gods enemy. Eve chose to ignore the word of God. She knew too well that the moment she eats the forbidden fruit, death would follow but she still went ahead and did it. This in most cases s borne out of familiarity. The spirit of familiarity is very dangerous. Many of us have entered into deep trouble because of being familiar with God, people and circumstances too. Shake familiarity out of your life. We must also learn to take personal responsibility of our actions and stop blame games. Sin has consequences. The moment Eve and Adam committed sin, they realised they were naked. Initially, they were naked but not ashamed but this time round, they were too ashamed they had to hide themselves from God. Not only that, they attempted to cover their own nakedness by using the garments they made for themselves. But God in His infinite mercies made garments of skin for them. Initially, they were covered with Gods glory. Being in His presence and communing with Him daily meant that they were in perfect security. There was nothing to hide. They were united and had one common agenda but sin divided them. Sin exposes us. The agenda of the enemy is to expose us and bring shame to our lives but the will of God for us is to cover us with his glory and give us honor. While the enemy wants us to be insecure, God wants us to enjoy perfect security and remain in His love. While the enemy wants us to live in fear and separate us from God, God wants to embrace us and enjoy unhindered and unbroken fellowship with Him.

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