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MARP Booklet • The

MARP Booklet • The booklet contains information regarding the borrower’s right to appeal a decision and the timeframes involved • Details of the alternative repayment arrangements (‘ARAs’) that may be available, including: • How the ARAs work • Their key features • An outline of Asset Services’ criteria for assessing requests for ARAs • A statement that the availability of ARAs is subject to individual assessment of each case & meeting Asset Services’ criteria • An explanation of all other options that may be offered by Asset Services e.g. • Explanation of the importance of the borrower engaging & co-operating with Asset Services & the implications of not co-operating • Information re. potential impact on the borrower’s credit rating • Information re. Payment Protection Insurance • Details of Asset Services’ Communications policy and state supports available. • Details regarding Confidentiality Agreements Appeals & Complaints & MABs The booklet also explains Asset Services’ complaints policy and provides guidance on how to submit a complaint and the relevant timeframes

MARP Booklet When to issue the MARP booklet ? • When sending an SFS to a Pre-arrears borrower or to an arrears borrower • When arrears arise on a borrower’s mortgage account and remain outstanding 31 calendar days from the date the arrears arose, we must issue a letter informing them of their arrears position. • If requested by a borrower at any stage, a copy of the booklet should be sent out with the standard template cover letter (Copy on SharePoint)