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Not Co-Operating CCMA PR 28 and PR 29 explain the steps to classify a borrower as non-cooperating. • Prior to classifying a borrower as “not co-operating” the borrower must receive the PR 28 warning letter. to avoid being classified as a non-cooperating borrower. • If the borrower does not complete the action(s) specified in the not co-op warning letter ( P28) within the timeframe outlined in the letter, the PR 29 not co-operating letter can be issued by the CM. PR 28 • If the borrower responds to the PR 28 letter, the CM progresses the account through the Arrears Process • The PR 29 letter explains the next steps that we may take and allows the CM to progress the account into the pre-litigation process if necessary PR 29 • Refer to Not Co-Operating Borrower Process in Arrears Management Procedure Guide on SharePoint.