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MARP Process 1 2 3 4

MARP Process 1 2 3 4 STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 STAGE 4 Communication Financial Info Assessment Resolution • PEGA creates an “Into arrears reminder • CM raises a GSR to Ops to update MARP flag on PEGA. aggressive or intimidating • Documents received back complete • Review to be completed within 20 • business days of receipt • Implement a TARA if appropriate • Review the documentation returned by borrower and complete assessment of the case • Refer to Credit • Decision to be communicated to borrower • Template Letters are on SharePoint

MARP Process 31 Day arrears letter – If account falls into arrears and SFS and documentation are not returned, the 31 day Arrears letter is issued. CM assess the financial position of the borrower - and determines if we can offer an ARA - Business As Usual - If no arrears on the account and SFS is not returned, account reverts to BAU