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WGC NEWS 04-18


SENIORS CAPTAIN - DAVID FORRESTER It was not the best winter weather-wise. It must be very difficult to manage the fine line between presenting playable courses and protecting them when the weather is inclement - congratulations and thanks to John Clarke and his team for their sterling efforts in assuring that we continue to play on the finest courses despite what the elements throw at us. All the Match Preferences for 2018 have been received, organised and distributed to the players. We had an excellent take up again this year and we look forward to, what are, some of the best days in our calendar. We had a wonderful evening at the Seniors’ Invitational Dinner with an excellent turnout. I would, particularly, like to thank Robin Souter for his presentation highlighting the fantastic work being done by this year’s charity, Medical Detection Dogs. The feedback I received was 100% positive and on behalf of all the attendees I would like to thank James, Tony and Katherine, who along with their teams, presented us with such a beautiful dinner. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the new Murthy Pickering honours board by the founders of the competition, Sam Murthy and John Pickering. They were both genuinely surprised and, as you can see in the photograph, extremely pleased to see the event recognised in such a prestigious way. Also congratulations to Jim Speirs who was awarded the Top Dog prize for the best aggregate score across the three courses during 2017. Looking ahead, the online sign up for the Juniors v Seniors match (April 9th) is now open. This is a both a fun and worthwhile event where the seniors can witness just how talented some of our youngsters are whilst still putting up a good fight ourselves. The Senior Charity Day is on April 12th and this year we will repeat the successful format of a team competition. The sign up is on the board so please do be sure to get your name down. As Senior Captain I am down on bended knee asking for any donations of prizes for the auction and raffle to be handed in to reception. Also, please do sign up for the Senior Captain/Vice Captain challenge. These challenges raise a significant portion of the year’s income for the charity so we really do need as many “good thrashings” as you can hand out. Unveiling of the honours board for the Murthy Pickering Cup by Sam Murthy and John Pickering JUNIOR CAPTAIN - RUBIN DAS As Junior Captain of Woburn, I would like to start by welcoming all the new junior members who have recently joined us. I am Rubin Das and I will be playing in most, if not all, events this year so I am sure you will get to know me. The 2018 season officially started with two events held during the February half term. The first event was a match against the Bucks County girls, which was well attended and despite the weather, the two teams seemed to enjoy a competitive game. I went out first with the Junior Vice-Captain, Jack Coleman, and we tried our best to play against scratch golfers. All of the games throughout the round appeared to be fairly close but in the end, the County Girls managed to win with a 3 - 1 victory. Everybody afterwards enjoyed a meal in the clubhouse followed by a speech and congratulations to the girls. The second event that occurred during the half term was our first coaching day of the year, which was very well attended with 14 juniors participating in the coaching. Dan and Jordan did a fantastic job at setting up the first session and got round to all of the juniors with some good one to one time. I was pleased to see some new juniors joining the coaching and playing in the competition. We had 14 juniors playing on the Marquess and a further three playing on the Duchess course to mark their first cards. From only the first two events of the year, I have seen the incredible ability that the Woburn Junior section has and I look forward to meeting all of the new junior members during the Easter Holidays. Woburn Junior Team and the BCLGA Girls Team 6

UPDATE ON THE COURSES Self set pine trees growing in the woodland margins on the Duchess course The end to 2017 and the beginning of March proved to be particularly challenging from a weather standpoint with a mix of snow, ground frost and heavy rain. Our elevation above sea level, vast areas of shade and short day lengths means it always takes longer to thaw at the Club than in the majority of local villages. The greens staff work hard to get the courses playable again as soon as possible during these periods and I’m pleased to say the vast majority of the membership understand and are very supportive. Throughout the winter the greens staff have been busy with on course project work such as pathway renovations, bunker reconstructions, woodland management and drainage works. Aeration to greens and tees has continued to remove organic matter, Weidenmann work to relieve compaction on all fairways, rough and walkways and the Air2G2 has been hard at work on the Duchess course as part of a plan to increase percolation of the greens profiles. The planned winter closures have again been hugely productive, with both physical improvements across all three courses and agronomic strides being made. These closures and our summer aerification are the cornerstones of our year round course playability and the support of the membership across these periods is always much appreciated. I am pleased to report the Duchess forestry harvesting work last year is already bearing fruit, the photographs show self set pine trees in the margins between holes already establishing to become the next generation of trees to define our course. The goal for the work last year was to conserve the integrity of the course for future generations and with careful management and protection, these new specimens will be the foundation for this plan. With daylight hours on the increase again, we now start the long march through spring. We have our fingers crossed for a good start to the year growth-wise and we wish all our members and guests a successful 2018 season. As always please do not hesitate to contact me on site with any questions you may have. John Clarke Courses Manager WOBURN GOLF CLUB AND THE ENVIRONMENT GEO Update The past couple of month’s have seen all areas of the business within Woburn Enterprises change their waste contractors. We have all been encouraged to minimise our waste and improve recycling methods. Each golf course has a Course Attendant whose responsibilities include managing the litter disposed in bins across their course. All litter is sorted into plastics, paper, cans and general waste and it is then disposed into the designated bins. We continue to minimise the amount of waste we produce and many of our suppliers have reduced packaging which is assisting our disposed material. Monolith With the recent storms encountered over the past 3 months, a small number of our trees across the three courses have been damaged. Rather than removing them by felling as in previous years, we have been removing any remaining upper branches so the trees have less weight to support, and can remain standing for as long as possible, not causing a safety concern. This process is also used to manage any trees that have died; the standing remains are known as Monolith trees. A Monolith can provide a wonderful habitat for wildlife - it is almost like a tower block for insects, birds and bats, and it is an important growing place for many kinds of fungi and lichen. A Monolith tree can provide a different environment to fallen trunks and deadwood piles, which are managed across our woodlands by the green keeping team. 7

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