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K-pop and great shopping

K-pop and great shopping aside, Seoulshouldbeoneverygastrotourist’s list of culinary destinations. Here’s why. Words and Photos Iris Wong Illustrations Tim Cheng Seoulhasneverbeenonmytravelbucketlist.I don’t follow any K-pop groups. I can hardly afford regular waxing sessions, let alone plastic surgery, and(somewhatblasphemousasafoodwriter)I’mquite happy just taking bites of kimchi pancakes with some makgeolli on Kimberley Street. But never say never. As Idiscoveredonarecenttrip,there’smoretoSeoulthan meetstheeye,especiallywhenitcomestogastrotravel. Dividing the city in two is the Han River, or Hangang, which has 27 bridges connecting the north and south banks. North of the river are historical landmarks such as old villages and palaces, while on the south is the city’s most affluent district, Gangnam-gu (the name may be familiar from Psy’s 2012 international hit, Gangnam Style). One of Seoul’s least-developed areas until the 80s, it now has the city’s most expensive real estate, the South Korean headquarters of global tech giants such as Google and IBM, and Asia’s largest underground shopping centre, COEX Mall. Not only is Gangnam the epitome of luxury living, it is also the powerhouse of medical tourism. Apgujeong-dong, also known as the “beauty belt”, is flanked with plastic surgery clinics, with the most common procedures being double-eyelid treatment (not considered cosmetic surgery in Korea), rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. Iris Wong The main strip seems to have an unfeasible number of big-chain coffee shops, many of which are open 24 hours, with more around every corner. People saunter through the streets carrying takeaway coffee and the hearty aroma of roasted beans permeates the air. According an article in The Korea Herald, SouthKorea ranks fourth in the world for the most Starbucks outlets per capita, with more than 1,000 branches nationwide. Coffee has become a symbol of luxury: imagine a

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