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Annual Report 2017[6748]


Annual Report for the year of our Lord 2017 Report from Minutes of Parochial Church Council The PCC held 12 meetings, apart from 2 meetings, there was a full attendance. The PCC members also attended meetings of Finance Sub Committee: Fabric Sub Committee: Fund Raising and Social Sub Committee: Mission and Out Reach Sub Committee: During the year the main discussions have been centred around the proposed extension to the north side of St. Hilary's Church; the major repairs to the severe damp problem on the wall of the Bell Tower; plus health and safety recommendations for work to graveyard; garden of remembrance; grass and hedgerow areas; carpeting of corridor in Parish Centre plus external repairs and painting of both the Hall and Church. Also health and safety work has taken place at St. Martin's Church, ongoing discussions on Car Parking at St. Hilary's Church. Discussions also took place on the replacement Vicarage. Two options were not acceptable but the new build at Hendrefoilan was considered appropriate for our Vicar and, his wife. Discussions also took place on robing of Eucharist Assistants. A monthly service of worship without a Eucharist, on a trial basis, was approved by the congregation. Discussions took place on the poor state of repair to the Parsonage - resulting in considerable work having to be undertaken before a decision takes place on whether to sell or not. Three presentations were put to the PCC regarding Mission and Looking Forward. The Parish Web Site is ongoing. Finance caused many discussions, particularly the Parish Share. A Ministry Area Mother and Toddler Group has started up on Friday afternoons - the PCC hopes that this will be successful. January saw the Inauguration of Clyne Trinity Ministry Area - service held at St. Paul's Sketty. St. Martin's held a Carol Service in December - the Church was enhanced by lit candles - a full church for this event, which is hoped will be held annually. Also it is hoped that the Parish New Year Luncheon will be an annual event. All the Fund Raising Events were financially successful. The PCC expresses its gratitude to Murray Davies, Roy Chapman, Steve Gardner; Alan Clewett, Eddie Rowe and his daughter for the work they carry out thus ensuring that the Graveyard and surrounding areas are well kept. Appreciation also to Mike Bevan for his generosity and to David Holloway for the work he has carried out that has improved the external look of both the Parish Centre and St. Hilary's Church. Parish of Killay St Hilary’s Church and St Martin’s Church Diocese of Swansea and Brecon Page !6

The Diocese of Swansea & Brecon Abridged Minutes of a meeting of the Diocesan Conference held on 14 th October 2017 at Brecon Cathedral Annual Report for the year of our Lord 2017 1. Archbishop John welcomed those present, especially those who had come to give presentations, those organisations who had brought displays, and new members. The Cathedral and Diocesan Office staff were thanked for preparing for the Conference. A period of stillness and prayer followed. i. Board for Social Responsibility: It was noted that Communities First funding for Faith in Families is to cease, leading to a significant risk of staff redundancies and the closure of some of the Family Centres. The Conference was asked to express its concerns about this. The following motion was proposed by ++John and seconded by the Archdeacon of Brecon: This Conference (i) affirms its full support for the Faith in Families initiative, (ii) regrets the reduction in support from external partners which places that initiative in jeopardy, and (iii) urges those partners and others to work with us to explore possible alternatives to secure the initiative’s future”. Dr Gill Todd commended the trustees and staff of Faith in Families for the professional job they do and expressed the concern of the Audit Committee over the implications of the funding withdrawal. Canon Padraig Gallagher clarified that although redundancy notices had been issued this would most likely lead to a slimmed-down workforce rather than centre closures. The motion was carried nem. con. There was no further formal business. 2. Archbishop’s Address: ++John addressed the Conference on the continuing need to face change both within the church and in the world. The example of the early church, in sharing gifts and working together was commended. A renewed emphasis on evangelism was beginning to emerge. He repeated the permission he had previously given for experimentation with new ideas and methods of working. Buildings continue to be a pressing concern. 34% of total parish income was spent on buildings in 2016, compared with 4% on outreach. 3. Presentations: i. Liz Parry gave a presentation on the Brecon St Mary’s Community Review, which led to a reordering, the creation of a community café, and the transformation of the building from a fortress into a place of hospitality and welcome. ii. iii. Sharon Lee, Director of Housing Justice Cymru, gave a presentation on the work of HJC. Particular attention was given to the campaigning and lobby role the organisation has at national level, and the ways in which local churches can work for good in the area of homelessness. Wendy Coombey, Community Partnership & Funding Officer for the Diocese of Hereford, gave a presentation on her work in supporting the churches of her diocese. Particular attention was given to finding new ways of using church buildings, and practical guidance in the development of projects and attracting funding. ++John thanked all three speakers for the quality of their presentations. 4. Closing Remarks: ++John summarised the business of the day and concluded the meeting with prayer. Sian Gwynn Parish of Killay St Hilary’s Church and St Martin’s Church Diocese of Swansea and Brecon Page !7

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