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RCCDO April 12 Bulletin

The Official Publication of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro

By: RTN. Mike Mendoza

By: RTN. Mike Mendoza By: RTN Mike Mendoza A s we glued ourselves in front of the TV and watched this weekend’s 2018 Masters Championships at Augusta National USA, anyone who plays golf should have reasons for loving the game. Perhaps the members of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro who play golf have their own reasons why they love it. Let me share some of the reasons why the golfing members of this illustrious club love this sport. --Being Outside We love the sunshine, we love the wind, the smell of the grass. Heck, we even love the exercise and walking 18 holes in the rain. It is so nice to simply be outside enjoying a nice walk and getting some physical and mental stimulation. -Being Challenged RCCDO golfers love strategic golf course designs. It gives us a risk/reward decision on every hole. That makes the game fun. Think of the 15th hole at Pueblo Golf course. On the tee, do you hit the long and hard draw and challenge those trees on the left or lay up right in the fat part of the fairway just below the front bunkers? If you choose the draw, can you make the next carry or do you lay up? Get me thinking and you’ve got me hooked. -Fellowship For sure, we love playing golf with our friends. In fact, this sport is our favorite “de-stresser”. But we truly enjoy getting a great foursome together with our 12

members . It is great to get our RCCDO golf buddies together for our regular game and/or for a road trip, but it is also pretty cool to get paired up with some random folks at the first tee and see how things go with some strangers. Usually before the first hole is over, we’ve already started to bond and started making friends. PP Mar Paano -The pure shot I know you all know what I’m talking about; striking that ball right on the money and feeling that sensation of a pure strike course through the club, up through your arms, and throughout your body. OH WHAT A FEELING!!! -The Road trip Golf for A Cause Project Chairman PP Caloy Gorospe at Pueblo’s 10th We love to play new courses. we find the discovery of something new on the golf course to be fascinating. But we also like the actual trip to get there. Whether taking a trip to Marapara, Bacolod and attend the PHIL. ROTARY FRIENDSHIP AND GOLFING FELLOW- SHIP (PRFGF), seeing some new towns or traveling to a new part of the country, we love it. To experience new cultures, new landscapes, and meeting new people is always interesting and worthwhile to us. -Giving back We believe giving back is one of the greatest lesson in life we can teach our community: that through our actions, people will discover who we are. We love that the foundation of the game of golf is built on giving. Just like our 2014 Golf For A Cause project under the presidency of RTN Mar Paano and the chairmanship of PP Caloy Gorospe, we found this approach to helping others to be fundamental to what the nature of the game is all about. -Endless learning We love that the game has endless ways to study it. Learn on how to swing the driver, the set of irons, the sand shot, the chip, the pitch, the putt. And get to learn the fade, stinger, and draw just to name a few. But if you are tired from practicing and playing too much, why not study the history of the game. Or the theories behind golf course architec- Continued, GOLF, p.16 13

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