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odily waste. If one were

odily waste. If one were to see one drop of this liquid magnified 600 times under a microscope, one would see microbes in their first stage of development. It is important to understand that during the oilpulling / oilswishing process one’s metabolism is intensified. This leads to improved health. One of the most striking results of this process is the fastening of loose teeth, the elimination of bleeding gums and the visible whitening of the teeth. The oil pulling /swishing is done best before breakfast. To accelerate the healing process, it can be repeated three times a day, but always before meals on an empty stomach.” According to this website, they suggest using Sunflower or Sesame Oil. Coconut Oil could be used too. I switch between coconut and sesame oils. Note that if you are using Coconut Oil you might want to spit it into the dustbin than sink as many people say it can block your sink’s drainage but make sure to change the garbage bag soon. After this, though in many areas they mention just to wash with water and finger, I go ahead and brush like usual. Also care should be taken never ever to swallow the oil. The oil has just taken out the toxins from your body and digesting it again is a bad idea for your health. I used to have really sensitive teeth from the cleansing process at the dentist. When cold or hot stuff touched my teeth, it would give me chills. My teeth were yellowish and were developing black line stain near the gums. After Oil Pulling for 6 months now my teeth sensitivity has reduced to a big extend, have started appearing whiter and the stains are gone. I have also seen significant changes on my lips, skin and even digestion. Some people claim Oil Pulling improving their thyroid levels too. I am really happy with Oil Pulling method and it has become a part of my morning routine. The results are slow (starts showing within 3 months only) but that’s the beauty of natural remedies and it is definitely worth it! I definitely recommend you all to give Oil Pulling or OP a try! Stay healthy and happy! In Just 10 min How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally 18 Abidha Basheer blogger at Live Long | March 2018

Fun Health Facts 1 Daytime nap helps to improve memory and cut risk of heart diseases! 2 Loneliness is processed in the same part of the brain as physical pain. 3 Watermelon can help ease stress and anxiety. 4 Men take note - growing beard prevents allergies, asthma attacks and skin rashes. 5 According to study by WHO, Hand-washing can save more lives than vaccinations. 6 Meditation is such a powerful technique that, after only 8 weeks, the brain structure changes. 7 Human muscles are limited by the brain, we actually have strength to move cars and boulders. 8 Over the course of 3-5 years, lack of sleep can shrink your brain. 9 Diets have 98% failure rate because they are designed to make more money for diet industry than help you lose weight. 10 Handwriting things can help your memory. Sleeping Tips Six Scientific Tricks for Falling Asleep 19 Live Long | March 2018

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