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you teach what you know,

you teach what you know, or offer a service to someone without expecting anything in return; you will be able to experience inner peace and an exuberant glow on the inside. You will feel as though your life has a purpose and a meaning. 5. Be Grateful for What You Have Always remember to count your blessings. Focusing on the positive helps one attract more positivity and helps eliminate stress. We cannot always have what we idealize or hope for. Be grateful for anything you have, a job, children, health, power, status. Not everyone can have everything, so be happy for what you have. If you feel, that your negative thoughts are overpowering, or it you find it beyond your control to improve your situation, it is best to seek professional help from a therapist. About the Author Zainab Farrukh is a counselor and freelance writer. She loves to write about psychology, spirituality and women empowerment. She is also the founder of The WomeNetwork (; where her goal is to help empower women in all aspects of their life. Health Tips Eight Health Tips for Your Daily Life 8 Live Long | March 2018

When there is a will, there is a way! A Hands-on Busy Mom’s Unique Way to Weight Loss! We ladies love going to malls and shopping is our absolute favorite therapy but did you know that your neighborhood mall can actually be a solution to your weight problem? After my delivery in 2015 I weighed 87 kgs and in all honestly being a new mother with absolutely no help I just could not be more bothered. My only aim that year was not to pile on more kilos so whenever I went crazy on junk I steered clear of junk for few days and that maintained my weight. Moreover it was not weighing 87 kgs but being a plus size 22 that disturbed me. Being a plus size for me always meant a desperate desi wardrobe. I call it desperate because when you don’t get clothes at regular stores nor find plus size clothing worth a fortune you will always end up getting kurties stitched from your neighborhood tailor. My hatred towards desi attire dates back to my teenager years wherein I weighed 117 kg. Being broad, tall and obese in a desi attire I could only be mistaken as a mother of 3. It all began in 2016 a month before my daughter’s first birthday bash wherein I had imagined myself wearing a trendy top but ended up once again getting a churidaar stitched. I decided to get back to shape if not my pre pregnancy weight 68 kg and size 14 at least be a regular size. It was not just about getting a new wardrobe but also my lost self-esteem and confidence. My drive as an obese teenager to lose weight was when I decided to enroll as a fashion design student in college, before marriage it was to not 9 Live Long | March 2018

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