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Hana Hou Hawaiian Airlines Magazine - April Edition

Hana Hou features Brian Bielmann

“I love this shot

“I love this shot because it really shows how many people want to be surf photographers. It’s the most fun friggin’ job in the world,” says Brian Bielmann of this image of Jamie O’Brien at Backdoor Pipeline. “But while these photographers all probably got a closer angle than me, in essence, they all made the shot for me.” On the opening spread, Nathan Fletcher prepares to feed the beast at Teahupo‘o, Tahiti, in 2011. 98 99

Success as a surf photographer isn’t only the result of good technique or sangfroid in monster waves. It also depends on one’s relationship with the surfers, and Bielmann was close with many, including the late Andy Irons (pictured here). “Now that Andy is gone, this photograph makes me feel like he was passing from one world to another,” Bielmann says. “When I took it, it was just Andy and I fooling around with underwater shots in Fiji. But now it feels more meaningful.” 100 101

September 2016