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Jopa-Kollektion 2018

da welcome to the world

da welcome to the world of shiro Shiro Helmets, S.A. Founded in 1993 as a brand after ten years of experience as a manufacturer of motorcycle helmets. Since then, the main challenge for us was to present our products trough a new brand that would offer security guarantees, quality, design and comfort for the user. To this day, we have successfully expanded our international sales network, so that much of the bulk of sales of our products extends trough more than 40 countries around the world, while adhering to safety regulations in force in each country. The Shiro world In Shiro Helmets, S.A. We pay special attention to quality, from proprietary technology to the development of which devote a substantial financial investments and time in the revision and control of raw materials and the design and manufacturing processes. Staff training to carry out their work and concern for each of the persons who compose the Shiro Team to carry out their duties according to standard of quality and service ensures a product that meets the needs of our customers. For true customer satisfaction, we regularly studies trough questionnaires and interviews, in order to send us their assessments and needs of our product and service So we can accommodate them, and remain competitive in the market basted on real data. in our world freedom and security come together In 1993, SHIRO HELMETS, Inc. it launched its first catalog biker helmets as an independent brand, in which 2 helmet models, 2 models and 1 model jet helmet cross helmet included. Currently, SHIRO has positioned itself as one of the most valuable brands in the market, therefore the continuous updating and renewal always adapted to the latest technological advances in the industry designs, such as our effort to offer the range more accessible to all users. Our R&D (Research and Development) whose main concern achieving harmony between design, aesthetics, aerodynamics, comfort and strength. With advanced tools and engineering programs and 3D (CAD programs) can make the first design sketches of a hull and test it virtually under drafts will suffer in reality, subjecting it to testing fluid dynamic ( CFD ), so we go modifying and adapting the initial design to achieve optimum performance. Once the design at this level takes physical form with the creation of an initial model or model that will give us more visual information about the final outcome of the project. SHIRO bid to achieve the balance of technology, comfort and safety, always fighting and watching, from the selection of raw materials, to get the helmet that meets the user requirements and remain highly competitive in the market, launching innovative collections and with reasonable prices.


Jopa-Kollektion 2018
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