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Orientation Manual - Appe & IPPE


DIVISION OF PHARMACY Phone & Paging System Information STEP 3. Click the “Pager” hyperlink STEP 4. It will take you to your Outlook were you can type a brief Subject and Message (optional) in the body of the email. Click “Send” P:\Academic Programs\STUG\5. Orientation Packet\07 - Phone n Paging System - rev 02.2016.docx

DIVISION OF PHARMACY Contact Information DIVISIONAL CONTACT Holly Turner-Jones Program Coordinator 713-792-0491 | For assistance with: • Conference Room Reservations • General administrative support for all issues Natalie Garcia Sr. Secretary 713-563-6643 | For assistance with: Backup support for Holly Turner-Jones OTHER CONTACTS Academic and Visa Administration 713-792-2696 | 4Info Service Desk 713-794-4636 | To request phone or desktop computer support in your work area, such as: • Resetting your password • Reporting BlackBerry problems • Requesting access to a Shared Drive folder • Requesting assistance with Application Software UT Police Department 713-792-2890 For police and security assistance, such as: • Escort to your car after dark • Emergencies – 911 • Motorist Assistance including car lockouts, battery assistance, air for tires, and towing information P:\Academic Programs\STUG\5. Orientation Packet\08 - Contact Information - rev 07.2016.docx

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