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Orientation Manual - Appe & IPPE

Food, Shops and Services

Food, Shops and Services Destination Building Floor Landmark Chapel/Meditation/Prayer Rooms Chapel Mays Clinic 2 Chapel Main Building 1 Meditation Room Main Building 4 Muslim Prayer Room Main Building 3 Dining and Snacks Café 24/7 Main Building 1 Café Anderson Main Building 1 Canteen Gift and Snack Shop Main Building 2 Cool Beans Café Main Building 1 Cool Beans Café Duncan Building 2 Espresso in The Park Main Building 2 Express Eatery Main Building 5 The Lantern Café Pickens Tower 2 Light Bytes Pickens Tower 2 Waterfall Café Mays Clinic 2 Gift Shops Canteen Gift and Snack Shop Main Building 2 Flower Shop Main Building 2 Gift Shop Mays Clinic 2 Gift Shop Main Building 1 Gift Shop Main Building 2 Patient Services Appearances Mays Clinic 2 Beauty and Barber Shop Main Building 6 Cancer Prevention Center Duncan Building 2 Cashier Mays Clinic 2 Cashier Main Building 1 Cashier Main Building 1 Child Visitation Mays Clinic 2 Child Visitation Main Building 1 Cyber Center Main Building 4 Kim’s Place Main Building 2 Guest Laundry Main Building 6 Hospitality Center Mays Clinic 2 Hospitality Center Main Building 2 Integrative Medicine Center Main Building 1 Integrative Medicine Center Mays Clinic 2 International Center Mays Clinic 2 International Center Main Building 1 The Learning Center Mays Clinic 2 The Learning Center Main Building 4 Patient Advocacy Main Building 1 Patient Advocacy Mays Clinic 2 Patient Business Services Main Building 1 Patient Education Classroom Mays Clinic 2 Patient Education Office Main Building 2 Patient/Family Center Main Building 2 Patient/Family Library Main Building 1 Patient Services Mays Clinic 2 Patient Supplies Main Building 1 Pharmacy Main Building 2 Pharmacy Main Building 10 Pharmacy Mays Clinic 2 Postal Contract Station Main Building 1 Release of Medical Information Mays Clinic 2 Release of Medical Information Main Building 3 Research Medical Library Pickens Tower 21 Social Work Main Building 2 Visitors Gallery Mays Clinic 2 Volunteer Services Main Building B1

How to use this directory Use this directory to identify your 1. destination, building and landmark. Destination Building Floor Landmark Café Anderson Main Building 1 2. 3. 4. Use the building diagrams to the right to locate the building and landmark for your destination. Follow the Access pathway – marked with blue Access signs and carpet stripes – to the landmark. When you arrive at the landmark, use the maps and signs there to find your exact destination. Note: If your landmark is an elevator, follow the Access pathway to that elevator. Once you arrive, an elevator directory will guide you to the correct floor. Landmarks The Aquarium Main Building, Floor 1 The Art Gallery Main Building, Floor 3 The Café Corner Main Building, Floor 1 The Forum Mitchell Building, Floor 3 The Gazebo Main Building, Floor 3 The Park Main Building, Floor 2 The Star Duncan Building (CPB), Floor 2 The Sundial Main Building, Floor 2 The Tree Sculpture Mays Clinic, Floor 2 Elevator A – G Main Building Elevator J Mitchell Building Elevator N Pickens Tower Elevator P, R and S Mays Clinic, Parking Garage Elevator Q Duncan Building (CPB) Elevator T Mays Clinic Elevator U Mays Clinic

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