7 months ago

Genius loci

The landscape is a rich starting point for the exploration of a broad variety of topics. From the connection to Country of Australia’s First Peoples through to the contemporary re-imagining of what a landscape is, artists celebrate the beauty, power and fragility of the natural world. In this exhibition the artists share a common interest in landscape. Working with glass they respond in a variety of ways to challenge the viewer’s perception of what is often regarded as a stylistically rigid genre.

Debra Jurss Jewel

Debra Jurss Jewel bright, 2018 hot formed and kilnformed glass 20 x 57 x 6 cm $3100 Photo: Adam McGrath 8 | GENIUS LOCI | 5 APRIL TO 3 JUNE

Brenden Scott French Received Landscape, 2018 kilnformed glass 64 x 80 x 4 cm $4800 Photo: Adam McGrath 9 | GENIUS LOCI | 5 APRIL TO 3 JUNE