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Pete Rezac Speaker Packet 2018

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Programs Black &White Children’s Character Portraits This program covers how I consult with clients prior to our Children’s Character Portrait Session. What I’m after and the “Authenticity” that we need in order to make these type of pictures really shine. The clothing, the dirt, the sweat, the expression, and the props. I’ll then go into how e produce the portraits including how I light them, what I’ve found to be good working exposures, the poses that work well, and how many shots I try to make. These portraits are about efficiency Finally, I’ll go into the post production that I do to finish these images along with the sizes that I offer to clients. These are commissioned portrait sessions rather than volumne mini sessions. Questions - It is my goal to students prepared to start producing these types of sessions right away. The great thing about in person eductation is the abilty to ask questions. So please don’t be afraid to ask - it’s the best way we can all learn! This program can be a 2 hour demonstration or a full day hands on workshop. This is alway a fun hands on class as EVERYONE get’s dirty! Who doesn’t like to get dirty and relive their childhood! This being said it is highly encourgaged to let students know to no wear anything they don’t mind getting a little dirty throughout the program.. I bring props, background, and wardrobe for kids to wear with me. Along with the items we need to get the kids dirty. What I ask from the organization to provide if possible are the follow pieces of equipment Background Stand Kit Main Light with medium modifer I.e. 2x3 softbox and light stand Fill light with medium umbrella and light stand Accent light with stripbox and grid if possible and light stand A light stand that I can mount a background light A full or 1/2 sized posing “apple box” or Hanson Fong type blocks for a child to stand on Projector with HDMI input That’s it and a willingness to learn 15 of 26

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