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Pete Rezac Speaker Packet 2018

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Endorsements Occasionally, you come across a professional who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Pete Rezac is not only wonderfully knowledgeable in Photography especially film and large format cameras, but also a fun, enthusiastic speaker. When someone speaks with passion about taking your craft to a new level but also does it in a simple, easy to understand process that anyone can step up and hit a home run with his teaching and speaking ability. Pete makes it easy to understand and put the information immediately to use in any genre of photographic work. His sense of humor and ability to put people at ease, make it easy to take what he is speaking about seem more like a Saturday evening at a friends home rather than a speaking engagement. Gena Tussey, MPhotog.,Cr.,CPP - Professional Photographers of Eastern Tennessee Pete Rezac is passionate about photography! And he shares that passion in his classes and in his competition judging. He is a film evangelist and has built a solid business on printed film-based portraits. Now he’s on a mission to share his knowledge with the world. Pete delivers his class material with his characteristic self-deprecating style that is both refreshing and relatable. His students love him! I have attended more than one of his classes and have judged with him on multiple occasions and I’d recommend him in a heartbeat. Lisa Dillon, M. Photog, Cr. CPP, FP-OR - Orgeon Professional Photographers Association I can’t give enough accolades about Pete Rezac. He was an integral part of our Annual Professional Photographers of Michigan annual spring convention. His approach to his craft and techniques left even the most experienced photographer with some great new ideas and motivation to step outside the box. His creative style with the most basic of props showed us all how easy it would be to add quality and uniqueness to our product line. I’m not much of a children’s photographer as he is, they scare me, but sports is a big percentage of my sales. The way he was able to integrate gritty authentic sports photo with kids, made it seem not to be as scary as I thought. Pete is a very personable and knowledge guy. He’s easy to talk to and to learn from. I would highly recommend him for any group if they want to have some fun and learn some new creative portrait techniques. Rick Dupler, CPP - Professional Photographers of Michigan President Elect 2018, Detroit Professional Photographers Association President 2015-2016 23 of 26

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