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New Towns – An Investigation on Urbanism

ISBN 978-3-86859-461-4


Urban Organizational Units Roads urban neighborhood parking cycle and pedestrian path Open spaces public green private green road vegetation playground squares water/channels Buildings administrative cultural and educational commercial services mixed use religious residential (1ong>–ong>2 floors) residential (3ong>–ong>6 floors) residential (more than 6 floors) Sabaudia was not designed based on a minimum unit. Instead Piccinato designed the residential space based on three building types. As a result, it has been considered as a minimum unit, part of the project including the three typologies. 0 10 50 100 m N 122 ong>Newong> ong>Townsong>

Reasons for Foundation and Events Regarding ong>Newong> ong>Townsong> 123