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Laser Workbook 2018


PLAQUES SPECS: 12"W x 16"H FINISHING: JIG: Shoe polish cherry ZZALP for black only ZBOB0039 CHERRY (PD-0022-00) D ZBOB0019 BLACK (PD-0017-00) L Wipe gently with damp cloth ZZALP (PD-0005-00) A6 LAYOUT OPTIONS D D ZBOB0039E ZBOB0039F ZBOB0039G L L ZBOB0019E ZBOB0019F ZBOB0019G D L D D ZBOB0039H ZBOB0039I ZBOB0039J L L ZBOB0019H ZBOB0019I ZBOB0019J D L TECH SUPPORT: 855.218.5260 A26

PLAQUE SPECS: 16"W x 12"H JIG: ZZALP PREP: Place jig in upper left corner of laser bed, then slide plaque overtop FINISHING: Wipe gently with damp cloth ZBOB0059 BARN GATE (PD-0017-00) ZZALP (PD-0005-00) A6 6 56200 24961 1 LAYOUT OPTIONS ZBOB0059B ZBOB0059E ZBOB0059F TECH SUPPORT: 855.218.5260 A27