8 months ago

Laser Workbook 2018


ACRYLIC PLATES ZBPM0001 SMALL SILVER (PD-0002-50 | QTY: 2) 6 56200 25175 1 ZBPL0001 LARGE SILVER (PD-0003-50) SPECS: Small 3"W x 1"H Large 4.5"W x 1.5"H PREP: Tape outer edge of plate to tray 6 56200 25176 8 FINISHING: Wipe gently with damp cloth ZBPM SMALL BRASS (PD-0002-50 | QTY: 2) ZBPL LARGE BRASS (PD-0003-50) LAYOUT OPTIONS ZBPM ZBPL0001B SMALL LARGE ZBPM0001C ZBPL0001C SMALL LARGE ZBPM0001E ZBPL0001E SMALL LARGE ZBPM0001B SMALL ZBPM0001D SMALL ZBPL LARGE ZBPL0001D LARGE TECH SUPPORT: 855.218.5260 A36

CUTTING BOARD SPECS: 5.375"W x 14.875"H JIG: 3/4" Corner FINISHING: Wipe gently with damp cloth ZBRD0033 MAPLE (PD-0015-00) 6 56200 33082 1 LAYOUT OPTIONS ZBRD0033C ZBRD0033A ZBRD0033B TECH SUPPORT: 855.218.5260 A37