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Remarkable Women Our Colombian Women in NASA Picture taken from: /happy-womens-dayfamous-colombianwomen/ Adriana Ocampo is a planetary geologist and the Science Program Chief at NASA Central command. Her exploration prompted the disclosure of the Chicxulub affect cavity. She has driven six research campaigns to the Chicxulub affect site. Ocampo and her partners additionally found the Aorounga Hole Chain in Chad in 1996. She has taken a shot at various NASA planetary science ventures, including the Juno mission to Jupiter, the New Skylines mission to Pluto, and the OSIRIS-Rex space rock test return mission. She is likewise the lead researcher in charge of NASA's cooperation with the European Space Organization's Venus Express mission and the Japanese Aviation Investigation Office's Venus Atmosphere Orbiter mission. Ocampo got the Lady of the Year Honor in Science from the Comisión Femenil in Los Angeles in 1992. She additionally got the Warning Chamber for Ladies Honor at Fly Impetus Research center in 1996 and the Science and Innovation Honor from the Chicano Organization in 1997. Our Colombian Women in Culture and Folklore Picture taken from: on/articulo/claudia-lopez-porla-presidencia-2018/510853 Delia Zapata is a standout amongst the most critical Colombian old stories analysts. Prior to her passing in 2001, she would traverse Colombia gathering data about customs, music, move and the lifestyle. As an Afro- Colombian, she was particularly keen on the Spanish/African impact in Colombian culture. By: Wendy Gutierrez, Teacher at Colombo Americano Armenia. Picture taken from: peciales/nueva/goyo-el-lado- femenino-de-chocquibtown- 45328 Goyo was conceived in the residential community of Condoto in the Pacific division of the Choco. She's currently a Grammyselected and Latin Grammy winning melodic craftsman, in charge of a portion of the greatest blocks to leave Colombia in years! Our Colombian Women in Journalism Picture taken from: https://www.smartspeaker Maria Jimena Duzan At 30 years old, this daring writer was at that point remote supervisor, boss agent and journalist for the Bogota-based daily paper El Espectador. Maria Jimena Duzan was distributed at 16 years old after her dad gave the previous editorial manager of El Espectador a letter she had composed. She was the primary Colombian lady to get the renowned Strength Reporting Honor and was among the group to uncover the association between Colombia's medication traffickers and the nation's military in 1988. In 1994, she distributed her self-portrayal "Passing Beat: A Colombian Writer's Life Inside the Cocaine Wars" which narratives her own particular rousing biography as a columnist in Colombia. In 2005, she got the Simon Bolivar Reporting Honor as writer of the year. Picture taken from: on/articulo/claudia-lopez-porla-presidencia-2018/510853 CClaudia Lopez, Considered a standout amongst the most unmistakable and frank investigative writers in the nation, Claudia Lopez, broke a standout amongst the most disputable stories in Colombia. She was behind uncovering the "parapolitics" outrage muncovering the penetration of paramilitary at a portion of the largest amounts of Colombia's political framework. 2

GENERAL NEWS THE PROLONGED AGONY OF AMÉRICA BOOKSHOP ENDED Ricardo grabs an edition of La vida breve, by Juan Carlos Onetti, while he tells that the Librería América will close its doors after 74 years of service. The bookshop was founded by Jaime Navarro, Ricardo's grandfather, in 1944. Fernando Navarro, Jaime's son and father of Ricardo, has been in charge of the business since the 80s. "I had three bookstores: two Americas and one that was called Don Quixote, but I closed them because the business was not working, "says Fernando. The America that is still standing, nestled in the disorder of the Boyacá Passage, remained tenacious during difficult years. Outside, in the passage, the sale of pirate books makes him a voracious, disloyal competition. But the bookstore missed the fight last October, when Fernando decided it was time to close the doors: "We are doing the liquidation, returning books. The idea is to close as soon as possible, between April and May, "he says, with a curt voice. Fernando hesitates when asked why the closure. To this he responds with several hypotheses: the price of books, the deterioration of the city center, piracy, lack of reading. In Medellín, according to the Citizen Perception survey of 'Medellín Cómo Vamos', only 15 percent of those over 18 years of age read at least one book in 2015. The Center, moreover, ceased to be a gathering place and recreation, as it happened many years ago. Darío Úsuga, an old-fashioned bookseller who worked at the Continental bookshop and who now has his bookstore Mall of the Book and Culture (Pasaje La Bastilla), believes that reading has fallen. "Here, some time ago, professors came and they were anxious to see what was new. They still come, but it's not the same anymore. " Úsuga, like Fernando, believes that piracy has hit head-on traditional bookstores.In the passage La Bastille, a few blocks from the America, met intellectuals of the city at the beginning of the last century. It was common to see there, among animated talks, characters like Tomás Carrasquilla and Porfirio Barba Jacob. Picture taken from: Juan Jose Giraldo Lopez, Senior 2 People Who Make a Difference? Have you ever made a difference? If you have, how did you feel? If you have not done it, you will want to read these tips to start making the difference: Picture taken from: http://www.a mandagwhit 15/05/ 1. Be a hard and smart worker. 2. Have consistency and perseverance. 3. Be a peopleperson. 4. Be a truth teller. 5. Be a problem solver. 6. Be a lifelong learner. 7. Deliver the Goods. Being a hard and smart worker creates an impact in other people. Success does not come easy to anybody but to people who are constant and determined. Consistency and perseverance help you keep the plan going. By: Caroline Molina. 3

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