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The Block Issue 00

One of the main feature

One of the main feature of this term’s “hellweek’ is the scale model projects, from building technology types of space framing to renovation of manila city hall to CBD project it eats up a lot of the students time from buying materials, conceptualization to building the model itself. Building technology cluster conducted to make different type of space framing structures models. These models can educate the students on how different advance structures were built from miniature detail. For design cluster one of their major plates is the renovation of manila city hall, making it modernize with implementing some green design. Many of the students tend to struggle on the design phase as well as the building the entire model itself as the structure is approximately 200 meters long and 80 meters wide so making the details of the structure is very difficult inside and out. Throughout these model making days the important thing is always the non-stop learning of new things and making new memories out of it. 40


Phygure® No.1 Issue 00
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