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Man vs Nature

Man vs Nature Hadid’s designs are influenced by the environment and purpose surrounding the building. Hadid wanted to design places which made people feel good, but the functionality of the building, coupled with the purpose of the building were at the forefront of her designs. Hadid initially had an extreme distaste for nature, she said, “For many years, I hated nature. As a student, I refused to put a plant anywhere - a living plant, that is. Dead plants were OK.” Eventually she would draw inspiration from nature, even describing designs as rivers frozen in time or mountains seamlessly connecting with the earth. It is clear that Hadid was influenced by a number of different factors, her experiences in Iraq and London, the Russian constructivist and supremacists she was taught about, nature itself and the integration of form and function. The support she received both from the people around her as well as the society at the time in general, allowed her to believe she was capable of doing anything, enough so that she was able to overcome the Cardiff Bay Opera House experience and use it to her advantage.

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