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BassPlayer 2017-04

BassPlayer 2017-04

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Every Litt le Thing STING BRINGS DECADES OF DIVERSE MUSICAL EXPERIENCES TO BEAR ON HIS ROCKING NEW RECORD MENTION STING TO US BASSISTS AND SEVERAL HALLMARKS COME TO MIND: His compositionally crafty, sparse bass parts with the Police. His ability to sing lead on his songs while playing independent bass lines, in the grand trio tradition of Jack Bruce and Geddy Lee. And his jazz-infused, post-Police explorations, which further anointed him a darling of the musician crowd without affecting his gift for selling millions of records to the general public. Since Sting’s last BP cover (March 2000), following the release of Brand New Day, his restless musical soul and inherent curiosity have led him down different avenues, with a 2007 Police reunion tour in the mix. There was Sacred Love, his mildly received 2003 follow-up BY CHRIS JISI PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL HAGGARD / april2017 27

AviTrader MRO Magazine 2017-04
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4.52am Issue: 035 25th May 2017 - The Dronningen Issue
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4.52am Issue: 036 1st June 2017 - The U2 Joshua Tree Edition
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050-054 Hill 04 - David R. Adler
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Issue 83 / November 2017
4.52am Issue: 046 10th August 2017 - The Hyena Kill Issue
Interview with NYC bassist, Jack Daley: