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The Owl Eye Magazine Issue 9


The Owl Eye Magazine Help Owls! Shop Some of you may already know from social media announcements, but the Owl Eye Magazine has opened a new website shop so you can easily find new and previous issues of the magazine as well as carefully curated owl products! A percent of proceeds from the purchases of anything in the Owl Shop go to organizations that help owls. Here are some of our new owl products! Crystal Owl and Moon Pin This is a stunningly sparkly pin with your choice of either silver plated metal with a blue crystal owl or rose plated metal with a dark grey crystal owl. Either way, this special owl will dress up any outfit and show your love for owls. Howlite Stretch Owl Bracelet This popular bracelet design is great for everyday wear and a great addition to your stretch bracelet collection. 22

Tawny Plush Owl Whether you are a child at heart or know a child who would love a soft fluffy owl, this is an adorable little guy! Owl Scarf When the cooler weather hits, break out this Autumn colored scarf to block the chill. It comes in three color combos. Help support owls with your purchases at the Owl Eye Magazine Shop!

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