Welcome to Dublin

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TO<br />


TABLE OF<br />


<strong>Welcome</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>Dublin</strong>!<br />

In Ireland’s capital you get the best of two worlds; you can<br />

spend your time getting <strong>to</strong> know the bustling and energetic<br />

city centre, with its range of local shops, markets and drinking<br />

holes but, should you wish <strong>to</strong> venture further afield, Ireland’s<br />

bracing coastal scenery is but a short train ride away.<br />

You could spend your morning browsing the market stalls<br />

of Talbot Street, then hop on a train and enjoy an afternoon<br />

relaxing on Clontarf beach, before being back in the city in<br />

the evening for drinks with friends in the Temple Bar party<br />

district. All without breaking a sweat.<br />

<strong>Dublin</strong>’s centre is divided by the River Liffey in<strong>to</strong> the<br />

Northside and Southside and it’s relatively compact,<br />

compared <strong>to</strong> similar capitals like London, making it easy <strong>to</strong><br />

get from one end <strong>to</strong> the other. But whichever of <strong>Dublin</strong>’s<br />

districts (or villages) you call your home, the friendly people<br />

of this city are sure <strong>to</strong> extend you ‘céad míle fáilte’ – “one<br />

hundred thousand welcomes.”<br />

For more tips, information about your new home as well as<br />

rental advice, log in <strong>to</strong> your moving platform.<br />


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6<br />

8<br />

12<br />

16<br />

20<br />









€10 cinema ticket<br />

€200 monthly groceries<br />

€8 fast food meal<br />

€5.80 beer in local pub<br />

€3.25 coffee<br />


€132 monthly bus travel card<br />

€10 monthly SIM card<br />

€16 15min Uber ride<br />





YOU<br />

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3<br />

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7<br />

<strong>Dublin</strong> is home <strong>to</strong> nearly 700 licenced pubs.<br />

Walks along Dun Laoghaire Pier make for a refreshing break<br />

on a Sunday afternoon, and offers stunning views of the city<br />

from across the bay. <strong>Dublin</strong> favourite, Teddy’s Ice Cream,<br />

has been serving treats here since 1950.<br />

Pub ‘snugs’, cosy rooms in <strong>Dublin</strong>’s more traditional pubs,<br />

are a great place <strong>to</strong> laugh and chat with friends, hidden<br />

away from prying eyes.<br />

The city’s oldest pub, the Brazen Head, has been open<br />

since 1198.<br />

<strong>Dublin</strong> produces 10 million pints of Guinness every single<br />

day.<br />

<strong>Dublin</strong> is the youngest city in Europe with 50% of its inhabitants<br />

being less than 25 years old.<br />

Jogs through the hidden, winding alleyways of <strong>Dublin</strong>’s<br />

villages are a great way <strong>to</strong> savour the city, finishing with a<br />

route beside the river, where rowers breeze by.<br />


8 St Stephen’s Green, with its ponds and wildlife,<br />

is a scenic choice for an enchanting lunch-break with<br />

work colleagues<br />

St Stephen’s Green<br />



Party-goers will find much <strong>to</strong> love in <strong>Dublin</strong>’s city centre, with many<br />

streets boasting an active nightlife throughout the entire week.<br />

Shopping and culture are also significantly present in this area,<br />

where all foodies and lovers of Irish beer and live music will find<br />

their favourite spot.<br />


Our tip<br />

<strong>Dublin</strong> Barista School The professional maximalists<br />

€<br />

19 Anne Street South<br />

As a barista school, DBS works hard on proving their excellence in every<br />

cup. Voted the best coffee in <strong>Dublin</strong>, you will quickly see how successful<br />

their efforts are! Get the perfect caffeine kick from the best.<br />


10<br />

COFFEE<br />

Java Republic Independent and trendy<br />

510 NW Business Park<br />

€€<br />

Always slick and up <strong>to</strong> date, Java Republic pride themselves on serving<br />

high quality coffee and delectable food using ingredients both local and<br />

natural.<br />


Coppinger Row The cuisine of the future<br />

Coppinger Row<br />

€€€<br />

Catering <strong>to</strong> the city’s innovative, international clientele, Coppinger Row<br />

fuses Mediterranean flavours with global tastes <strong>to</strong> achieve unique twists.<br />

Try their salt marsh duck breast or wild mushrooms, at affordable high<br />

street prices.<br />

The Pig’s Ear The best traditional Irish dishes<br />

4 Nassau Street<br />

€€€<br />

This is one of the best known traditional Irish restaurants in <strong>Dublin</strong>: the<br />

perfect example of what Irish people want <strong>to</strong> experience when they are<br />

having a meal with friends and family.<br />

PUBS<br />

The Long Hall His<strong>to</strong>ric pints<br />

51 South Great George’s Street<br />

€€<br />

A beautiful his<strong>to</strong>ric pub, you will step back in<strong>to</strong> Vic<strong>to</strong>rian times at The<br />

Long Hall. Today full of young people and international crowds, this pub<br />

breathes the lovely contradictions of <strong>Dublin</strong>!<br />

Mulligan’s Old and comfy<br />

8 Poolbeg Street<br />

€<br />

This charming pub is rich in heritage, having served lucky <strong>Dublin</strong> locals<br />

for over 200 years. They have welcomed Judy Garland, James Joyce,<br />

and Seamus Heaney through their doors in decades gone by.<br />


Java Republic<br />

Herbert Park<br />


Krystle Rubbing shoulders with stars<br />

21-25 Harcourt Street<br />

€€€<br />

Trendy and packed with celebrities, you will find yourself wearing your<br />

best suit/dress at the club Krystle. Needless <strong>to</strong> say, leading DJs and<br />

buckets of champagne will fuel your night.<br />

The Village The all-in-one venue<br />

26 Wexford Street<br />

€€<br />

The Village has an all-in-one approach with its various floors and musical<br />

styles, including live concerts. If you’re throwing a club-hopping night,<br />

make sure <strong>to</strong> drop by.<br />

PARK<br />

Herbert Park The most relaxing strolls in <strong>to</strong>wn<br />

Ballsbridge<br />

Located just outside the city centre, this is a great park if you want <strong>to</strong><br />

relax with some friends and kick a ball around. There’s also a tennis court<br />

if you’re feeling active and a playground for those with kids.<br />



TEMPLE<br />

BAR<br />

Our tip<br />

The But<strong>to</strong>n Fac<strong>to</strong>ry A favourite among students<br />

€€<br />

Curved Street<br />

Live music, DJs, drink deals - with many students coming <strong>to</strong> this popular<br />

venue, there is always something going on here and that includes<br />

discounts.<br />


The whole of Temple Bar appears <strong>to</strong> be officially dedicated <strong>to</strong><br />

going out and having a good time. You will be spoilt for choice,<br />

with entire streets consisting of door-<strong>to</strong>-door pubs, hotels and<br />

restaurants. Read on for tips from locals!<br />


Queen of Tarts<br />

COFFEE<br />

Queen of Tarts Sweet dreams with cream and berries<br />

€€<br />

Cow’s Lane, Dame Street<br />

This is a dessert lover’s paradise: Order a strong espresso and indulge<br />

in the spectacular muffins, cakes, brownies and, of course, tarts served<br />

here.<br />


Banyi Japanese Dining Oriental delicacies<br />

€€<br />

3-4 Bedford Row<br />

Being so close <strong>to</strong> the ocean, sushi and Japanese cuisine in general are<br />

big in <strong>Dublin</strong>, and this is one of the most popular places <strong>to</strong> have some. A<br />

great choice for a birthday party <strong>to</strong>o, but make sure <strong>to</strong> book.<br />

PUBS<br />

Vintage Cocktail Club Creative cocktails<br />

€€€<br />

15 Crown Alley<br />

If you are looking for a high end bar, look no further than the Vintage<br />

Cocktail Club. It is located in the heart of <strong>Dublin</strong>’s nightlife. The staff<br />

really know their drinks and are happy <strong>to</strong> offer you something you’ve<br />

never had before.<br />

14<br />


Garage Bar For alcoholic refueling<br />

€€€<br />

Essex Street<br />

Picture an old car garage from the 1950’s, complete with petrol pumps,<br />

car parts, and sawdust all over the floor. Now picture it full of people<br />

dancing and swaying, cocktails in one hand, their partner’s hand in the<br />

other, and with classic tunes from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s blasting out loud.<br />

Teac na Céibe A traditional <strong>Dublin</strong> knees up<br />

€€€<br />

Temple Bar<br />

Located smack in the middle of Temple Bar’s thriving nightlife, the live<br />

music in this traditional Irish pub draws people from all around the area.<br />

Also known as The Quay’s Bar, this classic venue is a must for any proper<br />

night out in <strong>Dublin</strong>’s party neighbourhood.<br />

MARKET<br />

Temple Bar Food Market Saturday breaks<br />

Meeting House Square<br />

This is a great location for getting high quality food, while also enjoying<br />

a great atmosphere, by mingling with locals and expats. It runs every<br />

Saturday from 10am until 4.30 pm.<br />

Vintage Cocktail Club<br />




STREET<br />

Graf<strong>to</strong>n Street is where <strong>Dublin</strong>ers and visi<strong>to</strong>rs go on shopping<br />

trips: You will find all high street brands, tech staples and labels<br />

around here. Of course, Graf<strong>to</strong>n Street is a great place <strong>to</strong> head<br />

for a party or <strong>to</strong> savour some delicious local dishes, so make<br />

sure <strong>to</strong> check out a few local leisure favourites.<br />



Cafe en Seine<br />

COFFEE<br />

Bewley’s Coffee famous around the world<br />

€€<br />

78- 79 Graf<strong>to</strong>n Street<br />

A legendary, stylish coffee house that has conquered the world and<br />

opened locations from London <strong>to</strong> California. Come and enjoy the atmosphere<br />

and the pure joy of coffee.<br />


Bunsen Burger delights<br />

€€<br />

36 Wexford Street<br />

A good burger will crown the foodie scene of any city, and in <strong>Dublin</strong> the<br />

affordable best is surely Bunsen. You will find crafty dishes with fresh and<br />

local ingredients at this popular eatery.<br />

PUBS<br />

Café en Seine You come for the décor, then stay for the drinks<br />

€€<br />

40 Dawson Street<br />

Café en Sein is a unique bar that you should visit <strong>to</strong> see the décor alone.<br />

It is conveniently located beside Graf<strong>to</strong>n Street. There is always a lively,<br />

friendly crowd of young professionals ready <strong>to</strong> enjoy a night out with<br />

drinks and good conversation.<br />

18<br />


Farrier and Draper Refined drinks in a 1920s theme<br />

€€€<br />

Powerscourt Townhouse<br />

This stylish, retro-chic bar will transport you back <strong>to</strong> the 1920’s, with its<br />

grand chandeliers, lavish paintings and, most important of all, its wide<br />

selection of colourful cocktails. Don’t miss Film Noir Mondays, where two<br />

cocktails and a sharing popcorn is just 10€.<br />

CLUBS<br />

La Cave Home <strong>to</strong> over 350 wines<br />

€€€€<br />

South Anne Street<br />

Connoisseurs of fine wine will be in their element at La Cave, a<br />

sophisticated French wine bar on South Anne Street. The wine list never<br />

ends, with over 350 of the world’s best bottles lining the shelves, so you<br />

can try a different taste sensation on each return visit.<br />

PARK<br />

St. Stephens Green <strong>Dublin</strong>’s largest park<br />

Curved Street<br />

Located just a s<strong>to</strong>ne’s throw away from Graf<strong>to</strong>n Street, this is the largest<br />

park in the city centre. There is a big lake that plays host <strong>to</strong> a huge<br />

number of ducks. Beautiful flowers line the park, with benches ideally<br />

dotted around, allowing you <strong>to</strong> enjoy the view.<br />

St. Stephens Green<br />




Home <strong>to</strong> the Por<strong>to</strong>bello Canal, Little Jerusalem and the <strong>Dublin</strong><br />

Mosque, the ‘beautiful harbour’ is a former suburb seething with<br />

his<strong>to</strong>ry. For those looking for off the beaten track experiences,<br />

discovering Por<strong>to</strong>bello is the thing <strong>to</strong> do.<br />



COFFEE<br />

Wall and Keogh Famous for a reason<br />

€€<br />

45 Richmond Street South<br />

Heart-warming cakes, filling sandwiches and, of course, premium coffee.<br />

This should be your s<strong>to</strong>p on a Sunday morning or if you’re feeling peckish<br />

on a Saturday afternoon following a long hike or shopping spree.<br />

The Greenery City vibes<br />

€<br />

31 Lennox Street<br />

A much-loved breakfast place run by a husband/wife duo. Lennox serves<br />

fresh, locally sourced food, fragrant teas and minimalist espressos, for<br />

those inclined.<br />


Bibi’s Café For quiet foodie nights<br />

€<br />

14b Emorville Avenue<br />

An intimate spot run by two sisters, with seasonal menus that always<br />

offer something fresh. Great for dates and deeper chats with friends, or<br />

for rewarding yourself with a fancy meal bargain over a book.<br />

Rotana Café Lebanese cuisine<br />

€<br />

31 Richmond Street<br />

A favourite among locals, Rotana is a laidback eatery offering authentic<br />

dishes from Lebanon at a good price. All the spices, fresh meat and<br />

veggies your taste buds desire!<br />

Seagrass Restaurant A must if feeling peckish<br />

€€<br />

South Richmond Street<br />

As if serving <strong>to</strong>p quality food at affordable prices was not enough for<br />

Seagrass Restaurant - their home-made chicken pate is popular and<br />

highly recommended - they also operate a Bring Your Own wine policy,<br />

as long as you order two courses per person.<br />

22<br />


PUB<br />

The Bernard Shaw The hipster hangout<br />

€€<br />

11 Richmond Street South<br />

Everything that is alternative, artisan, bearded and covered in graffiti will<br />

be represented at The Bernard Shaw, a hotspot for <strong>Dublin</strong>’s creatives.<br />

It includes a beer garden, a pizza van and a pool table for everyone’s<br />

delight.<br />

The Barge Great spot overlooking the canal<br />

€€€<br />

11 Richmond Street South<br />

Just as the water of the canal flows by outside, so do the beers flow<br />

inside The Barge; right in<strong>to</strong> the pint glasses of the <strong>Dublin</strong> locals who visit<br />

this beautifully situated pub. A great choice for refreshing summer drinks,<br />

if you’re lucky enough <strong>to</strong> get a table outside!<br />

The Barge<br />

Rotana Cafe<br />




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