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Mini Magazine - Summer 2018


ON THE JOB GET FEATURED Want to get featured? Send photos of your project to: ON THE JOB Words Martyn Collins Photography Adrian Brannan Saving Little Pig Sarah Thomas is on a restoration crusade to put the once unloved ‘Little Pig’, her Studio 2, back to its glorious standard. This 1991 Studio 2 is Sarah Thomas’s first Mini. In fact, it was bought as a project back in July 2011 by her dad for her youngest brother Alex, the idea being they would work on it together. The Mini was roadworthy, but needed a few repairs. However, Alex wasn’t really interested, so the Mini was left in the garage, rather neglected, until 2013 when Sarah’s dad decided to tidy it up and sell it. When it was ready to sell, Sarah and her other brother, Robert, decided to buy 40 it. Sadly (or thankfully, depending how you look at it), Robert didn’t like driving it. But Sarah fell in love with it straight away – she knew she had to own it! This Studio 2 became her daily in September 2013, and quickly earned the name ‘Little Pig’ because it’s little, and “a pig” to work on! With Sarah having no mechanical knowledge, her dad was the one who had to come and rescue her when Little Pig broke down. She remembers often driving to work with a wet floor, because there was a leak, and they were unable to find the source! In November 2015 Sarah was hit by another car, with Little Pig receiving a bit of damage to the wing around the driver’s side headlight. It was at this point that she decided it should become a weekend toy. After meeting partner Neil, who owned two Minis (a 1982 and 1984 Mini City), in May 2016, she started going to bigger Mini shows and realised how few Studio 2s were about, and it was then that she made the decision to restore Little Pig to as close to factory standard as possible.

ON THE JOB “Whilst on a trip to Whitby the exhaust fell off, and I decided it was time to take it off the road” PROJECT PROFILE THE OWNER NAME: Sarah Thomas AGE: 29 OCCUPATION: Civil Servant LOCATION: Durham, North East England THE CAR: CAR: Rover Studio 2 START CONDITION: Looked pretty solid, until we started properly taking it apart CONDITION NOW: Fully stripped down, awaiting a new front end TIME TAKEN SO FAR: 1 year, 9 months ESTIMATED TIME OF COMPLETION: Hopefully by the end of this year It was only once stripped back that all the work became apparent. The boot floor will probably need replacing. 41

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