Get Out! GAY Magazine – Issue 381 – August 22, 2018

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay population is interested in.

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay population is interested in.


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week in pictures<br />

>> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com<br />



Cover: Sandra Bernhard<br />

Photo by Jordan Graham<br />

ISSUE <strong>381</strong> - AUGUST <strong>22</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />





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SANDRA<br />





- AUGUST 25<br />

Riotous comedian, accomplished<br />

actress and superb songstress<br />

Sandra Bernhard will be bringing<br />

Sandemonium to The Pavilion in the<br />

Fire Island Pines on <strong>August</strong> 25 at 6<br />

p.m. and 8 p.m. Her newest show<br />

will be freshly filled with frenzied<br />

laughter, “breaking news” mania<br />

and whatever else might happen...<br />

and no one really ever knows!<br />

Regardless of current catastrophes,<br />

climatic disasters, feverish financial<br />

foul-ups, terrorist attacks, fierce<br />

forest fires and government<br />

insanity, Bernhard will take you to<br />

an orgasmic place of humorous<br />

heaven. Along with her band and<br />

music director, she will share song<br />

and decadent sarcasm in the best<br />

possible way.<br />

Bernhard is currently celebrating<br />

her third year hosting “Sandyland”<br />

on her own massively popular daily<br />

radio show on Sirius XM Radio Andy<br />

(channel 102), headed by Andy<br />

Cohen. The show features a wide<br />

selection of guests in the world of<br />

entertainment and fashion along<br />

with her provocative perspectives.<br />

She can also be recognized for<br />

her portrayal of Teresa Lubarsky in<br />

her recurring role on ABC’s family<br />

drama “Switched at Birth.” In<br />

addition, she recently appeared as<br />

a guest on the Hulu comedy series<br />

“Difficult People,” and returned to<br />

her recurring role on the CBS hit<br />

sitcom, “2 Broke Girls.”<br />

I spoke with Bernhard regarding her<br />

appearance at The Pavilion, as well<br />

as her radio show and several other<br />

aspects of her very busy life.

So what are we looking forward<br />

to regarding Sandemonium?<br />

It will be me and Mitch Kaplan,<br />

my musical director. It’s a small<br />

venue. You know Fire Island better<br />

than I do. I’ve performed there<br />

before. The bottom line is it’s an<br />

intimate night with me. There<br />

are two shows. It will have the<br />

fun, summer vibe...the end of the<br />

summer winding down, looking<br />

into the new year, the fall and<br />

getting back to work.<br />

I was at the last show you did at<br />

The Pines. It was sold out and<br />

filled to the brim, with a room<br />

exploding with men.<br />

Yeah, I know. I expect that it will<br />

be similar this time. It seems that<br />

it is a mainly male-driven situation<br />

in The Pines, if I’m correct.<br />

You’re very correct.<br />

And nobody is complaining! I<br />

mean, without gay men where<br />

would we all be?<br />

True! So what is one of your<br />

favorite episodes that you’ve<br />

ever done on your radio show?<br />

Oh, God. It’s really week to<br />

week. I have to say most recently<br />

Guy Pearce, the actor, was on<br />

yesterday. He’s actually a singer<br />

and has a new album out called<br />

“The Nomad” that Joe Henry<br />

produced, and it is really<br />

beautiful, and I didn’t<br />

know he sang.

A lot of people don’t know that I sing. So<br />

whenever I meet a kind of kindred spirit—<br />

somebody who is an actor, and people<br />

expect a certain thing from them, and<br />

they surprise you—it’s always sort of like,<br />

yeah. I guess he started off singing from<br />

Australia. So I guess right now Guy Pearce<br />

is my most recent favorite guest.<br />

You know what, many people aren’t<br />

aware that you do sing, especially in<br />

the U.K., where I happen to be at the<br />

moment.<br />

Well, they should have all been at Ronnie<br />

Scotts when I was there in February. It<br />

doesn’t matter—all the shows were sold<br />

out, and they couldn’t have gotten in,<br />

but next time I’m back, which should be<br />

a year from this fall, they should all come<br />

and see me. You will let them know next<br />

time.<br />

I absolutely will. So how is your<br />

daughter and Sarah?<br />

They are great. They are so busy doing<br />

all sorts of interesting things this summer.<br />

Actually, she’s going to do her junior year<br />

abroad in London. We’re all just like pedal<br />

to the metal. It’s all exciting and great!<br />

Things are really moving and grooving.<br />

You’re still based in New York, and you<br />

will still be doing Joe’s Pub?<br />

Yeah, I’ll be doing Joe’s again, my usual<br />

day after Christmas through New Year’s.<br />

So I’m looking forward to that.<br />

Is the show at The Pines brand new?<br />

It’s the show that I did essentially last<br />

December at Joe’s. My material, most of<br />

it is evergreen, based on stories of my life<br />

and growing up, my family. So it’s always<br />

pretty fresh, even if I pick something up<br />

that I thought about doing 10 years ago.<br />

It’s sort of all for my intimate collection:<br />

the intimate collection of Sandra<br />

Bernhard.<br />

I hear a new show title in that.<br />

Well, there will be a new show title. I don’t<br />

know if it will be that, but that’s a good<br />

one to keep on reserve.

week in pictures >> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com<br />




Celebrated actresses and singers<br />

Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery will<br />

make their praised debut at the<br />

elegant Café Carlyle (35 East 76th<br />

Street, Manhattan) beginning<br />

September 11 to September <strong>22</strong><br />

with Two Lost Souls.<br />

Jane Lynch is the two-time Emmywinning<br />

host of “Hollywood<br />

Game Night” and Emmy winner<br />

and Golden Globe victor for her<br />

portrayal of the devious gym<br />

teacher Sue Sylvester in “Glee.”<br />

Lynch began appearing in her<br />

own live concert tour “See Jane<br />

Sing” shortly after her Broadway<br />

debut in “Annie” in 2013. “See<br />

Jane Sing” also included Tim<br />

Davis and Kate Flannery, who<br />

is best known for her nine<br />

season role as Meredith the<br />

drunk on NBC’s “The Office.”<br />

Together they also recorded a<br />

holiday album, “A Swingin’ Little<br />

Christmas,” which charted on<br />

Billboard’s top 10.<br />

Lynch is currently appearing in<br />

“The Good Fight” on CBS and<br />

on Amazon’s “The Amazing Mrs.<br />

Maisel.” On <strong>August</strong> 26, she will<br />

be doing an hour-long special on<br />

NBC titled “Clear the Shelters,” a<br />

plea for animal rescue.<br />

The Café Carlyle originally<br />

opened in 1955 and is the<br />

opulent height of cabaret<br />

entertainment in a close, intimate<br />

setting. It has been featured<br />

in American Airlines’ in-flight<br />

magazine as one of the top-three<br />

music venues on the planet. For<br />

this performance, Lynch and<br />

Flannery will be doing a variety<br />

of songs from Broadway to music<br />

of the Swingin’ Sixties in their<br />

very own style, along with music<br />

director Tony Guerrero.<br />

Tickets for the show can be<br />

purchased online via Ticketweb,<br />

or at (212) 744-1600.<br />

I spoke with Lynch regarding<br />

her debut as well as her current<br />


You’ve been touring for a while<br />

with “See Jane Sing.” How will<br />

your debut at Café Carlyle vary<br />

from that?<br />

Well, it’s just Kate and myself, and<br />

we’re doing all new songs. We have<br />

a four-piece band as opposed to a<br />

five-piece band. We’re calling this<br />

show “Two Lost Souls.” “See Jane<br />

Sing” was kind of me in the<br />

driver’s seat, and after a<br />

certain amount of time<br />

I realized how stupid<br />

it was to not have<br />

Kate front and<br />

center with me.<br />

So in fact “See<br />

Jane Sing” is<br />

really “See<br />

Jane and<br />

Kate Sing.”<br />

So it’s just<br />

the two of<br />

us doing<br />

our thing.<br />

We don’t<br />

have Tim<br />

Davis<br />

doing this<br />

one. It’s<br />

going to<br />

be me and<br />

Kate in “Two<br />

Lost Souls.”<br />

Can you give<br />

me a sneak<br />

preview?<br />

It’s just one of those<br />

things. We won’t<br />

even really know what<br />

the show is until we actually<br />

do it. We’re rehearsing at this<br />

point. We’re doing “Two Lost Souls”<br />

from “Damn Yankees.” We’re going<br />

to do “The One Note Samba,” which<br />

is going to be hilarious. We’re doing<br />

“Bei Mir Bistu Shein,” the Yiddish<br />

version by the Barry sisters. We are<br />

going to do the “Hallelujah Chorus.”<br />

We’re all over the map.<br />

So it’s singing and comedy, and<br />

everyone is going to love it?<br />

Let’s hope so. We’re going to love it.<br />

I hope everybody else will enjoy the<br />

experience.<br />

How did you and Kate come to<br />

team up?<br />

I’ve known Kate for<br />

decades. We met in<br />

Chicago when we<br />

were both doing<br />

what we call<br />

non-equity<br />

theater.<br />

We were<br />

doing the<br />

comedy<br />

club stuff,<br />

and she<br />

and I<br />

found<br />

our way<br />

to doing<br />

duets<br />

a lot<br />

of the<br />

time.<br />

When<br />

we came<br />

down here<br />

to LA we<br />

continued<br />

with this<br />

sketch<br />

comedy. We<br />

got together with<br />

a lot of people, and<br />

we came from “The<br />

Real Live Brady Bunch”—<br />

that was our show that we first<br />

did together back in Chicago. We<br />

did sketch comedy here in LA, and<br />

then four years would pass, and we<br />

would do a duet for a charity event.<br />

Then at 54 Below I was asked to do<br />

four nights there.

I said, “I’d love to, but I’d have to put<br />

Kate Flannery in there, and we would<br />

have to create the show together.”<br />

We’ve been on tour together for four<br />

years. I’m on my way to her house<br />

right now to do a little singing.<br />

Are there any other cool projects<br />

that you are working on at the<br />

moment?<br />

Not really. We’re going to<br />

New York in a couple<br />

of weeks. I just take<br />

it a day at a time.<br />

You might want<br />

to add we are<br />

doing our<br />

Christmas<br />

tour. We’ve<br />

got a<br />

monster<br />

Christmas<br />

tour this<br />

year<br />

with Tim<br />

Davis,<br />

who<br />

is also<br />

performing<br />

with us. It’s<br />

called “The<br />

Swingin’ Little<br />

Christmas,”<br />

and we’ve been<br />

doing it for the<br />

last three years.<br />

We’re going to be<br />

all over the country. We<br />

have a Christmas album that<br />

we released called “The Swingin’<br />

Little Christmas,” and it was #8<br />

on Billboard last year. It did very<br />

well. We’re going to be in Seattle,<br />

Portland, and we’re going to be in<br />

Florida for like a week. We’re going<br />

to be all over the place: Tennessee,<br />

the Midwest, we’re going out East,<br />

we will be all over the country.<br />

Chicago is my hometown—we will be<br />

there for a few days.<br />

Will you be hitting New York?<br />

No. We did last year at the City<br />

Winery.<br />

If you could say something to<br />

promote “Two Lost Souls,”<br />

what would you say?<br />

Oh God, you’re asking<br />

the worst person.<br />

What I will say<br />

is Kate and I<br />

have fun. Even<br />

though it<br />

appears really<br />

loose and<br />

spur of the<br />

moment—<br />

and a lot<br />

of it is,<br />

because<br />

Kate is a<br />

wildcard—I<br />

am much<br />

more of a<br />

precision<br />

person, and<br />

I kind of map<br />

things out.<br />

Then she goes<br />

and blows it all up.<br />

That’s why it works so<br />

well. I never know what<br />

the hell she’s going to do,<br />

but she’s always gold. That’s why I<br />

keep her around. I work something<br />

out; she blows it up and makes it<br />

better.<br />

So then you’re not scripted?<br />

Well, I’m not going to give away<br />

those secrets. It’s a combination.

Is there anything that you want to<br />

add that I haven’t asked you?<br />

I’m doing an initiative with NBC, and<br />

it’s a pretty big deal, and it’s close<br />

to my heart. It’s called “Clear the<br />

Shelters.” It’s a month initiative and<br />

a challenge to Americans to come in<br />

and adopt a dog. Either the shelters<br />

will do it for free or at a minimal cost.<br />

Our goal is to clear the shelters and<br />

to make sure that all of these dogs<br />

and cats and sometimes rabbits have<br />

a forever home. So far in over four<br />

years we have joined over 150,000<br />

pets with forever homes. I’m going to<br />

be hosting the show, which is <strong>August</strong><br />

26. The show is an hour long<br />

and will be highlighting some<br />

of the more touching stories<br />

that have occurred. It’s on NBC.<br />

I feel like you have many<br />

of these dogs in your own<br />

home.<br />

We have four now. Especially<br />

Arbuckle. He was 150<br />

pounds; he’s supposed to<br />

be 50. We treated him for his<br />

hypothyroid, and now he’s<br />

down to 85 pounds. He’s our<br />

success story. He’s a happy<br />

boy. The Instagram handle is<br />

@allaboutarbuckle. He was<br />

named after the actor Fatty<br />

Arbuckle.<br />

<strong>Get</strong> your tickets to “Two Lost Souls” at Café Carlyle here:<br />

www.ticketweb.com/venue/cafe-carlyle-new-york-ny/284974<br />

Follow Jane Lynch on Twitter @janemarielynch<br />

Follow Kate Flannery on Twitter @KateFlannery

THOMAS<br />

TALKS<br />


we hooked up. I<br />

don’t want anything<br />

with his brother,<br />

but should I tell my<br />

friend?<br />

- Male, Gay, 23<br />

FRIEND’S<br />


I always laugh when I<br />

hear gay guys make<br />

comments about how<br />

they want to date a<br />

“straight guy.” Mostly,<br />

I laugh because I grew<br />

up in the Midwest<br />

surrounded by “straight<br />

guys,” and they’re not<br />

the same ones you see in<br />

movies. I do wonder how<br />

much of the attraction<br />

has to do with the idea<br />

of being the “first” or<br />

“only” to the “straight”<br />

person, thus leading to a<br />

feeling of being special.<br />

Either way, most of us<br />

know of a “straight hot<br />

brother,” and y’all got<br />

stories.<br />

Last weekend I went a<br />

beach house in Jersey<br />

with my best friend to<br />

stay with his family. One<br />

night his hot “straight”<br />

brother and I stayed<br />

up chatting, and then<br />

eventually I went to<br />

sleep on the living<br />

room couch. A few<br />

hours later, he woke<br />

me up with his hard on<br />

in my face. Of course,<br />

Congrats on living<br />

the plotline of a porno—<br />

we’re all very jealous and<br />

a little turned on. No, I<br />

don’t think you should<br />

tell your friend unless<br />

you have a real reason<br />

to—and it doesn’t sound<br />

like you do. Most people<br />

don’t want to hear about<br />

their family members<br />

hooking up, even if it’s<br />

their attractive brother.<br />

Your friend probably<br />

doesn’t view him as hot.<br />

Also, you don’t know his<br />

brother’s story, and there<br />

is no reason for you to<br />

“out” him, especially if<br />

you don’t want to pursue<br />

anything with him. I say<br />

keep it for your spank<br />

bank or the next time you<br />

visit his family. No reason<br />

to start drama.<br />

My best friend and<br />

his brother share an<br />

apartment in HK, and<br />

there’s a running joke<br />

that his brother is gay.<br />

Honestly, I think he<br />

might be, or at least<br />

curious. Also, if he is,<br />

I’d love to break him in,<br />

ya know what I mean?<br />

Sometimes he jokes<br />

back with us about<br />

being gay, but I can’t<br />

tell if he’s flirting or just<br />

comfortable. Any tips<br />

on how I can tell if his<br />

brother is gay? - Male,<br />

Gay, <strong>22</strong><br />

Read the above question,<br />

and wait for him to wake<br />

you up with his hard on.<br />

Just kidding, obviously.<br />

It’s funny, because when<br />

you’re in your 20s, I think<br />

you spend a lot more<br />

time trying to figure out<br />

each other’s sexuality,<br />

whereas when you’re a bit<br />

older, it just becomes too<br />

much work and energy<br />

to care. I understand the<br />

curiosity, but you can<br />

also rest assured that if<br />

he wants you to know<br />

he’s gay—especially if he<br />

wants to have sex with<br />

you—he’s going to make<br />

it clear. When, if ever,<br />

has one gay guy said to<br />

another, “I wanted to<br />

have sex with you, but I<br />

just didn’t know how to<br />

tell you”? If anything, it’s<br />

more so, “OK, I get the<br />

point, you want to fuck?”<br />

His brother sounds like a<br />

nice guy, so the best way<br />

to find out is probably<br />

not to have an agenda<br />

and attempt to be his<br />

genuine friend.<br />

Sex/Love/Relationship advice? Send your questions to: ThomasTalksAbout@gmail.com<br />



@ianmichaelinwonderland<br />



Where You Lead,<br />

I Will Follow<br />

A few weeks ago, I was<br />

lucky enough to be invited<br />

to a fashion event for <strong>Out</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

Well, I wasn’t technically<br />

invited: I was +1 to E,<br />

who I’d describe as the<br />

sweetest socialite I know.<br />

He’s out every night, making<br />

appearances at whichever<br />

event sounds the most<br />

interesting, with a full face<br />

of makeup and scandalous<br />

outfits. Even in my Prada<br />

sequin top, I couldn’t even<br />

begin to compare to him.<br />

The open bar served specialty<br />

cocktails sponsored by<br />

Absolut Vodka, and every<br />

cocktail had the generic name<br />

of a boy I’ve dated—The<br />

Lukas with hints of lavender,<br />

The Adam with hints of<br />

apple, The Camden with<br />

hints of citrus. I ordered The<br />

Oliver, with hints of orange,<br />

and sipped it greedily as we<br />

walked around the party.<br />

E introduced me to everyone<br />

he knew, which happened<br />

to be everyone: the clothing<br />

designer with 40K followers<br />

on Instagram, the YouTuber<br />

with 248K Instagram<br />

followers, the porn star with<br />

448K. I looked each of them<br />

up while pretending to use<br />

the bathroom, wondering if<br />

my measly 1,461 followers<br />

was the reason I was never<br />

invited to such parties.<br />

Are followers how we<br />

establish ourselves socially?<br />

I fall into the Instagram trap<br />

myself: I post<br />

a picture<br />

every day,<br />

and as much<br />

as I pretend<br />

I don’t care<br />

how many<br />

followers I<br />

have or likes<br />

a picture<br />

gets, I’m<br />

definitely<br />

keeping<br />

track. And<br />

I’d be lying if<br />

I said I wasn’t<br />

intimidated<br />

a little bit by people who<br />

actually have a following.<br />

Washing my hands and<br />

going back to the party, I saw<br />

two familiar faces: a fashion<br />

executive and photographer,<br />

standing near the end of<br />

the bar. I ordered another<br />

Oliver and went to say hello<br />

to them. They both looked<br />

confused, then nodded.<br />

“Remind me where we met?”<br />

the photographer asked,<br />

sipping his Lukas.<br />

We’d met a million times<br />

before, and my face flushed.<br />

I hoped he couldn’t see in<br />

the dimly lit room. “Oh, some<br />

event or another I’m sure,” I<br />

shrugged.<br />

“I love your top,” the<br />

executive smiled. “Who’s it<br />

by?”<br />

“Prada.” They both looked<br />

at me funny, like they didn’t<br />

believe me—and I hated<br />

myself for caring.<br />

My 1,451 followers must have<br />

been showing.<br />

I found E again, chatting<br />

with the porn star—when I<br />

approached them, the porn<br />

star shook my hand, and<br />

when I cocked my head he<br />

said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I met<br />

you when I got here!” But he<br />

didn’t sound apologetic.<br />

When E said they were<br />

moving to The Box, I<br />

downed my last Oliver and<br />

said goodnight—not that<br />

staying out all night wouldn’t<br />

have been fun, but not on<br />

a weeknight. A couch near<br />

the front was littered with<br />

pillows proclaiming OUT<br />

MAGAZINE—I stuffed one<br />

into my bag, like the classy<br />

socialite I am, and walked to<br />

the subway.<br />

E texted me the next day,<br />

asking if I’d like to go out<br />

with him again. To which, of<br />

course, I said “Abso-fuckinglutely.”




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