The Vision Quest


Chapter 2 - Wild and Wise

As a child and young man, Running Deer never felt like

he ‘fitted in’ with his peers, choosing to spend his time

alone in Nature, rather than engaging in small talk or

highly competitive games at which the others


He found great solace in exploring the wild woods,

running free through the bracken, climbing trees and

wading through crystal clear, rivers, seasonally filled

with salmon, his tamed and loyal wolf-dog – ‘Scents’,

by his side.

He would sit atop a

grassy knoll and

ponder the meaning

of life, whilst

honouring the

resplendent nature

that unfolded before



intuitively, Scents’

sensed his

restlessness of late

and drew closer to him, sometimes resting his head on

his knee or lap, in a gesture of understanding and love.

He was a wise wolf dog!


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