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Celebrating Our Volunteers

and Honorary Members

by Jan Essad & Sunita Menon

American Quilts: 200 Years of

Dedicated Recycling

by Audrey Goodman & Suzanne MacNeil

“Because I want to give back to a Club that

has given me a soft place to fall while I adjusted

in a new country.”

“I love participating in our philanthropic activities.

It’s wonderful to see how these acts

of caring and kindness bring joy to people in

The Hague community.”

“I left my career behind for my first expat

assignment and serving on the Board is a

great way to keep my skills sharp and my

resume current, while meeting new friends

and enjoying all the activities the Club has

to offer.”

“Planning activities for the Club is a great

way to show newcomers my country.”

“I’ve got to stay busy or this rain and dreary

weather will drive me crazy.”

There are so many reasons for volunteering.

Whatever the reason, it is undeniable

that the selfless volunteerism of many of

our Members is the true heart of the AWC.

The Volunteers and Honorary Members

Luncheon is our chance to recognize and

thank all who dedicate their time and talents

to make our AWC the vibrant Club it is today.

While many Members come to the

Netherlands for short-term expat assignments,

others have come for a lifetime with

their Dutch partners. Some of these ladies

have been Members for more than 25 years!

They are our Honorary Members and an

invaluable asset to our Club, offering their

knowledge, expertise, advice, and support

from an undisputable proud history of AWC

The Hague. These are women, who in the

true spirit of volunteerism, created a legacy

for our Club. We are very thankful, not only

for their contributions that made the Club

what it is today, but the continued generosity

of their talents, inspiration and mentorship.

Did you know we have a Member who

has been part of AWC The Hague for 55

years, and another for 53 years? You won’t

want to miss this chance to hear some of

their stories.

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have

the time, they just have the heart.”

~ Elizabeth Andrew

Mark your calendars and come celebrate

our Volunteers and Honorary Members at

the luncheon. Please be sure to register so

we’ll know how many to plan for. This is

the perfect opportunity to thank those who

volunteered this past year, get to know

our Honorary Members, and find out more

about where you would like to volunteer in

the next Club year.

Wednesday, May 22

10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Registration/Cancellation Deadline:

May 17

Sign up at

This year our Club donated € 990 to

the Textile Research Center (TRC) in

Leiden. The funds will be used for the

purchase and preservation of quilts from the

1800s, in connection with an exhibition that

will arrive in Leiden in 2020. Many of our

very own Members are involved in this project,

including Beverley Bennett, Susan Cave

and Loren Mealey. You can learn more about

their quilting histories and involvement with

the project by reading Susan’s article, Clues

in the Calico, in our January/February issue.

Below is a blog submission that was featured

on TRC’s website (

in December 2018 and provides information

about the upcoming exhibition.

Gillian Vogelsang, TRC Director,

announces a new exhibition

at the TRC, to be opened in

February 2020.

Almost 400 years ago, in 1620, a group

of 102 English Protestant Puritans left

the town of Leiden, where they had

found refuge some 10 years before,

and sailed via Plymouth in England on

board the Mayflower to Massachusetts in

America. The Pilgrim Fathers, as they were

to be called, are traditionally regarded as the

founders of the United States. A daughter

of two of the Pilgrims, namely Myles and

Barbara Standish, has become famous for

producing the first extant embroidery sampler

in the US, commonly known as the

Loara Standish Sampler.

To mark the 400-year anniversary of the

Massachusetts settlement in 2020, Leiden is

organizing the Mayflower 400 Program with

a series of exhibitions, theater productions,

sports meetings, and many other events. For

more information, see


As part of the Mayflower 400 Program, the

Textile Research Centre (TRC) in Leiden

will be setting up an exhibition and series

of workshops about 200 years of American

quilt making. This has been made possible

by the recent donation of over 50 American

quilts and quilt tops by Sherry Cook and

others. Examples of quilts dating from the

1830s to the present day will be on display.

A series of lectures on American quilts

and quilt making will accompany the exhibition.

There will also be practical workshops,

during which various technical aspects

of quilting will be explored.

The exhibition is being organized in

conjunction with Sherry Cook from

Washington state, Susan Cave (New

Zealand/The Hague) and Beverley Bennett

(UK/The Hague).

“Modern American Quilt with Scalloped



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