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Children learn positive, fun skills at Kids Can Do

Kids Can Do, Inc is a

children’s therapy center

in Mokena. Within the past

year, it has celebrated its

30th anniversary, as well

as a transition to new ownership.

The new owners

of Kids Can Do are Erica

Kluck, Marijo Kleinfelder,

Angie Andrus and Marcy

Munger, all of whom have

been working as full-time

therapists at Kids Can Do

for a combined total of

more than 70 years.

Kids Can Do offers

physical therapy, occupational

therapy and speech

therapy for infants, children

and young adults. It provides

individual therapy,

as well as various groups,

camps and special classes

throughout the year.

Pediatric physical therapy

helps children improve

motor development and

function, strength and endurance,

posture, balance,

independence, and participation,

as well as help

families ease challenges

with daily care giving. Pediatric

occupational therapists

help children gain the

skills they need for independence

in play, learning,

motor skill development,

self-care, and socialization

in their home, school, and

community environments.

Speech therapy helps children

improve verbal and

nonverbal communication

skills. Speech therapy may

focus on speech production,

understanding and

expressing language, social

skills, executive function

deficits, and feeding or


Kids Can Do is also

known for providing excellent

feeding therapy. Feeding

therapy can be done

in individual sessions, as

well as in a group setting.

Exploring new foods with

peers is a great way to expand

the variety of foods in

the diet of a picky eater.

Kids Can Do’s mission

is to enrich the lives of

children and their families

through an interdisciplinary

approach that blends the

art and science of therapy.

Families who come to Kids

Can Do will find a beautiful

facility with a staff of

20 highly-trained therapists

who are dedicated to doing

the most they can to help

children overcome both big

and small obstacles. Kids

Can Do strives to be a place

where all children can have

fun and feel supported.

The goal is for children to

make progress and succeed

in life while feeling like

they come to Kids Can Do

to play and have fun with


One parent, Tracy Vidovic,

put it this way: “The

staff at Kids Can Do treat

your child like their own.

They go above and beyond

to make sure every success

is celebrated, every

concern is addressed and

every family is involved in

their child’s journey. They

have become family to us

and I can’t imagine taking

my child anywhere else. I

asked Mason if he would

tell other kids to go to Kids

Can Do and he said, ‘Yes.’

When I asked him why, he

said, ‘Because they’re my

best friends.’”

Are you looking for a

specialized group to help

your child develop skills

this summer? Kids Can Do

offers a variety of summer

camps for a wide range of

ages and interests. Children

do not need to be a current

client of Kids Can Do, and

siblings and friends can

also enroll in camps. The

2019 summer programs

start the week of June 10.

One of the most popular

programs is Ninja Warriors

Camp. Children who attend

have a lot of fun with

friends building strength

and coordination while

tackling challenging obstacle


If you think your child

may benefit from therapy,

Kids Can Do offers free

screenings to assess the

need for a full therapy evaluation.

Visit kidscando.org

or call (708) 478-5400 to

schedule a tour, set up an

appointment, or receive

more information.

Submitted by Kids Can Do,

19100 Crescent Drive Suite

101 in Mokena. For more

information, call (708) 478-

5400, or visit kidscando.org.

Kid’s Summer Programs


Keep your kids busy while promoting new skills in a fun and supportive environment

All camps are led by licensed Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists


Parents and toddlers participate together in story time and

a craft, introducing a new language concept each week.

Led by a Speech Pathologist

Ages 12 month-2 years, Wednesdays 10:15-11:30 am

Cost: $160


Improve speech sound production by targeting articulation

and phonological skills over the summer months.

Led by a Speech Pathologist

Ages 4-6, Thursdays 9-9:45 am

Cost: $240


Have fun developing skills to play a variety of

sports while building strength and coordination.

Led by a Speech Pathologist

Ages 5-10, Mondays at 12-12:45 am

Cost: $160



No camp the week of July 1st.

Payment due upon registration. No refunds for

missed classes. To benefit from camp, children

must be able to participate independently in

small group activities.


An introductory self-regulation group that will help your child adjust

and control their energy level, emotions, behaviors, and attention.

*Parent/Caregiver attendance required.

Led by an Occupational Therapist

Ages 7-10, Wednesdays 11-11:45 am

Cost: $240


Come “hang out” and make friends! Social Thinking

strategies will be implemented to improve social skills.

Led by an Occupational Therapist

Ages 7-10, Mondays at 10-10:45 am

Ages 11-14, Thursdays at 10:30-11:15 am

Cost: $240


Kids Can Do, Inc.

at (708) 478-5400

to register


Improve fine-motor and cursive

writing skills. Homework and

parent tips will be given weekly.

Led by an Occupational Therapist

Ages 4-7, Thursdays 11-11:45 am

Cost: $250


Build strength and coordination in challenging

ninja warrior-like obstacles.

Led by an Occupational Therapist

Ages 4-7, Thursdays 11-11:45 am

Cost: $160


Meet your child’s needs in letter

formation, size, and spacing. Homework

and parent tips will be given weekly.

Led by an Occupational Therapist

Ages 5-7, Wednesdays 10-10:45 am

Cost: $250

Cost: $5 $250 Cost: $5 $250

19100 S. Cresent Dr. Suite 101, Mokena, IL, 60448

Visit us at: www.kidscando.org

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