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TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019

Connecting Your Community

New Brighton Rd

repairs to

start soon

Pedestrian safety

outside hospital

a step closer

Bebe Frayle Greg Sugrue

People’s Choice - Labour

Burwood Community Board

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Devotion to others earns award

HONOUR: Carole Gibson has received a Coastal-Burwood Community Service Award for volunteering at Parklands Baptist

Community Church.


• By Matt Slaughter

YOU CAN do a lot for

yourself in five or six hours

a week.

But for the last seven years,

Carole Gibson has been

devoting this time to others.

The 75-year-old Prestons

resident is one of 12 people from

the east who received Coastal-

Burwood Community Service

Awards earlier this month for

their contributions to the area.

Mrs Gibson has volunteered

at Parklands Baptist Community

Church organising a

friendship group and foot clinic

for over-50s and a craft group.

She said she had become

involved with the church to

help people who were socially

isolated find companionship.

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Authorised by J McLellan, 6 Braddon Street, Addington


erupts over

decision to

not start

Oram Ave

work early

• By Matt Slaughter

THE CHANCE of work on the

Oram Ave extension in New

Brighton not starting as soon

as hoped has received heavy

criticism online.

Pegasus Post reported last

week the city council did not

approve the Coastal-Burwood

Community Board’s Annual

Plan request to make $400,000

available between now and 2021

so the extension of Oram Ave

from New Brighton mall to

Hawke St could start sooner than


City council transport

planning and delivery manager

Lynette Ellis said the city council

asked for more information on

the project’s funding needs before

making the money available.

Coastal Ward city councillor

David East was disappointed

with this decision, saying it

could take “a few months” for

the information to be provided,

which could delay the project

starting and negatively impact on

businesses in the suburb.

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2 Tuesday July 16 2019

Latest Christchurch news at

get in touch

from the editor’s desk

THe Battle of the Shingle Pile appears to be

over (see page 4).

Pegasus Post fired the first salvo a few

weeks ago, backing the Coastal-Burwood

Community Board’s bid to get the eyesore

cleaned up after city council staff seemed


Phil Mauger, who is running for city council in the Burwood

Ward, read the Pegasus Post article and charged into the dispute,

getting his contracting staff to clean it up – well most of it


It looked decidedly like electioneering, in spite of Mauger

saying it wasn’t. Then the battle erupted when Pegasus Post

interviewed his rival Glenn Livingstone over electioneering and

the shingle pile.

But now Mauger has finished the job.

Peace has returned – but for how long?

– Barry Clarke



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The right decision

Pauline Turner took over the New Brighton Florist six year

ago, she has no regrets.

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Tuesday July 16 2019 3


New Brighton Rd repairs to start soon

• By Matt Slaughter

THE $1.2 million repair of

a damaged stretch of New

Brighton Rd is set to begin in


Coastal-Burwood Community

Board chairwoman Kim Money

spoke to Pegasus Post in March

saying the community board

wanted New Brighton Rd to be

repaired before the end of 2021.

The board

has got its

wish. The most

badly damaged

section between

Wattle Drive

and Bower

Ave should be

repaired by

Kim Money

March next


Said Ms

Money: “That’s definitely the

main problem area on New

Brighton Rd, so that’s the

piece that we wanted to be


Ms Money said the road had

been cracked and covered in

potholes for eight years since the


It had also been prone to

flooding, she said.

City council planning and

delivery transport manager

Lynette Ellis said both of these

issues would be addressed during

the repairs.

“We are repairing and resurfacing

the existing road. If there

are drainage issues that can be

corrected, these will be done at

the same time.”

Ms Money said the damage

to the road had had a negative

impact on people’s well-being.

“Every day they’re reminded

that this road has needed to be

repaired for eight years and it

hasn’t been done yet.

“Plus, the flooding that continually

gets onto that stretch of

road, hasn’t helped the situation.

“To have that fixed, we can

finally put that behind us.”

Ms Money said if funds were

left over after the Bower Ave/

Wattle Drive section of New

Brighton Rd was fixed, these

would go towards repairing the

area between Bower Ave and

Palmers Rd.


The $1.2

million repair

of New

Brighton Rd


Wattle Drive

and Bower

Ave is set

to begin in

October and

be finished by

March next





She hoped the repair of the

rest New Brighton Rd would

be completed soon after the

first section was finished next


Asked if this would happen,

Ms Ellis said: “The remainder

of the road is regularly assessed

and prioritised with other roads

in the city and any works to

be undertaken will need to be

co-ordinated with other utility

works that may be required.”




In Brief

Fire rages, homes at risk


City council staff are arranging

for the Shaw Ave public toilets

and gardens in New Brighton

to be placed on a regular

maintenance schedule. The

Coastal-Burwood Community

Board asked for this to happen

and has voiced concerns about

the state of the area in the past.


The Coastal-Burwood

Community Board has

recommended the city council

gift the dwelling and garage

situated at 266 Pages Rd to the

East Christchurch Housing

Trust and that it enters into a

lease of the land for six years. It

has also recommended the funds

earmarked for the demolition

of the dwelling and garage be

gifted to the trust to go towards

its renewal.


Nerissa Leigh McDowell of

Marshland has received $500

to go towards representing

New Zealand at the Canada

Cup International Softball

Championships in Surrey,

British Columbia, this month.

The grant came from the

Papanui-Innes Community

Board’s discretionary response


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• By Matt Slaughter

Tuesday July 16 2019

Council hopeful finishes

clearing shingle pile

PHIL MAUGER has followed

through with his promise to

clear a pile of shingle in a car

park near The Bower.

Pegasus Post previously

reported the Maugers

Contracting Ltd boss, who

is trying to oust Burwood

Ward city councillor Glenn

Livingstone for his seat in

October’s local body elections,

got a digger and started clearing

piles of shingle last month,

which had been there since the


But one pile remained and Mr

Mauger said it would be cleared

by July 5, and it was.

Mr Mauger said he was always

going to follow through and get

the job done as soon as he and

his staff were on the east side of


“Our gear was in the area and

it was a bit wet on Friday, so we

said stuff it, we’ll go and do that

because we can do that in the

wet weather.

“We’ll always get around to

getting it done, it just came

down to timing because it had

to fit into what we were doing

because we were doing it for


Coastal-Burwood Community

Board chairwoman Kim Money

spoke to Pegasus Post last month

about the need to clean up the

shingle piles, which led Mr

Mauger to take matters into his

own hands.

Ms Money praised Mr Mauger

for finishing the job.

“I just think it’s great when

people put their hand up and are

willing to help the community,

which is awesome and saves

the council a job and it’s been

done a little bit earlier than


THe city council told Pegasus

Post last moth dumping in

the car park is illegal and has

now placed signs in it saying:

“Contractors are not to stockpile

materials in this area.”

TEAMWORK: A crew from Phil Mauger’s contracting business

cleared shingle from a car park near The Bower.

Cr Livingstone told

Pegasus Post last month he

believed Mr Mauger cleaning

up the shingle piles was


Mr Mauger said others had

expressed the same opinion

online, but he had done what he

said he was going to do and was

not worried what people thought

of his actions.

Latest Christchurch news at

“You’re never going to please

everyone all of the time.”

He said he would use the last

of the shingle, which had been

cleared to cover muddy and wet

ground at his worksites.

Mr Mauger said his focus

was now on door-knocking

and talking to residents about

changes they wanted to see in


Pedestrian safety outside

hospital could be improved

Readers react to the war

of words which erupted

between Burwood Ward

city council candidates

Phil Mauger and Glenn

Livingstone over the

removal of shingle from a

car park near the Avon River

Sandy Robb – Great to see a

man like Phil Mauger standing

for Burwood. An action man is

what is needed, not a talker. He

will get my vote.

Brian Seque – As someone

who has lived in Burwood for 30

years and has seen nothing of Cr

Livingstone in all the times he

has been the councillor, I have


CONCERNS: Hans Wouters

discussed dangers for

wheelchair users such

as Brett Ladbrook when

crossing the road outside

Burwood Hospital.

• By Matt Slaughter

IMPROVED pedestrian safety

measures outside of Burwood

Hospital could be a step closer.

New Zealand Spinal Trust

chief executive Hans Wouters

said a meeting at the Burwood

and Mairehau Rds intersection

last Tuesday between it, city

council staff, the Coastal-

Burwood Community Board,

New Zealand Transport Agency

and Canterbury District Health

Board representatives went well.

Pegasus Post reported last

month the trust wanted traffic

lights to replace the traffic

islands and roundabout at the

intersection to keep unexperienced

wheelchair users from

Burwood Spinal Unit and other

patients safe while crossing it.

Mr Wouters said the trust’s

safety concerns were heard at

the meeting and city council

staff would now report back to

those who attended with their


City council transport operations

manager Steffan Thomas

told Pegasus Post last month

there were plans to improve the

intersection, but Mr Wouters

had been told this would be “a

couple or three years down the


Mr Wouters hoped the meeting

will lead to these improvements

happening sooner and

traffic lights would be chosen as

the best option to improve the


“I’m confident that once the

report comes back, those people

on the inside will be saying

okay, so what’s next? Who has

the ball? Let’s get movement to

make it happen.

“I think what we’ve been able

to do is just say, look, you’ve

got it earmarked way down the

track, but really, we need to

bring it forward, because it is

an issue that’s not going to get


also seen none of his so-called

work for the community. In fact,

the last time of hearing anything

about him was his motion to city

council that QE II should be shut

for a time for the Muslim women

community to be able to swim.

Why has he not been lobbying for

the roads to be repaired? They are

still disgraceful after eight years.

He, I think, is past his use by date

and should step aside for new

blood to come through and look

after the interests of the east side.

If he is looking for the tap on the

shoulder for higher political office,

then he needs to be told that

is not going to happen. But hey,

anything is possible within this

left-leaning council.



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Tuesday July 16 2019 5




Fire rages, homes at risk

Estuary edge images and info wanted

• By Matt Slaughter

PEOPLE HAVE been asked for

their insights on the estuary edge

before and immediately after the


The city council and Coastal

Futures want people to share

photos of the

estuary edge and

its surroundings

from this time

period and any


about what has




City council

head of planning

and strategic

transport David Griffiths said

the goal of this project was to use

photos and people’s knowledge

to help address earthquake

legacy issues and develop a

strategy to protect surrounding

properties from flooding and


Mr Griffiths said what people

shared would be used to identify

the needs of nearby residents and

what they think should be done.

“A contractor has been commissioned

to undertake technical

work to identify the pre and

post-earthquake physical state

FUTURE PROTECTION: The city council want photos of the estuary edge before and just

after the earthquakes and residents’ insights on what has changed to help the surrounding

area prepare for the future.

of the estuary edge and changes

that have occurred. Drone

footage being commissioned by

ECan is being shared with the

council to inform this work.

Community members have been

asked to provide any photographs

they have of the estuary

edge that might support this

analysis of earthquake-generated


Southshore Residents Association

chairwoman Lynda

Burdekin said much of the

infrastructure in place to protect

properties closest to the estuary

edge from erosion had been

wiped out due to the earthquakes.

Very little had been done since

to replace this infrastructure,

Mrs Burdekin said.

She was pleased the city

council was finally working with

residents to establish the best

way to protect their properties in

the future, but felt this had taken

too long to happen.

“It’s the first time in nearly

eight years the council have

agreed that there is an issue and

it needs to be looked at.”

Mrs Burdekin hoped the city

council would listen to people’s

input and the amount of protection

around the estuary edge

would return to pre-earthquake


“We’re interested in having

things back to where they were

because that’s not really been

looked at in all these years, but

also with an eye to the future,

what we can do practically and

sensibly to ensure that people

in Southshore can live in their

homes safely for a decent length

of time,” she said.

The photos and information

collected during this project

will be reported back to the city

council in August.

Mr Griffiths said this was

part of the city council’s new

role leading the Southshore and

South New Brighton regeneration

strategy, which it took over

from Regenerate Christchurch

in May.

Possible delays to Oram Ave project criticised

•From page 1

Last week’s article was posted

on the Peoples Independent Republic

of New Brighton Facebook

group and received 156 comments

from people who shared

Cr East’s disappointment.

“Again, and again and again

– poor old New Brighton on the

backburner once more,” read one


Another read: “Once again, the

mayor, council, and Development

Christchurch Ltd are throwing

the residents of New Brighton,

who want to see their neighbourhood

move forward with the extension

of Oram Ave, under the

bus regarding this much-needed

improvement for the area. It

would be so nice if just once they

would stick to the plan and get

things completed as planned.”

Said another comment: “I’m

prepared to start a petition about

Oram Ave and progressing New

Brighton development. What do

you all think?”

Some commentators wanted

the city councillors who opposed

the funding being made available

sooner for the extension to

be named, but Cr East said this

never went to a vote.

He said if it had, he felt the

proposal would not have been

supported and in spite of it not

being his preferred option, asking

for more information ensured the

proposal was still on the table.

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However, Cr East said he

was “not surprised at all” the

commenters shared his concern

about the delay this could have.

“When matters concerning the

Coastal Ward and the Burwood

Ward are considered in council,

it’s never a straight forward

process, there’s always more

consultation required or some


“A similar sort of project

anywhere else in the city seems

to sort of go through with

consummate ease.”

When asked to comment on

Cr East’s statements, and those

on Facebook, the city council

did not respond before Pegasus

Post’s deadline.



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We would love to see you there!

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6 Tuesday July 16 2019

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Thank you for

helping your

Fall Zones


To all of you who have had your

trees trimmed before they became

a problem, thank you for keeping all

the families in your community warm,

happy, healthy and connected.

You can be proud of the fact that you have allowed your

neighbours to stay warm, cook dinner and even charge

their mobile phones. You may not have realised that what

you’ve done has had much impact, but from all of us here

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33,000 volts 2.5m 3.5m

11,000 volts 1.6m 2.6m

400/230 volts 0.5m 1.5m

We’re not exaggerating.

On our network, 10-20% of all unplanned power outages are

caused by trees — including vegetation — coming into contact

with power lines. Other than this, fire damage to property from

branches sparking in dry conditions and serious injury from

electrocution from contact with trees touching power lines are

also possible consequences of not maintaining your trees.

How close is too close?

While most damage is caused by trees falling on power lines,

significant risk exists from trees merely touching them. This risk

increases the higher the voltage of the power line.

The minimum distances that must be maintained between trees

and power lines, as defined in the Electricity (Hazards from

Trees) Regulations 2003, are outlined in the diagrams above.

All vegetation should be kept out of the growth limit zone and

preferably the notice zone.

Sometimes it may not be practical to have a tree trimmed at the

rate at which it grows and unfortunately, this means it may need

to be removed. Other situations may require trees to be removed,

most commonly when they are at a high risk of falling due to

disease or adverse weather events.

Where do I start?

Before you begin, remember to keep yourself, and those around

you, safe. We recognise that not everyone is experienced in tree

trimming and are happy to advise you on what to do. We can arrange

for trees near power lines to be trimmed at your expense, however

we recommend you hire professionals to safely carry out the work.

If you or someone working for you intends to work within four

metres of power lines, a close approach consent is required from

Orion before you start. As a tree owner, you may be liable for any

damage caused by carrying out trimming or felling of trees.

Will I be fined if I don’t comply?

If a cut or trim notice is given to you and you fail to have the tree

trimmed and/or advise us of the time and location of the trim

without a reasonable excuse, this is an offence. This will make you

liable for a fine not exceeding $10,000. If the offence continues,

you will be liable for a further fine of not more than $500 for every

day or part day during which the offence continues.

More info can be found on our website and if

you have any questions or notice any trees

touching power lines in your area, please call

us on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898.

Orion New Zealand owns and operates the electricity distribution

network in central Canterbury between the Waimakariri and Rakaia

rivers and from Canterbury coast to Arthur’s Pass.

PEGASUS POST Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday July 16 2019 7


Buying flower shop the right decision

• By Matt Slaughter


would have closed if it wasn’t

for Pauline Turner’s decision six

years ago.

She took over its ownership

at a time when the earthquakes

were fresh in people’s minds and

some businesses in the area were


The New Brighton resident

of about 20 years said her love

for its seaside surroundings and

people meant this was a chance

she was willing to take.

“The old owner was going to

close the doors. I thought that

can’t happen, the shop has to

stay open because it’s a bright

little spot.”

Ms Turner worked at New

Brighton Florist for seven years

before buying the shop, which

had been open since 1964.

This decision was not a financial

one, but her way of giving

back to a community, which had

been hit hard after the earthquakes.

“It was to support the New

Brighton area, totally.”

The community had been supporting

her in return ever since.

“The local people have really

appreciated it and they’ve been

extremely loyal.”

Ms Turner moved to Russley

from Hertfordshire in England

as a six-year-old. She knew

she wanted to move to New

Brighton when she first visited.

“I was 10, we’d come to New

Brighton to the beach and that

was that, as far as I was concerned

that was where I

was going to live when I grew


The birth of her two children

Steven Turner and Alice

Henderson in the 1980s meant

the time was right to make the


They lived in Marriotts Rd until

the children reached school

age, then shifting to Woolston

so they could attend Rudolf

Steiner School.

After both children graduated,

Ms Turner moved back, buying

a house in Lonsdale St and

starting her job at New Brighton


This saw two dreams come

true at once. She was able to

use her years of experience

in floristry to give back to


Pauline Turner

has not looked

back after

taking over the

ownership of

New Brighton

Florist to save

it from closing

six years ago.




the community she loved the


Ms Turner said she hadn’t

looked back since her decision a

few years later to buy the florists.

She was exactly where she

wanted to be.

“It’s a community, I see New

Brighton as a beautiful, supportive


“It’s like an extended family


“I wouldn’t want to be

anywhere else.”




Fire rages, homes at risk

OPEN: Volunteers celebrating

the launch of the Riverlution

Community Gathering Space

and Cafe on Wednesday.


space opens

in Richmond

RICHMOND Community

Garden and Greening the Rubble

has launched the Riverlution

Community Gathering Space and


Volunteers who helped to set

up the new space gathered at the

River Rd site on Wednesday to officially

open it and celebrate their

hard work. They were treated to

an afternoon tea.

Richmond Community Garden

co-founder Cathy Allden said a

number of community members

and businesses had helped to

make the project possible.

The garden’s chairwoman Hayley

Guglietta said the area would

be great for Richmond.

“The Riverlution Cafe is a really

important connector between the

people starting to use the river

trail and our suburb.”

If you get a recall

letter, get the repair

work done now.

8 Tuesday July 16 2019

Latest Christchurch news at






Fire rages, homes at risk

Services to community recognised

•From page 1

Since moving to Christchurch

from Suffolk in England 11

years ago, Mrs Gibson said she

“saw there was a need for help.”

She said of volunteering at

the church: “it was what I was

meant to do.”

Mrs Gibson had seen

hundreds of people get exactly

this out of the activities she

helped to organise.

And this was what had kept

her coming back for so many


“We get a lot of people

that just want to come and

talk and it’s their only outing

for the week, so it’s that

fellowship and companionship.

As well as being a church

group, we are there for the

community to give them an

outing, give them a place to go

if they want to sit and talk and

be warm.

“We’re doing our little bit to

help the world go around and to

make the place a nicer, friendlier

place and, for me, it’s my way of

serving the lord.”

Mrs Gibson said having her

volunteer work recognised

with an award had been a great

feeling and her proud daughters

Sarah and Clair had come to

watch her receive it.

Other award winners

Jim Nicholls – For his

services as the Kite Man. He has

voluntarily flown his colourful

and spectacular kites on the

foreshore of New Brighton and

North Beach for many years,

including as part of multiple

community events. He loves to

pass his passion on to others who

are interested in the hobby of kit

flying and created a free website

to share useful advice and tips.


Collins – For

services to the


Community. He

has volunteered

as part of the


Community Cottage Trust, as

part of Civil Defence, with the

Scout jamboree, as a member of

the Shirley Primary School PTA,

his church, as part of Canterbury

Neighbourhood Support and

as a volunteer driver for Archer

Retirement Home.

John and Heather

Pickworth – For their work with

the community lunch programme

as part of Compassion Trust.

They have been involved in the

programme for just over four

years. In the last year alone, them

and their team have provided over

972 voluntary hours to provide

fortnightly community lunches

for those in need.

Sarah Butterfield – For

services to the eastern suburbs.

She has been involved in groups

such as the Avon-Otakaro

Network, Avon-Otakaro

Incorporated, Food Resilience

Network, Central City

Christchurch Aunties, Wainoni

Avonside Community Services

Trust, Soil and Health and New

Brighton School boards. Her

work with these organisations

has provided valuable input to

many programmes and projects

in the eastern community.

Joy Brandon – For services to

the Parklands and wider eastern

communities. She has been

involved in a number of groups,

including Parklands Ladies

Probus Club, Neighbourhood

Watch, the Older Generation’s

forum, bowls, the Child Cancer

Foundation, Christchurch

Marathon and Rotary.

Annie van der Dussen

– For her volunteer work

with Arthritis Hydro. She is

a supervisor for water-based

exercises at the Burwood

Hospital Pool. The exercises in

the hydro pool provide relief to

arthritis sufferers, with people

from across Christchurch

attending. This service has

survived due to work from

volunteers like her.


Bragg – For

services to

the South

New Brighton


She has been

actively involved

in a number of organisations

including Renew Brighton, The

Bridge South Brighton Trust,

Sustain South Brighton, Te

Waka Aroha South Brighton and

recently organised the Save Our

Suburbs Community Safety Expo.

Fay Dearden – For her work

with Arthritis Hydro. Arthritis

New Zealand was previously

operating the hydro pool at

Burwood Hospital and was

looking at closing it down. The

running of the service was taken

over by volunteers to ensure

its survival. She volunteers as

a supervisor for water based

activities at the pool.

Jack Lawson – For

his work with the Burwood-

Pegasus Community Watch.

He has been a member since

2007 and is on a monthly roster.

His nominators reported the

excellent way that he interacts

with the Community, who feel

safe when the community watch

is around.

Timothy Evans – For

services to the Brooklands

Volunteer Fire Brigade. He has

been a member of the brigade

for more than 25 years. During

that time, he has given time

and expertise to planning for

scenarios and training. He was

heavily involved in the work

around the earthquakes and Port

Hills fires.


Hawkey – For

her work at

the Wainoni



Services Trust.

She helps with

monthly themed fundraisers

and generously contributes her

home baking. She is often the

photographer for the events and

is great at sending these photos to

local reporters.

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Tuesday July 16 2019 9

Where the

best deals

Q Card Finance Now Available

FREE no obligation measure & quote (conditions apply)

are done


• 22oz Polyester

• Cut pile

• 3 great colours





• Commercial Solution Dyed Nylon

• Loop pile carpet

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$55.00 per blM $65.00 per blM

Grange Fell

• 50 oz Solution Dyed Nylon

• Extra Heavy Duty

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WAS $139.90 WAS $85.00

• 26oz solution dyed nylon

• Cut pile

• Extra heavy duty

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now $119.90 per blM

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Windsor Twist

• 36oz Solution Dyed Nylon

• Extra Heavy Duty

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WAS $119.90

now $109.90 per blM


• 2m & 3m wide

2M wide froM $49.90lM

3M wide froM $50.00lM


garage carpet

6M by 6M

fully installed





312 Wilsons Road North, Waltham Phone 366 0070

Mon to Fri 8am-5pm and Sat 10am-1pm

Check out our website!

10 Tuesday July 16 2019

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COMPETITIVE: The Avonside Girls’ High School combined year 9 and 10 netball team finished

fourth at the South Island tournament at Hagley Park last week. ​

Avonside claim fourth at

SI netball tournament

• By Jacob Page


finished fourth in the combined

year 9 and 10 grade at the South

Island junior netball tournament

at Hagley Park last week.

Avonside went through pool

play unbeaten, taking down

Golden Bay High 36-20, South

Westland School 39-2 and

Cromwell College 34-19 to

comfortably top their group.

Their unbeaten run continued

in the round of 16 games, when

they beat Catholic Cathedral

College 46-16 and South Otago

High School 36-12 to again top

their group heading into the


Avonside prevailed in their

tightest contest yet to make the

semi-finals, thanks to a

27-21 win over Buller High

School. The final-four

match against Papanui High

proved a step too far for the

team and they were beaten

37-13 for their first loss of the


The third and fourth play-off

was more competitive against

Gore High, but Gore eventually

prevailed 30-22.

It was the tournament’s 22nd

year at Hagley Park.


School cyclist Amelia Sykes

continued to show she is one to

watch in the future by winning

the under-16 individual time

trial at the South Island road

championships at Ruapuna

Raceway last week.

Sykes, who has won a silver

medal in the event at the national

level in March, won the event

with a time of 5min 12.67sec.

She was almost four seconds

clear of Amye Kellow from

Christchurch Girls’ High School

with Cashmere High School’s

Annabel Bligh a further 11sec

back in third.

Sykes has regularly competed

for Canterbury and has impressed

on both the road and

the track in recent seasons. She

has won national gold medals

on both surfaces.

More than 230 riders took

part in the South Island road

event, organised by Cycling

Canterbury Schools at Mike

Pero Motorsport Park. They

competed in individual time

trials, team time trials and road

race events.



Sykes successful

in cycling

under-16 time trial

TALENT: Avonside Girls’ High

School cyclist Amelia Sykes

added a South Island road

title to her growing list of

accomplishments last week.

School’s not

for everyone!

Is school not working for your teen?






027 557 8839




digital media


& forces


Business Admin

Early Childhood

Web Development

Software Design



50 Hazeldean Road, Addington

0800 834 834

*conditions apply

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12 Tuesday July 16 2019

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Panel repairs in handy,

central city location

As we all know, having our car off the road

for panel repairs can be frustrating, but for

customers of Smart Repairs (NZ) Limited in

Lichfield Street, this isn’t a problem.

“With our focus on fast and efficient

turnaround, getting customers back on the

road as quickly as possible is our aim” says

Brian, who owns Smart Repairs with his

wife Maxine.

As specialists in small to medium vehicle

repairs, no job is too small. Their services

include panelbeating, spray painting,

paintless dent removal (PDR) and mag

wheel repairs and painting.

Customers can be assured of top-quality

workmanship at Smart Repairs, with Brian

and Glenn having over 50 years’ industry

experience between them.

Customers also have the use of a free

courtesy car, so they can stay on the road

while their vehicle is in the workshop.

There is a free pick-up and delivery service

within Christchurch available on request.

Accidents happen, but there is no

need to panic - the Smart Repairs team

can provide quotes for all insurance

companies, and carry out those repairs

quickly and professionally. With their

friendly, personal approach they make it

easy for customers who may be unsure

what to do if their vehicle has been

scratched or dented. They offer free advice

and assessments, and are happy to discuss

the options for your vehicle repair.

“We take pride in our work and want

to ensure that our customers are happy

with the results,” says Maxine. “We stand

behind our repairs”.

Eftpos and credit cards are accepted.

Smart Repairs (NZ) Limited is located

at 272 Lichfield Street, Christchurch.

Opening hours are Monday to Thursday

7.30am - 4.30pm

Friday 7.30am – 4pm. To enquire about

repairs to your vehicle please call in and

see the team, or phone (03) 377-0409.

A 10% discount is offered if you

mention this advertising feature.






Your LoCAL


New & Quality Used

Second-hand Tyres

Alloy Wheels

Replacement Rims



8c Birmingham Drive, Middleton

Next to Addington Raceway

343 0099 or 027 22 63 805






• Paintless dent removal

• Minor paint repairs



Smart repairS (NZ) Limited

automotive refinishers

272 Lichfield Street (Fitzgerald Ave end) | Phone 377-0409 | Find us on


Car Owners


We can identify ANY electrical

fault & reduce repair work

with our NEW European Car

Specific Diagnostic Equipment



Enquiries welcome

CH 352 5090



95 Gasson St


A vonhead



The Automotive Lamp Specialists

New and Used Lamps for Cars, Trucks,

Vans, 4WD and Motorhomes

PH 0800 225 483 | 95 Gasson Street, CHRISTCHURCH

6 months roadside assist

with any vehicle servicing

• automatic transmission

flushing service

• Wof • tune-ups • suspension

• batteries • neW tyres • oil &

lube service • courtesy cars

• full mechanical repairs

oPen 6 days (sat until 1pm)

126 racecourse road

Ph 342 7123 or 027 495 6600

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WHY CHoose

for Your next VeHICLe?

It’s in our name

- Value!

A vehicle from

Value Cars will have

the best presentation,

best mileage and best

price combination.

We have been

trusted in Canterbury

for over 25 years and a

majority of our customers

are referral or repeat

customers. We stand by

every vehicle and we are

proud of our service.

One location for

every type of vehicle

and under cover makes

for a pleasant buying

experience. Our colour

and low mileage selection

is something we work

hard to provide.










2008 toyota passo


Popular and pleasingly spacious 5 door hatch, features

an economical 1.3 litre engine with automatic trans

and overdrive, looks lovely in blue, smart keyless

ignition, rear wiper, low kms, ABS and airbags, won't

last long at this price!



2008 toyota rumion


Stylish family hatch, features a 1.8 litre engine with

tiptronic trans, looks great in white with subtle factory

body kit and driving lights, black interior, reverse

camera, push button start, rear wiper, good kms, ABS

and 8 airbags, upgrade your family vehicle today!



2009 mazda atenza


The Axela has quickly become a very popular mid-sized

family hatch and preferred in it's class by many, 2.0 litre

engine with i-stop, tiptronic trans, paddleshift option,

4.5 star fuel efficiency, stands out in electric blue with

driving lights and 16" alloys, push button start, low

kms, safety of ABS, T/C and 6 airbags, nice car!



2018 nissan march


The March is a light steering, easy to drive, popular,

economical and surprisingly spacious 5 door hatch,

features a 1.2 litre engine with automatic trans and 5

star fuel efficiency, travelled very low kms, looks sharp

in silver, keyless entry, rear wiper, ABS, T/C and airbags,

fantastic buying for a near new vehicle!



2008 suzuki swift


An evolution of all Swift elements to arrive at a cutting

edge sports experience, performance and character to rival

the best European hot hatches, "Sport Super 1600 Clone"

edition, 1.6L engine, 5 speed manual trans, stands out in

yellow, wide body kit, rally mud flaps, white 15" Advanti

racing alloys, bolstered seats, low kms, a must see!



2007 nissan skyline


Sporty and well sought after 250GT Skyline 4 door sedan,

high response 2.5 litre V6 engine, tiptronic trans, sharp in

white with chrome detailing, carbon fibre roof wrap, boot lip

spoiler and 19” alloys, black partial leather interior, powered

front seats, reverse camera, push button start, good kms,

ABS, T/C and airbags, test drive won’t disappoint!



2008 toyota axio


Reliable, spacious and economical 4 door sedan,

features a 1.5 litre engine with automatic trans and

5 star fuel efficiency, travelled very low kms, reverse

camera, keyless entry, ABS and airbags, looks good

finished in a light brown pearl, great vehicle and

great buying!



2012 toyota 86


Look no further for your new sports car! RWD Toyota

86 travelled very low kms, features a 2.0 litre boxer

engine, tiptronic trans returning a 4 star fuel rating,

looks awesome in red on 16" alloys, keyless entry,

safety of ABS, T/C and 8 airbags, awesome handling,

surprising fuel efficiency and striking looks!



2017 nissan bluebird sylphy


The Bluebird has long been a popular choice for those

wanting an economical, reliable and comfortable family

sedan, 1.8 litre engine, automatic trans, sharp in white

with chrome detail, very low kms, reverse camera, keyless

entry, ABS, T/C and airbags, the perfect family sedan that

encompasses family motoring with a touch of luxury!



2006 honda inspire


A luxury family sedan, good performance supplied from the

iVTEC 3.0 litre V6 engine and ride comfort is high thanks to

the smooth shifting tiptronic trans and superb handling, sharp

in silver metallic, driving lights and 16" alloys, black interior,

woodgrain accents, smart keyless ignition, reverse camera,

climate A/C, ABS, T/C and airbags, an absolute must see!



2004 toyota sienta


The Sienta is a versatile hatch with the bonus of an

extra two seats available for use when needed to

seat 7, features an economical 1.5 litre engine with

automatic trans and 5 star fuel efficiency, travelled

low kms, sliding side doors, keyless entry, rear wiper,

ABS and airbags, great buying!



2011 honda fit shuttle


The Shuttle is the wagon version of the popular Fit,

features an economical 1.3 litre hybrid engine with

automatic trans, travelled very low kms, looks good

and stands out finished in red, cruise control, smart

keyless ignition, rear wiper, ABS, T/C and airbags,

will sell quickly!



2003 mazda atenza


Well sought after family wagon, 2.3L engine, tiptronic

trans, looks good in white with body kit, driving lights

and 18” alloys, black partial leather interior, keyless

entry, rear wiper, ABS and airbags, if you’re looking

for a stylish modern wagon with plenty of room,

comfort and safety features look no further.



2006 toyota caldina


A popular mid-sized family wagon that many are attracted

to due to the sleek, low slung sporty styling, 2.0 litre

engine, automatic trans, 4 star fuel efficiency, stands out

and looks great in blue with body kit, driving lights, 17"

alloys, black interior, reverse camera, keyless entry, rear

wiper, ABS and airbags, hurry - won't last long!



2004 mazda mpv


Well sought after family wagon with room to seat 7,

looks sporty and stylish finished in white with body kit,

driving lights and 16" alloys, features a 2.3 litre engine

with automatic trans, twin sliding rear doors, keyless

entry, rear wiper, ABS, T/C and airbags, upgrade your

family wagon today!

Registration for 6 months is $301

Value Cars Warehouse


32 Moorhouse Ave, P: (03) 366 7768 IMVDA


Tuesday July 16 2019

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Tuesday July 16 2019 15

Senior Net New Brighton

Tuesday, Wednesday and

Thursday 10am-noon (by appointment)

Go along for a group offering

assistance to mature people with

modern technology including

computers, tablets, smartphones,

email, Facebook, Skype, Word,

cellphones and the internet. Ph:

382 6048

202 Marine Pde (next to the

New Brighton Club)

JP Clinic at Shirley Library

Tuesday, 10am-1pm

A justice of the peace will be

available to members of the community

to witness signatures and

documents, certify document

copies, hear oaths, declarations,

affidavits or affirmations as well

as sign citizenship, sponsorship

or rates rebates applications. No


Shirley Library

SAYGo Steady As You Go

Falls Prevention Exercise


Tuesday, 10am

This is a specially-designed

class to help you not to fall. There

will be a $2 koha entry. There is

no booking fee required, those

interested are invited to just turn

up on the day and see what the

class can do for them.

Parklands Community Centre

Email by

5pm each Wednesday

Ascot Sit and Be Fit

Wednesday, 1-2pm, and Thursday,


Complete a class of exercises

without even leaving your chair.

The cost of the class is $4 and

with this, you’ll get a cup of tea

or coffee.

Ascot Community Centre

Rocket Club

Wednesday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go along and take part in

different activities based on

local and current events in

a learning environment.

Homework help is available

during this time. Free and no

bookings required.

Aranui Library

Scrabble Club

Tuesday and Wednesday, 1.30-

3.30pm and 1-2.45pm

Go along to the Scrabble

Club. No obligation, just go

along when you can and join the

friendly group. All materials are

supplied. No fee.

Parklands and Shirley


CV help

Thursday, 10-11.30am

A librarian will be on hand

to assist customers who need

help with their CV or


New Brighton Library


ULEBs are

Metro Ultra Insert

Pyroclassic Mini

and Pyro IV





Technology Help Drop-in


Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go along to drop-in sessions

for help with email, searching

the internet, using the library

catalogue, eBooks, and general

computer queries.

Shirley Library

Cards Club

Friday, 1.30-3.30pm

This weekly club will be held

every Friday, just go along and

join the fun. Free, no bookings


Shirley Library


Friday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go along to weekly

Makerspace sessions and get



Fits existing masonry

fireplace and chimney.


hands-on with activities for

all ages. Something new every


Aranui Library

Culture Exchange

Friday, 3.45-4.45pm

Go along and make new

friends, practice English and

learn about New Zealand and


Shirley Library

New Brighton Seaside


Saturday, 10am-2pm

Go and enjoy a warm and fun

atmosphere beside the seaside.

With live entertainment, food

and free face-painting.

New Brighton Pedestrian




Party Time

will be held

at Shirley


today from


until noon.

Go along

for a party


with Hairy


stories and


Golden Oldies Movie

screening – Lucky Me

Monday, 1.30pm

Three struggling theatrical

performers meet a famous songwriter

who is trying to convince

a wealthy oilman to finance a

musical he is scripting, promising

them stardom if it happens.

$2, go early for a cuppa and a


New Brighton Museum, 9

Hardy St

Marshland Table Tennis Club

Monday, 7.30-9.30pm

Go along every Monday night

until October 14. Casual players

are welcome – $5 for adults per

night, $3 for juniors under-18.

Marshland Hall, 430

Marshland Rd

When the latest Ultra Low Emission Burners

are here, Simply Heat will have them.



Inside colour: flame red

Exterior colours: 200+



Latest in the range.



right where any old

woodburner did.

95 Byron Street, Sydenham,

opposite Clip ‘N Climb

Call today 03 365 3685








Tuesday July 16 2019

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The Ryman Difference

Putting residents first! Our winning formula for over 30 years.

Fair terms

The weekly fee is fixed for the entire

time you occupy your townhouse or

apartment, guaranteed.*

There are no hidden costs such as

waitlist fees, surprise move-in costs

or administration fees. And you

will benefit from one of the lowest

deferred management fees in the

retirement sector, capped

at 20 percent.



Ryman Delicious menus offer

choice and freshness, our

myRyman electronic care

programme enables individualised

care at the touch of a button, and

emergency power generators in

every Ryman village centre keep

residents safe and warm even if

the lights go out.

Care options that

suit your needs

We’re dedicated to caring for you

now and into your future.

We provide independent living,

and assisted living in a serviced

apartment. Plus, resthome and

hospital care, and in most villages,

specialist dementia care.

For more information on the Ryman difference phone

Josie on 0800 000 290 or visit

Where community shapes the heart of your retirement

*Some conditions apply

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Tasty Bites




Gluten and dairy-free treat options

Fire rages, homes at risk

Are you intolerant to gluten

and dairy but love a sweet

treat? These two recipes

are all straightforward

and simple, giving you

allergy-friendly options

Carrot cake

Serves 8-10

Cooking time 10min


150g flour mix (see below)

180g sugar

2 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

80ml canola oil

40g sweetened soy yoghurt

2 eggs

200g grated carrot


100g spreadable cream cheese

50g butter

100g icing sugar


25g crushed pistachios


Toasted flaked coconut

Edible flowers

Homemade flour mix – makes


500g rice flour

300g cornflour (cornstarch)

100g potato starch

100g almond meal

2g xanthan gum


Heat the oven to 180 deg C.

Combine the flour mix, sugar,

cinnamon, baking powder and

salt. Add the canola oil, soy

yoghurt, eggs and grated carrot.

Whisk until the batter is well

combined and smooth.

Pour the batter into a greased

loaf tin and bake for 40min.

Allow to cool.

To make the icing, beat the

cream cheese, butter and icing

sugar until creamy. Spread

the icing over the top of the

cake. Decorate with pistachios,

pecans, flaked coconut and

edible flowers. The homemade

flour mix can be varied by

incorporating 100g tapioca

starch or chestnut flour

(reducing the quantity of rice

flour by the same amount) for

cake batters.

Matcha cream puffs

Serves 4-6

Cooking time 30min


Choux pastry

250ml water

6g salt

100g butter or margarine

150g flour mix (see carrot cake


5-6 eggs

Icing sugar

Matcha cream

100g single (pure) cream

200g mascarpone cheese

15g sugar

15g matcha powder


Heat the oven to 200 deg

C. Combine the water, salt

and butter or margarine in a

saucepan and bring to the boil.

When the butter has melted,

add the flour mix to the boiling

butter mixture and quickly mix

with a spatula until the mixture

is well combined and comes

away easily from the side of the


Pour into a mixing bowl and

add the eggs, mixing with the

spatula until smooth. Spoon the

dough into a piping bag fitted

with a 1cm plain nozzle.

Pipe small balls of choux on to

a baking tray lined with baking

paper. Bake for 30min. Let the

balls cool before cutting off the

top third of each puff.

To make the matcha cream,

Whisk the well-chilled cream

with the mascarpone until light

and airy, then add the combined

sugar and matcha powder.

Spoon the cream into a piping

bag fitted with a 1cm star nozzle

and pipe into the choux. Replace

the lids and dust with icing


Myth # 2

You can trust

everything you


Yeah right! There’s a lot of news

available out there, but some sources

are more informed than others.

2 out of 3 readers agree newspapers are

their most trusted source of news and


If you’re going to believe everything

you read, make sure you’re reading a


Source: Nielsen CMI Q1 18 - Q4 18 (Base: AP 15+ who have read Daily/Weekend newspaper in last 7 days)


Tuesday July 16 2019

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Calling for exhibitors


Sunday 25th August, 2019 Air Force Museum, Christchurch

To exhibit at this fantastic show, please email for more info.

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Tuesday July 16 2019 19


Modern diet

leads to illness!

It’s not what you eat but what you absorb

More health

benefits with



Fish Oil

It is well known how important omega-3 fatty acids are to good

health. It is estimated most people don’t even get a third of the

recommended omega-3 fatty acids on a weekly basis. Countries with

a higher amounts of omega-3 in the diet are known to have lower

cardiovascular disease & in many cases better overall health. Recent

research has shown inflammation to be a big part of disease & the

ageing process. Fish oil can help reduce inflammation by providing

essential fatty acids required by the body to heal itself & maintain

good health. Fish oil supplements have become hugely popular for

this reason. Until now most fish oil only contained omega-3 fatty

acids in triglyceride form. Fish however naturally contain omega-3 in

triglyceride & phospholipid form but until recently the phospholipid

form was lost due to the manufacturing process.

GO-ADVANCED OMEGA-3-PC sets new standards in fish oil as

it contains omega-3 attached to both triglycerides & phospholipids.

Studies have shown GO-ADVANCED OMEGA-PC to be far better

absorbed leading to increased levels of vital omega-3 fatty acids in the

organs thru giving the potential for more health benefits.

GO-ADVANCED OMEGA-3-PC is produced from fresh wild

deep sea cold water fish using a new advanced & more natural

cold extraction process that better preserves the natural nutrient

profile found in fish. It is manufactured to high GMP standards &

is molecularly distilled to remove any containments, toxins & heavy

metals like mercury.

Further information on this revolutionary new fish oil & how

it may benefit you is available from the Natural Health Advisers,

at Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 101 Seaview Road, New

Brighton, phone: 388-5757. We are always happy to help!

Two Australian

Naturopaths Stephen

and Shane noticed at

the end of the 20th

century more and

more of their patients

were experiencing

gut, bowel and

digestive issues that

were often leading to

more serious chronic

health conditions.

Being Naturopaths

they wanted to find

what was going

wrong and began

extensive research.

What they found was

although their clients

were generally eating good food they were not

obtaining all the nutrients required for good health

from this food. Further research showed one of the

main problems was the digestive system, “it’s not

what you eat but what you absorb.” Another wellknown

problem is the soils the crops are grown

in have been depleted of many trace elements and

other nutrients that are known to be essential for

good health and therefore the crops and food are

also depleted. If we do not obtain all the nutrients

we require the body will compensate to some

degree but a lack of too many nutrients will

eventually lead to health issues.

Based on this they developed



nutrient dense



that provides superior absorption as well as

comprehensive nutrition. They decided on a

powdered formula that could be made as a great

tasting drink because liquid nutrition is the easiest

way for the body to absorb nutrients especially if

digestive issues are present. The formula provides

78 vital ingredients that work together in synergy

optimising each other’s absorption and benefits.

Vital Greens contains a carefully balanced

blend of nutritionally rich greens, vegetables,

fruits, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids,

plant and herbal extracts, superfoods, powerful

antioxidants, probiotics, essential amino acids,

digestive enzymes, fibre plus a uniquely alkalising

pea protein. It provides superior nutrition to a

multivitamin and just about anyone will benefit

from it. It is designed to provide all the nutrients

the body requires for good health. It is also ideal

for those in poor health, those recovering from

injury or sickness, children, athletes, poor eaters

and the elderly. It is also suitable for people with

dietary restrictions and is gluten, wheat and dairy

free. VITAL ALL-IN-ONE will help remove toxic

waste from the body while supporting all organs.

You’ll often notice more energy and endurance,

better sleep, a more positive mood, skin problems

improving, less sickness, improved eyesight and

overall better more optimum health.

Further information and how to obtain the

maximum benefits from VITAL ALL-IN-ONE

as well as tastings is available from the Natural

Health Advisers at Marshall’s Health

& Natural Therapy, 101 Seaview

Road, New Brighton,

phone: 388-5757. We

are always happy

to help!

NOT all FISH OIl IS CreaTed eQUal!

ONLY GO OMEGA-PC retains the natural Phospholipids that have been shown to be so beneficial for Good

Health BUT are lost in other brands of fish oil due to the less natural manufacturing processes used!


Omega-3 fish oil normally contains the vital Omega-3 fatty acids in a triglyceride form. Fish however naturally

contain Omega-3 in a triglyceride & phospholipid form but until recently the phospholipid form was lost due to the

manufacturing process. GO OMEGA-PC is produced using a new more natural cold extraction process that better

preserves the natural nutrient profile found in fish. Studies show GO OMEGA-PC offers superior absorption with

increased omega-3 fatty acids in organs giving the potential for more health benefits.


• Superior absorption of vital Omega-3, as

shown in research

• Advanced new cold extraction better

preserves the natural nutrient profile

found in fish

• Naturally contains phospholipids to

support cellular health

• Contains vitamin D3 to support immune,

bone & cardiovascular health

• Supports cardiovascular health - Countries with

a higher Omega-3 intake have much lower rates

of heart disease

• Supports blood circulation, healthy cholesterol &

healthy blood pressure

• Supports joint health, joint mobility & repair

• Supports overall health & wellbeing

• Natural anti-inflammatory - can help reduce pain

Look for


on the label

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Bringing You the Best

in Natural Health!



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Tuesday July 16 2019


Substantial Scarborough Home!

142 Scarborough Road, Sumner

Price by negotiation

5 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 5 toilets | 3 living rooms | 1 office/study

4 car-garage | 2 off-street parks | Listing Number SM0222

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This striking executive home makes

an immediate impression and enjoys

an irreplaceable dress circle position

opposite Nicholson Park at the top of

Scarborough Hill. Incredibly positioned

with breathtaking 270˚ views that cannot

be built out over Sumner Beach and the

city with a backdrop of the Southern Alps

and the Kaikoura Ranges.

This spectacular level corner site was a

determining factor in the distinctive design

by acclaimed architect Alick Bellerby which

won ‘house of the year’ on completion.

Spread over a 360sqm of approximate

floor plan with generously proportioned

living areas, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and

level access to 4 car garaging.

The kitchen is the hub of the home

connecting 2 of the living rooms. Warm oak

floors and full height windows flood the

home with warmth and light and optimise

the sea views. A separate downstairs media

room is a great space for teenagers, a work

from home office space or maybe a gym.

Look out over the manicured gardens

or step outside to a private Halswell stone

courtyard and BBQ area. Here you have

the ability to host everything from intimate

dinner parties to large gatherings in a very

private and sheltered setting.

The established and easily maintained

1613sqm grounds include level lawns, rose

gardens, planted borders and offers an

enviable microclimate with total privacy.

Located between Sumner Beach and

Taylors Mistake Beach, allows plenty of

recreational pleasures such as surfing,

boating, walking and cycling right on your

doorstep. While close by in the Sumner

Village you can enjoy the cafes, restaurants,

library and boutique shops.

Sublime design, superior construction

and a prestigious location combine to make

this a compelling lifestyle offering. With

our owner now committed to Auckland

you could secure this home for immediate

possession. Present all offers.

Open Homes: Sunday 14 July 2:00pm -


See you at the open homes or for a

private viewing or for more information

contact Alison Carter of Harcourts

Grenadier Sumner (Licensed Agent

REAA 2008) on 384 7950 or mobile 0274

318 960.

growing with you June 2018 | 100%

Plants For

winter wow

Cool Choices

For Colour

& Contrast

From swamp

to sea views

The journey

begins with sarah

the Gardener

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Birdlife Photo

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the latest releases

into the rose world

+ rose care

through winter

The magazine for

gardeners who like to get

their hands dirty


$43. 50*

*6 issues/6 months


0800 77 77 10



PEGASUS [Edition POST datE]

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Tuesday July 16 2019 21


Get rid of

dampness in

your house

Now with the colder and wetter weather

on its way, home owners are focusing on

ways to make their homes comfortable,

warm and healthy for their families

throughout winter. Rising damp is an issue

that affects many of our older properties

which suffer from poor, or no, insulation.

In Canterbury especially, post-quake, many

people have relocated to homes that suffer

from rising damp which can be associated

with health problems. Independent tests

have shown that up to 40 litres of water

can rise from the ground and enter a

house every day, leading to mildew, mould,

condensation and musty smells. Moulds

can produce various allergic reactions

and the frail, elderly and very young are

especially vulnerable.

Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd is a

locally owned and operated firm. The

team understands the problems caused

by rising damp and are there to help.

They will come to your damp home

and pump a lightweight, flowable foam

concrete under your timber floored home.

Specially adapted for our New Zealand

conditions and applications it provides a

layer of protection against rising moisture.

An unexpected benefit that the team at

Canterbury Foam Concrete have noticed

recently, is that many owners of properties

which had underfloor foam concrete

installed, reported that it also provided

protection against liquefaction after

the earthquakes.

Contact Canterbury Foam Concrete

Ltd now for your free, no obligation

quote and complimentary appraisal of

your underfloor ventilation needs. Phone

03 376 4608 or 0508FOAMCO for more


What makes a great

Heat Transfer System?

There are a number of Heat Transfer

systems on the market. Smooth-Air

ventilation specialists offer a range of HTU

Heat Transfer Units with carefully selected

components to optimise the system:

They use insulated duct to transfer the

heated air with as little heat loss as possible.

The fan moves sufficient air for the distance

and number of rooms, without being noisy.

The diffusers send the heat to the floor,

not to skim the across the ceilings. All

components are good quality - designed to

operate for years without problems.

Smooth-Air’s HTUs come in a range of

options: One to four rooms, with or without

thermostat and with a choice of grilles and

diffusers. HTUs improve energy efficiency

in your house, as you are using excess

heat. They have low power consumption

- only 80watts for the three room system.

Circulating air through the house also

reduces the risk of damp.

You can also choose the HTU version

with downjet diffusers, which throw the

warm air downwards to the floor. These

downjet diffusers can also be adjusted to

regulate which room receives the most

warm air.

An average size living room requires 2-4

kw of heating, yet appliances such as log

burners generate heat in the region of 10

-20kw. This leaves an excess of 8 -16kw of

heat which sits at high level in the heated

room, usually above door level.

Heat transfer units work best where very

hot air has ‘stratified’ into a layer near the

ceiling. So heat pumps, which circulate

warm air around the room with no

layering, are not suitable as a heat source

by themselves. However, if you have both

log burner and a heat pump, heat transfer

systems with thermostat can work very

well: The heat pump stops operating once

the heat from the fire has heated the room,

and the heat transfer kicks in above this

point, once there is a layer of hot air at the


Contact Smooth-Air on 0800 SMOOTH

(0800 766 684) to ask how they can help

you with your Heat Transfer, as well as

any other ventilation requirements.

Transfer your heat to the bedrooms


Ventilation Equipment Suppliers


Smooth-Air also has a wide range

of ventilation equipment to bring

fresh air into your home.




T. 03 376 4608








Amazin’ WINTER Specials!!

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 17 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote


PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”


(0800 766 684)


the excess

from your

log burner

to your bedrooms

264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184


Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm


Tuesday July 16 2019

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If you want more information about an item or to contact a

seller, visit and search the ID#

1992 Isuzu Bighorn

HeVa 6.3m Folding Roller

2003 Mini Cooper S, 1.8

Mazda3/Alexa Wheels 15inch

Mini Clubman

Hutch Dresser


ID 29655


ID 21671


ID 23996


ID 29866


ID 29732


ID 29793

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Chinese Fan Palms

Honda Accord Euro CL 9

Whitebait Net

Nissan Maxima

3 Plastic Drums


ID 29833


ID 29854


ID 29801


ID 29773


ID 21212

$25 each

ID 17340

Victa Tornado Line Trimmer

Holden Caprice Sidi V6

Pure Wool Wall Hanging

1997 Honda Legend

Cobra Eliminator Kayak

Yardman GLX92RA Ride On


ID 29594


ID 26191


ID 19025


ID 29798


ID 26166


ID 29875

Sharpe Microwave Grill

2008 Hyundai Tuscon City

5kg Washing Machine

Kemble Piano

3-seater & 2-single Seaters

Brake Kit


ID 29711


ID 29537


ID 29710


ID 29707


ID 29705


ID 26069

Subaru Legacy B4 Manual

Nissan Truck, Long Deck

Ford Model A 19-inch Wire Wheels

2005 Ford Mondeo Zetec

File Cabinet

Ingersol Rand Rattle Gun


ID 29697


ID 29693


ID 29681


ID 29677


ID 29776


ID 26130

Subaru Impreza AWD 2L

Haines Hunter v17r. 18 foot

Honda 3-wheeler ATC 200cc

Wing Chair & Footstool

1988 Volvo 740 GLE

Freedom Jelly Bean Desk


ID 29549


ID 29561


ID 29527


ID 10720


ID 29870


ID 23770

Green & Grey Roofing Screws

Subaru Legacy Sport


2009 Ford Mondeo

Massage Table

Mercedes a160


ID 28806


ID 29501


ID 29637


ID 29542


ID 13919


ID 27795


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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Collision Repairs

QEII Collision Repairs.

Free Courtesy Cars

(conditions apply),

All Insurance work,

Rust Repairs & Private


Free pickup & delivery.

Ph. 03 388 5187

Community Events



want to have a drink that’s

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757

Wanted To Buy





Free Appraisals

Call Matt at

The Stamp and

Coin Exchange

134a Riccarton Rd

0800 39 24 26

We can come to you.

Call today.

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture, beds,

stoves, washing machines,

fridge freezers. Same day

service. Selwyn Dealers.

Phone 980 5812 or 027

313 8156

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

Trades & Services


full renovations

specialists, LBP builder,

free quote, all building

property maintenance ph

03 383 1927or 027 245



George Lockyer. Over

40 years bricklaying

experience.Uk trained.

Insurance work, EQC

repairs. Heritage

brickwork & stonework

a speciality. No job too

small. Governers Bay.

Home 329 9344. Cell

027 684 4046. E mail


Decks, T & G Flooring,

Villa Restoring, New

Homes, Weatherboards.

Free Quotes. Bennet &

Sons Ltd Sam 027 496-

9362 or Tony 027 224-




Laying. Exp Repairs,

uplifting, relaying,

restretching. Email ph

John on 0800 003 181 or

027 2407416


Prompt & reliable

registered electrician

with 24 years experience

for all residential and

commercial work, new

housing and switch board

replacements. Phone Chris

027 516 0669


25 yrs exp. Fencing, all

styles & gates. Ph Mark

0273 313 223

Trades & Services


★Garden Clean-ups


★Lawn Mowing

★Garden Maintenance

Call us today for a FREE quote

PH 0800 4 546 546

(0800 4 JIMJIM)


& Decorating Wingfields

Contracting, all interior

& exterior painting & all

forms of interior plastering

& jib fixing, ph Mark 021



A Top Plumbing job

completed at a fair price,

prompt service, all work

guaranteed, ph Brian 960-

7673 or 021 112-3492


Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Call Trevor 332 8949

or 021 043 2034


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027



Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars.

Aerial & satellite

installations, kitsets, 480D

Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379



& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,

ph 03 338-1655

Computer ServiCing

Computers New or X-Lease


• PC and laptop service & virus removal

• At home WiFi setup

• On-site service & network setups

• Laptop repairs to broken screens, power

sockets and liquid damage

• Insurance quotes and repairs

• Tablet & smart phone repairs

Serving christchurch for over 30 years

Unit 1/100 Fitzgerald Ave (Next to Cartridge World)

03 379 3428 |

• New homes

• Extensions

• Renovations

Trades & Services


• Light Commercial

• Repairs and


Brandon Taw

Phone 027 370 2572

Letterbox Advertising

Flyers and Newspaper Inserts


We offer professional

design services.


We print your gloss

mailers and letterbox



Canterbury wide

coverage or targeted

zone deliveries.

Trades & Services


Locally owned & operated with

over 30 years experience.

• Extensions & repair • Roof coating

• Concrete & clay tiles • Butynol

• Malthoid • Asbestos Certified

• Coloursteel • Old iron • Guttering

Phone Dave 981 0278

or 021 223 4200




• Gas fitting – servicing, new, renovations

• Gas hot water installs

• Gas cookers and gas fires

• Kitchen / Bathroom renovations

• Backflow testing and installs

• Filtration – whole house, kitchen tap

• Domestic maintenance


Text: 021 174 9265

0800 H20 LPG

4 2 6 5 7 4






Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

FREE QUOTES Contact: Michaela Malloch

P: (03) 379 7100 or 021 932 177



Tuesday July 16 2019

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More on

trend items

on sale in




3 Drawer Bedside $ 179

Queen Bed $


5 Drawer Tallboy $


8 Drawer Chest $








Cnr Blenheim & Curletts Rds, Christchurch

Ph: 0800 TARGET (0800 827438)

Offers and product prices advertised here expire 29/07/19.

Sale excludes Manchester and Accessories.

On Trend On Sale now on. Ends 29.07.19. In store and online.

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