SOWBO Magazine 4th edition

About Our Magazine SOWBO Magazine is the publication and news extension of our organization. The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide. We wish to share your business with other women entrepreneurs. Additionally, we want to hear your business journey of success and share it to help motivate and encourage other entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs.

About Our Magazine

SOWBO Magazine is the publication and news extension of our organization. The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide.

We wish to share your business with other women entrepreneurs. Additionally, we want to hear your business journey of success and share it to help motivate and encourage other entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs.


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Daw n M. Scot t , Vanlencia Griffin-Wallace, Karen Sout hall Wat t s

Florence Norville- Cheek, Mat t Spiedel , Sherod Jones


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From t he Edit or

Tonya Lat ney,MS, BSN,RN,CWP Edit or -in- Chief


Is there a true meaning to success? What is success?

Merriam-Webster defines success as getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame


My personal definition of success is feeling happy, controlling my own life, and beating to my own

rhythm instead of the world?s rhythm.

I have had many people compliment me on how I walk into a room to teach or speak. I believe

success is an attitude. Success is self-satisfaction. I love referring to Maslow?s hierarchy of needs

because success to me is self-actualization, learning to be all that you can be, and reaching your

own personal potential and purpose in life.

In my life, I have learned to define success not by what society states it should be but by my own

definition. If you are reading this article, then I am successful on the journey that I have set out to


I challenge you today to set your own definition of what success is for you.

Connect with SOWBO. We would love your feedback and suggestions.

Tonya Latney, MS, BSN, RN, CWP

Email: sowbo12@gmail.com

Twitter: @sowbo12

Instagram: sowbo12


A Pat h To

Florence Norville-Cheek, MBA


Here are some of the definitions some of my

clients have shared over the years:

-Being able to retire at age 55

-Being able to afford an annual vacation

-Paying my bills on time and having money to save

-Acquiring five rental properties in fifteen years

-Living a debt free life

-To be better off this year than I was last year

The path to financial success is littered with clues.

Let?s examine some of the strategies financially

successful people employ.

1. Est ablish Goals

When I say ?financial success, what

images come to mind? Do you see

beautiful people traveling the world

first class, someone driving off into the

sunset in a brand-new red Ferrari or a

smiling family standing outside a

mansion? Whether you answer ?yes?

or ?no?, you?re correct.

Financial success means different

things to different people, the sooner

we define it for ourselves, the earlier

we can take steps to achieve our own

version. If you haven?t thought about it

before, take a few minutes to write

down what financial success means to


Identifying clear goals is crucial to financial

success. A financial goal is the exact amount of

money needed for a specific purchase or service

at a definite date. Making the goal precise helps

you determine how much you need to set aside

each month and allows you to track your


2. Know your Current Financial Sit uat ion

Taking stock of your current financial situation

today can help you determine what you need to

do tomorrow. Are you on the right track or do you

need to make changes? The net worth and cash

flow statements are critical to understanding how

you?re doing financially.

Your net worth is a snapshot of your finances at

one point in time. It is a good idea to calculate

your net worth at least once a year. Your net

worth should increase over time. If it is not, either

you are not saving enough or taking on too much

debt. Adjusting your spending and savings plan

can help you change this.



Do you know exactly where your money is going each month? If not, you are not alone. Many of us

are well aware of the symptoms of financial distress we are experiencing, but are not sure of the

cause. Assessing your cash flow can help you figure that out.


If your income exceeds your expenses, you have a positive cash flow. If your expenses exceed your

income, you have a negative cash flow.

3: Creat e a Spending & Savings Plan

Once you take stock of your current situation, it is time to create a spending and savings plan. Your

plan should show where you want your money to go in the future. How much will you contribute to

your retirement fund? How much will you spend on groceries?

While you are creating your plan, remember that your expenses (including the money going into

savings) should never exceed your income. If you have a negative cash flow, you will need to make

adjustments. Your plan is only helpful if you follow it. Tracking your expenses on an ongoing basis

will help you to see where tweaks are needed.

4: Est ablish an Em ergency Fund

An emergency fund provides a cushion that allows you to pay for expenses should the unexpected

occur. Financial experts recommend saving at least three to six months?worth of living expenses.

Since you don?t know when you will need the money, make sure it is in an account that is easily

accessible and where there are no penalties for early withdrawal. Saving is easier if you make it


5: Invest Diversely

There are three main types of investment classes:

- Stocks: A share of stock represents a percentage of ownership in a corporation. You can make

money from receiving dividend payments and selling the stock for more than you bought it

for. Historically, stocks have provided the greatest return long term. However, there are no


- Bonds: A bond is a loan to a company or government, with you, the bondholder, as the

lender. Organizations issue bonds when they want to raise funds. Generally, you receive the

principal, at maturity of the bond and interest periodically while you are holding the bond. In

general, bonds are between stocks and cash equivalents in regard to risk and return.

- Cash equivalents: Cash equivalents are assets that can be readily converted into cash. They

tend to be low-risk, so there is little or no danger that you will lose the money you deposit. As

a result, cash equivalents provide a low return.


A good way to reduce the risk of losing money when you invest is to diversify. A well- balanced

portfolio has a mixture of stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents.

6: Make Sure You?re Covered

Events such as a severe illness, car accident, or house fire can put a serious cramp in your financial

health, even if you have savings. Having the right amount of insurance will help protect you from

the financial consequences associated with many of life?s adversities.

Healt h insurance is something everyone should have. Many employers offer group health

insurance to their workers and, in some cases, their dependents. You may have to pay a portion of

the insurance premium, but in most cases you?ll pay far less than you would if you had to buy a

policy on your own.

If you are employed, it is a good idea to have disabilit y insurance, which replaces a portion of

your income if you are unable to work. There are two types of disability policies: short-term, which

only provides coverage for a limited period of time and long-term, which provides benefits until

retirement age.

If you have love someone, or owe someone you need life insurance. Life insurance is not just

intended to replace loss wages but services as well. (For example, a stay-at-home mother may

want to purchase life insurance to pay for child care if she dies.) There are two basic types of life

insurance: term and whole life.

In most states, the law requires that drivers have at least liability aut o insurance, which covers

your legal costs (up to a limit) if you injure a person or damage property with your car. If your car is

several years old and worth little, liability coverage may be adequate. However, if your car is newer,

you may want full coverage insurance. (This will likely be required by your lender if you have a car


If there is a mortgage on your property, your lender probably requires you to have hom eow ners

insurance. Even if you do not owe anything on your home, allowing the insurance to lapse could

be a grave mistake. For most homeowners, their home is their greatest asset ? without insurance

coverage, a disaster could lead to financial ruin.

Renters insurance covers personal property loss and liability for renters. Don?t assume that your

landlord?s policy will cover your losses ? in most circumstances, it won?t.

7: Est ablish a Good Credit Hist ory

Your credit report and score can affect your life in many ways. Obtaining a mortgage or car loan

(especially one with a good interest rate), renting an apartment, finding a job (many employers

check credit reports), and obtaining car insurance with low rates is usually easier with a good credit


Your credit report tracks your credit activity, while your credit score is a numeric summary of the

information in your credit report and is designed to measure your ability to repay what you owe.


It is very important to use credit responsibly. Always make your payments on time and keep the

balances on revolving credit low. Missing payments and carrying high balances will hurt yourcredit

report and score.

8: Delet e your Debt

Having debt not only absorbs a significant portion of your income each month but also costs

thousands of dollars in interest payments. Conversely, paying off your debt can provide a feeling of

relief and give you more money for other things, like savings.

9: Buy a Hom e

Purchasing a home can be a wise investment. While the real estate market fluctuates, most houses

gain value over time. Additionally, Uncle Sam subsidizes your property investment with tax breaks.

However, homeownership isn?t right for everyone. It is important to honestly assess your financial

obligations and determine if you can carry a mortgage and how much can you afford to pay. Don?t

just rely on the lender?s approval amount to tell you what you can afford ? take a close look at your


The path to financial success requires being intentional about allocating your financial resources

towards your goals. It also requires discipline, persistence, knowledge, determination and the

conviction to define what is most important to your happiness.

Florence Norville-Cheek, MBA

Financial Services Professional


?The goal of Jazz for Peace is to heal our planet, and the secret to our success is

to help outstanding causes, because by helping the world?s greatest causes not

only can you address our current problems but you can also address our future

problems before they have a chance to grow and become destructive? ~ RICK

DELLARATTA, Founder - Jazz for Peace?

Persistence is the key to success, set goals moving forward never looking back.

Goals you can hit every day that are realistic. Take a chance or you will never

know. Failing is just a learning lesson on winning. When we fail we learn from it.


We are a mother and daughter milliner designing team team in the Philadelphia

area. We strive to make that perfect pie (success) by adding the best ingredients. And

what works for us is passion and love for what we do. Our best ingredients are

knowing, rusting and believing in ourselves and knowing that Success is a continual

climb which needs the best ingredients to survive. BRENDA/ PHENISE - PLAIN ELAIN

For me the ingredients to success start with giving ourselves the permission to

be successful and then come the desire to make a difference and add value to

others. It pushes you to dig deeper in yourself and learn more and start

dreaming and create a clear vision for your future. When you discover why you

were born and your purpose in this world you then move step by step towards

?your own authentic? success. CLAUDINE CARON

Success is waking up every day with the satisfaction that life is good with you in

it. Everything else is gravy and falls into place.CAROL DEKKER



Featured Story

Ar t ist

Dawn M. Scott

Resilience and perseverance produces strong

roots, resulting in a solid foundation for a

purpose driven life. Speaking of roots, the gift of

art is a part of my family tree. It seems the

concept of individual seasonal color and fashion

is incorporated into my DNA. When I see people,

my eyes are often, immediately drawn to how the

colors they are wearing coincide with their

seasonal color palette. My mother often kept a

copy of Vogue on the coffee table. I currently

work with charcoal, pastels and acrylics. I would

certainly welcome the opportunity to work with

oils and watercolors. The mixing of colors

through painting and the feel of pencils and paint

in my hands served as a means of escape. When I

can?t express myself, I feel caged. Leaving me

melancholy and withdrawn. My current body of

work has a theme, which has been derived from

a former life of survival, pain and emotional

suffering, but has also served as a light during the

darkest hours in my life. Hardship and adversity

were friends of mine, which Td Jakes states,?the

depth of your adversity is often an implication of

how high an individual is destined to climb?.

Through personal experiences, I am inclined to

believe nature has its percentage in child

development, but nurturing is a major role in

children growing into healthy positive individuals.

Dawn M. Scott was born and raised in the

Cameron Street Projects, Harrisburg, PA ?income

based housing? with four sisters. She has been

drawing since the age of five years. One of her

first dress designs was of her sisters?prom dress.

After high school she completed an Associate?s

Degree in Apparel Design at the Clarissa School

of Fashion Design, 1991. Uncertain of what path

she wanted to embark upon, she began

entertaining the opinions of others which

resulting in the derailing of her creative self.

She obtained her Bachelor?s degree in Human

Services Administration, at Chatham University,

2001. After working within the field of social

services, primarily ?children and families?, for

over ten years she was laid off. Hence the

meaning ?Starving Artist?. She was given this time

to create and are located in the seating are

donated works to shelters, and social services

agencies. A notable donation was presented to

Health Center 9, 131 East Chelten Avenue,

Philadelphia, Pa. She provided the clinic with

three 24X36 works which are located in the

seating area. The clinic met her needs while she

was laid off. The clinic provided her medications

she could never afford without medical


Provided with time to reflect, she still refrained

from pursuing her passion in art, patternmaking

and fashion design. She obtained a Master?s

Degree in Psychology and Public Administration

at Walden University, 2011. She has always had a

heart for the homeless population and continues

to volunteer with Enon Tabernacle Baptist

Church, Philadelphia, Pa Missions Ministry. She

has also received training as a literacy tutor

through the Mayor?s Commission on Literacy,

Philadelphia, Pa. working within

After years of working within the field of social

services, God has granted her the grace and

means to return to school. She is currently

pursuing an undergraduate degree in fashion

design. Her dream is to work as a professional

patternmaker. Td Jakes stated ?If God provides

you with a gift He will make room for the gift?,

meaning the gift through his grace will provide

the means to sustain you. She has been trusting

God and though there have been mountains to

climb he often makes a way.


?Purpose Driven?-My purpose is to show

others with prayer and a good sense of

humor, we can convert our hustles into

productive behaviors, which can assist us

living a meaningful life. God promised he

would turn those negative trauma filled

experiences into therapeutic narratives to

assist others whom are having similar

experiences. Mindfulness of the concept;

people, places and things, each day moves us

closer to functional existences and further

away from the behaviors, which keep us

bound; and those unhealthy-mental strong

holds, which often have us thinking we are

unworthy of love. Maintaining focus and the

promise of how ?God will make room for our

gifts? meaning our gifts can be contributory in

earning an honest living.


My perception of success is based upon an

individual?s experience in life. Many of us

including myself were raised to view success

as an experience based upon; obtaining a

high school diploma, several

degrees/accolades, a great salary, a pension,

awards, a big house; marrying the most

popular folks, though the nerdy dude makes

the most money, and who will usually love

you for you; and obtaining many friends

though just a few good ones would suffice.

These things are important and can aid in

taking care of self, but this is a societal based

mindset. What we are not informed of is how

dysfunction, strongholds and abuse can

interfere with our paths in life, not to mention

how these three things can keep us bound

psychologically and impair our ability to live a

life of normalcy and peace. ?Keep Your Peace

to Keep your Power? Joyce Meyer.

Success manifests itself when love, trust and

forgiveness is replaced with emotional pain.

Without forgiveness and confronting our fears,

those burdens keep us bound, hence the

term...? secrets keep us sick?. Releasing

unforgiveness, hate, resentment and mistrust

allows God to work on our hearts, which

enhances relationships moving us on the road

to destiny. Doing the work to heal helps us to

trust again. We need to trust which invites

folks into our lives to move us toward our

destinies. The experiences are often pleasant

and not so pleasant, but they all teach us

something ?Nothing is Wasted? Td Jakes and

?The Breaking was Necessary to Build Me?

Dawn M. Scott.

Developing strength, peace, happiness and a

solid foundation in your faith is everything.

Without a love of self, nothing in life will go

well. If we don?t fight for ourselves no one will,

but God. God has a path for each of us and we

cannot be consumed with the perceptions of

others which may deter our destinies. Build

your strength and go forth to serve while

empowering others.

Love and Peace be with you,

Daw n M. Scot t , M.S.



Vanessa Jackson, Ow ner

The Cheesecake Lady

Facebook @cheesecakelady.org

Telephone: 267.575.3952

Inst agram @philacheesecake


Barbershop Talk

From A King To My Queens

Success means so many different things to

many different people. I believe success is a

combination of things that all work together.

It?s what you feel is important for YOUR life and

YOUR future. When you find out these things,

THEN you find out what success truly means to


I would say health (physical/mental), your

relationship with God, and the well-being of your

family is what is vital in being successful. I use to

think it was all about money, but as I matured I

realize that wasn?t correct.

If you are happy and at peace with yourself you

are successful. If you are healthy and looking to be

a better version of yourself every day you are

successful. Also, if you have goals and have plans

on reaching them, you are successful.

My wife, Zachia Jones, is a very strong and driven

woman who pushes me to be better everyday.

Having a strong woman in your corner is vital for

any man that is looking to be successful. She gives

me confidence to take on the things the world

throws my way. Idon?t think that I could reach my

highest heights without her. The right woman will

propel an average man to an extraordinary level.

The definitions of success ranges wide, but

ultimately I believe it really lies inside of you.

Sherod Jones


Be encouraged and inspired by the thought

provoking writings of these Authors.








Author's Spotlight


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Somebody had to

be her e to tell the

stor y.

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

I have been writing since a

young age. My mother kept a

poem I wrote when I was 8

years old and I probably have

been writing ever since. It is one

of my first loves along with

drawing. Writing is an

expression of a story rather it

be yours or not, it is a creative

outlet of emotions put on

paper. I decided to finally

publish because our stories

should not die in us or with us.

My past wasn?t pretty, but it was

the pain that fueled my

purpose. That story has to be

told for my future generations

to know that whoever I become,

I literally fought to become her.

The highest hope for my

favorite book, Motherless Child

is that it become a teaching,

motivational, and life-giving tool

for those who have dealt with

addiction. Drugs have been a

problem long before my birth

and will continue to be if we

don?t deal with the why behind

it. Since it is not being dealt with

properly, kids grow up like me,

dealing with situations due to

the drug use of someone close

to them.

I needed a representation of

childhood innocence, but

loneliness at the same time.

Since, I didn?t?have any pictures

of me looking innocent and

lonely, I needed to find one. The

little girl on the cover seems to

be like any other child just

trying to enjoy typical childhood

things like blowing a ?wish,? but

it makes you ask what is she

wishing for? My answer

combined with the title tells it

all. To be normal.

Being my own boss definitely

helps. I actually wrote the book

years ago, but since I was in a

different place emotionally, it

didn?t ?read? right. So, when I

went back to rewrite it, I had

some memories that I forgot. It

was a little easier. I dedicated

plenty of late nights until it was

finished. When you have a goal

date, it makes it easier to

strategically set aside time for it.


When formulating the chapters,

I started with my life timeline

and filled in the memories and

events accordingly. I also

listened to music from that time

period in my life, it helps with

putting you back in that era


The only thing I knew was I

wanted it to have an ?aww?

effect when people saw the

cover. I had the picture toned

down because I didn?t want it to

be bright and shiny. I needed it

to be a book cover that made

you know, this was a story of a

different kind of childhood.

Money was never a factor when

writing it. It of course is a form

of passive income now, but I

never planned on it making me

rich. I think that takes away

from the honesty of writing

your story. Sure, I could have

made it 10 steps to blah, blah,

blah and put in some redundant

catch phrases, but I had to be

true to who I am, was and

growing into.

Promoting, marketing and publicizing was all

God. A while ago, I started a private community

on facebook called Define U. The group is very

supportive, and we promote each other. So

when it came time to promote it, they crowned

up, bought copies, gave reviews and shared it a

whole lot. I also have a podcast, Define U Radio

and did a few press releases, but if I had to saw

what made the difference to it becoming a best

seller, God-size connections, support and love.

I plan on releasing at least one book a year for

the rest of my life.

Self-publishing made sense to me. I didn?t want

to go through the process of proposals and all

of that which could have delayed the book

coming out at the time it needed to be.

I didn?t really have a budget when doing the

book, I was willing to spend what it took to get it

out there and hit #1. It helps that I know how to

do graphics and marketing, so where some

people have to budget for that, I didn?t have to.

he one thing about me becoming an author

with now 8 books under my belt including 4

anthologies and 5 best sellers, is this is my

passion and purpose. Some people write

because people will tell you it is good for your

brand, but there are a few who write because

we were born to do it. If you have a passion and

can?t see yourself doing any one thing the rest

of your life, definitely do it and continue to do it.


Web & Graphic Design


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Call us today - 302-455-8802



Karen Sout hall Wat t s

N o doubt you?ve read many self-help

books or heard dozens of inspirational

talks that began with some version of,

?What?s your personal definition of

success?? We now accept the concept that

each individual is entitled to define success

in their own terms, and that this is the

beginning of crafting a personal success

plan. We journal, make vision boards, and

join master-mind groups. Yet, the same

gurus who tell us our success will be

individual and unique hand out an awful

lot of one-size-fits-all advice.

There do seem to be a couple universal

truths regarding success. We?re all driven

to seek it in some form, even when we

can?t easily or clearly define it. ?Overnight

success? is usually the result of significant

time, hard work, and sometimes luck.

However, the diversity in the way we

experience the journey to success seems

to be a deeper universal truth. Some of us

are afraid of success, fearing that every

achievement will increase expectations and

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eventually lead us to fail spectacularly. Then there

are those who burn for success, the visible, showy,

flashy kind, and are willing to risk anything to

achieve it. And let?s not forget those who see

success in terms of legacy and changing the world,

or a tiny corner of it, for the better.

One of the toughest assignments I?ve ever given as a

college instructor is the Personal Success Plan. Why?

Because students kept asking me exactly what it

needed to include. Convincing students that as

unique individuals they needed and deserved a

unique plan for success was harder than I expected.

You too, deserve advice and a success plan that fits

you. What does that look like? Well that depends.

Ask yourself what forces are driving you. Clarify your

values and passions and confront your fears and

guilt. Without doing this work, you won?t understand

your motivations. This clarity allows you to verbalize

your goals to a coach or mentor, or to wade through

the seas of information available to find those ideas

that suit you best.

Take time to stop and reflect after wins and losses.

It?s not unusual for someone to reach a key

milestone, look around, and think, ?This isn?t really

what I wanted.? Similarly, a moment that feels like a

failure can suddenly open your eyes to what?s most

important to you. Has your picture of success

changed? Did you allow another?s views or advice to

push you in the wrong direction? What do you need

to do to correct course?


Remember your personal life balance

between what you dream to be and what

pays the bills. Assess any advice from an

expert for its does-it-work-in-real- world

quality. Success doesn?t happen in a vacuum.

Don?t be afraid to seek success advice from

those who understand your faith, culture, or

community. Whether your success is a small

suburban home with a white picket fence, or

an intergenerational co-housing community,

you deserve advice that matches your goals.

The same holds true for those who labor to

succeed in areas that society doesn?t honor

with accolades or riches like parenting or

social justice work.

You wouldn?t squeeze your feet into shoes

that didn?t fit. You wouldn?t eat food you were

allergic to or didn?t like. Don?t mindlessly

swallow success advice just because it comes

from someone rich or famous.

Be wary of persons or personalities who

claim to know it all. Carefully scrutinize

guidance from any source? even me.

About the author: Karen Southall Watts is an

author, speaker, and educator who lives in

Vancouver, BC.

Her latest book, The Solo Workday: Manage

your time and gain new clients while working

alone is out now at Amazon.com

Karen Sout hall Wat t s

~Professional Encourager~

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AskKaren





Renew ing The Mind Minist ries

Worship Arts Ministry








Join us a Speaker, Guest or Vendor

Feat ured Speaker - Bridget Mart in







Matt Spidel


Success in fitness is not simply helping

people achieve their goals? it?s much

deeper than that. Success comes when you

have established trust and support with

them. Success involves establishing

long-term relationships with them as they

move toward their goals. They are so excited

and understand the value of how you help

them. You are the only person they talk

about when conversations include fitness,

and they will refer people to you. When your

name is brought up, all they can do is smile

and tell everyone about how you helped

them. In some extreme cases, you are the

best part of their day.


Success in fitness can sometimes be greatly

misunderstood. Yes, achieving the goal is

your priority. As you reach small goals, you

begin to trust the process. When you trust

the process, you begin to enjoy the journey.

The journey doesn?t just strengthen you

physically? it also strengthens you mentally

and emotionally. I believe that true success

in fitness happens when you have changed

for the better both inside and out. Through

the process, you achieve the goals as well.


5 Tips To St art To Have Success In Your Healt h

Wom en are pulled in so many different directions: family, work, and business. Because of this,

many times your self-care gets neglected. My model this year is ?my health is part of my business?

because if there is no me, then there is no business.

I want to challenge women to take the time to learn five numbers:

1. Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)

2. Cholesterol level

3. A1C

4. Blood pressure

5. Blood type

Weight and BMI

Being overweight can lead to many health problems. The extra weight can actually slow your

progress and productivity, making you tired and sluggish. So, get a scale and a mirror (yes, I said a

mirror), and really look at the true you. Be honest if you do not like what you see. When we look and

feel our best, we do our best.



Cholest erol level

Learn what the difference is between HDL and LDL and the effects it can have on your body.



Are you eating a proper diet and getting exercise? Do you have risk factors or a family history of

diabetes? Understanding your A1C will help you avoid diabetes if it is related to your weight, diet,

and exercise. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/a1c-test/about/pac-20384643


Blood Pressure

There are many people who do not understand exactly what hypertension or hypotension is and

the life- threatening effects it can have on the body. They think that once they are diagnosed with

hypertension and the physician prescribes a daily medication, they are safe. This is not true. Take

the time to understand what the two numbers mean and how, if not taken seriously, they can

affect your life. https://www.healthline.com/health/high-blood-pressure-symptoms-women

Blood Type

Do you know your blood type? There are many beliefs that your diet and blood type can play a

factor in your overall health. I myself have never tried the method; however, I do know that there

are certain foods that I cannot consume because they make me mentally and physically tired. Do a

little research, and see if there is any truth in eating right for your blood type, but if nothing else,

make sure you know what your blood type is. Many do not know this information.


Tonya Lat ney, BSN, RN


It ?s t im e t o t ake flight t o your dream

St eps t o st art ing a journey t o your dream

1. Believe & trust in your dream

2. Visualize your dream

3. Write your dream down

4. Set long term & short term goals with deadline/target dates

5. Connect with like-minded people

6. Start your Business Binder

7. Anticipate the changes that may need to change to reach

your dream



Business Directory

The Debra Tucker Agency

Destiny Tours & Travel


Life Home Auto Commercial Specialty

225 Berlin Rd. Suite 2

Cherry Hill, NJ 08025

Travel To The Destination

You Always Dreamed Of

45 E. City Line Ave. #318

Bala Cynwyd PA 19004

Phlembotomy Healthcare , LLC

Stephanie Hill, Associate

Dawn A. Huling, OWNER

Phlembotomy Healthcare Leading The Way

On Stick At A TIme

Office: 267-230-9919

Cell: 267-900-2610


Independent Associate Representing Aflac

1020 N. Delaware Ave, 4th Flr.

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Office: 215-344-0244 ext. 210





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