Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - November 2019


Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - November 2019

Lupe Dawson, who used to host this run along with

her husband Dave, was there and very happy to see

everyone. Lupe had reserved tables along the river

where participants ate snacks, enjoyed each other’s

company and the 150 cars displayed. It was the

largest Snelling Car Show held to date.

Dick described the October 11 Shaver Lake Run,

Mike and Marylou Lebda, hosted. Some cars with

daredevils behind the wheel, took Tollhouse Road, a

twisty-winding road, while some cars that had

queasy passengers took the 4-lane highway. Either

direction was a beautiful drive to Shaver Lake where

we ate at the “559 at the Point” restaurant located

on the shore of the lake. The view at Shaver Lake

was enjoyed, so was the drive to Mike’s and

Marylou’s new home for ice cream treats.

Parliamentarian: Dick asked Charlotte Renna for her

input or comments. Charlotte addressed the club

encouraging everyone to be good member and

participate on the club board and/or activities. She

announced current Board members that agreed to

continue for a second term; Kathy, Secretary; Lynn,

Treasurer; Mike, VP of Activities. She asked

members to step-up and participate in some

manner as there is a potential need to fill two Board

positions - President and VP of Public

Relations/Membership. Charlotte thanked the 2020

Board Nomination Committee: Patrick, Darlene,

Linda. Additional nomination forms were handed


Old Business: Reminder to members to return all

three together: Membership Renewal, Dues, and

Proof of Insurance.

New Business: : Larry and Janet King proposed a

run to Strathmore, CA, where an acquaintance (a

retired teacher) has an Antique Car Museum in an

orange tree orchard. Larry will organize run with a

tentative date of November 23. More details to


Sunshine and Clouds: Linda Laningham, armed

with a microphone, gave members every

opportunity to spill the beans on their life

happenings and events. Most were tight-lipped this

night, except for one who spilled the goods on her

daughter! Don’t worry - your secret is safe with us -


Sergeant-of-Arms: Chuck Laningham let out a big

sigh of “oh phewy” when he was unable to

squeeze a single 50 cent out of anyone. CVC

showed their club pride, all were wearing their

badge. To live up to his moniker “two buck Chuck”,

Chuck donated a real $2.00 bill.

Next General Meeting: To be held at Yosemite

Falls Café, October 17, 2019, at 6:30 PM.

Next Board Meeting: To be held at Danielsen

home, October 22, 2019, at 7:00 PM. Members

are welcome to attend Board meetings. Please

inform Club President of your attendance.

General Meeting Adjourned: Linda Laningham

made a motion to adjourn meeting at 7:35 PM.

Diane Hayes seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathy Marine, Club Secretary

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