Yearbook AY 2019-2020 (Thonburi campus)

Singapore International School of Bangkok| Thonburi Campus

Singapore International School of Bangkok| Thonburi Campus


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<strong>2019</strong>-<strong>2020</strong><br />




Singapore International School of Bangkok, <strong>Thonburi</strong> is the newest kid on the block. It is the youngest of all the<br />

<strong>campus</strong>es. SISB <strong>Thonburi</strong> opened for operation for the 2017-18 academic year in a 7 rai <strong>campus</strong> that is green and lush. The uniqueness<br />

of SISB <strong>Thonburi</strong> is the fact that it is nestled within a ‘green zone’.<br />

The SISB <strong>Thonburi</strong> <strong>campus</strong> spans 12,800 square metres and has a capacity for up to 750 students. Some of its facilities include Nursery-Kindergarten<br />

and Primary buildings, a 25-metre swimming pool, football field, indoor multi-purpose hall, canteen, library, music<br />

room, science lab, arts & crafts room and a cafe. The <strong>Thonburi</strong> <strong>campus</strong> has been approved for Phase Two, which will include a soccer<br />

field, football field, a state-of-the-art Black Box, and a new secondary school building.<br />

2 |<br />



MOE<br />

In 2017, SISB was accredited by the Ministry of Education Thailand.<br />

ONESQA<br />

In <strong>2020</strong>, SISB was fully accredited by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment<br />

(ONESQA) under the Private Education Act of Thailand.<br />

iPSLE Centre<br />

In 2017, SISB was granted a licence by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) to<br />

conduct the International Primary School Leaving Examination (iPSLE) for graduating Primary 6 students<br />

in the four core subjects: English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science.<br />

ISAT<br />

Member of the International Schools Association of Thailand.<br />

TISAC<br />

The purpose of Thailand International Schools Activity Conference (TISAC) is to provide a well-rounded<br />

programme of sporting, non-sporting and cultural activities for member schools in a framework that<br />

will achieve recognised educational objectives whilst bringing together students to enjoy friendly and<br />

competitive opportunities to develop their talents. SISB was accepted as a member of TISAC in (Month)<br />

(Year).<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 3



Founded in 2001, SISB currently has five <strong>campus</strong>es in Thailand, which adopt the Singapore and UK curricula as the foundation for teaching and learning. The<br />

SISB name is inspired by our first <strong>campus</strong>, the Singapore International School of Bangkok (2001), the first Singapore International School that was established<br />

in Thailand which pioneered the Singapore education curriculum.<br />

Singapore International School of Bangkok was founded through the cooperative efforts of a group of Singaporean and Thai parents who were keen to invest<br />

in an institution to provide their children with quality education that develops fluency in English, Chinese and Thai. Motivated by their beliefs in the merits of<br />

the Singapore-based curriculum, they established SISB in 2001.<br />

SISB provides a standardised curriculum underscored by the twin principles of the Singapore education system and consistently delivers high quality<br />

education that many have come to trust of SISB. Through a broad-based and unique multi-lingual curriculum, SISB offers effective learning environments,<br />

opportunities and challenges to foster students as lifelong learners and future leaders. With more than 2,000 students of over 20 nationalities, in all our 5<br />

<strong>campus</strong>, and strong teaching and support staff hailing from over 20 countries, the SISB community is inspired by a global outlook and enriched by cultural<br />

diversity.<br />

SISB upholds the reputation of the globally renowned, excellent education system of Singapore and holds the duty to contribute positively to the<br />

development of education in Thailand.<br />

The SISB Pracha Uthit features SISB Preschool, well-equipped classrooms, a library, science and computer laboratories, a multi-purpose hall, basketball<br />

court, swimming pool, playgrounds and offers full-fledged curricula for students from age 2 to 18. The Secondary School Complex is a THB 600 million<br />

project, spanning 9.5-rai (built-up area 26,600 sqm), caters for up to 800 more students, a Sports Complex with extensive facilities including a 25-metre<br />

swimming pool, a 450- seat Auditorium and a Dormitory. The 1.25-rai SISB Building in Pracha Uthit (built-up area 2,200 sqm) serves as the head office for the<br />

SISB Group and also features a dedicated compound for the Nursery 1 students of SISB Pracha Uthit. The building includes a canteen, playground and fullfledged<br />

classrooms, and serves as the venue for SISB Academy and SISB Learning Centre, two new programmes which SISB has recently launched.<br />


We believe that students are unique individuals endowed with special talents<br />

and have the desire to succeed, and that every student is important, and every<br />

parent a partner.<br />


Every student will aspire to be a Scholar, a Leader and a Global Citizen.<br />


Spirit of Excellence<br />


To be a World Class School that provides the students with holistic education<br />

to make the world a better place.<br />

4 |<br />



We believe that the spirit of these goals and objectives will mould the values, attitudes and actions of all stakeholders and will enable students to confront and<br />

address the multiplicity of problems and challenges which come from living in an ever-changing and diverse world. We aim to offer quality programmes:<br />

● We provide a conducive and safe learning environment that is intercultural, international, multilingual and challenging for effective learning and teaching.<br />

● We aspire to having our students become academically able, critical thinkers, life-long learners and global citizens in a learning environment which is<br />

intercultural, international and multilingual in its outlook, and rigorous, creative and nurturing in its approach.<br />

● We nurture our students to attain a level of competency in three languages, and to equip them with information technology and life skills necessary to<br />

successfully access tertiary education in universities of their choice throughout the world.<br />

● We promote a healthy lifestyle through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.<br />

● We ensure professional development for all our staff, and commit to working with parents and other stakeholders to build a strong and close-knit<br />

community.<br />


● Independence<br />

● Responsibility<br />

● Respect<br />

● Resilience<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 5


This has been an extraordinary year for many reasons.<br />

This was the year that revealed how fragile the world can be when faced with global crises<br />

such as COVID-19.<br />

This was the year that showed how vulnerable the school can be to forces that are beyond our<br />

control.<br />

But this was also the year that reassured me that no matter what challenges there may be, SISB is<br />

capable of rising up to it, and say, “this will not beat us”.<br />

From enduring the possibility of COVID-19 infections, to ensuring that our students continue their<br />

education through Home-Based Learning, our entire community of students, parents and staff has<br />

done exceptionally well.<br />

However, the threat of COVID-19 is far from being a thing of the past. We will still need to be<br />

careful, and adapt to what many are terming as the “new normal”. I am confident that SISB will<br />

continue to do well, regardless of the circumstances.<br />

Despite the apparent difficulties, we have every reason to be optimistic about our future.<br />

Many of our Secondary-Sixth Form students have received offers from acclaimed universities from<br />

around the world. Armed with the solid foundation that an education in SISB has provided them,<br />

they are well-placed to achieve success no matter where or what they choose to pursue.<br />

SISB Pracha Uthit will offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) from<br />

August, in addition to Cambridge International AS & A Levels. The IBDP provides our students with<br />

more options, and will definitely help them get into top universities and achieve success in their<br />

future careers.<br />

Our <strong>campus</strong>es in <strong>Thonburi</strong> and Chiangmai have also started their Secondary sections, in line with<br />

our belief to provide a through-train education pathway for our students.<br />

To cater for this expansion, SISB <strong>Thonburi</strong> will begin the construction of a new phase very soon,<br />

providing modern facilities such as a new academic block, and other amenities that blend nature<br />

and design. Our students will have a very conducive environment to learn in.<br />

Please have faith that we are ready and able to overcome the challenges that lie before us. I urge<br />

you to stand together with my team and I, and we will make sure that our days ahead are bright<br />

and full of possibilities.<br />



6 |<br />



“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”<br />

-Malcolm X<br />

Schools have a duty to provide education to students to teach them to walk into the future<br />

equipped with the most powerful tool in the world, knowledge. With this tool, every child will be<br />

able to embrace and adapt to change and surge forward with strength in light of all challenges.<br />

This is the role of SISB educators, to provide the best education we can, preparing our students to<br />

be future scholars, leaders and most of all global citizens. As a Principal, Executive Principal, NK<br />

and Head of School, I dream to see my students become successful in their lives, as individuals who<br />

will continuously seek knowledge independently to excel, live their lives respecting others and<br />

themselves, being responsible contributing adults and develop resilience to challenges, building<br />

character and strength.<br />

Life is not predictable, nor does it come with guarantees. Circumstances may force us time and<br />

time again to rethink our ways of life, our values, our contribution to our world and others as it<br />

has with the COVID 19 pandemic that has rocked the world. We had to take a 360 degree view of<br />

ourselves and make the necessary changes in order to continue as people of the world. We now<br />

not only know, but have proof that only together, we can make this world a better place and that is<br />

what we will teach our children everyday.<br />

Today, I can say that I am proud of all my students, those who are still with us and those who have<br />

moved on. They carry a little part of my efforts and are the product of what SISB has to give. This<br />

journey can never be successful without the partnership of our parents and our community.<br />

By entrusting their children to SISB and leaders of SISB, like me, parents have given me the honour<br />

to work hard everyday to ensure that the children are learning in a happy environment and are safe.<br />

One again, we promise to never stay stagnant and to always strive for the best for our students.<br />

We will explore and embrace the best practices to ensure that we provide the best education for<br />

our students. We are sure that together with the parents, we will take SISB to new heights in the<br />

education world and our children will be the best they can be.<br />



YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 7



N1 LOVE<br />

Cartoon<br />

Phu<br />

Thee<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Munich, Ohm, Pluem, David, SiSi, Fhun, Thee, Angpao, Por Por<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Olga, Teacher Jirapinya (View), Pete, Kenneth, Jammie, Miu Miu, Lettie, Ideal, Teacher Micah, Teacher Queenie<br />

10 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Olga Svyrydova<br />

N1 Love HRT<br />

I remember the first time I met my little ones during the Meet<br />

& Greet event back in January <strong>2019</strong> and fell in love with my new<br />

students. I am a very lucky teacher who was given the unique<br />

opportunity to teach the same class for two years. It was an<br />

unforgettable experience to grow and learn together with my little<br />

babies. I am grateful for a wonderful team of parents and teachers<br />

in my class who were a great support and a pleasure to work with.<br />

I believe that each of my students is special and unique with their<br />

own interests and strengths. Never lose your enthusiasm for learning<br />

and your curiosity about the world. I wish you a great year in N2!<br />

Olga Svyrydova<br />

N1 Love HRT<br />

Teacher Olga Svyrydova<br />

N1 Love HRT<br />

N1 Love TAs<br />

Jirapinya Sibmoo (View)<br />

N1 Love TA<br />

Queenie Plaras Lim Rezlyn Micah Esteban<br />

N1 Love TA<br />

N1 Love TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 11

N1 JOY<br />

Poom<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Arthur, Chacha, Maya, Angie, Richa, Miki, Preme, Enjoy, Pitta, MJ<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Minzun, Nakhun, Prompt, Joe, Cohen, Bangpun, Tyga, Shean, Smith<br />

12 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Danna, Teacher Luciana, Teacher Karnpicha (Lek), Teacher Airene

Teachers Message<br />

Luciana Isabel Alves<br />

N1 Joy HRT<br />

When I go back to our first days at school, I smile because I<br />

remember your little faces, so brave coming into school for the first<br />

time.<br />

As the year went on, you grew, learned, and had lots of fun in<br />

our classroom. Then we took the classroom home and we learned<br />

together about the new way of learning and having fun. I feel<br />

grateful for the opportunity I had to teach each of you, I feel<br />

grateful for the fantastic parents that supported me in your<br />

education, I feel grateful for my amazing assistant teachers for<br />

helping me during this beautiful journey.<br />

A little bit of each of you will always be with me. Always strive to be<br />

the best that you can be.<br />

Teacher Luciana Isabel Alves<br />

N1 Joy HRT<br />

N1 Joy TAs<br />

Danna Fhel Rellera<br />

N1 Joy TA<br />

Karnpitcha Leerattanasinchai (Lek) Airene Mae Pesinable<br />

N1 Joy TA<br />

N1 Joy TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 13

N1 PEACE<br />

DD<br />

Grace<br />

Ultra<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Racharn, Rome, Nino, Chiang, Artha, Potter, Puncher, Bright, Tara, In love<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Martyna, Teacher Daileen, Prynn, Bambi, Primmie, Guy, Teacher Niyom (Eak), Teacher Dev<br />

14 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Martyna Weronika Malcher<br />

N1 Peace HRT<br />

Walking into my classroom for the first time during summer school<br />

and seeing so many curious faces is a memory I will never forget.<br />

Despite being away from home and their parents for the first time,<br />

all students were so trusting and brave; we formed a very special<br />

bond that I am so grateful for. This would not have been possible<br />

without the support from the parents and my fellow teachers who<br />

encouraged me and my students to always give it all, no matter what.<br />

I hope your time in N2 is filled with happiness, quality learning and<br />

great friends. I miss you already N1 Peace!<br />

Teacher Martyna Weronika Malcher<br />

N1 Peace HRT<br />

N1 Peace TAs<br />

Niyom Kaewkanma (Eak)<br />

N1 Peace TA<br />

Devreyda Gabuyog<br />

N1 Peace TA<br />

Daileen Velasco<br />

N1 Peace TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 15

N1 HOPE<br />

Namnua<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Leo, Calvin, Gao, Vayla, Lalin, Eileen, Merng, Prim, Milin<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Billie, Teacher Rochel, Tian Tian, Panther, Honglee, Aomsim, Kate, Star, Teacher Kaye, Teacher Wilawan (Fong)<br />

16 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Sithembile Austin<br />

N1 Hope HRT<br />

What an incredible way to start my Thailand teaching journey! I<br />

honestly believe that I had the best group of students. I grew<br />

to love each and every one of them so much. These adorable<br />

little beings made me smile everyday as they were learning,<br />

growing and becoming independent. I was blessed with wonderful<br />

people to support me this year, the wonderful N1 Hope TAs and<br />

the parents of my students. I miss my babies already, they will<br />

always have a piece of my heart. I wish them all the best in N2.<br />

Teacher Sithembile Austin<br />

N1 Hope HRT<br />

N1 Hope TAs<br />

Sherlyd Kaye Montanez<br />

N1 Hope TA<br />

Rochel Pornela<br />

Wilawan Chamniwikaiwet (Fong)<br />

N1 Hope TA<br />

N1 Hope TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 17

N2 Love<br />

Noodee<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

I-You, Ozone, Lalyn, Ka-Noon, Thee, Thunder, Ray-O, Barry, Ming, Kenzo<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Kirsty, Phan, Cherinn, Shane, Irene, Becker, Liah, Thae Thae, Teacher Mae, Teacher Narumon (Gig)<br />

18 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Kirsty Noach<br />

N2 Love HRT<br />

Coming into this year at SISB, I knew it was going to be<br />

interesting from the very first day. I am so proud of being<br />

part of your preschool year. I have enjoyed watching you grow,<br />

play and learn. I cannot describe how much you students have<br />

pushed me to be a better teacher everyday. I will miss you all<br />

more than you can imagine and know with great confidence that<br />

you will rock it in Kindergarten next year. Keep making good<br />

choices and working hard everyday. Thank you for all putting a<br />

smile on my face everyday. I am so proud of you all N2 Love.<br />

Teacher Kirsty Noach<br />

N2 Love HRT<br />

N2 Love TAs<br />

Narumon Soonthorntanabal (Gig) Sherrymae Trinidad (May)<br />

N2 Love TA<br />

N2 Love TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 19

N2 Joy<br />

Aaron<br />

Kevin<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Pepper, Hobbes, Ferrari, Moshi, Hana, Paolin, Rocky, Pei Pei, Phum, Hana<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Reshmi, Nami, Prairie, Star, Ingfah, Porsche, Jeff, Teacher Sakawarat (Kwang), Teacher Joy<br />

20 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Reshmi Sachdev<br />

N2 Joy HRT<br />

It has been a great year in N2 and I feel so grateful to have<br />

been your teacher. I am constantly amazed at how much you<br />

have matured, grown and accomplished this year. You have been<br />

open minded and have easily adapted to the new ways of<br />

learning we have experienced in the last two terms. It has been<br />

my greatest pleasure to be involved with such a supportive<br />

community (N2 Joy parents) and environment which has helped<br />

me overcome the challenges we all faced this school year and<br />

make it a success. I am so proud of all of you and all your<br />

achievements. I am really going to miss you all and I wish you<br />

all the very best in K1.<br />

Teacher Reshmi Sachdev<br />

N2 Joy HRT<br />

N2 Joy TAs<br />

Sakawarat Sritharam (Kwang)<br />

N2 Joy TA<br />

Geraldine Joy Ragat<br />

N2 Joy TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 21

N2 Peace<br />

Tonpoon<br />

Peiyi<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Calvin, Bright, Shieva, Sandy, Proud, Ti, Diamond, Summer, Plum, Sunsun<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Tom, Patty, Pahm, Sherylyn, April, Aemon, Teacher Sasipapar (Koi), Teacher Maricel<br />

22 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Thomas Bradley<br />

N2 Peace HRT<br />

What a wonderful year it has been. N2 Peace, I want to thank<br />

you for being such a loving and fun class. I will remember each<br />

and every one of you for many years to come. I am so proud of<br />

what you have all achieved this academic year and you all should<br />

be proud of yourselves. Thank you for all the memories and I<br />

hope you all prosper and have a great future. You will always be<br />

in my heart. Dream big and never stop believing.<br />

Teacher Thomas Bradley<br />

N2 Peace HRT<br />

N2 Peace TAs<br />

Sasipapar Timklun (Koi)<br />

N2 Peace TA<br />

Maricel Lomotos (Mariz)<br />

N2 Peace TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 23

N2 Hope<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Vee, Khongkwan, Tham, Nita, Kinkin, Bew, Maxx, PK, Jean, Rita<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Alexandra, Cheetah, Khaokwan, Kevin, Fuji, Khaiwan, Unique, Teacher Janice, Teacher Kanyarat (Ice)<br />

24 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Alexandra Maria Nieto<br />

N2 Hope HRT<br />

I want you to know how grateful I am to have spent one whole<br />

year, with you, as your teacher. Now you have a few more<br />

pounds, a few inches taller, and months wiser, more responsible,<br />

and more mature, wow!!!<br />

Know without a doubt how much happiness you have brought into<br />

my life. Every moment, every day, has been filled with boundless<br />

joy. I have enjoyed you so much dear N2 Hope; your laughter,<br />

your ideas, your personality, your uniqueness. Very important,<br />

Don’t ever forget the one and only experience we went through<br />

together this year: Online Lessons! How much fun they were.<br />

I will definitely miss YOU as you move on to your new chapter<br />

in K1 . I wish you tons of interesting learning experiences and<br />

a joyful time at school, in the years to come.<br />

Teacher Alexandra Maria Nieto<br />

N2 Hope HRT<br />

N2 Hope TAs<br />

Kanyarat Boonyiam (Ice)<br />

N2 Hope TA<br />

Ivie Jade Aguinda<br />

N2 Hope TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 25

N2 Faith<br />

Ari<br />

Dante<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Lalin, Cooper, Chris, Indy, Prab, Mori, First, Yari, Meuy Meuy, Jeda<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Amalia, Tul, Gao, Aki, Ken, Patty, Paulie, Teacher Dianne, Teacher Pantara (Palmy)<br />

26 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Amalia Marquez<br />

N2 Faith HRT<br />

As an N2 teacher, it has been a joyful experience with all of<br />

you. This has truly been an unforgettable academic school year.<br />

I am so proud of all your accomplishments. Your everyday<br />

excitement for knowledge has flourished and prepared you<br />

for next year. It has been a pleasure being your homeroom<br />

teacher and joining you on your academic journey. Best<br />

wishes in your next academic school year as K1 students.<br />

Teacher Amalia Marquez<br />

N2 Faith HRT<br />

N2 Faith TAs<br />

Pantara Thongsumrit (Palmy) Dianne Rose Anne Gonzales<br />

N2 Faith TA<br />

N2 Faith TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 27

N2 Grace<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Ikkyu, Tyme, Tisha, Yela, Bua, Kin, Penne, Chai, Alin<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Aim, Ting Ting, Iya, Gao, Meilin, Prompt, Nadee, Jul, Lala, Nawin<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

28 |<br />


Teachers Message<br />

Annika Saunders<br />

N2 Grace HRT<br />

The first day in N2 Grace I remember a lot of frightened little<br />

faces, nervous for their first day back at school. A full year later,<br />

sharing joyful moments, big laughs, tears and amazing academic<br />

progress, these little faces now wear confidence, pride and<br />

enthusiasm! I am grateful for every second spent with N2 Grace<br />

students and the generous support from parents. To all N2 Grace<br />

students, have BIG dreams, because you will grow into them!<br />

Teacher Annika Saunders<br />

N2 Grace HRT<br />

N2 Grace TAs<br />

Adalin Barranco<br />

N2 Grace TA<br />

Chananchita Leerattanasinchai (Ging)<br />

N2 Grace TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 29


YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 31

K1 Love<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Tyra, Pao Pao, Hachi, Prin, Ani, J-Nine, Ploy, Peak, Seng, Aki<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Gimmick, Hope, Utt, Fifa, Orca, Proud, Genoa<br />

32 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Tonya, Ai, Cheng, Milin, Teacher Kristine

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

Well done, K1 Love students! You have grown up and learned so<br />

much this school year. I will always appreciate and remember<br />

your willingness to try new things, help your friends, and always<br />

do your own best work even when learning something new is<br />

difficult. K1 Love students have shown they always try to do<br />

their best and care about each other and their school<br />

community. Good luck and have a great time in K2!<br />

Tonya Mitchelle McDonel<br />

K1 Love HRT<br />

Teacher Tonya Mitchelle McDonel<br />

K1 Love HRT<br />

Kristine Joy Wamilda<br />

K1 Love TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 33

K1 Joy<br />

Theo<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Thara, Arin, Metal, Butter, Kim, Grace, Agnes, Minnie, TJ, Nisha<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

JJ, Khun, Poom, Ray, Anna, Theta, Proud, Pam, Jessica, Nature<br />

34 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Lyndel & Teacher Mary Jane (MJ)

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

Lyndel Khaznaoui<br />

K1 Joy HRT<br />

Wow K1 Joy! What a fantastic year it has been for each and<br />

every one of you. Seeing you all grow in a variety of areas and<br />

experience such great open - minded communicators throughout<br />

the year. <strong>2019</strong>/<strong>2020</strong> has been a great year with many happy<br />

memories that each of you have brought me and which I will<br />

cherish. I am 100% certain that you continue to grow in K2 and<br />

excel in all areas. Remember the sky’s the limit K1 Joy. All the<br />

best for your new adventure in K2.<br />

Lyndel Khaznaoui<br />

K1 Joy HRT<br />

Teacher Lyndel Khaznaoui<br />

K1 Joy HRT<br />

Mary Jane Badeo<br />

K1 Joy TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 35

K1 Peace<br />

Phing Phing<br />

Safe<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Aaron, Prime, Kaylee, Thun, Engine, Woojin, Jaya, Aimee, Theo, Ting<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Thomas, Perth, AC, Milin, Sprite, Oki, SaintTeacher Jerrie<br />

36 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Brunn, Weir, TJ

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

K1 Peace has had a very productive and successful year. I am<br />

so proud of all the children and how much each has grown both<br />

socially and academically. The children have been very resilient<br />

this year as we have had to change the way we were teaching<br />

and learning. The children did an incredible job moving from the<br />

regular classroom to Home Based Learning and I couldn’t be<br />

prouder of how they all adapted so quickly.<br />

JThomas Stoltz<br />

K1 Peace HRT<br />

Teacher JThomas Stoltz<br />

K1 Peace HRT<br />

Jerrie Vic Barilea<br />

K1 Peace TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 37

K1 Hope<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Alin, Wolf, Leo, Imi, Chanjin, Phi, Wellnice, Ikkyn, Pordee, Aerin<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Kristy, Peach, Peacha, Miu, King, Tin Tin, Nana, Teacher Sheila<br />

38 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Oscar, Kyu, Winnie

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

Looking back on this year, I am amazed by the growth and<br />

resilience that I have seen in every student in our class. Coming<br />

in as timid and shy N2 students and leaving me as hard-working,<br />

enthusiastic K1 students ready for K2, I am infinitely proud of<br />

all of my K1 Hope students for all they were able to accomplish<br />

individually and as a group this year.<br />

Teacher Kristy Bennett<br />

K1 Hope HRT<br />

Kristy Bennett<br />

K1 Hope HRT<br />

Sheila Marie Alvaran<br />

K1 Hope TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 39

K1 Faith<br />

Dastan<br />

Beauty<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Nine, Minho, Thames, Loma, Ingtarn, Yuri, Peem, Max, Minnie<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Garam, Adele, Risa, Picha, Miao Miao, Pin, Inspire, Teacher Leslie<br />

40 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Saka, Kirin, Kin

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

I have truly loved being your teacher. I can’t tell you how much<br />

you have inspired and pushed me to be a better teacher! I have<br />

enjoyed watching you grow and play and learn. I hope you will<br />

continue to enjoy school with the same excitement and love<br />

for learning that you have now. Keep making good choices and<br />

work hard everyday. Good luck next year, and you are going to<br />

be amazing!<br />

Ga Ram Kim<br />

K1 Faith HRT<br />

Teacher Ga Ram Kim<br />

K1 Faith HRT<br />

Leslie Ann Saldua<br />

K1 Faith TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 41

K1 Grace<br />

Meya<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Nhomwarn, Tyme, Kyu Kyu, Preem, Gale, Achi, Smart, Rada, Mirin<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Jonathan, Jida, Prin, Harper, Maer, Neo, Beauty, Ani, Teacher Chutharay (Cherry)<br />

42 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Tham Tham, Japan, Prize

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

K1 Grace, this has been an unforgettable year with all of you.<br />

From day one you have all been so amazing, caring, open minded<br />

and responsible. You have also been wild, experimental, cheeky<br />

and creative. This year has been so great and has given me<br />

some wonderful memories, from your pranks on me and<br />

T.Cherry to when you arrive early in the morning and just want<br />

a hug. I wish you all the best in K2 and in the future and know<br />

that you will all do great. Remember to do your best, ask<br />

questions so you learn and most importantly have some fun and<br />

continue to prank your teachers!<br />

Teacher Jonathan Andreasen<br />

K1 Grace HRT<br />

Jonathan Andreasen<br />

K1 Grace HRT<br />

Chutharat Sethi<br />

(Cherry)<br />

K1 Grace TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 43

K2 Love<br />

Welcome to SISB<br />

Anya<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Rita, Yuaan, Nina, Grace, Cherfah, Pun Pun, Marylou, Anda, Titan, Putter<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Daniel, Elle, Ayesha, Junior, Techat, Zen, Cooper, Reina, Teacher Joan<br />

44 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Mirin, Han, Shield

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

K2 Love, what a year! We’ve had a change of TAs, a global pandemic, online<br />

teaching, high AQI keeping us inside and our fair share of bumps along the<br />

road, but from all this we’ve emerged as strong, independent capable students!<br />

I have consistently been impressed by the students of K2L this year.<br />

Welcoming new friends. Amazing PBL products. Capable with technology. Strong<br />

and motivated readers. Amazing special performances. Beautiful writing and<br />

spelling. Inquiring and exploring always. Most importantly though, I’ve had a lot<br />

of fun teaching K2L and will remember this class always!<br />

Remember the first rule of K2L as you move into Primary, Try your best!<br />

Daniel Comely<br />

K2 Love HRT<br />

Teacher Daniel Comely<br />

K2 Love HRT<br />

Joanlee Tabares<br />

K2 Love TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 45

K2 Joy<br />

Welcome<br />

to SISB<br />

Nun<br />

Bua<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Tunt Tunt, Faith, Chicha, Zen, Kopter, Gail, Ein Ein, Jeda, Mulan, Porsche<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Jessica, Orga, Ing, Pete, Nana, Anya, Fairy, Pun Pun, A-Thit, Por Por, Teacher Joy<br />

46 |<br />


Teachers<br />

Message<br />

Dear K2 Joy, you will always be dear to me and thank you for the love and<br />

memories each and everyone of you have shared with me. It has been an<br />

amazing year of learning and adventures from Day 1 and it would not have<br />

been possible without the support of everyone in K2 Joy and TA Joy. I am<br />

happy to see each of you blossom in your own way, and K2 Joy has come a<br />

long way since we first started. I am confident that you are ready to take<br />

on Primary One, the next chapter of your learning adventure! Stay happy and<br />

healthy as always, with lots of love from Teacher Jessica and Teacher Joy!<br />

Jessica Tan<br />

K2 Joy HRT<br />

Teacher Jessica Si Xuan Tan<br />

K2 Joy HRT<br />

Mary Joy Benavidez<br />

K2 Joy TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 47

K2 Peace<br />

Welcome<br />

to SISB<br />

Mungkorn<br />

Tatar<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Tanya, Grace, Laila, Narn, You You, Lego, Mali, Gail, Jinna, Plus<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Jack, Alex, Mek, Mirin, Tan Tan, Kayla, Hope, Anna, Proud, Claude, Teacher Ruth<br />

48 |<br />


Teachers<br />

Message<br />

Congratulations K2 Peace! I am so incredibly proud of each and every one<br />

of you. It has been an honour to watch you grow throughout this year.<br />

I remember the nervous excitement in each of you on our first day of school<br />

and I am in awe of how you have grown into kind, caring and open-minded<br />

global citizens.<br />

You have impressed me on a near-daily basis with your thirst for knowledge<br />

and ability to adapt to any situation. <strong>2020</strong> has been a wild ride but you<br />

held on tight and never let go. I will never forget receiving your wonderful<br />

cards when I fell ill. Your kind words and wishes helped me in my time of<br />

need and revealed the beautiful souls in each of you.<br />

I know that you will continue to grow as you transition to primary school<br />

and I hope you remember the positive and collaborative attitudes that you<br />

have nurtured during K2. Always hold onto your curiosity, keep asking<br />

questions and never settle. Your potential has no limits!<br />

Abraham Beyleveld<br />

(Jack)<br />

K2 Peace HRT<br />

Teacher Abraham (Jack) Beyleveld<br />

K2 Peace HRT<br />

Ruth Gianan<br />

K2 Peace TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 49

K2 Hope<br />

Welcome<br />

to SISB<br />

Anya<br />

Win Win<br />

Front Row (Left to Right)<br />

Yi Cheng, Fring, Paint, Titan, Nuef, Bright, Yumi, Ploy, Chante, Nubdao<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Janine, Pat, Kenji, Ing, Tawan, Porsche, Lada, Teacher Josette<br />

50 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Julie, Claire, Mind

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

Hola Amiguitos, we made it! We survived K2! T. Josette and I are extremely proud<br />

of everything you have accomplished during this school year. Your involvement with<br />

online learning and all the skills learned will be very helpful for your future. We are<br />

marking history and I will never forget the amazing group of students I had to<br />

teach and learn from during the <strong>2020</strong> pandemic. I am clearly the luckiest teacher<br />

in all SISB, I had the best well-behaved, collaborative, caring, and fun students.<br />

Thank you all for your love and knowledge you shared with me. You guys and all your<br />

parents have made Thailand feel like home in every aspect. Don’t forget to always<br />

try your best, you are capable of everything you dream of! I wish you all the best<br />

and may you spread your wings and fly as high as you can, remember:<br />

“The sky’s the limit, the rainbow is the goal”. I love you all!<br />

Teacher Janine Cervantes<br />

K2 Hope HRT<br />

Janine Cervantes<br />

K2 Hope HRT<br />

Josette Condez<br />

K2 Hope TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 51

K2 Faith<br />

Welcome to SISB<br />

Ami<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Oscar, Becks, Nada, I-Oun, Arin, V-Da, Lynn, Gwynn, Tonpunn, Ming Ming<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Steve, Nana, Kiryu, Athen, Nawin, Snow, Poon Poon, Bright, Teacher Keysha<br />

52 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Shisha, Sky, Nina

Teachers<br />

Message<br />

I can’t believe this year is already over! This has been such a wonderful year<br />

despite all of the challenges we have faced. For my first full year at SISB,<br />

I couldn’t have asked for a better class. You are all kind and caring students<br />

who are accepting of your friends and fellow classmates. You work hard,<br />

and have great senses of humor. I have watched all of you students become<br />

more confident and outgoing as the year has gone on. Seeing your unique and<br />

creative personalities blossom throughout the school year has been extremely<br />

rewarding. I know that you are all ready for primary and will go on to do<br />

wonderful things. I am going to miss everyone from K2 Faith, but I know that<br />

you have a lifetime of amazing new experiences ahead of you.<br />

Steven Di Luca<br />

K2 Faith HRT<br />

Teacher Steven Di Luca<br />

K2 Faith HRT<br />

Keysha Leysis<br />

K2 Faith TA<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 53

ELS TEAM<br />

Lovely May Bacus<br />

ELS Coordinator<br />

There is nothing more rewarding to me<br />

than having the opportunity to watch<br />

all of you learn and grow this year.<br />

I hope that you will continue to<br />

enjoy school with the same excitement<br />

and love for learning. I believe a bright<br />

future lies ahead of you. You can do it!<br />

To all my ELS students, I am so<br />

proud to have been a part of your<br />

kindergarten year. All of you will always<br />

hold a special place in my heart.<br />

Safe Basiao<br />

ELS K1 Rosemarie Baltazar<br />

ELS K2<br />

Time flies so fast and we are now<br />

approaching the end of the school year.<br />

I can still remember the first day of the<br />

school year, from our new classroom to the<br />

old and new ELS students in our class. From<br />

that first day, we created memories with<br />

our students that will always bring a smile<br />

to our faces, memories that I will always<br />

cherish in my heart.<br />

I am so happy to be a part of your<br />

Kindergarten life. I am also grateful that I<br />

was given a chance to share a part of me<br />

to all of you. I hope that for the next school<br />

year and for the years to come you will<br />

grow more and learn more for your future.<br />

Don’t forget to always believe in yourself!<br />

You have a bright future ahead of you.<br />

I will always have in my mind, fond<br />

memories of children I had taught who<br />

had zero English at the beginning and<br />

how I managed to navigate<br />

Google Translate just to understand<br />

every word they said. Also, how I<br />

considered all resources up to the last<br />

CVC book I could find just so a child<br />

could read before he stepped forward<br />

to the next stage. These things make<br />

me happy and proud knowing that I<br />

have helped and contributed as they go<br />

on to progress to whatever endeavour<br />

they may have in life someday.<br />

Teacher Lovely May Bacus<br />

ELS Coordinator<br />

Teacher Safe Basiao<br />

ELS K1<br />

Teacher Rosemarie Baltazar<br />

ELS K2<br />

54 |<br />


Vice Principal<br />

Message<br />

I remember my first day at SISB school. The school was not yet finished<br />

being built and I was teaching Summer School in an office building down the<br />

road.<br />

A memory I will always treasure is working with students who arrived with<br />

almost no English and the eureka moments and breakthroughs that I was<br />

able to share with them. These students are now successfully immersed in<br />

full stream Primary.<br />

I am grateful for the opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful<br />

country and to have such an amazing and supportive team to work with.<br />

My transition into Vice Principal of NK has allowed me to<br />

continue to watch and wonder at the amazing growth of our cohort<br />

from the humble beginnings in N1 to the transition from K2 into Primary!<br />

Vice Principal Celeste Jacques<br />

Nursery & Kindergarten<br />

Celeste Jacques<br />

Nusery & Kindergarten<br />

Vice Principal<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 55


Anda<br />

Ayesha<br />

Cherfah<br />

Cooper<br />

Elle<br />

Grace<br />

Han<br />

Junior<br />

Marylou<br />

Mirin<br />

58 |<br />


Nina<br />

Pun Pun<br />

Putter<br />

Reina<br />

Rita<br />

Shield<br />

Techat<br />

Titan<br />

Zen<br />

Yuaan<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 59


A-Thit<br />

Anya<br />

Chicha<br />

Ein Ein<br />

Fairy<br />

Faith<br />

Gail<br />

Ing<br />

Jeda<br />

Kopter<br />

60 |<br />


Mulan<br />

Nana<br />

Orga<br />

Pete Porpor Porsche<br />

Pun Pun<br />

Tunt Tunt<br />

Zen<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 61


Alex<br />

Anna<br />

Claude<br />

Gail<br />

Grace<br />

Hope<br />

Jinna<br />

Kayla<br />

Laila<br />

Lego<br />

62 |<br />


Mek<br />

Mirin<br />

Narn<br />

Proud<br />

Proud<br />

Tan Tan<br />

Tanya<br />

You You<br />

Mali<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 63


Bright<br />

Chante<br />

Claire<br />

Fring<br />

Ing Ing<br />

Julie<br />

Kenji<br />

Lada<br />

Mind<br />

Nubdao<br />

64 |<br />


Nuef<br />

Paint<br />

Pat<br />

Ploy Porsche Tawan<br />

Titan<br />

Yi Cheng<br />

Yumi<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 65


Arin<br />

Athen<br />

Becks<br />

Bright<br />

Gwynn<br />

I-oun<br />

Kiryu<br />

Lynn<br />

Ming Ming<br />

Nada<br />

66 |<br />


Nana<br />

Nawin<br />

Nina<br />

Oscar<br />

Poon Poon<br />

Snow<br />

Sky<br />

Tonpunn<br />

V-da<br />

Shisha<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 67


YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 69



P1 Love<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Sun, Takyn, Khaohom, Punn, Porsche, Punn, Nan, Jiya, Ing Ing, Forbes, Batman<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Netsie, Teacher Arianne, CK, Pepe, Jirat, Xin, Leo, Kelly, Teacher Jarde, Teacher Lorna<br />

72 |<br />


P1 Joy<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Alice, Niko, Venice, Non, Roger, Elaine, Diesel, Thita, Aston, Taiking, Wari<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Charissa, Max, Poom, Emmy, Leo, Khushi, Matt, Jin, Pro, Teacher Mabelle, Teacher Fan Wu<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 73

P1 PEACE<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Chiryu, Chaichor, Aeda, Kitty, Biko, Lennon, Rohan, Doudou, Pream, MJ, Thames<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Hala, Yen Yen, Leng Yi, Marwin, Bao Bao, Ingfar, Yok, Chai, Teacher Elizabeth<br />

74 |<br />


P1 HOPE<br />

Maprod<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Maki, Porsche, Thun, Kaofang, Prime, Julong, Paul, XXX, Minjae, Serene, Tangkwa, Ting Ting<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Jordan, Rio, Nana, Wang, Neta, Natat, Teacher Filipina, Teacher Emma<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 75

P2 Love<br />

Jeny<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Cherbelle, Plawan, Ounai, Ryu, Asia, Dada, August, Chester, Kaosuay, Jin<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Rasna, Mika, Uno, Yoshi, Lucas, Dou Dou, Tonliu, Titan, Army, Teacher Mar Joy<br />

76 |<br />


P2 Joy<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Prael, Cleo, Hannah, Vin, Baimon, Jason, Venice, Wind, Thingo, Belle<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher James, Fay, Earn Earn, Pim, Love, Ant, Shana, Ping, Harchi, Teacher Jennifer<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Posh, T T, Tekka, August<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 77

P2 Peace<br />

Ellie<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Ame, Prael, Jiro, Nature, Ariss, Nana, Fundee, Fuji, Preem, Chaindo, Earn<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Jennifer, Peach, Tata, Singtoh, Eclair, Wish, Louis, Ball, Bright, Teacher Razil<br />

78 |<br />


P3 Love<br />

Bao Bao<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Kate, Wida, Milin, Boss, Grace, Bono, Chacha, Hanhan, Mangkorn<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Plern, Boongy, Boon Boon<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Johann, Teacher Natalie, Yuri, Pluem, Supreme, Thakrit, Caixia, Teacher Roslyn<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 79

P3 joy<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Boss, Linge, Mimi, Pammy, Bene, Pao, Hashi, Yi<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Justin, Poom, Myra, Jurong, Feeya, Tink Tink, Fahsai, Teacher Geraldine<br />

80 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Lerler, Phoom, Thong Thong

P4 Love<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Milin, Pat, Sui, Irin, Vivie, Bua, EQ, Jedi, Yize<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Margo, Micah, Aki, Tonkao, Naya, Winner, Enya, Teacher Mandy<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Namwa, Arissa, Tirex, Peam<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 81

P4 joy<br />

Loma<br />

Huge<br />

Snow<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Alice, JR, Ing Ing, Kao, Pungpond, Chanya, Mocah, Ting Ting<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Erik, AJ, Anil, Lucky, Sun Sun, Zen, Proud, Teacher Jonas<br />

82 |<br />


Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Ray, Cotton, Zee Zee

P5 Love<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Howpo, Japan, Tornhom, Au, Bei Bei, Min, Pan, Harbin, Ning Ning, Kin<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Douglas, Jesse, Monet, Ina, Leon, Andy, Shayne, Karan, Marc, Teacher Jing Guo<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Praewa, Che, Chen, Winning, JJ<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 83

P5 Joy<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

CK, Tee, Mudmee, Xin Xin, Thee, Atom, Minnie, Namoun, Sandy, Rain<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Andrew, Nutt, Minnie, Ryu, Win, Ben, Oki, Beam, Teacher Janet<br />

84 |<br />


P6 Love<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Chopin, Hannee, Prin, Sainam, First, Sanfran, Noinah, Nahnah, Tifa, Jiahing<br />

Middle Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Emma, Namwarn, Pokpong, In, Sea, Palm, Moth, Tonnahm, Teacher Ruth<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Nammon, Matt, Ken, Ryu<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 85

Grade 7<br />

Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Ash, Photon, Min<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Teacher Carl & Teacher Janista (Nidnoi)<br />

86 |<br />


primary<br />


Supasit Supakitwanitchok (Chopin)<br />

Hi, my name is Chopin. I have studied at SISB for the past eight years.<br />

My happiest moment was when I joined Primary 5. My favourite subject is<br />

Math as I always score good grades. I enjoy lunchtime breaks as I get to be<br />

with my friends. My favourite teacher is Teacher Douglas Park. What I love<br />

about SISB is that they have a long Lunch Time break.<br />

Kamon Burintharakot (First)<br />

My name is First, I have studied at SISB for 3 terms. My happiest moments<br />

were Sport days. My favourite subject is English as I want to speak English<br />

better. I enjoy being in school because I have time to play with my friends.<br />

My favourite teachers are Teacher Ruth and Teacher Phichet. They have<br />

been working with me to help me improve my English. I love SISB because<br />

the school offers students many opportunities to learn three different<br />

languages.<br />

88 |<br />


Lertwath Jitpungtum (Hannee)<br />

Hi, my name is Hannee. I have studied at SISB for the past 3 years.<br />

My favourite subject is ICT as I like different activities with computers.<br />

I enjoy playing games. I love all my teachers because they are very kind and<br />

supportive. I love SISB because it is a beautiful big school. There are so<br />

many places that you can hang out with your friends.<br />

Itsaree Kittiphatthanadilok (In)<br />

Hi, my name is In. This is my third year at SISB. My happiest moments in<br />

school are when I am with my friends. My favourite subject is ICT as it is<br />

fun and challenging for me. I enjoy learning with my friends. My favourite<br />

teacher is Teacher Jan because he is kind and funny. Being at SISB has<br />

helped me to have a lot of friends.<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 89

Puttipat Kittiponwat (Jiahing)<br />

Hi, my name is Jiahing. I have studied at SISB for the past 2 years.<br />

My happiest moments in school are at lunchtime when I get time to play<br />

with my friends . I enjoy learning all subjects. What I love about SISB is<br />

getting time to be with my friends.<br />

Kunathorn Jesdaviriya (Ken)<br />

Hi, my name is Ken. I have studied at SISB for the past two years. The happiest<br />

moments in school are when we have Sports days. My favourite subject<br />

is Chinese. I also enjoy PE class because we get to do different activities.<br />

90 |<br />


Tapakorn Oonsaengchan (Matt)<br />

Hi, my name is Matt. I have studied at SISB for the past eight years.<br />

The happiest moments in school are when I am doing group projects.<br />

My favourite subject is Science as I like discovering new elements and<br />

forces. I enjoy reading different books. My favourite teacher is Teacher<br />

Ruth, she has been very supportive and believed in me. I love SISB because<br />

it is an International School. It has a wide variety and range of books in the<br />

Library.<br />

Phudis Acharnewvanit (Moth)<br />

My name is Moth from Primary 6. I have been in this school for one year. The<br />

happiest moment for me is lunch time because before having our lunch, we<br />

get time to play in the playground. My favourite subjects are ICT because<br />

we do a lot of interesting activities in the class. I enjoy my holidays because<br />

I always have some time to play video games and relax. My favourite<br />

teacher is Teacher Herbert, he is our ICT teacher. I love SISB because I have<br />

made many friends whom I have fun and play with.<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 91

Hannah Simila Acedo (Nah Nah)<br />

Hi, my name is Hannah Acedo. This is my Eighth year as a student at SISB<br />

and I love every moment I have spent in SISB. One of my most memorable<br />

moments in school was when we went on residential trips with my friends<br />

and teachers. My favourite subject is English as we learn with enjoyment.<br />

I enjoy studying with my friends. My favourite teacher is Teacher Ruth<br />

because she is my Homeroom and EnglishTeacher. She has helped me<br />

achieve good grades in her subject. I love SISB because it is a beautiful<br />

place. It has spacious and comfortable rooms to study in. I am looking<br />

forward to seeing the Secondary building completed.<br />

Namon Televanich (Nammon)<br />

I am Nammon. I have studied at SISB for the past two years. The happiest<br />

moments in school are when I am with my friends and learning my favourite<br />

subjects. My favourite subject is Mathematics as it is fun to learn new<br />

things. I enjoy being with my friends because they always make me smile.<br />

I love all my teachers because they are very supportive and kind to all<br />

students. I love SISB because of the teachers and my friends.<br />

92 |<br />


Kanyarat Wonglakorn (Namwarn)<br />

Hi, my name is Namwan. I have studied at SISB for the past two years.<br />

The happiest moment in school is when I spend time with my friends.<br />

My favourite subject is Maths. I enjoy learning with every teacher.<br />

My favourite teacher is Teacher Andrew, he was my Science teacher and<br />

helped me score good grades in this subject.I love SISB because I have<br />

many friends, the kind teachers, and a big playground where we always go<br />

to play during recess with my friends.<br />

Onsiri Untarijian (Noinah)<br />

My name is Noinah. I have studied at SISB for the past two years. One of my<br />

most memorable times is when the school organises SISB talent shows and<br />

doing a lot of activities with friends. My favourite subject is ICT because I<br />

like to use computers and learn more about it. I enjoy having fun with my<br />

friends. My favourite teachers are Teacher Ruth because she has influenced<br />

me in different ways. Teacher Herbert has been very kind and supportive in<br />

ICT lessons. SISB has very good and kind teachers who enjoy teaching and<br />

encouraging all students to do their best.<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 93

Arthit Songthanin (Palm)<br />

Hi, my name is Palm. I have studied at SISB for the past three years.<br />

My favourite subject is Art as I get to use my imagination and be creative.<br />

I also like Mathematics, Science and English. The best part of the school is<br />

the big library with a wide variety of books to read. I love going to read in<br />

the Library to read quietly. All the teachers in SISB are kind and take good<br />

care of every student.<br />

Waranthita Wongkhanmuang (Pokpong)<br />

Hi, my name is Pokpong. I have studied at SISB for the past two years.<br />

My happiest moments in school are break times and residential trips<br />

because I get enough time to be with my friends. My favourite subject is<br />

Music, as it is fun and I enjoy playing musical instruments. My favourite<br />

teacher is Tr .Ruth because she is funny and understands every student.<br />

I like it when she is happy. I am grateful to have been in SISB, learning new<br />

things and being together with my friends.<br />

94 |<br />


Prinyasawad Techasomboonranakit (Prin)<br />

I am Prin from Primary 6. I have studied at SISB for the past 2 years. My best<br />

time in SISB is during Art Lessons, it is my favourite subject. I enjoy drawing,<br />

playing football and school holidays. All the teachers in SISB are very<br />

kind and supportive. What I love most about SISB are the residential trips<br />

that the school organises. They are fun and educational.<br />

Boonyasith Kittiwatcharachai (Ryu)<br />

Hi, my name is Ryu. I have studied at SISB for the past 3 years.<br />

My happiest moments are when I get good grades in all the subjects.<br />

My favourite subject is PE as it is fun. I enjoy playing with my friends and<br />

learning about my favourite subjects. My favourite teacher is Teacher<br />

Andrew because he is kind. What I love about SISB is that there are good<br />

teachers and I have made many good friends. The school also has a big<br />

Library where we get different types of books to read.<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 95

Ploypinpan P (Sainam)<br />

Hi I am Sainam. I have been at SISB since Primary 4. My favourite subject<br />

is Math. I enjoy learning new things in class. I love SISB because students<br />

get to do various activities, learn different subjects that help them achieve<br />

their goals.<br />

Chatpimook Phattaralungkarn (Sanfran)<br />

I am Sanfran from Primary 6. I have studied at SISB for the past 8 years. My<br />

memorable moments as a student in SISB are when I play basketball with<br />

my friends . My favourite subjects are English, Maths, Science, PE and ICT.<br />

My favourite teachers are Teacher Ruth, Teacher Jan, Teacher Erik and<br />

Loashi Anna, Teacher Mas and Teacher Golf as they always see the best in<br />

me and support me in all their subjects. SISB is an excellent school with<br />

good, kind and caring teachers.<br />

96 |<br />


Nicha Sapsuwan (Sea)<br />

Hi, my name is Sea. I have studied at SISB for the past two years.<br />

The happiest moments in school are when I am with my friends.<br />

My favourite subject is Art as it is a class where I can be creative.<br />

I enjoy listening to Music. My favourite teacher is Teacher Carl.<br />

He is always kind to me and makes me laugh.<br />

Nitchakarn Supasithimathee (Seya)<br />

Hi, my name is Seya. I have studied at SISB for the past three months. My<br />

happiest moments are studying with all teachers, reading cartoon books<br />

in the library and playing with my friends. My favourite subjects are Art,<br />

English and Thai. My favourite teachers are Teacher Ruth, Teacher Justin,<br />

Teacher Janista (Nidnoi) and Teacher Janet, they are all kind and very<br />

supportive. In SISB we study different subjects and learn many languages.<br />

As a new student, everyone was supportive and helped me settle down<br />

quickly in my new environment.<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 97

Veryntira Wongthaninya (Tifa)<br />

Hi, my name is Tifa. I have studied at SISB for one year. The happiest<br />

moments in school are when I am with my friends. My favourite subject<br />

is Chinese as I like the language and it is enjoyable when I learn it. I enjoy<br />

conducting science experiments with Teacher Erik. My favourite teachers<br />

are Teacher Ruth and Teacher Phichet. I love everything about SISB, the<br />

teachers, friends and students in P6 Love class.<br />

Tonnahm Jirawanthon (Tonnahm)<br />

My name is Tonnahm from Primary 6. This is my second year as a student<br />

at SISB. My happiest moments are when I play with my friends. My favourite<br />

subject is Thai as it is fun. I enjoy coming to school and learning at SISB.<br />

My favourite teacher is Teacher Ruth because she takes good care of all<br />

students. What I love about SISB is it is an International school so we get<br />

practice and learn English.<br />

98 |<br />


Worada Lin (Cindy)<br />

Hi, I am Cindy. I have studied at SISB for the past month and it has been a<br />

wonderful experience . My favourite subject is Art as I enjoy drawing. I also<br />

enjoy playing the Violin. My favourite teacher is Teacher Ruth. She has<br />

been very supportive since I joined the school. I am happy that I am at SISB<br />

as I have learnt a lot since I joined the school.<br />

Sarunporn Songwatcharaporn (Peace)<br />

I am Peace from P6 Love. Although I have just been here for one month,<br />

I have had a wonderful experience in SISB. I have made new friends who have<br />

helped me settle down quickly in school. My most memorable moments<br />

are when I am learning with my friends. My favourite subject is English and<br />

PE. My favourite teacher is Teacher Phichet.He has been very kind to me<br />

and has helped me improve my English . The beautiful thing about SISB is<br />

the friendly and kind students who have been good to me as a new student.<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 99


YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 101

SCHOOL<br />


Mid-Autumn Festival<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 103

Wai Khru Ceremony<br />

104 |<br />


Halloween Celebration<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 105

International Week<br />

106 |<br />


Loy Khratong Festival<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 107

Christmas Celebration<br />

108 |<br />


Children’s Day<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 109

Chinese New Year<br />

110 |<br />


Sports Day<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 111

school<br />


Project Based Learning<br />

P B L<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 113

nursery - kindergarten<br />

field trips<br />

114 |<br />


YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 115

Primary<br />

field trips<br />

116 |<br />


YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 117


118 |<br />


Thai<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 119

MUSIC<br />

120 |<br />


PE<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 121

Extra curricular activities<br />

E C A<br />

122 |<br />


YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 123

Academic Staff


YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 125

Management & NK Teachers<br />

Lyndel Khaznaoui Kristy Bennett Daniel Comely Abraham Beyleveld JThomas Stoltz Thomas Bradley Jonathan Andreasen Steven Di Luca Tonya McDonel Annika Saunders Min Liu<br />

Amalia Marquez Lovely Bacus Panumas Prachaniyom Tanakit Chisanuyanachok Nattanath Suksee Olga Svyrydova Ga Ram Kim Janine Cervantes Namita Sinha Luciana Alves Sithembile Austin He Suwen<br />

Alexandra Nieto Lu Fangyin Huang Qianzhu Tu Ding Mei Kirsty Noach<br />

Safe Basiao Reshmi Sachdev Pattaraporn Tipsombat Pranachai Sukhyanga Sarywan Chintarat Vinita Srichaikul Amornrat Meepat Wilawan Kaewkanokvijit Kelvin Koh Narisa Lertnamwongwan Irene Ng Siow Hui<br />

Celeste Jacques Jatuphorn Ngernyoung Mateenan Srisomboon Nisachon Chatkaew Jessica Tan Rosemarie Baltazar Cristopher Eugenio<br />

126 |<br />


Management & Primary Teachers<br />

Andrew Martens Douglas Yahrmarkt Ryan Austin Jan Basiao Jordan Hunkin Ethan Leonard Justin Senekham Johannes Joubert James Galey Carl Joubert Erik Jon McDonel Natalie Dunham Yazhu Wu<br />

Margo Staffen Jonas Sim Guo Jing Li Yanling Daoqing Lin Ho Ching Yin Li Jiagen Sayamol Matra Arianne King Janista Prasatthong Namita Sinha Wang Li Ruth Adede Nutrujirang Kitcharoenkhnin<br />

Charissa Chan Wu Fan Wu Linghan Xu Min Sompon Morakotjinda Jarde Cahilig<br />

Phichet Srimueng Nenita Acedo Gracedale Baltakan Pranachai Sukhyanga Sarywan Chintarat Vinita Srichaikul Amornrat Meepat Wilawan Kaewkanokvijit Kelvin Koh Narisa Lertnamwongwan Irene Ng Siow Hui<br />

Celeste Jacques Janet Lee Lay Yeow Anuthida Lertnamwongwan Hala Caco Jennifer Duff Nisachon Chatkaew Emma Rattanapanadda Tian Xiao Xiao<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 127


Celeste Jacques<br />

Vice-Principal, NK<br />

Irene Ng Siow Hui<br />

Vice-Principal, Primary<br />

128 |<br />




Ryan Bruce Austin<br />

Arianne King<br />

Justin Nikone Senekham<br />

Margo Staffen<br />

Jordan Hunkin<br />

Jennifer Duff<br />

Douglas Allan Yahrmarkt<br />

Emma Rattanapanadda<br />

James Galey<br />

Johannes Joubert<br />

Jarde Cahilig<br />

Phichet Srimueng<br />

Ruth Atieno Adede<br />

Hala Caco<br />

Ethan Allen Leonard<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 129



Daoqing Lin (Ayana)<br />

Li Yanling (Wincy)<br />

Li Jiagen (Machado)<br />

Wu Fan (Stella)<br />

Tian Xiao Xiao (Ferry)<br />

Xu Min (Kitana)<br />

Ho Ching Yin (Mandy)<br />

Wang Li<br />

Yazhu Wu (Emma)<br />

Guo Jing

THAI<br />


Pattaraporn Tipsombat<br />

(Noon)<br />

Mateenan Srisomboon (Em)<br />

Nattanath Suksee (Pang)<br />

Nutrujirang Kitcharoenkhnin (Tum)<br />

Sayamol Matra (Noi)<br />

Sompon Morakotjinda<br />

(Taam)<br />

Jatuphorn Ngernyoung<br />

(Nang)<br />

Amornrat Meepat<br />

Janista Prasatthong (Nid Noi)<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 131

MATH<br />


Janet Lee Lay Yeow<br />

Anuthida Lertnamwongwan<br />

(Rasna)<br />

Jonas Sim<br />

Gracedale Baltakan



Razil Mahilum<br />

Gracedale Baltakan<br />

Filipina Aseron<br />

Roslyn Dangawen<br />

Geralden Parale<br />

Lorna Formentera<br />

Mabelle Casis<br />

Mar Joy Maghinay<br />

Elizabeth Luis<br />

Marivic Comediero<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 133




Courtney Rodriguez Cristopher Eugenio Johannes Joubert<br />

Natalie Dunham<br />

Maurizio Ghisleni<br />

134 |<br />


PE<br />


Tanakit Chisanuyanachok<br />

Jan Santillan Basiao<br />

Namita Sinha<br />

Panumas Prachaniyom<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 135

Support Staff


Front Row, (Left to Right)<br />

Pranachai Sukhyanga, Sarywan Chintarat, Vinita Srichaikul, Wilawan Kaewkanokvijit, Kelvin Koh, Amornrat Meepat, Narisa Lertnamwongwan,<br />

Irene Ng Siow Hui, Celeste Jacques<br />

Back Row (Left to Right)<br />

Pichawut Srirod, Nantamon Sengkrue, Sudarat Mahatamon, Pattanan Changhlam, Piyakorn Chuthongchai, Nisachon Chatkaew, Wantanee Sesuksai,<br />

Anchana Chumsai Na Ayudhya, Kultida Leerattanasinchaia, Sujitra Kongkaitngam, Bryan Paul Posada<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 137

HUMAN<br />


Nantamon Sengkrue<br />

Amornrat Meepat<br />

Sudarat Mahatamon<br />

138 |<br />



Wararom Konsin<br />

Benyapha Preechaanantakun<br />

Vinita Srichaikul<br />

Piyakorn Chuthongchai<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 139


Pichawut Srirod Herbert Acedo Sarywan Chintarat Bryan Paul Posada<br />

140 |<br />


Marivic Saguiod<br />

Gracelyn Garcia<br />


YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 141


Kultida Leerattanasinchaia Thanakorn Kotongcharoen Narudol Jannuwat Sujitra Kongkaitngam<br />

Pattanan Changhlam Sarywan Chintarat Anchana Chumsai Na Ayudhya Wantanee Sesuksai<br />

142 |<br />



Teeraya Maliwan Chuthamat Chuchot Chalotorn Jaikham<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 143

HUMAN<br />


Daorueang Sikha<br />

Pranachai Sukhyanga<br />

Somjai Saehang<br />

MUGS & HUGS<br />

144 |<br />



Panor Duangchan Harold Igloria Bacus Decha Prakobjit Kathamas Dannok Malee Saejiw Wongduean Chiangchok<br />

Somrit Nokngam Wasan Srirungruang Pranachai Sukhyanga Anoma Sriaroon Mayura Phengsuk Sopa Wongkanha<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 145


Theerachai Titboon<br />

Khwanchai Boonrungsee<br />

Pranachai Sukhyanga<br />

Jatupon Ra-ngubpai<br />

146 |<br />



Buarian Gatong<br />

Rian Detburam<br />

Maliwan Wongkankam<br />

Arunee Pradubrath<br />

Somjai Piyawat<br />

Pranachai Sukhyanga<br />

Sukanya Udomchockthamsong<br />

Kongkaew Seethongtha<br />

Sujitar Taengdaeng<br />

Aree Wongboontree<br />

Duangchan Wongngam<br />

YEARBOOK <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong> | 147



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