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2 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

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Meals on Wheels | Service with a Smile

Ask A Doctor: Michael S. Tehrani, M.D.

Coping with Isolation in Quarantine

Digital Resources

“People Are Scared”: Residents Step Up to Help

as Seniors Linger in Isolation

Financial Scams

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Food Assistance & Other Resources

The New Unusual

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Classes | 26

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In-Home Resources | 35

Hospital Centers/Classes | 35

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Neighboring Hospitals | 37

Long Beach Libraries | 37

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Helplines & Hotlines | 40

Housing | 41

Legal and Taxes | 42

Long Beach City Government | 43

Long Beach City Numbers | 44

Low Vision | 44

Long Beach Senior Centers

and Community Centers | 45

Utilities | 45

Neighboring Senior Centers | 46

Medical Equipment | 46

Medicare/Healthcare | 47

Medicare Fraud | 47

Check your Mental Wellness | 48

Mental Health | 49

Mortuarys/Cemeteries | 49

Pet Services | 50

Transportation | 51

Volunteer and Advocacy | 52 | 3

Executive Director’s Note

Dina Berg, MPA / Founder

Thank you to everyone that made this issue possible. So much has

changed due to the pandemic, we thought it prudent to update

for our readers. Things are changing quick in this environment,

so please call each resource for up to date information. Keep an

eye out for our new show, AgeWell Long Beach, on public access

television (PADNET.TV). The Show airs on Spectrum Ch. 32 and

Frontier Ch. 41.


so s


The Heart of Ida

Founder/Executive Director

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Kyle MacNew

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Michael Delgado

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4 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

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Service Areas

Long Beach

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*Financial assistance may be

available, please call for details

When Bill Cruikshank was a boy, he never

imagined his mother’s weekly Meals on

Wheels delivery route would bring his life

into full circle when he became the Executive

Director for the Long Beach chapter of

Meals On Wheels in 2010.

The pandemic has not discouraged Mr.

Cruikshank and his hardworking team, who

are more committed than ever to ensure

that their clients continue to receive freshly

prepared, nutritious meals. The organization

is currently serving about 500 people

each day, which is a 40% increase since the

COVID 19 pandemic began.

6 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020


Mr. Bill Cruikshank Shares How His

Team Provides More Than A Meal

By Monique Houston

Since 1971, Meals on Wheels has

provided hot meals to homebound

clients with various disabilities that

cannot fresh meals for themselves.

“We’ve managed to maintain, for 49

years, having fresh meals prepared

each morning,” explains Mr. Cruikshank.

The organization utilizes a commercial

kitchen that follows menus developed

by a dietician, that specializes in lowsodium

cuisine, to meet clients’ dietary

needs. “Our clients get a hot dinner

and a complete lunch. We offer a good

variety of food,” he says.

In addition to delivering healthy meals,

the 350 volunteers work hard to

maintain caring and kind relationships

with each client. “Everything starts

with our volunteers. The socialization

that goes on between the clients and

volunteers is very important to us.

Some of our clients have been with

us for 15 to 20 years,” Mr. Cruikshank

reflects. “They are warm and friendly

and are emotionally connected to us.”

County social distancing guidelines

have resulted in some home delivery

modifications. For example, volunteers

who once went into client homes to

assist with meal set up, now perform

front porch deliveries. However, that

has not stopped the team from going

the extra mile. Meals on Wheels

teamed up with The Heart of Ida to

organize over-the-phone friendly

check-ins. “What keeps me going are

the client stories I hear everyday.

Even though they may be struggling

and suffering, they are always thinking

about the Meals on Wheels team.” | 7

Ask A Doctor

Michael S. Tehrani, M.D.

Internal Medicine & Geriatrics

Q: What do you specialize in?

A: I am a geriatrician, which

means I work in the niche

of mainly seeing older adult

patients, and specifically

understanding their wants

and needs. Geriatricians

are especially well-versed in

knowing all the health and

medical resources available to

this age group.

Q: Do you remember the

moment you heard about

COVID and what you thought?

A: When we first heard about

it… We didn’t know what to

think. Is this another flu? It

was tough because the media

was sending conflicting

messages. So just like everyone

else we had a lot of confusion.

But as a geriatrics office,

knowing it could affect our

vulnerable population, we took

extreme measures until we

could learn more about it.

Q: What did those extreme

measures look like?

A: We started offering video

visits instead of in-person

visits. We educated our

patients to avoid hospitals and

the general public as much as

possible. We even distributed

masks to our patients. Our

priority was educating our

population about Covid-19

and helping patients get masks

and any required Personal

Protective Equipment (PPE).

Q: If you are a private doctor,

where do you get your

information? What is your

trusted source of expertise?

A: I have friends at the hospital

who are doctors and nurses

in the Emergency Room, ICU,

and Medical Floors. I read

the most up-to-date articles

like anyone else and am

communicating with physicians

at our local hospitals who are

seeing it front line.

Q: How has your viewpoint

changed since you first heard

about the coronavirus?

A: As of now, what I know

about the virus is that it’s

very contagious. About three

times more contagious than a

regular influenza virus. There

is a higher death rate than

the regular influenza virus.

Covid-19 particularly affects

people with weak immune

systems and a lot of those

are seniors. We see that it is

highly transmissible. Where

one person with the flu usually

gives it to one other person,

one person carrying this virus

seems to transmit it to about

three or four persons.

One reason for its high

transmission is that it spreads

via much, much smaller

particles than the flu. The

particles are aerosolized and

come out of people’s mouths

and noses like a spray, not like

droplets that just fall to the

ground. Even while you’re just

talking it can spread. We see

that it lives in the community

longer than the flu.

Q: So are you a proponent of

mask wearing?

A: Yes, I highly recommend

wearing one.

8 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Q: What actions do you take if

your patients test positive?

A: We ask them to go on

Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D,

antibiotics, and possibly other

treatments depending on the

situation. The next thing we

would do is tell them to isolate

themselves so they don’t pass

it to anyone else until they’re


Q: With more sectors of the

economy reopening, including

restaurants, how do you feel

about people going out to eat?

A: Because this virus is so

harmful in older adults I would

advise my patients to continue

to take the same precautions

they are now including keeping

six feet distance, wearing the

mask, avoiding crowded places,

and maintain good hygiene.

I am going to recommend

caution until there’s a

treatment or a vaccine.

You can think of the virus as a

living thing. This virus wants to

live like all of us do. It happens

to need humans to live. If

the human has immunity,

medications, or a vaccine the

virus dies. Right now, we don’t

have a vaccine and we don’t

have a medication. So right

now the only way to kill it is to

build immunity by catching it

and beating it.

But if you haven’t had it,

the virus is kind of like a lion

roaming the streets. If you

go out, it’s looking for you.

The reason we’re being less

restrictive as a society is not

because the virus is gone,

but because the hospitals

have more capacity to take

on new patients. We’ve built

procedures in the hospitals so

they have become efficient

at housing more patients. We

are better trained, have more

resources and equipment.

Eventually I think everyone

is going to get the virus. I

am hoping my patients can

avoid contracting it until we

have a treatment or a vaccine

at which point they can

better fight it off. Until then

there’s not much we can do.

If you contract it, it’s a battle

between the virus and your


Q: Do you have any guesses

as to when we might have a

vaccine or a treatment?

A: It usually takes about a year

for a vaccine. We’re hoping

early next year we should

have something. But people

need to remember over the

next few months that even if

it’s not on the media, the virus

is still here. Unfortunately,

the media controls what we

think about. The vulnerable

population should still take

precautions until there is a

vaccine or treatment. I would

like to see the media educate

seniors that just because the

economy is open does not

mean anything is safer. It just

means hospitals have capacity.

Older adults should continue

to take precautions until there

is a vaccine or treatment.

Q: Can you think of any

positives to take out of the

last few months?

A: I think the positive of all this

for a lot of people is they’ve

gotten closer to themselves,

they’ve gotten closer to

neighbors, they’ve learned

more about technology, and

on our end they’ve learned

the power and usefulness of


Also a lot less people have

been getting sick. And maybe

that’s partly because they’re

taking more preventative and

proactive care of themselves

and ironically not coming

to doctor’s office and other

places where there are a lot of

sick, contagious people. People

are home. People have been

learning to take better care of

themselves and they’re better

at managing their own bodies

because they don’t want to end

up in the hospital. | 9

10 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020 | 11

Medication Safety Program Prescribed for Senior Community

Medications can help improve the quality of our lives and

help us live longer, but they can also be dangerous if taken

incorrectly. As many as 80 percent of patients make errors

in taking their medicine, while approximately 60 percent

stop taking their medication before they’re supposed to.

These mistakes can create serious problems, ranging from

preventable threats like falls to worsening

medical conditions and even death.

The good news is, more than 50 percent

of medication-related problems can

be prevented – and Independence at

Home’s C-MEDS program is here to help! Here are a few questions to consider:

Do you have a plan to handle your medications and health issues during an emergency?

Do you take five or more medications?

Do you take 12 or more medication doses each day?

Are you currently taking medications for three or more medical problems?

Does more than one physician prescribe medications for you on a regular basis?

Do you get your prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the C-MEDS team can work with you and you

physician to reduce your risk for medication problems - we are just a phone call away!

C-MEDS is a no-cost program for persons residing in Los Angeles and Orange counties to

increase the safety of your medication use. Let us help you to increase the health outcomes you

get from taking your medications.

C-MEDS services are delivered via telephone calls,

audio/video chats or in-person home visits.

Program Eligibility:

-Adults 55 years & older experiencing or suspected of experiencing issues related to medication use.

-Any adult caregiver of a person 55 years and older who helps an older adult with their medications and

needs help with managing their medications.

- English or Spanish speaking

Call for more information about CMEDS: 866-421-1964

Coping With Isolation

in Quarantine

Ms. Patricia Estrada Offers Insight Into

Finding The Silver Lining

By Monique Houston

Ms. Patricia Estrada has enjoyed life as a Long

Beach resident for the past seven years. “I am

originally from South Los Angeles, so moving

to a beach town was an adjustment for me, but

I really enjoy the small town vibe,” she says.

Ms. Estrada is a naturally social person who

loves spending time with friends. Being popular

among the friends she has made as a part

of Ida’s Readers, a book club within The Heart

of Ida, and weekly exercise and yoga group sessions;

being in self-quarantine has proven to be

quite the challenge for her. “ I am fortunate to

have made so many friends,” she pauses, “but

being in isolation means that I’m physically cut

off from my support system.”

During her childhood, Ms. Estrada was raised by

her parents to be kind to people, speak to her

neighbors and to actually take an active part of

her surrounding community; so it is not abnormal

for her to spark up conversations with others.

“I will always find a way to talk with somebody,

even if it’s a person working at a grocery

store. They can be the person who picks up my


Although Ms. Estrada misses going to the movies,

meeting up with friends at The Senior Center

and attending water aerobics classes at her

local gym, she has managed to keep in contact

with her buddies through weekly phone calls, as

well as sending postcards and notes and letters

to others that may not have access to technological

devices. Her group of friends depend on

each other to uplift one another during times of

difficulty, so the regular check-ins help to ease

some of the loneliness that can come with isolation.

The group also routinely takes shorts walks

around Shoreline Village to ensure they incorporate

some light exercise into their weeks.

Ms. Estrada looks fondly on her time spent at

The Heart of Ida and considers herself fortunate

to have made connections that have helped

make life easier. “ I received a walker and a cane

from The Heart of Ida. I can walk to the market

and the beach,” she explains. She remains hopeful

and upbeat, and shares that she enjoys seeing the

families in her neighborhood walk to the beach

because “it seems that life is trying to get back to

normal.” | 13

Digital Inclusion Resources Hotline

Looking for low-cost Internet services options?

Need an affordable laptop or computer?

Want free computer training?

Contact the City of Long Beach

Digital Inclusion Resources Hotline

Digital Inclusion Navigators are available to answer your questions

and help you find local digital inclusion resources and services!

Mondays thru Fridays

8:00AM – 5:00PM

(562) 570-7000

The Digital Inclusion Resources Hotline is part of the City’s CARES Act funding efforts.

For more information regarding the City’s Digital Inclusion Initiative,

visit the website at

14 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Get ConnectedLB!

Looking for in-home Internet services

for as low as $20 a month?

Use the ConnectedLB Platform!

You may qualify for low-cost Internet offers if you are participating in

one of the following public benefit programs below:

Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid Program)

National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

CalFresh/ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF)

Find the latest digital inclusion resources such as low-cost Internet

offers, computers and free computer literacy training by visiting the

ConnectedLB Platform website

and entering your zip code!

If you qualify, you will be provided with various offers and you can

contact the providers in your area.


The ConnectedLB Platform content is managed by EveryoneOn,

one of the non-profit partners. | 15


Low-Cost Internet, Affordable Computers, Free Digital Training


human-I-T believes that through social entrepreneurship, opportunities are created for our world to become

more inclusive, sustainable, and bold. We inspire and empower people through technology and information

to achieve their full potential.

This isn’t just our mission. It’s our purpose.



Through human-I-T Connect, we

assist qualifying households

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subscribe to hard to find

low-cost internet offers in their


Prices vary between

$10.00-$25.00 a month.

Proof of low-income varies

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If you live in a qualified zip

code, you may receive a


Through human-I-T Equip,

nonprofits and low-income

individuals can purchase desktops

and laptops for as low as


All computers come with:

1 year FREE warranty

1 year of FREE tech


FREE shipping!

*Proof of low-income status needed to complete


Our Digital Literacy program is a

FREE self-paced online course

where individuals can learn

basic computer skills such as:

How to use a mouse

Keyboard Basics

What is an operating system

How to use the internet


How to create & use Email

GET CONNECTED NOW! | Call us: 888.391.7249 | Text “ heartofida” to 562.372.6925

16 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020


Internet de Bajo Costo, Computadoras Asequibles, Entrenamiento Digital Gratuito


human-I-T cree que a través del emprendimiento social, se crean oportunidades para que nuestro mundo se

vuelva más inclusivo, sostenible y audaz. Inspiramos y capacitamos a las personas a través de la tecnología y

la información para alcanzar su máximo potencial.

Esta no es solo nuestra misión. Es nuestro propósito.



A través de human-I-T Connect,

ayudamos a los hogares calificados

con presupuestos limitados

a suscribirse a ofertas de Internet

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Los precios varían entre

$10.00-$25.00 al mes.

La prueba de bajos ingresos

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Si vive en un código postal

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A través de human-I-T Equip, las

organizaciones sin fines de lucro

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solo $100!*

Todas las computadoras vienen con:

1 año de garantía GRATIS

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Nuestro programa de Alfabetización

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habilidades informáticas básicas


Cómo utilizar un ratón de


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forma segura

Cómo crear y usar el correo


¡CONÉCTESE AHORA! | Llamanos: 888.391.7249 | Envíenos “heartofida” a 562.372.6925 | 17

‘People are scared’: Residents step up

to help as seniors linger in isolation

Ashleigh Ruhl

Long Beach Post

Mildred Wallerstein, 102, looks out her apartment window

at her home in Signal Hill Thursday, April 9, 2020. Photo by

Thomas R. Cordova.

“My doctor said go home

and close your door and

don’t let anyone in or out,”

102-year-old Mildred

Wallerstein said.

For Wallerstein and many

seniors, the coronavirus

outbreak has forced her to

stay inside her apartment

in Signal Hill. The most she

gets out these days is to sit

on her patio or try to walk

down the street a short

distance, so she said phone

calls are the best way for

her to stay connected with

friends and loved ones while

she’s isolated.

“All day long, my phone

won’t stop ringing,” Wallerstein

said enthusiastically.

“Everybody wants to know

how I’m doing. Everybody

wants to leave me food…

It makes me feel very good

that so many people care

about me because I cannot

go out and be with people.”

Wallerstein, who has generous

neighbors dropping off

casseroles and a son who

calls her daily, considers

herself lucky because she

knows some of her peers

don’t have loved ones to

connect with.

Many seniors who may face

increased risks of complications

from contracting the

virus are self isolating and

feel totally alone, said Heart

of Ida founder Dina Berg,

who runs the Long Beach

charity focused on preserving

independence for older


“People are scared,” Berg

said. “A woman called me

today crying. I think she’d

been watching the news too

much. She wanted someone

to talk to.”

Which is why Heart of Ida

has launched a new Friendly

18 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Caller Program with volunteers

scheduling weekly

telephone check-ins for people

who need social connection

and support.

Even without coronavirus,

Berg explained, social isolation

impacts nearly one in

five older adults in the United

States, with studies tying

that loneliness to greater

risk of heart disease, decreased

mobility, high blood

pressure, dementia and


She said the Friendly Caller

Program, with its first

scheduled call this week, is

something she’d been thinking

about doing anyway, and

coronavirus pushed her to

make it happen. She plans to

maintain it permanently.

Heart of Ida is coordinating

the program, using background

checked and trained

volunteers, in partnership

with the Long Beach Senior

Police Partners (SPP),

a group of seniors who are

trained to provide peer support.

SPP volunteer coordinator

Tom Leary of the Long Beach

Police Department said

partnering with Heart of Ida

is giving a new sense of purpose

to the SPP volunteers

who could no longer make

physical house calls for their

own safety.

“As soon as we called off

(home visit) operations, the

volunteers were climbing

the walls asking when they

could come back,” Leary said.

“People are alone and they

can feel like the last person

on earth. Having a connection,

just knowing that

someone is thinking about

them really does help them.”

With calls starting this week,

Leary said the feedback

already has been incredible,

with volunteers sharing

news updates and confirming

with isolated seniors

whether or not they need

help to get their prescriptions

or meals.

“We are really pleased to be

a part of this, and I see this

as an ongoing venture—now

that this foundation has

been created, why not call

seniors all the time? It’s a

great model,” Leary said.

Besides phone calls, other

local nonprofits, too, and

even individuals and neighbors

are finding ways to connect

with isolated seniors.

Long Beach’s Meals on

Wheels delivers hot dinners,

lunches and desserts to an

average of 350-400 people

(mostly seniors) per day,

and Executive Director Bill

Cruikshank expects that

number to hit 500 this week

as demand increases.

Although volunteers must

maintain social distance,

they still see clients and

exchange friendly waves as

they drop off items. Cruikshank

said he’s encouraged

by the outpouring of support

he’s seeing from the community,

especially from young

people who have stepped up

to volunteer and fill the need

for Meals on Wheels.

“We’ve lost about 20% of

our volunteers who were

seniors who could no longer

do deliveries, but more than

twice that many have come

our way because many people

at home are wondering

how they can help,” he said.

Neighbors in Naples and

other communities within

Long Beach also are coming

together to help one another.

Friendly faces from

across the street bring

baked goods to the stoop

of 85-year-old Linda Bresnan

of Naples, who pokes

her nose out the door and


Like many self-isolating

seniors, Bresnan is a widow

who doesn’t get out much

for fear of contracting coronavirus.

“I live alone, so I don’t cook

much at all. Anything that

someone actually makes

is very much appreciated,”

Bresnan said about the acts | 19

of kindness that have brightened

her days during the

COVID-19 crisis. “There’s a

good network on the island

(Naples), and we’ve all lived

here for a hundred years so

we all know one another.”

She said she’s making the

best of having to stay at

home: reconnecting with old

friends via email and phone

calls, cleaning the house,

watching history shows on

PBS and carefully making

the occasional trip to the

grocery store for supplies.

“We’re all stuck in this limbo,”

she said. “I try to call

different friends who I know

are homebound or are not

in as good of shape. It’s good

just to hear a human voice…

I have a little more time to

do these things that I’ve

been putting off, so now I

have no excuses.”

Still, it hasn’t been easy. The

retired airline stewardess

celebrated a birthday alone

last week and she’s recently

lost a couple of friends who

could not have public funeral

services. She said she

misses lunches with friends,

meetings for the different

groups she’s involved with

and attending theatre productions.

But she doesn’t dwell on

that. She said the most important

thing she’s reminded

herself to do every day since

her husband Bob died more

than a decade ago is to stay


“God gave you these minutes,

don’t waste them. You

never know what is going to

happen,” she said. “You have

to shut out all the negativity.

You have to be upbeat, even

if you don’t feel like it, you

have to force yourself.”

For more information on

Heart of Ida’s program call


Mildred Wallerstein, 102,

looks out her apartment

window at her home in

Signal Hill Thursday,

April 9, 2020. Photo by

Thomas R. Cordova.

20 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Financial Scams

Hunter Albrecht

Kyle MacNew

Jowen Magturo

Financial fraud is one of the

expeditious growing forms

of elder abuse. Briefly defined,

financial elder abuse

occurs when someone improperly

or illegally uses a

vulnerable senior’s property

or money with ill intent.

The majority of states now

have laws set up that make

elder abuse a serious crime

and supply ways for seniors

to help fight back against

scammers. Older adults are

targeted because they often

have a “nest egg” or some

other financial excess that

they have saved through

life and now utilize in retirement.

The previous generation

was also raised to be

generally more polite and

trusting than the current

generation. These characteristics

are exploited by con

Carly Lynggard

Michael Delgado

artists in order to increase

their success rate.

Types of scams to look out

for include: Telemarketing

Fraud, Healthcare or Health

Insurance Fraud, Counterfeit

drugs, Funeral & Cemetery

Scams, Internet Fraud,

Investment Schemes, and

“The Grand Parent Scam.”

The grandparent scam is so

simple and devious because

it uses one of older adults’

most reliable assets, their

hearts. Scammers will place

a call to an older person

and when the mark picks

up, they will say something

along the lines of: “Hi Grandma,

do you know who this

is?” When the unsuspecting

grandparent guesses the

name of the grandchild the

scammer most sounds like,

the scammer has established

a fake identity without

having done a lick of background

research. Once “in,”

the fake grandchild will usually

ask for money to solve

some unexpected financial

problem, such as overdue

rent or payment for car

repairs, to be paid via Western

Union or MoneyGram,

which don’t always require

identification to collect. At

the same time, the scam artist

will beg the grandparent

“please don’t tell my parents,

they would kill me.”

Steps that can be taken to

protect yourself:

Familiarize yourself with

scams so you can identify

potential threats.

Inform solicitors you need

offers sent in writing.

Shred receipts and credit

card numbers.

Sign up for “Do Not Call”


Use direct deposit for benefits

checks instead of receiving

them in the mail. Always

be skeptical, a legitimate

company will be happy to

provide their credentials.

Services available to aid in

learning to prevent these

scams are few but growing. | 21

Food Assistance and Other

Resources for Older Adults


562-570-INFO (4636)

Option 5 for Older Adults

8:00am - 4:30pm, M-F

Prepared Meals

Contact agencies directly to confirm services and availability.

Parks, Recreation &

Marine Senior Meals

Human Services Association

(H.S.A.) lunches - Must register.

Call 562-570-3520 or visit:

Long Beach Senior Center

1150 E. 4th Street

El Dorado Park West

2800 Studebaker Road

Houghton Park at Ramona

3301 E. 65th Street

McBride Park

1550 Martin Luther King Ave.

Food Resources and Food Banks

Food Finders

Call or visit website for info

on food pantry locations


Long Beach Rescue


Call for info and schedule


Salvation Army

Call for info and schedule


22 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Other Meal Programs

Silverado Park

1545 W 31st Street


Expo Senior Center

4321 Atlantic Avenue


Call for schedule.

No reservation required.

Meals on Wheels

Must complete application

online, by phone or mail.


Great Plates Delivered

Must be pre-screened.

562-570-4636 option 5

Contact agencies directly to confirm services

and for other local availability.

Orange County

Food Bank

(Call to register)

Long Beach Senior Center


4th Saturday at 9:00am

Food Bank of CA:

Brown Bag

(Call to register)

Long Beach Senior Center


1st and 3rd Wed. at 8:00am

Elderly Nutrition


Workforce Development,

Aging and Community


Home-delivered meal

program for home-bound



Critical Delivery


Free delivery of food and

other vital items for those

aged 60 and over. Your items

must be ordered and paid for

in advance of requesting


Call M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm

to schedule.


CalFresh Benefits

CalFresh EBT cards may

now be used to purchase

groceries online with select


Call for more information

or to apply for benefits.


Other Resources for Older Adults


Friendship Line


Heart of Ida

Delivery, friendly callers,

on-line exercise classes.


human I-T (low-cost internet)

Text: 562-372-6925


Independence at Home

Info and referrals to senior

and caregiver programs.


Jewish Family and

Community Services

Delivery, friendly callers,

resource referral.


Long Beach Senior Center


Long Beach Time Exchange

Face masks

(562) 786-6081

Lutheran Social Services

562-599-1321 ext. 1029

Medication Delivery

Call your local pharmacy to

ask about delivery options

or try these general info lines.

CVS 1-800-237-2767

Walgreens 1-800-797-3345

Walmart 1-800-273-3455

Rite Aid 1-800-748-3243

Mental Health Access


Rental Assistance

Urban Community Outreach


Tenant Protections

There are new protections to

help keep you from being

evicted because of COVID-19.

The Legal Aid Foundation of

Los Angeles can help.


The LGBTQ Center

Long Beach

Social groups, grocery

and essential item delivery,

resource referral, friendly



Additional Information

If you are having symptoms such as cough, fever,

shortness of breath, chills, repeated shaking with chills,

muscle pain, headache, sore throat or new loss of taste

or smell, call your healthcare provider immediately. If it

is a medical emergency, call 911.

You can also call the City of Long Beach COVID-19

hotline (562) 570-INFO (4636) to report your

symptoms and be referred for testing, if warranted.

The City opened a Rapid Assessment Clinic which

is a no-cost, walk-in clinic available to individuals who

are unable to access their own personal physicians.

Long Beach City College

1305 E. Pacific Coast Highway

10:00am - 4:00pm

7 days a week until further notice

Need more help?

If you need help

connecting to a resource

or cannot find what you

are looking for listed here,

please call the City's Older

Adult Resource Line:

(562) 570-INFO(4636)

and select option 5

Calls will be returned

weekdays from

8:00am - 4:30pm | 23


How Tai Chi Helps Ms. Rena Anderson Maintain

Some Normalcy During the Pandemic

By Monique Houston

Rena Anderson practicing

Tai Chi with Dr. Gretchen


“Before everything shut

down, I could go places.

Now, I have to stay in the

house,” laments Ms. Rena

Anderson, a self-proclaimed

independent person. Ms.

Anderson enjoys socializing

with her friends and being

a member of The Crochet

Club at Silverado Park.

“Now, my friends and I keep

in contact with each other

over the phone, because

we’re used to seeing each

other and want to make sure

no one is sick,” Ms. Anderson

explains, expressing how

she misses her face-to-face

weekly club meetings.

Although she is unable

to get around as freely as

before the COVID-19 pandemic,

Ms. Anderson has not

allowed quarantine stop her

from getting adequate exercise.

She has modified her

workout regimen to include

the principals of Tai Chi that

she learned from Dr. Gretchen

Swanson from The Heart

of Ida. During the pandemic

Heart of Ida has provided

the community with Tai

Chi To Me, an initiative to

bring exercise to people

where they live. Ms. Anderson

follows the provided

schedule of exercises twice

a week from the comfort of

her home and is appreciative

that her fitness routine

hasn’t suffered much during

this time. “Tai Chi gives me

something to do and I’ve

always enjoyed exercise.

Being able to practice from

home is still enjoyable,” she


Since people are spending

more time indoors these

days, Ms. Anderson encourages

everyone to regularly

check in on friends and outof-town

relatives. She also

reminds everyone to “Get

checked for the coronavirus,

whether you think you have

it or not, because you may

have it and can pass it onto

someone else.”

24 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

If you or someone you know is age 60 or older and has been a victim

of fraud, help is standing by at the National Elder Fraud Hotline.



6:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m. eastern time, 7 days a week

English/Español/Other languages available

Reporting is the first step.

Reporting can help authorities identify those who commit

fraud and can also prevent others from becoming victims. Our

experts will help victims navigate this process.

No fear, total understanding.

The hotline is staffed by professionals who know how to support

victims of fraud. Callers can count on our case managers to be

caring and understanding.

Personalized service at no cost.

Callers will reach a case manager who will help them through

the reporting process at the federal, state, and local levels.

Victims will also be connected with other resources on a

case-by-case basis.

Providing Help,

Restoring Hope

Financial scams and

abuses that target older

people are happening

more and more. This

hotline is a free resource

created by the U.S.

Department of Justice

Office for Victims of Crime

to help people report

elder fraud.

What to expect when calling 1-833-FRAUD-11 (1-833-372-8311).

We’ll respond quickly.

Calls will be answered

within three rings.

Victims will be assigned a

case manager.

Callers will always

be treated with

understanding and respect.



Senior Centers Long Beach Senior Center

1150 E. 4th Street

Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) 570-3500

During Covid-19, the Long Beach Senior Center

(LBSC) programs, activities and classes are

cancelled until further notice. LBSC staff are

answering phone calls for information and

assistance, Monday through Fridays, 8 am to

4:45 pm, at (562) 570-3500.

Silverado Park

1545 W. 31st St.

(562) 570-1675

El Dorado Park West

2800 Studebaker Road

(562) 570-3225

Houghton Park

6301 Myrtle Ave.

(562) 570-1640

Cesar Chavez

401 Golden Ave.

(562) 570-8890

California Rec. Center

1550 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

(562) 570-1605

Expo Arts Center

4321 Atlantic Ave.

For schedule of senior activities, call Council

District 8 at (562) 570-6685.

The Salvation Army Al and Faye Taylor

Senior Center

3000 Long Beach Boulevard,

Long Beach, CA, 90807

Call for classes (562) 247-3539

Call for details such as schedules and registration.

26 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

The LGBTQ Center

2017 E. 4th St.

(562) 434-4455

Social support groups, seminars and events.

Alpert Jewish Community Center

3801 E. Willow St.

(562) 426-7601

CSULB Life Fit Center at CSULB

1250 N. Bellflower Blvd.

(562) 985-2015

For Long Beach residents ages 49+.Summer &

Fall. LifeFit is temporarily closed; however, we

are offering virtual programming.

LifeFit Virtual Programming Options: Group

Fitness*, Personal Training, Fitness

Consultation/Wellness Coaching, and

Wellness Workshops!

LifeFit Virtual Group Fitness Schedule*:

• Mon @ 10 am – 11 am: Core Fitness w/ Evelyn

• Wed @ 10 am – 11 am: Core Fitness w/ Evelyn

• Thur @ 10 am – 11 am: Building Strength w/


• Fri @ 10 am – 11 am: Cardio Blast w/ Valerie

*In addition to these live group fitness classes,

LifeFit also has a virtual group fitness library

with various group fitness formats available to

participate in at your convenience.

Please email LifeFit Director, Dr. Ayla

Donlin ( for

more information about LifeFit Virtual


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Four locations. (562) 985-8237

Non-credit classes on campus and at several

locations in Long Beach for adult 50+

Annual membership $40; Classes $15;

Scholarships available for need.

Schedule of classes at

Warm Water


Call for Schedule

Ability First

3770 E. Willow St.

(562) 426-6161

Arthritis Swim,

Arthritis Swim Plus,

Open Swim,

Water Exercise.

Pools of Hope

6801 Long Beach Blvd.

(310) 537-2224

City Pools with

Exercise Classes:

Long Beach



Compton | 27


& OTHER (Cont.)


All classes are held online with Zoom until

campus re-opens. Zoom training available.

LBCC Long Beach Community College

Lifetime Learning Program for older adults.

Pacific Coast Campus, 1305 E. PCH., QQ 122

(562) 938-3048 Call for information on




Why We’re the Best:

•Flexible Hours/No Minimums

•24/7 Customer Care

•Quality Assurance Program

•Employed CAREGivers:


•Locally Owned Since 1999

Our Most

Popular Services:

•Meals and Housekeeping

•Drive to Appointments/Shopping

•Personal Hygiene

•Alzheimer’s Care

•Hospital Discharge Assistance

(562) 553-5346 HCO #194700062

28 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Long Beach Health & Human Services

Locations vary

(562) 570-4499

Call for information on programs and

resourcesworkshops, and health fairs, plus

mental health and healthcare resources.

Primetime Players

Singing, dancing, acting

Call for information 714-269-7496


Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit.

Los Altos, 1720 Bellflower Blvd

(562) 596-3394

Fairfield, 4949 Atlantic Avenue

(562) 423-0491

Lakewood, 5835 E. Carston St.

(562) 425- 7431

Some classes are outside. Call for


Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548

Stay Connected and Friendly Caller


Tai Chi to Me

Call for more information


Report elder abuse or neglect.

Elder Abuse Hotline (877)


If it is immediate (happening

right now) or life threatening

— Call 911

Adult Protective Services


If you or someone you know

needs protection from

abuse and neglect, call the

statewide Adult Protective

Services hotline: (833) 401-

0832. Individuals can enter

their 5-digit ZIP code to be

connected to their county

Adult Protective Services staff,

7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Ageless Alliance

LA County District Attorney

Victim-Witness Assistance

(800) 380-3811

California Attorney General

Bureau of Medi-CalFraud &

Elder Abuse

(800) 722-0432

Domestic Violence Hotlines:

National DVH

(800) 799-7233

DVH Socal in 13 languages:

(800) 978-3600

Jewish Family Service

Violence Project

(818) 505-0900

Aging & Adult Protective


(888) 202-4248

(877) 477-3646

Conducts investigation of all

situations involving elders

(age 65+) and dependent

adults (physically or mentally

impaired aged 18-64) who are

reported to be endangered by

physical, sexual, or financial

abuse, abandonment, isolation,

abduction, neglect or selfneglect,

or hazardous living


Long-Term Care Ombudsman

(800) 334-9473

(800) 231-4024

After hours/crisis

A free and confidential service

that maintains and improves

the quality of life for residents

in long-term care facilities.

Elder Abuse

Occurs in

Many Forms










Stand Up &

Speak Out.

It Matters. | 29


Food Stamps (Cal Fresh)

Sign up by phone

1 866 613-3777

Long Beach Dept. of

Health & Human Services

(562) 570-4315

Alpert Jewish Community


3801 E. Willow St.

(562) 426-7601 x 1721 or


Human Services Association

(HSA) Meals Program

(562) 570-3520

Lunch Program for ages 60+.

Locations include:

California Rec. Center, Cerritos

Senior Center, El Dorado Park,

Houghton Park, and Long

Beach Senior Center.

Meals on Wheels LB

$8.25 per day for two meals

- dinner & lunch. Meals are

delivered Monday - Friday

between 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

by volunteers. Sign up on their

website or over the phone.

(562) 439-5000


- Call for locations, pickup

times, & more.

American Red Cross

(562) 595-6341

Long Beach Community

(213) 251-3432

Food Finders

(562) 283-1400

Foodbank of So. Cal.

(562) 435-3577

30 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Grateful Hearts Storehouse

(562) 431-0880

Long Beach Rescue

(562) 591-1292

Salvation Army

(562) 436-7637

Long Beach Community Table

9038 Artesia Boulevard,



Open Hours for Free Food

Tuesday 5:30 – 7 pm

Wednesday 5:30 – 7 pm

Friday 12 – 4 pm

Saturday 12 – 2 pm

Visit weekly – no appointment


Other Food Banks

Grant AME Church

1129 Alamitos Ave.

Long Beach


Wednesday 9 – 12 pm

Urban Community Outreach

241 Cedar Avenue

Long Beach


Sunday 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Christian Outreach in Action

515 E. 3rd Street

Long Beach


Tues/Thurs 9 – 12 pm

Church One Ministries

700 70th Street


M-F 11 – 1 pm

Light & Life Christian


5951 Downey Avenue

Long beach


Monday 12 – 2 pm

Pools of Hope

6801 Long Beach Boulevard

Long Beach


Thurs 2 – 4 pm

Sat 11 – 1 pm

North Long Beach Ministry


5239 Atlantic Avenue

Long Beach


Friday 7 am – 1:30 pm

Awaken Ministries

2426 Santa Fe Avenue

Long Beach


Wed 10:30 – noon

Fountain of Life Covenant


2060 Santa Fe Avenue

Long Beach


Thurs 9 – 3 pm

Heart of Ida thanks

the following funders

for their support

during Covid-19:

Josephine S.



Long Beach

Community Action


Bauer Foundation

Long Beach



HOPE | 31


Credit Card Fraud

Help with identity theft, create

a freeze on new accounts from

being opened in your name,

and credit report disputes.


(888) 397-3742


(866) 349-5191


(800) 680-7289

Free annual credit report:

(877) 322-8228

Mail Fraud &


US Postal Inspection

Service to report mail fraud:

(877) 876-2455

Opt-out from insurance offers,

pre-approved credit card, &

unsolicited mail

(888) 567-8688

Direct Marketing Association


Remove your name from

mailing lists and e-mailing lists:

Telephone Fraud

Federal Trade Commission


Report telemarketing fraud/

identity theft:

(877) 382-4357

Do Not Call Registry - Stop

telemarketers from calling.

(888) 382-1222. www.

Internet Crime / Spam

Internet Crime complaint


Other Issues

Financial Industry Regulatory


(FINRA) check the background

of a broker or brokerage

(800) 289-9999

California Department of

Consumer Affairs to make

sure licenses of physicians,

nurses, and other health care

professionals are current: dcs., (800) 952-5210

California Department of


(800) 927-4357

California Department of Real


(213) 620-2072

California Public Utilities

Commission for utility


(800) 649-7570

LA County Department of

Consumer Affairs

for landlord/tenant issues,

housing discrimination,

home-buyer issues, consumer

complaints: dca.

(800) 593-8222

32 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall 2020


Alzheimer’s Greater Los

Angeles Adult Day Services

Help Line

(844) HELP.ALZ

ALS Association

American Heart Association

and American Stroke


(213) 291-7000

American Diabetes


(800) 342-2383

California Association of

Adult Day Services

California Dept. of Health

Care Services

California Dept. of Social


Facility Resources A Place for


(844) 731-8137

Assisted Living Locators

(310) 853-8282

Connections Care Home


(800) 330-5993

Nursing Home Compare



Genesis Program Mental


Assessments for

people age 60+.

(213) 351-7284

IMAlive Crisis Network

Friendship Line

24-hour, for people


(800) 971-0016

LA Warmline

10pm - 6am

Crisis Line

(855) 952-9276

spanish available

The Warm Line

Non-Crisis line.

M-F, 5-10pm


(888) 448-4055


(888) 448-9777


State of CA Crisis Line

(800) 231-4024 | 33


Ascent Hearing Center

4085 Atlantic Ave., Ste. D

(562) 206-1983

Your Hearing Center

2865 Atlantic Ave., Ste. 225

(714) 672-9445,

Connect Hearing

(562) 494-7374

Screenings: locations vary

Clear Captions

Free phones.

Hearing Loss Association of

America (HLAA) Long Beach/

Lakewood Chapter

(562) 438-0597

American Hearing & Balance

3740 E. 7th St.

(562) 433-6701

Sonus Hearing Care

2530 Atlantic Ave., Ste. D

(562) 426-2137



562-531-3031 or visit

Pathways provides compassionate care

for those living with a terminal illness and

bereavement support for adults and the whole



Regional Line: (800) 723-3233 (24h)

New Hope Grief Support Community

3505 Long Beach Blvd Ste 2C, Long Beach, CA



34 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020


In-Home Supportive Services

(IHSS) Personal Care Services

Program (PCSP)

(888) 944-4477

IHSS Ombudsman

(888) 678-4477

Senior Links Program For


Long Beach Department of

Health and

Human Services Outreach


(562) 570-3555 or (562) 570-



Independence at Home

(866) 421-1964

For people 55+, programs

provide wide variety of

supoort through social

workers, gerontologists,

mental-health professionals,

pharmacists, health educators,

and volunteers. No charge.

Available in Spanish and other



Keeping older adults safe

and independent in their own


No fee for service. Please call

562-531-3031 or visit


Dignity Health - St. Mary’s

Medical Center

Bazzeni Wellness Center

for older adults 50+.

1050 Linden Ave.

(562) 491-9811

Membership, free -

$25 annually.

Call for Details/Class Schedule

Long Beach Memorial

MemorialCare Senior Plus

program for older adults

ages 55+.

2801 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 933-1650

$25 annual fee.

Call for details. | 35



Dignity-St. Mary’s Medical


1050 Linden Ave.,

(562) 491-9000

Long Beach Community

1720 Termino Ave.,

(562) 498-1000

Long Beach Memorial


2801 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 933-2000,

VA Long Beach

5901 E. 7th St.,

(562) 826-8000

Neighboring Hospitals

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

1000 W. Carson St.

(310) 222-2345

Los Alamitos Medical Center

3751 Katella Ave.,

Los Alamitos

(562) 598-1311

Lakewood Regional Medical


3700 E. South St.,


(562) 531-2550

Kaiser Permanente

25825 Vermont Ave.,

Harbor City

(800) 780-


St. Francis Family Health


457 S. Long Beach Blvd.,


(310) 761-8461

Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Plus

555 Ocean Blvd.,

Ste. 110

(562) 285-5050

Reddy Urgent Care

123 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 726-1383

Long Beach Urgent Care

6553 E. PCH

(562) 596-8700

Medpost Urgent Care

2010 E. Carson St.

(562) 424-5450

MemorialCare Medical

Groups Urgent Care Center

2110 N. Bellflower Blvd.

(562) 346-2222

Long Beach Comprehensive


1333 Chestnut Ave.

(562) 599-2153

36 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020


Los Alamitos Medical Center

3751 Katella Ave.,

Los Alamitos

(562) 598-1311

Classes and lectures.

Lakewood Regional

Medical Center

3700 E. South St.,


(562) 531-2550

Classes and lectures.

Kaiser Permanente

25825 Vermont Ave.,

Harbor City

(800) 780-1230

Classes (KP members only)

St. Francis Family Health


457 S. Long Beach Blvd.,


(310) 900-7340


Due to Covid-19, libraries are closed

until further notice

Billie Jean Kimng Main Library

200 W. Broadway,

(562) 570-7500


1836 E. Third St.,

(562) 570-1037

Ruth Bach

4055 N.

Bellflower Blvd.,

(562) 570-1038.

Bay Shore

195 Bay Shore Ave.,

(562) 570-1039


4036 E. Anaheim St.,

(562) 570-1040


560 E. Hill St.,

(562) 570-1041


3680 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 570-1042

El Dorado

2900 Studebaker

Road, (562) 570-3136 | 37

Bret Harte

1595 W. Willow St.,

(562) 570-1044

Los Altos

5614 E. Britton Dr..

(562) 570-1045

Mark Twain

1401 E. Anaheim St.,

(562) 570-1046

Michelle Obama

5870 Atlantic Ave.,

(562) 570-1047

Homebound readers services,

(562) 570-6959

Online Book Club

The Long Beach Public Library Online Book

Club is a community wide book club that you

can participate in from the comfort of your

own home and around your busy schedule.

LBPL is partnering with Overdrive to bring

you a new title every other month that can be

downloaded as an ebook or an audiobook to

your smartphone, tablet, or computer from

LBPL’s Overdrive page. http://www.longbeach.




(562) 925-5543

9945 E. Flower St.


(310) 830-0901

151 E. Carson St.


(310) 637-0202

240 W. Compton Blvd.

Rancho Dominguez

(310) 632-6193

4420 E. Rose St.

Hawaiian Gardens

(562) 496-1212

11940 Carson St


4990 Clark Ave.,

(562) 866-1777

6600 Del Amo Blvd.

(562) 421-8497

Los Alamitos/Rossmoor

(562) 430-1048

12700 Montecito, Seal Beach,

Curbside pick up may be available.

Call for more information


(562) 630-3171

16254 Colorado Ave.

Seal Beach

(562) 431-3584

707 Electric Ave

Signal Hill

1780 E. Hill St.,

(562) 989-7323


(310) 834-1082

38 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020


What is LBPL To-Go?

LBPL To-Go is the library’s contactless pick-up

service for books, DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks

that aligns with the State and County’s Phase 2

reopening plan for libraries.

How LBPL To-Go works:

Step 1: Place your items on hold

You can place items on hold online or by phone

by calling any of the following four libraries Tue-

Sat, 10am-5pm:

• BJK Main | 562-570-7500

• Michelle Obama | 562-570-1047

• Mark Twain |562-570-1046

• Bay Shore | 562-570-1039

Select which of these locations you will pick up


Step 2: Wait for notification, then tell us when

you can pick up items

When your hold is available, you’ll receive

an email or phone call notification with a

reminder to call the location to schedule your

pick-up day. Item pick-up is Tuesday through

Saturday, 10am-1pm at Bay Shore, Mark Twain

and Michelle Obama Libraries. Item pick-up is

Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-3pm at BJK

Main Library.

scheduled pick-up time

Call the number of the library when you arrive.

Staff will tell you when to approach the pick-up


Step 4: Follow staff instructions and wait until

your items are placed on the pick-up table.

The pick-up process will include no physical

contact between staff and library patrons.

Follow staff instructions and wait until your

items are placed on the pick-up table and staff

let you know you can approach.

Staff will check out your items and bring them

out in a paper bag with your checkout receipt


For your safety and the safety of others, please

wear a face covering and stand at least 6 feet

from others.

Book drops at all locations are open. You may

return all library materials you have. We are not

accepting donations at this time.

Have a question? Check out the LBPL To-Go

FAQs or call us at (562) 570-7500.

Step 3: Arrive at the library during your | 39


911 Emergency Police/Fire


Domestic Violence

(800) 799-7233


(800) 633-4227

211 Los Angeles


Suicide Hotline &

Vet Crisis Line

(800) 784-2433

Suicide Prevention


(866) 488-7386

Poison Control

(800) 222-1222

Center for Health Rights

(213) 383-4519

Emergency Shelter Hotline

(800) 548-6047

LA County Mental Health


(800) 854-7771

Legal Aid of Los Angeles

601 Pacific Ave.

(562) 435-3501

Multi-Service Center

1301 W. 12th St.

(562) 570-4500

Poverty assistance.

Friendship Line

(800) 971-0016

Elder Abuse Hotline

(877) 477-3646

National Sexual

Assault Hotline

(800) 656-4673

Long Beach Gas & Oil

Emergency (562) 570-2140

Utility (562) 570-5700

So Cal Edison

(800) 655-4555

Los Angeles Aging

& Adult Services

(888) 202-4248

Disabled Transport

(Access Eligibility)

(562) 591-8753


(Low-Income Emergency

Assistance with Utilities)

(866) 675-6623

Wise & Healthy Aging

Long Term Care Ombudsman

(800) 334-9473, After hours,

(800) 231-4024 | 40


Affordable Living

for the Aging

(323) 650-7988

Eviction Defense Network

(213) 385-8112

Fair Housing Foundation

(562) 989-1206

Forever Active

(888) 705-7441

Housing Rights Center

(800) 477-5977

Housing Authority Bureau for

the City of Long Beach

(562) 570-6985

HUD Senior Resources

LBRE -Long Beach Residents


(562) 444-5147

Renter’s rights & legal

workshops, bi-monthly

meetings & more

LGBTQ+ Seniors & Allys

(562) 294-6040

Menorah Housing Foundation

(310) 475-6083

Neighborhood Improvement

- Free graffitt removal & paint

and use of cleanup tools, and

other resources.


(562) 570-6866

Rebuilding Together

Long Beach

(562) 490-3802

Stayhome Safe

(626) 792-0070

US Dept of Housing &

Urban Development

(800) 955-2232

See CA State Property Tax

Postponement Program on

Page 39.

LA County Housing

Resource Center

(877) 428-8844 | 41


AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

(877) 434-7598

Search Tax Aide and Tax Aide locator.

Bet Tzedek Legal Services

(323) 939-0506

California State Attorney General

(800) 952-5225,

California Elder Law Center

(562) 377-7710

5220 Clark Ave. Lakewood

Veterans Seminar & Health Benefits

Clinic - Weds. at 2 p.m.

Schomer Law Group

Free seminars.

(562) 346-3209

California State Property Tax Postponement


Property tax deferement availble for some CA

homeowners who are seniors, blind, or have

a disability. Search “PTP” at or call

(800) 952-5661.

Center for Health Care Rights LA

(213) 383-4519

HELP - Health Care & Elder

Law Programs

(310) 533-1996

LA County Public Administration Public

Guardian, (213) 974-0515

Legal Aid Foundation of LA

(800) 399-4529

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

42 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020


Long Beach City

Mayor & Council


Mayor Robert Garcia

(562) 570-6801

Council District 1

Mary Zendejas

(562) 570-6919

Council District 2

Jeannine Pearce

(562) 570-2222

Council District 3

Suzie Price

(562) 570-6300

Council District 4

Daryl Supernaw

(562) 570-4444

Council District 5

Stacy Mungo

(562) 570-5555

Council District 6

Dee Andrews

(562) 570-6816

Council District 7

Roberto Uranga

(562) 570-7777

Council District 8

Al Austin

(562) 570-6685

Council District 9

Rex Richardson

(562) 570-3319


City Halls


(562) 804-1424


(310) 830-7600


(310) 537-8000

Hawaiian Gardens

(562) 420-2641


(562) 866-9771

Los Alamitos

(562) 431-3538


(562) 220-2225

Seal Beach

(562) 431-2527

Signal Hill

(562) 989-7300 | 43


Abandoned Shopping Carts

(800) 252-4613

Gas Dept. Emergency

(562) 570-2140

Broken Curb

(562) 570-2770

Leaking Fire Hydrant

(562) 570-2390

Damaged Sewer

(562) 570-2440

Abandoned Vehicles

Code Enforcement

Weed Abatement

(562) 570-2633

Large Trash Pickup

(free, twice a year)

Alley Cleaning

Trash Not Picked up

Trash in Street

Overflowing Trash Can (562)


Standing Water

in Gutters, Tree

Trimming, Potholes

Storm Drains

(562) 570-2700

Noise Complaints

(562) 570-4126

Broken Traffic Light/Meter

(562) 570-3264


(562) 570-2773


St. Mary Medical Center

Low Vision Center

1050 Linden Ave.

(562) 491-9275



Lions Club Sight Programs

Downtown Long Beach Lions

(562) 477-3286

LensCrafters OneSight

(877) 753-6727

Outside Long Beach

The Braille Institute

Los Angeles

741 N. Vermont Ave.

(323) 663-1111


527 N. Dale Ave.

(714) 821-5000

(800) 272-4553 (BRAILLE)

44 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020



Long Beach

Senior Center

1150 E 4th St.


(562) 570-3500

Info. & Assistance:

(562) 570-3533

Senior Fitness Room:

(562) 570-3515

Friendly Cup Cafe:

(562) 570-3546

Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548


Senior Civic Center Club

(562) 570-3543


Senior Links

(562) 570-3555

(562) 570-3557

California Recreation Center

1550 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

(562) 570-1605

Monday - Friday,

9am - 2pm

Cesar Chavez

401 Golden Ave.

(562) 570-8890

El Dorado Park West

2800 Studebaker Road

(562) 570-3225

Houghton Park

6301 Myrtle Ave.

(562) 570-1640

Call for information on hours. Due to

Covid-19 schedule may have changes

Silverado Park

1545 W. 31st St.

(562) 570-1675

Expo Arts Center

4321 Atlantic Ave.

Council District 8 at

(562) 570-6685.

Long Beach Gas & Water

333 W. Ocean Blvd.,

Long Beach

(562) 570-5700

SoCal Edison Assistance Plans

Energy Assistance Fund

(800) 205-8596

Energy Savings Assistance

(800) 736-4777

SoCal Gas

(The Gas Company)


(800) 427-2200

(877) 238-0092 | 45



(562) 866-8614

Thompson Park Senior Club,

14001 Bellflower Blvd.


(310) 830-7600

3 Civic Plaza

Compton / Rancho


(310) 605-5688

Dollarhide Center, 301

Tamarind Ave.

Hawaiian Gardens

(562) 420-2641

Senior Center

21815 S. Pioneer Blvd.


Weingart, 5220 Olivia St.,

(562) 630-6141

Burns, 5510 Clark Ave., (562)


Los Alamitos

Senior Club, (562) 431-3538.

Community Center, 10911

Oak St. Lunch


Paramount Park,

14400 Paramount Blvd.

(562) 220-2090.

Signal Hill

(562) 989-7330,

Signal Hill Library,

1780 E. Hill St.

Seal Beach

(562) 431-2527

707 Electric Ave.


Choice Home Medical


800 E. Wardlow Road, Ste. A

(562) 256-9961

Disabled Resource Center

2750 E. Spring St., Ste. 100

(562) 427-1000,

Medical equipment loans.

Home Medix

3811 Atlantic Ave.

(562) 595-1153

Mozena Medical Supplies

3935 E. Anaheim St.

(562) 498-2500

Mobul - The Home

Mobility Store


N. Bellflower Blvd.,

(562) 343-7333

46 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020



(800) 633-4227

Sign up, change plans, review costs, what is

covered, drug coverage, supplements, claims/

appeals, forms and resources.

Health Insurance Counseling

& Advocacy Program (HICAP)

- Medicare counseling

(800) 434-0222

Medi-Cal Managed Care Ombudsman

(888) 452-8609

National Council on Aging

Benefits Check-up

CA Dept. of Insurance Consumer Hotline

(213) 897-8921

(800) 927-4357


Senior Medicare Patrol

California Fraud


(855) 613-7080

Center for Health Care Rights

(213) 383-4519

Telephone counseling by

appointment; in-person

also available under special


US Health and Human TIPS

Hotline to report Medicare


(800) 447-8477 | 47

48 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020 | 48


Suicide Hotline

(800) 273-8255

Chat available.

Dignity - St. Mary

Medical Center

Trauma - 1045 Atlantic Ave.

Ste. 801, (562) 491-7977.


1045 Atlantic Ave.,

Ste. 1016,

(562) 624-4900

Long Beach Police

Dept. Mental Health

Evaluation Team

(562) 435-6711

Long Beach Mental

Health Center

2900 Redondo Avenue

(562) 256-2900

Telecare La Casa

Mental Health Urgent Care

6060 Paramount Blvd.

(562) 634-9534

Long Beach Asian

Pacific Islander Family Mental


4510 E. PCH, Ste. 600

(562) 346-1100

Mental Health America

Village ISA

456 Elm Ave., (562) 437-6717.

Los Angeles County

Dept. of Mental Health

(800) 854-7771


Adams Funeral Home

501 E. Palmer, Compton

(323) 636-9864

Affordable Burial

and Cremation Services

6510 Cherry Ave.

(888) 932-3286

All Souls Mortuary

4400 Cherry Ave.

(562) 424-8601

Dignity Memorial / Stricklin

Snively Mortuary

1952 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 426-3365

Dignity Memorial / Whites

Funeral Home

9903 E. Flower St., Bellflower

(562) 867-2741

Forest Lawn

1500 E. San Antonio Drive

4471 Lincoln Ave., Cypress

(888) 204-3131 | 49

Harrison-Ross Mortuary

426 E. Compton Blvd.


(310) 667-4052

Long Beach Colonial


638 Atlantic Ave.

(562) 436-1601

Luyben / Dilday Mortuary

5161 Arbor Road

(562) 425-6401

McKenzie Mortuary

3843 E. Anaheim St.

(562) 961-9301

Sunnyside Cemetery


1095 E. Willow St.

(562) 595-9392


LB Animal Care Services

7700 E. Spring St, Long Beach,

CA 90815


Golden State Humane Society

555 E Artesia Blvd, Long Beach

CA 90805

(562) 423-8406

SNPLA - Spay Neuter

Project of Los Angeles


The Little Lion Foundation

Fix LB

Live Love Animal Rescue





Friends of Long Beach


Ozzie and Friends Rescue


Animal Cancer Foundation


Pets of the Homeless

Pet food and veterinary

care assistance for people

experiencing homeless with

their pets.

(775) 841-7463

RedRover Relief

Temporary emergency

sheltering, resources, financial

assistance and emotional

support for animals and people

in crisis

(916) 429-2457

Waggle Foundation

Grant applications available to

financially burdened, individual

pet parents whose animals

require medical assistance.

The Heart of Ida, Ida’s Walkers


Bixby Dog Park

130 Cherry Ave, LB 90802

Coolidge Dog Park

352 Neece Ave, LB 90806

El Dorado Dog Park

El Dorado East Regional Park,

Area II, Southeast Corner

50 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Gayle Carter Dog Park

4600 Long Beach Blvd. LB


Jackson Dog Park

1432 Jackson St. LB 90805

K9 Corner Dog Park

9th Street and Pacific Ave,


Pike Dog Park

195 W Seaside Way, LB


Recreation Dog Park

5201 E. 7th Street, LB 90804

Rosie’s Dog Beach

Ocean Blvd.,

between Granada Ave. and

Roycroft Ave. 90803

Seaside Dog Zone

450 E. Seaside Way, LB 90803

Wrigley Heights Dog Park

3401 Golden Ave, LB 90806


AARP Driver Safety Course

50+. Online course at

AAA Defensive Driving Course.

Online courses, tips and evaluations.

Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation

Center- Driving Simulations 7601 E. Imperial

Hwy., Downey.

(562) 401-7111

Long Beach Transit

- Bus System Passengers that qualify for

Medicare, are 62+, and/or have disabilities,

bus fare is 60 cents. Passengers who are blind

or use a wheelchair, bus fare is free. Find bus

schedules at

Disability Transportation Services

Must register prior to use. Dial-A-Lift through

Long Beach Transit, (562) 591-8753; and Access

Paratransit Services, (800) 883-1295, fees


Taxi and Mobile Ride Share


(855) 267-2354

On-demand assisted transportation.

Long Beach Yellow Cab

(562) 435-6111

Uber and Lyft access services offer additional

assistance to seniors and people with

disabilities. To use services, Uber and/or Lyft

apps are required on a mobile device.

For Uber services, open the app slide to Assist

or WAV and set location.

For Lyft services, open the app, go to the

“Settings” menu, tap on “Services,” tap on

“Access” to enable, then request a ride. | 51


Alpert Jewish

Community Center

Retired and Senior

Volunteer Program

(RSVP) - (562) 506-2801

American Red Cross

3150 E. 29th St.

(562) 595-6341

Cambodian Association

of America

2390 Pacific Ave.

(562) 988-1863

Carpenter Performing

Arts Center

(562) 985-4274

Christian Outreach in Action

515 3rd St.

(562) 432-1440

Community Action

Partnership (LBCAP)

(562) 216-4600

Disabled Resource Center

2750 E. Spring St., Ste. 100

(562) 427-1000

Food Finders

(562) 283-1400

Gray Panthers Long Beach

1150 E. 4th St.


Heart of Ida

(562) 570-3548

Long Beach Health & Human


Public Health 24 Hour

Advisory Info Line

(562) 570-4499

Main: 2525 Grand Ave.

(562) 570-4000

Independence at Home by


(866) 421-1964

Justin Rudd Community

Action Team

LBRE - Long Beach Residents


(562) 444-5147


2017 E. 4th St.,

(562) 434-4455

Long Beach Fire Ambassador

(562) 570-2519

Long Beach Heritage

(562) 493-7019

Long Beach Playhouse

(562) 494-1014

Long Beach Rescue Mission /

Lydia House

Samaritan House

1335 Pacific Ave.

(562) 591-1292

52 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Long Beach Senior Police

Partners (SPP)

Lutheran Social Services

Community Care Long Beach

1611 Pine Ave.

(562) 599-1321

Meals on Wheels Long Beach

(562) 439-5000



Multi-Service Center

for People Experiencing


1301 W. 12th St.,

(562) 570-4500

Neighborhood Resource


(562) 570-1010

100 W. Broadway #550

PFLAG Long Beach

(562) 248-6010

Rancho Los Alamitos

(562) 431-3541

Salvation Army Family


3092 Long Beach Blvd.

(562) 426-7637

Senior Corps

(800) 942-2677,


Senior Links - Public Health

(562) 570-355

(562) 570-3557

inside Long Beach Senior

Center, 1150 E. 4th St.

Social Security

(800) 772-1213

2005 Long Beach Blvd.,

St. Luke’s Long Beach

(562) 436-4047

Urban Community Outreach

(562) 582-1000

US Vets Long Beach


Long Beach Community and

Memorial Care Long Beach

Dignity Health - St. Mary’s

Medical Center



VA Hospital - Long Beach

(562) 826-5715

Villages at Cabrillo

2001 River Ave.,

(562) 200-7300

Rancho Los Cerritos

(562) 206-2040 | 53

54 | AgeWell Long Beach | Fall / Winter 2020

Check Your Risk for Falling

Please circle “Yes” or “No” for

each statement below

Why it matters

Yes (2)

No (0)

I have fallen in the past year. People who have fallen once are likely to fall again.

Yes (2)

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

No (0)

No (0)

No (0)

I use or have been advised to use a cane or

walker to get around safely.

Sometimes I feel unsteady when

I am walking.

I steady myself by holding onto furniture

when walking home.

People who have been advised to use a cane or

walker may already be more likely to fall.

Unsteadiness or needing support while walking

are signs of poor balance.

This is also a sign of poor balance.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I am worried about falling. People who are worried about falling are more

likely to fall.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I need to push with my hands to stand up

from a chair.

This is a sign of weak leg muscles,

a major reason for falling.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I have some trouble stepping up onto a curb. This is also a sign of weak leg muscles.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I often have to rush to the toilet. Rushing to the bathroom, especially at night, increases

your chances of falling.

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

Yes (1)

No (0)

No (0)

No (0)

I have lost some feeling in my feet. Numbness in your feet can cause stumbles and

lead to falls.

I take medicine that sometimes makes me Side effects from medicines can sometimes

feel light-headed or more tired than usual. increase your chance of falling.

I take medicine to help me sleep or improve

my mood.

These medicines can sometimes increase your

chance of falling.

Yes (1)

No (0)

I often feel sad or depressed. Symptoms of depression, such as not feeling well

or feeling slowed down, are linked to falls.


Add up the number of points for each “yes” answer. If you scored 4 points or more,

you may be at risk for falling. Discuss this brochure with your doctor.

This checklist was developed by the Greater Los Angeles VA Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center and affiliates and us a

validated fall risk assessment tool (Rubenstein et al. J Safety Res; 2011:42(6)493-499. Adapted with permission of the authors. | 55



Multi-faceted Healthy Aging Program


AgeWell Long Long Beach Beach Magazine Magazine - Quarterly Wellness and Resource & Guide Publication – Annual

Resource Publication

Fall-Prevention Awareness and Education - Presentations

Ida’s Walkers and Pet Care Program – Assistance for Low Income,

Fall-Risk Screenings - Community Screenings

Low Mobility Seniors

Safe at Home - Safe Home Assessment & Minor Modifications for Fall Prevention

Holiday Hearts – Hygiene Bag Delivery in December

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance - Evidence-Based Fall-Prevention Program

Stay Connected – Weekly phone messages

Tech Day Workshops - Tech Help at Senior Residences & Community Centers

Ida’s Friendly Walkers Callers - Dog Walking – Live, for friendly Low-Income, calls Low-Mobility to lonely Seniors and/or isolated older


Community Professionals Training - Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Interventions Trainings

Grocery Gift Card/Hygiene Distribution – For Low Income Seniors

Holiday Hearts - Hygiene Bags Delivered to Seniors in Assisted Living Homes

The Heart of Ida

Preserving Independence

for Older Adults

(562) 570-3548

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