On many occasions, artists have prophesied the path of their career, the course
of their life and many other things surrounding them including life and death. A very specific one is Jean Michel Basquiat, the artist that we have chosen for the cover of the second edition of our magazine.

From the kid living in a cardboard box on the streets of New York at 17, to a superstar millionaire artist at 21, to his tragic death at the age of 28 to a legend that inspires millions of artists, Jean Michel Basquiat has captured the imagination of the world.

The purpose of this publication is to see how contemporary artists present themselves
and their works to the viewers and to connect them with a wider audience.

Boomer Magazine (#2) Boomer Magazine (#2)

Vlada Antipenko

Katrina Gorman

Vlada Antipenko is an artist and student of

Born in Fort Wayne Indiana, Katrina Gorman

the Kyiv National Food University, majoring in

showed a great interest in art at an early age.

Monocytes, Oil and Acrylic, 40 x 50 cm

bioengineering and biotechnology. Live in

Ukraine, Kyiv. Took a course at the Pinchuk

Art Center for youth who want to practice

contemporary art. An active volunteer of

creative Kyiv associations, such as the House

of Culture Kurenivka (Konstantinovskaya 73),

KosmosTabir (Kirillovskaya 47B), and “Fitotron”

(art pavilion in the Botanical Garden Grishka).

The works were created by thinking about the

latest world events. A year and a half ago, the

world was swept by a wave of false information

@ katrinagormandesigns

As her artistic abilitiesin drawing and book

writing grew in school, she then learned she

had a new passion by learning how to sew at

9 years old. However, instead of pursing art as

a career, she went to college and earned a

degree in Early Childhood Education. Then later

moved to the insurance industry. In 2009, the

love of drawing and sewing merged into a new

exciting expression for her, called Textile Design

Art. Soon after her new discovery, she had her

first fine art gallery showing at Art Link Gallery

about viruses, diseases, vaccines, and drugs.

in Fort Wayne later moved to San Antonio TX

How little mankind knows about the microcosm

where she continues to pursue her passion


and less does the average inhabitant know

about molecules, antibiotics, and the simplest

today. Some featured exhibitions and juried art

events Katrina has shown her work include: Solo

processes inside it. The works are created to

Exhibition featured at The Carver, San Antonio TX

draw people’s attention and interest to the

2015, King William Fair 2016, HGTV show called,

microcosm, the processes of which are extremely

“That’s Clever” 2008, and international exhibition

small, but incredibly important for survival.

in Chite Spain 2017.



Coming In For A Landing

Mother Nature


Oil and Acrylic

40 x 50 cm

Oil and Acrylic

40 x 50 cm



50.8 x 61 cm


28 x 46 cm

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