Issue 1

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Pandemonium Collective is a magazine that centers

around the motto: For Teens, By Teens. Our editors

come from High Schools in St Lucie County Florida,

but our magazine is for teens everywhere. We focus

on providing a safe space for the community to

become informed on current events, and to tune into

some of their favorite topics. At Pandemonium, we

focus on finding unity within the chaos of society.

Our name is also a fun play on words, as our

magazine was founded throughout the PANdemic.

Today, young voices are rarely given a platform for

their opinions and concerns, we seek to fix this

problem and create a future that transcends through

creativity, individuality, and unity.

The Team

Editor-in-chief: Talia Bock

Fashion Editor: Shannon MacGregor

Arts Editor: Nicole Beltran

Athletic Editor: Sofia Tovar

Academic Editor: Herlanda Marcelin

Environmental Awareness Editor:

Zoe Brooker

Current Events and Political Affairs Editor:

Erica Morman

Graphic Designer: Tiffany Vu

Photo Editor:Talia Bock

Lead Photgrapher: Shannon Macgregor

Photo Shoot Director: Talia Bock

Photo Shoot Director: Shannon Macgregor

Art Director: Talia Bock

Production Manger: Talia Bock

Writer: Talia Bock

Writer: Shannon Macgregor

Writer: Sofia Tovar

Writer: Jennifer Lugo

Writer: Zoe Brooker

Writer: Mya Maybank

Writer: Tiffany Vu

Writer: Brianna Loriston

Writer: Stephanie Ojito

Writer: Herlanda Marcelin

Writer: Brittney Wolfe

Writer: Zach Cooper

Writer: Erica Morman

Social Media Manager: Talia Bock

Website Creator: Talia Bock




Talia- Nana; Teen Idle- Marina and The


Brittney- Criminal Minds; New Romantics-

Taylor Swift

Herlanda- Teen Wolf; Kiss Me More- Doja Cat

and SZA

Jennifer- Greys Anatomy; Save Your Tears-

The Weeknd

Mya- Survivor; Telepatia-Kali Uchis

Nicole- The Office; Any Daniel Caesar song!

Shadalou- Anne with an E; Brooklyn Baby-

Lana Del Rey

Shannon- Attack on Titan; Self Control-

Frank Ocean

Sofia- Gilmore Girls; Hey There Delilah- Plain

White T's

Tiffany- Akame Ga Kill; Instagram- DEAN

Valeria- The Uncanny Counter; The King-

Conan Gray

Zach- Greys Anatomy; Experience- Ludovico


Zoe- Hells Kitchen; The Author- Luz

Erica- The Bachelor Franchise; Just Like

Magic- Ariana Grande

Brianna- Euphoria; Fire Drill- Melanie







Tea Party With Friends

Have Your Own Photoshoot

Go To an Escape Room

Go to a Theme Park

Shopping Spree

Movie Marathon and Sleepover

with Friends

Baking With Friends

Go Thrifting!

Save up Money for a Cheap


Cupcake Wars with Friends

Make Jewelry

Go to a Concert

Picnic With Friends

Beach Day

Rent a Yacht for the day

Go to a Luxury Movie Theater

Spa Day

Go get a Psychic Reading!

Go Luxury Consignment


Have a Garage Sale

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Make Clay Crafts

Road Trip

Go to a Art Museum

Camping or Backyard Campout

See a Musical

See a Sports game

Paint Flower Pots

Support Local Businesses for

the whole day (Food and All)

Make Scratched art

Support a Local Garden

Go Roller-Skating

DIY your own Tote Bags

Go To a SplatterBox near


Host a Winter Party

Stay at a Hotel with Friends

Go Fruit Picking

Star Gazing

Game Night

Go To The Selfie Museum

Go Indoor Skydiving

Go to a Pool Party

Go to a Fair

Go to a Fancy Dinner

Go to The Springs

Go to Halloween Horror


Go Book Shopping

Go to the Sugar Factory

Check out the Wynwood


Go to an Aquarium

As we continue to pollute our planet, we are

not only sickening Mother Earth, we are

poisoning ourselves. We are destroying our

rivers, depleting our resources, and

contaminating our air supply. We aren’t just

killing the planet, we are killing ourselves.


Adopt new ways of living. Think about your

output and its effects on the environment,

before there is nothing left to affect.




It's always exciting to go shopping and find new clothes you love that allow you to express

yourself, but have you ever thought about how making some changes to your shopping

could benefit the environment ? Sustainable fashion is a movement geared towards creating

a system of consumption in the fashion market which is more ethical and beneficial to the

environment. Rashmila Maiti reports in her article “Fast Fashion: Its Detrimental Effect on

the Environment” that “According to Business Insider, fashion production comprises 10% of

total global carbon emissions, as much as the European Union. It dries up water sources and

pollutes rivers and streams, while 85% of all textiles go to dumps each year. Even washing

clothes releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year, the equivalent of 50

billion plastic bottles.” In addition to what was stated in the previous quote, fast fashion,

which refers to clothing that is rapidly mass-produced by manufacturers and retailers in

hopes of selling large quantities in a short time frame , has many other drawbacks

environmentally and socially. Environmental issues stem from the amount of water, energy,

and chemicals used in production; the large amount of waste expended from the process

results in an alarming amount of pollution. Fast fashion is often produced in environments

where the workers are not only put in dangerous situations but also severely underpaid. A

2018 U.S. Department of Labor report, found evidence of forced labor and child

exploitation throughout the fashion industry in Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India,

Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam and other countries. Also, According to non-profit

Remake, 80% of apparel is made by young women between the ages of 18 and 24.

There are many ways that you can shop sustainably in order to build your closet without

having to worry about the negative effects of fast fashion.

Shopping second hand is a great and increasingly popular way to shop sustainably. There

are many unique pieces that can be found throughout thrift and consignment shops.

Thrifting also allows you to have fun with your shopping, finding things you never would

have thought to look for, and in turn presenting you with some surprising finds. There are

many local thrift stores as well as chain stores such as Goodwill, Plato’s Closet and Salvation

Army which are all great places to thrift at. (Article continued on next page)

P A G E 8 T H E S T Y L E S E C T I O N




If going to a thrift store isn’t convenient or you’re not finding

what you’re looking for, don’t worry there’s still other sustainable

options. There are many online websites and apps which serve as

a sort of virtual thrift store allowing you to look at second hand

clothes being sold from a variety of sellers. This makes it super

simple to find exactly the type of item you’re looking for by just

searching a brief description of it and looking through the results.

Some of these sites include Depop, Poshmark, Thred up and


There are also many companies which have made efforts to

produce more ethical and environmentally conscious products.

Some companies include Ralph Lauren, Reformation, Patagonia,

Levis, Boden, Pact and Fair Trade Winds. These companies, as well

as many others which aim to be ethical and eco-friendly in their

manufacturing, are great places to get new clothes from while still

shopping sustainably.

Now that we’ve discussed sustainable options that are available, I

encourage you to give them a try. Sustainable shopping is a great

way to find clothes which help you express yourself, without the

negative consequences of fast fashion. That all being said we

have all shopped fast fashion before and it can be extremely hard

to find everything sustainably, as long as you are conscious of the

impacts of fast fashion and make an effort to reduce your

consumption, you are helping to improve the world and fight the

negative effects caused by fast fashion .









Fashion was never intended to fit an exact form; it is a piece

of art. Society utilizes fashion as a form of nonverbal

communication, in which people can transcend through their

choice of clothing. The power of choice in what we wear

allows individuals to create a projection of who they are or

who they want to be. Everyone has the power to join into

this conversation. Just like in every other conversation,

people should have the freedom to speak how they wish.

Clothing does not have a gender. Clothing does belong to

any singular person. Clothing can be worn by anyone who

desires to wear it. In this form of self-expression, nobody

should be subjected to dress a certain way, just in the hopes

of pleasing others. People tell each other to be who they

want to be, but these same people are the first to speak out

against a man wearing a dress or a woman wearing a pair of

loafers. People seek to destroy what they find odd or

different, but this is damaging not just to the individual but

to society as a whole. The age of the white picket fence is

over, change is coming. Fashion is an expression of emotion.

This expression of individuality needs to be cherished not


Each piece is cultivated by a pair of diverse hands. The

creator and the creation tell a story. By allowing consumers

to purchase their items, creators are in turn inviting others

to listen to their story, and to create a new one. There are no

limits to how fashion can be worn, or who can wear it. It is

and was always intended to be put on a diverse set of bodies.

What one chooses to put on their own body, is their own

choice. This choice, so important to them, has absolutely

nothing to do with you. Nobody should feel as if they have to

dress to conform to society, or to please others. It isn’t

anybody’s responsibility to dress for you; therefore, it isn’t

your responsibility to express judgement.

Nobody is meant to be the same. Nobody is meant to like

the exact same things. Nobody is meant to wear the same

exact things, for this would defeat the purpose of

individuality. What is your wrong, is another person’s right.

What you hate, another person loves. This clashing, this

variety, is perfectly healthy, for it creates a diverse society.

This statement holds true, unless this variety turns into hate.

Just because someone is different than you, does not mean

they are wrong. Breaking outside of the box should never be

a wrong thing.

We can use this form of art as a way to learn about each other.

Sometimes taking the time to enter something with an open

mind allows for a whole new outlook on things. Sitting back

and perceiving can often be more beneficial than immediate

commentary. There is much to learn from reflecting on the

output of others, as opposed to instantly judging it. In

reflection, comes understanding, and often acceptance. Rather

than shutting out any idea that isn’t your own, try

understanding the choices of others.

Diversity itself isn’t a new thing, its just a unique thing; it’s a

universal idea that has forever existed, but it is just now being

championed. It is not necessarily meant to be a statement, its

meant to create acceptance and to embrace individuality.

Wearing something outside of one’s “gender norm”, isn’t weird

or wrong, its’ just different and the world hasn’t come to fully

accept that yet, hence why we as a society cannot stop fighting

for equality in every possible sense. People have striven to fit a

certain image, because for so long fashion was only considered

acceptable if it was “normal”. Yet, even now, nobody really

knows what normal is. This word has so much potential to

adapt and change as the developing world begins to evolve.

Normal can be diverse, and diverse can be normal. People can

begin to embrace what makes them, them.

If you think a dress is beautiful, then why is it that it becomes

less beautiful to you when its on a man? Where does the dress

suddenly become ugly?

P A G E 9 T H E S T Y L E S E C T I O N


Y O U L E M O N S . . .



Model: Kamryn Larmon

Photo: Lux Studio Photgraphy



Trying to fit the unrealistic standards we see in

celebrities, online, or out in public can be exhausting and

is utterly pointless because everyone is different.

Embracing our differences is what makes us unique, and

diversity is how we grow together. Sadly, many kids,

teenagers, and even adults struggle with anxiety,

depression, and body dysmorphia that stems from

wanting to fit in and countless time is wasted on

overthinking. Living in fear is, in my opinion, the number

one way that we collectively take time for granted. Hours

on top of hours are wasted looking in the mirror and

hating what we see because we’re not this hourglass

shape, making us afraid to go out and enjoy ourselves.

We routinely judge ourselves every single day, and we

forget who we actually are in pursuit of this desire to be

liked, when it should be the other way around. Shouldn’t

we want to attract people who connect with our real

selves instead of attracting people based on false

personas? This way, wouldn’t we truly explore being

happy instead of pretending to be happy? We shouldn’t

waste time on thinking negatively about ourselves,

because we subconsciously convince our brains we’re

not good enough, which could be detrimental to both

physical and mental health. Instead, our time could be

used on self-improvement and regulation, keeping in

mind that reality is very different than what we see in

other people.

There are two types of people when it comes to

outlooks on life - cycle people and straight-line

people. Someone who thinks in cycles is

someone who believes that every day they

wake up is another day like the last, a day that

follows a routine that is on a never-ending loop.

This person sees New Years as a day to mark

the start of a new cycle, one that is similar to

the last, and one that will be on repeat for the

rest of life. Someone who thinks in a straight

line doesn’t wait for a new cycle to start. They

think, ‘why waste time waiting when I could

act now? The past is in the past, and it’s up to

me to determine how my future will look.

There’s no going back, only going forward.’ We

need to stop thinking of life as a series of cycles

and start thinking of it as a straight line. Every

second that passes is a second closer to the

end of the road, and no one wants to look back

at their life and think they didn’t make the

most of it. So, make the most of it. Take every

opportunity that comes your way, because who

knows when the opportunity won’t be there

anymore. Don’t let fear of rejection or feeling

out of place stop you from trying new things -

after all, trying new things causes time to

seemingly go by slower.








Deep clean your room!!!

The cleanliness of our space plays a crucial role in shaping our mental space and motivation. I for one can say that when my

room is messy, it’s harder to focus on anything else. As the saying goes, “clean space = clean mind”. This may not be true for

everyone as mental health definitely plays a role in motivation to clean, but deep cleaning can be done step by step! First, try

taking all of the water bottles out of your room, then the next day you can put your laundry away. If you’re up for it, try to

knock out all of your cleaning in a week. Rearrange your closets, clean your desk area and reorganize it, go through your

drawers and refold your clothes. I promise you can do it!


Decorating can really change the vibe of a room. Personally, before quarantine, I didn’t have a specific color scheme or vibe

that I was going for, but when I realized I was the queen of pink, I made sure to make my environment match my desire. Get

colored curtains, drench your room in plants, find a beautiful lamp! Elevate your space to make it into a place you love to be.

If your room is dim, lights are definitely a must buy to brighten the mood and fill the room with energy. If you feel that your

room is stale, you could add some little trinkets and candles. Really just sense what you feel may be missing and fill that

space with something that you think belongs.

Make a routine

Creating daily rituals that you generally follow help establish healthy habits and discipline in your life. It does not

necessarily need to be strict, unless you’d like it to be, but just little things like waking up, washing your face, brushing your

teeth, and drinking some lemon water can make a monumental difference in establishing a mood of self-care and

productivity for the day. Do not become too intense if you decide to make schedules., if you easily become dejected by not

completing all of your tasks for a day in a timely fashion, I recommend that you establish only one or two manageable goals

for the day without time restrictions and give yourself space to not always complete your goals. Make sure you don’t punish

or stress yourself as a result. I used to fall into the loop of toxic productivity, but it really is not that deep. Set goals by

priority, but make sure that you do not neglect your self-care or wellbeing in the process. (Article Continued On Next Page)


1 4

Prioritize self-care

Self-care is such an important step to feeling rejuvenated! I cannot stress this enough~ do things for yourself that make you feel good. If

you enjoy putting on a facemask while drinking cranberry juice in a wine glass and watching the Bachelorette, you should be putting aside

the time to do so! If your self-care includes something as minimal as trimming your nails or as extravagant as a 14-step skin care routine,

you need to make time to take care of yourself and do those tasks. Personally, I have set dates and times that I routinely conduct self-care.

And yes, I do have my salicylic face mask day on Mondays at 8 during the Bachelorette! Think about small changes , like switching your

classic pasta for spinach or chickpea pasta, adding spinach into your smoothies, or eating sandwiches with wheat bread; This will all help

effortlessly add more protein and fiber into your diet without the hassle of entirely changing your eating habits. You do NOT need to cut

out fun foods that you enjoy, like cake, just eat it and enjoy yourself, but make conscious decisions to add nutritious value to your meals.

Also, do not take working out as a cheat code to “working off” what you eat. Fitness should be purely for cardiovascular health, muscular

health, etc. You should try not to be ashamed of nourishing your body or indulging in your food desires. One educational YouTube

channel that I recently discovered that discusses relationships to food is by Nutritionist Abby Sharp. I definitely recommend checking out

her content, which focuses on maintaining a healthy relationship with food and denouncing diet culture. She brings a great perspective

that I believe many need to hear!

Try new recipes

Adjacent to the topic of maintaining healthy eating habits, changing up the regular menu can be a fun way to spice up your diet. Do not

feel obligated to jump in headfirst with Vegan Golden Lentil Dal with Cilantro Speckled Basmati. Trying simple recipes, even if they are not

super healthy, can still be a very enjoyable experience that makes the highlight of your day. Try to step a little bit out of your comfort zone

when it comes to foods! Set aside the time to plan the meal you want to try and just jump right into it!

Go outside

This one should be self-explanatory, but sometimes, we just need to go outside and touch some grass. You could go on a walk or a bike ride

through your neighborhood and just let the sunlight bathe you. If you don’t necessarily love being outside, just a few minutes a day to go

pick up the mail or sit on the porch or driveway will hopefully give you the vitamin D that you need to keep going. However, for my nature

lovers out there, find activities that you can enjoy outside, like homework or arts and crafts. Try to find a place you enjoy going that you

find beautiful and that energizes you!

Tap into your creative side

If you’re a person that enjoys the arts, make sure that you hone your skills. Paint a tree, draw an animal, write a song, make a play, do

something that will stimulate your interests and make you feel good! I feel like many people lost themselves from the motions of life, but

now is the time, more than ever , to reinvigorate your creative interests. Make a fanfic. Write poetry. Make jewelry. I will say it again, make

time for things that you enjoy in your life. There is nothing worse than realizing that you’ve been wasting your time doing things that don’t

bring you happiness.

Find new hobbies or get deeper into old hobbies

Reacquainting yourself with things that used to interest you is a great way to reconnect with yourself and things that bring you joy. But if

you’re anything like me, you never established solid hobbies and now is a great time for self-discovery. Personally, I have come to enjoy

journaling, researching, cooking, and trying out new self-care tips. You can always learn your niche through experimentation. Try new

things, but if you don’t like something, don’t force yourself into it. There are more things to try and eventually you will discover your thing,

whether it be crocheting or video games or something more active like yoga. Being open can lead to great outcomes!!

Switch up your style!

I’m not going to say that clothing makes a person, however clothing does have a significant influence on our confidence and how we

present ourselves. Style choice is entirely up to you, whether you chose to go with a boho vibe or a goth aesthetic should not be influenced

by anyone else! Wear what makes you feel your best, be confident in your appearance, and do it for yourself. Dress up to get the mail or go

to the grocery store. Being self-conscious is not an option! The only thing you’ll feel if you didn’t wear what you wanted to is regret, so I say


Schedule video calls with friends

Socialization is very important in keeping your mental health intact during times of isolation. Even introverts need time to be social with

others. One thing that I know I had an issue with during quarantine is that I stopped talking to my friends, which really led to loneliness

when I actually wanted to talk to others. Reconnect with friends!! Do not feel ashamed to send a text after not talking for a while. You can

also schedule video calls on Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, etc. and do fun activities. Technology is such a useful tool for doing anything under

the sun, but you can always get creative with the things that you do while hanging out. You can talk, play games, watch movies, or even

work out with friends!!

Research things that interest you

As I said, one of my hobbies that I would like to share is researching. I don’t necessarily mean deep dives into the cause of World War 2

(unless you like that stuff). But researching for things that you may want to do in the future is always a fun experience for discovery.

Personally, I like to get into things like colleges, careers, and big purchases (cars and houses). You may be more interested in researching

for the Italy trip you may want to take or even the business you may want to build. Finding time to create a vision for your life may help

you create insight on who you want to be and that’s what I truly love about researching. You don’t necessarily need to do it on yourself, like

I said, a deep dive into a historical topic may be a thing that brings you excitement and of course you should indulge in that! But finding

something that interests you and you would like to know more about is key to this experience. ( Article Continued On Next Page)


Take steps towards your long- and short-term goals

It may seem like life is on pause from being in the house constantly, but in reality, you can still

move towards your goals, whether it be through planning or executing plans, there are resources

to move you towards those goals. Let’s say your goal is to get onto the soccer team, although you

may not be able to practice, you can go on a run each morning to build endurance and train your

body. Achieving academic goals may be your struggle, but there are ways to make sure that your

brain is not on pause during quarantine. I know… It is very hard to maintain motivation without

that simulation that we get in school, but by making dedicated study blocks in your day where you

turn off your notifications and get into a study mode, you can inch your way towards your

educational goals! Short term goals snowball into long term ones and breaking them down into

pieces will make it significantly less stressful.

Make self-improvement a habit

Self-improvement is important in order to keep yourself from feeling stagnant. Teenagers are

constantly changing, up to adulthood and learning skills along the way, but it can be easy to get

into the loop of going with the motions without furthering your potential. Reaching goals is not

necessarily a marker of self-improvement. Self-improvement could be something as simple as

doing your laundry regularly or reading for twenty minutes a day before bed. You do not need to

constantly be stressing yourself to meet expectations and surpass them every time, but you do

need to be doing the best you can do for that day. Even if you do slack off, try not to feel

completely demotivated by taking time to rest. Doing little things over time and building habits

can lead to a tremendous difference that can ultimately lead to a refined version of you, which

should be the long-term goal.





1)Can you please take a minute to tell us

about yourself and your goals for the


Hi, my name is Eden. I’m 17 years old and

I attend Treasure Coast High School. I

play football and have been playing it

since I was about three or four years old.

Eventually, I aspire to play the game at

the professional level… in the NFL. My

favorite colors are hues of brown, black

and blue. In my spare time I like to read,

workout and watch TV. For this season, I

hope to run 1500 yards, 20 touchdowns,

and lead my team to the state

championship. I would also like to earn

some more Division I scholarships.

4)How has the pandemic altered your views on how you go about your game and

life in general?

The pandemic has changed my views on how I go about my game and life in general as

it has given me a lot of time to reflect. Game-Wise, it has taught me to value football

more. I learned to cherish it for as long as it will last since you can’t play it forever.

This appreciation led me to take more pride in my game and it encouraged me to

maximize my work ethic; the pandemic really allowed me to fully take advantage of

my potential. Life wise, it has taught me to value everything more. I’ve learned to not

only value my own life, but also the people who are in it, as you never know when

time will be taken away from you. Also, the pandemic has taught me not to waste my

time on trivial things, and to devote my energy towards becoming the best person

that I can be.

5)What has been the best part of this past year, as far as your athletic journey goes?

The best part of this past year, as far as my athletic journey goes, is that I’ve been able

to receive multiple Division I scholarship offers to play football at the collegiate level.

I was also able to contribute in helping my team win districts and achieve its first

undefeated season!

2)How has the Pandemic impacted you

throughout your training?

The Pandemic actually gave me the

opportunity to maximize on my training.

The facilities where I worked out,

allowed me to train as if the Pandemic

didn’t exist. This was great for me as I

didn’t have to worry about distractions

which ultimately led to be being able to

maximize my training.

3)How were you able to overcome the

struggles of the pandemic to work

towards your goals?

I was able to overcome the struggles of

the Pandemic to work towards my goals

by mitigating as many distractions as

possible and by focusing on myself more.

1 7






A Deadly Education(Naomi Novik)- Harry potter's evil twin. This

wonderful book is more than just any magic school with kids, it

features cursed artifacts, a mandatory 4 year enrollment, if you can

survive it, and a sarcastic female protagonist who can “level

mountains and kill untold millions.” El, our protagonist is a half-

Indian half-Welsh living in the scholomance, a magic school

designed to protect young wizards from being hunted in their

homes by monsters who sense their growing magic. As the years

pass and the dangers of the school become more threatening, El

begins to build a relationship with the savior of the scholomance,

Orion Lake, against her own wishes. The story takes off from there

with near death experiences every other page and major character


Throne of Glass(Sarah J Mass)- A legendary assassin is called for

the king. Celaena Sardothien is Adarlans Assassin, a legendary killer

and the right hand woman of the King of the Assassins. At least she

used to be before she got shipped off to a slave camp by the same

man who raised her. A year later, the prince of the kingdom comes

to claim her as his champion and takes her to the castle. Now she

must compete among 23 killers, each of who are champions to

some noble from the kingdom, in hopes of gaining her freedom in

exchange for service to the king. Meanwhile, she becomes friends

with a princess from a far away land and becomes intertwined

with the dark forces looming beneath the castle as each of her

competitors are killed one by one. The race for freedom now

becomes a race for survival.

In Five Years(Rebecca Serle)- The romance book that isn't a Persuasion(Jane Austen)- The blueprint for second chance

romance book. In five years is a story about Dannie Kohan, a woman romance. Persuasion is another of Jane Austen's classics that never

who doesn't like change and goes through life with a planner in fails to impress. Anne Elliot, our protagonist, broke off her

hand. Her best friend Bella, is the complete opposite, she's wild and engagement to Frederick Wentworth eight years ago due to her

carefree and doesn't seem to understand Dannies need for rules trusted friend's advice since the man had no prospects and plenty

and guidelines. The night of Dannies engagement she falls asleep of self confidence. Now that he returns from the Napoleonic wars

and spends an hour 5 years into the future in a bed with a different with wealth and a title, Captain Frederick Wentworth is looking for

man, in a different house, and with a different ring on her finger. a wife. Anne must endure his conquests with Mary, her sister,

When she wakes at midnight, in the present, she can't seem to sisters-in-law. As they begin to see each other frequently, the

shake the dream. Fast forward 5 years and it all starts to unravel. “In tension between them rises and Captain Wentworth begins to

five years is an unforgettable love story, but it is not the one you are glance in her direction once more.



When opening a book, a reader is confronted with an entirely new story. The

experiences and lessons relayed, only within the confines of the pages, act as a

safe space for children all over the world. Books not only serve in educating our

future generations, but they also provide an escape from the harsh realities of

everyday life. Yet not every child has been granted access to this opportunity.

Among St Lucie County, there are children who have been unable to have a book

to call their own due to financial obstacles. The Pandemonium Team came

together to start a book drive in hopes of collecting enough material to give back to

children who were unable to experience the joy of buying their own book. In less

than a month, Pandemonium Collective collected over 2000 books.

Thank you To St. Lucie Reads, Children Services Council, L.A.

Vinas Plastic Surgery, Massimos Pizza and Pasta, St Lucie

Ballet, Escape Room PSL, and Loxahatchee River District for

helping us carry out this vision.



Model: Erica Morman

Photo: Lux Studio Photography






Voice of Democracy Competition

Create a Greeting Card Scholarship

Coca-Cola Scholar Program

Molly Turner Broadcast Scholarship

Technology Addiction Awareness


Imagine Dragons Origin Scholarship

Superpower Scholarship

Elks Most Valuable Student


Ron Brown Scholarship Program

“I Matter” Scholarship


My style of bullet journaling changes as my

life changes. It should reflect that. There

isn’t a set way to do it and that’s why a lot of

people keep one. My busier days may

consist of a schedule, while easier ones

with a 5-point list. I might even choose to

stick to an end-of-day reflection when I

don’t have time. Journaling isn’t always

organized and sometimes I end up with

notes from psychology in them. And a lot of

the time, it’s not even pretty. They stain. My

pen wobbles, so my lines aren’t straight.

People miss a few days. I’ve missed a

month- or two. Big deal! Who cares!

Because MY bullet journal is a reflection of

my voice, my growth, my development as a


Forgetting this makes journaling an

undeniable burden. I’ve been there. See,

the base of a bullet journal isn’t stationery. I

sound like a hypocrite, I know. Truth is, all

you need is paper and a pen (or pencil).

Everything else that ends up on the page

should be a simplified version of your life.

That sounds heavy, but it’s true. It’s a

journey. All you have to do is connect the





“Lack of organization and communication is a big issue. Nobody ever has any

idea what is going on, until it happens; this is extremely frustrating when

you’re a student who is constantly striving to find the best opportunities.”

“There is a constant lack of appreciation for high achieving students. The

top ten ceremony at my school was messed up. When the administration was

advised they did nothing. When you’ve worked four hard years to get to a

specific point, this becomes extremely frustrating.”

“There is a lack of attention for any sports other than football.”

“Guidance Counselors never seem to have the best interest of the student.”

“Premier athletes in sports such as swimming or track are never applauded

or featured.”

“When it comes to testing, there is no organization. Last year, testing

schedules weren’t posted until the night before.”

“Lack of education about the opportunities that are available to us, or how

to access them. There is no information about FLVS, Bright Futures, AICE,

HONORS, or scholarships…. This is all research that we are forced to on our

own, with no assistance.”

"Misinformation is constantly being presented by guidance counselors. They

don’t know what they are doing, and in turn damaging the success of



“Its all about fending for ourselves. There’s nobody there to help us do better.

There’s no guidance anywhere.”

“School has become more of a superficial contest rather than a place where

people learn about the things they love… at least that’s how it is in St Lucie


“The school always seems to value what they can gain from a student rather than

the student themselves.”

“Money, money, money…. That’s what they are all about.”

“Parking should be free!”

“Schools are quick to forget that they are here for us, we are not here for them.”

“School spirit is severely lacking; this is largely due to administration not

supporting or approving student organizations.”

“Lack of information given to rising seniors.”

“No scholarship opportunities are ever discussed.”

“The guidance for applying to colleges is not there for St Lucie County. They leave

it up to the students to research and figure everything out, but most of us don’t

even know where to start.”

“Guidance counselors make it so difficult to change classes.”

“Students are often put in classes that has nothing to do with their own interests.

When students try to address this problem, administration couldn’t care less.”

“With the exception of few staff members, everyone is just there for the check.”

“There is a lack of student support.”




Quote by Talia




An excerpt of an upcoming novel centered

around the ideals of self identity and purpose

amidst a complicated relationship.



My favorite memory of us, happened when we were only five. We sat squished together in the corner of your ripped up leather

couch, the one that you guys just recently moved to the den, and watched what was our favorite cartoon on your living room

TV. I remember the little boy in the show carrying the little girl home from the park because she was “too weak”. Even at the

young age of five, I knew I didn’t like the comment, but I stayed silent because I didn’t want to upset you, but you surprised

me. I remember your face growing red, and full of anger as you stood up off the couch, yelling at the TV because “girls weren’t

weak”, you told me I wasn’t weak. I joined you in your session of yelling, as we screamed at the boy in the show, yelling at him

to be nice to girls because they could be even stronger than men if they wanted to. I remember your mom walking into the

room and chuckling as we told her that we refused to watch the show ever again. From that day forward, I knew I wanted you

by my side. At first, I just wanted to be your best friend, but over time I realized I wanted to be something more to you.

I continued to stare at the back of your head, gazing at your shaggy black hair, replaying the memories of us in my own

head, as the math lesson in front of us started to fall further and further out of focus. The sweet vanilla scent of your leather

jacket you had laid on me, simply because I had whined that I was cold, seemed to wrap tightly around my shoulders and

cling to me as the image of your green eyes and your sly smirk stood forever imprinted in my mind. I began wondering if I

would ever forget all the little details about you. Would I one day forget the scar behind your ear, or the freckle on your left

arm? Or would our memories together be the first to go? Would I one day forget the day we searched for hours on end when

you lost your cat at the park, or would I forget the time we got stuck at the little hotel in Maine with your mom when we got

snowed in? I smiled to myself finding the answer to my question. I would never be able to forget you, even if I tried.

I wondered if you felt the same way about me. I knew I meant something to you, you always told me you loved me, but

was it only as a friend? Did you think of me as a sister? Would there ever come a day where you would make me yours, or

would you let me grow old with someone else?

The bell must have sounded somewhere between my thoughts, as I felt your large, calloused hands tugging on my sleeve

letting me know it was time to leave. Your scent was overwhelming as you stood over me, I had spent almost everyday of my

life with you, but everyday I felt more nervous. My hand went to reach down to grab my bag under my desk, when your hand

grasped my wrist.

“ I already got it.” I looked up to see that sly smirk on your face, and my tote bag hanging off your shoulder.

“ Thanks” I mumbled. I always appreciated when you carried my bags for me, but I liked doing it myself. I didn’t want to be

the little girl who needed to be carried home from the park.

You tilted your head, chuckling as if you could read everything about me.

“Daydreaming about me again?” Your hand brushed through your hair as you tried to tease me. You had always found joy

teasing me to the point where, I would lightly smack your shoulder and beg you to stop, until salty tears of laughter began to

fall onto our cheeks. Yet, you didn’t know your comment held truth. A part of me wanted to spill out all my feelings, but I

didn’t. What would you do If I told you the truth, would you leave me? I didn’t want to find out.

“Shutup Max!” I still plastered that same quirky smile on my face, that I did when we were kids. I still loved joking with you, I

still loved being with you, the only difference now, was that I realized, I loved you.

You ignored my comment shaking your head, as if you had just won something, as you began walking out the door. Your

footsteps were quiet, most people wouldn’t have been able to sense your presence, but I had become accustomed to it. It was

like listening to drizzling rain, it was light and faint, but if you knew it was there, you could always hear it. That’s exactly how it

was with you, I could always sense your presence, and so I could always hear your footsteps.

You didn’t call out to me, you knew I’d eventually get up and follow you, I always did. I always thought, maybe there’d come a

day where I’d stay sitting in the little school chair and surprise you, forcing you to come back and get me, but I never did. I was

always too scared that you’d keep walking.

Your strides were longer than mine, already halfway out the school by the time I had gotten out of the chair. I always had to

run through the halls to catch up with you, I constantly begged you to just wait for me, but every time your response was the

same. You’d chuckle as you roughed up my hair and say, “No way am I waiting”. So, everyday I’d run to you. My high tops

would screech against the floor, as my tiny hands tightly held down the sides of my pleated skirt to make sure it wouldn’t

catch wind and fly up.

By the time I reached you, we were always outside, and the cool wind would calm whatever sweat had managed to break in

the midst of me running.

My whole life, I was always running after you, but unlike most other situations, there was a stop. You were always there at

the end of the finish line.

“Moms cooking tonight, you’re staying for dinner, right?” You kept looking out to the sky as you talked to me, it was odd.

Your tone was warm, but the conversation felt cold. You had always said that the eyes were the key to the soul, and that

eye contact was the only way to have a proper conversation. Having started the pattern at such a young age, it never once

seemed awkward to me, but this did. This gap, this isolation, what was it? it was just a simple conversation, but you felt so


“Um yeah, I usually do. Did you not want me to stay tonight?”

This time you turned to me, your green eyes meeting my hazel ones. Your hand reached for the back of your head,

forming a sort of v shape in the gap between your elbow; the position was so awkward, yet you tried making it seem like

you were relaxed, as you plastered that small smile on your face.

“Of course, I want you to stay, I was just making sure. Are you feeling okay today?”

I was feeling fine today. You were the one acting strange. I hadn’t felt this barrier between us since the sixth grade when I

had won the annual school race, and you had told all the boys in the grade that I was the fastest person you knew, but I

had thought you said that I was the “fattest” person you knew and refused to talk to you for two weeks.

“I’m fine Max, lets just get to your house.”

The rest of the walk was in silence. You continued looking ahead, only glancing back at me when you thought I wasn’t

looking. It didn’t feel like we were walking to your house together, it felt like you were walking away from me. A burning

sensation began growing in my throat. I couldn’t explain the feeling, it was painful and agonizing, but it was gone just as

quickly as it had appeared and I ignored it.

When we walked into your house, your mom was already cooking dinner. She said she needed to start now, otherwise it

wouldn’t be ready in time. The house was already beginning to fill with warm spices. It only took the savory scent of

oregano to know your mom was making her special meal. I smiled to myself knowing I was welcomed here.

“His jacket looks good on you Cel” I think your mom had always considered me her own child, but I hoped one day I really

would be. I hoped you would make me yours, and I could call her my own mom too.

“Thanks Rose” I shot her a cheeky smile before looking over to see your reaction, but you were already walking up to your

room. Your footsteps seemed slightly different, foreign, they seemed too loud to be yours. As the distance grew further

and further between us, the burning feeling in my throat started to return. It was as if thorns were pricking their way

through me. I didn’t know this feeling. What was it? Was I going to cry? Is this what you leaving me feels like?

I could hear your squeaky door, and picture your hands grasping the brass knob before tossing both of our bags to the

side of your room, but then, I heard the door shut. You had closed it on me, there was another barrier between us. As the

hinges on your door squeaked upon closing, all the built-up air in my throat seemed to push its way out into a wicked

cough. My body started to hunch over as my hands reached to cling at the burning sensation inside of me. I could feel

your moms eyes on me, alarmed and ready to help, but then it all stopped.

“Celeste are you okay?” Her face reflected genuine worry, but I didn’t need help. I refused to need help.

“Yeah I’m fine, really. It’s really just a cough.” I really was fine, I needed to be fine. I couldn’t tell her I was coughing because

of you. I couldn’t even tell myself I was coughing because of you, I couldn’t understand it. I needed to be able to carry

myself, I couldn’t depend on you to be there all the time, but I wanted to. I wanted to be able to lean on your shoulder for


Your mom’s reply never came, but I could feel her eyes gazing into my back as I lightly trekked up the stairs to your room.

I placed my own hand on the brass door handle, the same way I imagined you would, and I opened the door. I broke

down the barrier between us. Things were normal now, right?



I stood in your door frame taking in the scent of you, waiting for you to look at me, to smile at me, to do something,

but your eyes stayed glued to the TV. You wouldn’t look at me, so again, I ran to you. I walked over to your bed,

plopping onto the space next to you where your white comforters were bunched in a pile, that smelt the same as

your leather jacket, the same as you.

“ You have homework today?” Again, you didn’t look at me as you asked the question. Was I suddenly not enough

for you?

I shook my head yes, not knowing what else to say. I couldn’t seem to find the words to answer you today. I couldn’t

bring myself to speak to this version of you, who made me feel like an outsider, I couldn’t do it.

My hands seemed to shake as I reached down to the canvas bag that you had thrown to the side of your bed. My

hair fell over my face as I fought the urge to cry and let out all my tears right in front of you. Today felt so different,

too different. You felt so cold, so distant, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Then your hand was on my wrist, holding me. You turned me and forced me to look at you, to make eye contact

with you. You were being you again, and we were being us. I expected you to tease me, or hold me in your arms, or

ask to help me with my homework, but instead you asked me a question.


“Yeah?” Your eyes were sad, they were distant. We weren’t us again, this wasn’t us. We didn’t get sad together, being

together made us happy, or at least it made me happy.

“Are you going to the dance with Jacob?”

“Jacob? My lab partner?” The annoying kid who never took a hint when it was time to shut up? “No.”

You turned your back on me, abandoning our conversation, your breath growing heavy as I watched each of your

shoulders begin to rise in your black shirt as your head fall forward. Were you upset, that you thought I was going

with Jacob? No, never once had you asked me to a dance, why would you be upset?

“Celeste, I think I’m going to go to the dance with Olivia.” Oh Olivia, that was why you were being like that. Olivia,

the girl who’s head you would stare at whilst I daydreamed about you in math class. Olivia, the kind of girl I’d never

be. I could feel myself crumbling under your words, I could feel that same burning sensation in my throat returning,

and I could hear that sort of wicked cough willing to come back out, but I wouldn’t let you see me like that. Instead,

I smiled to you.

“That’s great Max. I’m happy for you.” I knew my eyes had to be glossy as tears threatened to pour down my face,

but I kept flaunting that toothy grin, trying to make you happy.

As your head turned to meet me, your eyes looked almost surprised. Were you in disbelief over what I had said? Did

you want me to cry? Did you want me to beg you to be mine? But then, you smiled. Not your real smile, but that

fake one you gave to your mom when she asked you if you had just been crying, but you didn’t want to bother her.

Your lips curved, but your eyes remained sad. Were you sad for me? Could you tell that you had just shattered every

last bit of my heart? Or were you sad for yourself?

I didn’t want to find out. You were my best friend, whom I loved, but for at least tonight, I needed to get away from


I started shrugging off your thick black jacket, that I had always loved wearing, but I only loved wearing it because

it was yours, and I thought wearing the jacket meant that I was yours too. Now I knew I wasn’t yours, only the jacket

was, and it was time to return it. Maybe one day I’d see it on the shoulders of a girl like Olivia; the kind of girls who

were always pining after you, but I always thought you’d reject for them the geeky, quiet girl like me. The kind of

girls who were captain of the cheer team, the kind of girls who’d win prom queen, the kind of girls who make fun of

girls like me.

“I’m going home. I don’t feel good” It was the truth, I didn’t feel good, I was lovesick.

“Your parents aren’t even home, they’re on a business trip, stay in the guest room tonight.” You didn’t really want

me to stay, you were pitying me. You looked down on me. Your eyes were different than they normally were. For

the first time, I really felt as though you were looking at me like I was weak. I couldn’t tell if you figured out exactly

how I felt, but the air was different, and I knew you felt it too.

“Max I’m going home. I’m going out the back door, tell your mom I said goodbye. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I

wanted so much to be close to you, I wanted to be held in your arms, I wanted you to ask me to that

stupid dance, but I knew what I needed was to be away from you. I left the leather jacket laying on your

bed before walking out the door.

If you tried calling out to me, I never heard you. Everything seemed to grow silent as my back turned to

you and I finally started to let the tears pour down my face. Why didn’t you want me?

It was raining outside, and I was shivering, feeling the loss of warmth all throughout my body. The

burning in my throat returned, and this time I had no means to stop it. There was no reason to act okay,

there was no reason to appease you when you left me alone in the cold, hard rain.

The tall, green trees around me started to grow blurry as the wretched cough from earlier, returned. This

time it was worse, it was almost as if something was stuck in my throat. There was a lump, an ache, a

pain. I felt like I was literally being ripped apart because of you. My frail hands reached up to my throat

struggling to find air as my knees gave out from under me. The grass underneath me was wet and I could

feel the dirt scrape against my bare legs as the coughing fit continued to worsen.

I reached my hands to mouth, alarmed, as I began tasting the bitter crimson liquid that only spilled

when something broke. Blood was dripping out of my mouth as I sat gripping my throat. The picture was

gruesome, but the only thought I had was you. Your warm arms, your soft smile, and your stupid laugh,

all of it.

The coughing fit stretched on and on, until it didn’t, until my eyes began to widen as a single petal fell

out of my mouth. A single flower petal, the same color as your emerald, green eyes. The petal was

crippled and splattered with my own blood, but there was no mistaking what it was.

I caught my head in my hands sobbing, realizing you would literally be the end of me.

I had only heard stories of the disease that caused flower petals to drop from one’s mouth. The disease

that causes thorns to pierce through my throat. The disease that would kill me, if you never loved me

back. The disease of unrequited love, Hanahaki.

Now, I sat in the park all alone, needing you to carry me home, and say you love me, because I was too



Poem by Lily



How empty must I feel for you to understand

That I’m not a vacation you can just visit,

destroy what you want and never clean up the mess you make.

how sad do I have to become for you to

understand the difference between the ground

you walk on and me.

You present yourself to me like a gift, you force

me to take it because I guess I deserve it.

you don’t knock before you barge in, you just

let yourself in, unannounced and unexpected

and leave me gasping for what little air is

already left.

You come at me like I’m your first priority,

Staying in my life because I guess I like the

Company, the feeling that there’s always

Weight on my shoulders, always a reassurance

That I’m definitely not going to be in a mood

for anything.

You don’t have morals, you steal my happiness

and kill my spirit. You don’t abide by any

common rules or laws, you make your own and

I just have to follow them.

You don’t have morals, you steal my happiness

And kill my spirit. You don’t make your own and

I just have to follow them.

You were never popular, the only “friends” you



Have your victims. You drag me away from

Everyone who used to love me, and leave me

Isolated in a cold, dark place.

You aren’t respectful, you claw your way into

The lives of so many genuine people and drive

Them to the brink of insanity, you have no

regard for my thoughts or my feelings,

stomping all over me until there’s nothing

decent left to salvage.

You’re never creative, you tell me everything as

it is and make me see all of the terrible things

poisoning the world, you never sugarcoat the

truth, no matter how much it hurts. You even

helped me clearly see the my smallest flaws. You

call me disgusting and tell me that I’m


You have no empathy. I could be laying on the

bathroom floor, blood dripping down my skin

and you would tell me how beautiful that

shade of red is on me.

You make it your goal to make me feel lonely

Until I don’t know why I’m lonely anymore.



last night I ran away

I laid in my bed encapsulated by my

relentless mind

begging to break free

When I am there I can do anything I


The world is my muse

I can escape even when there’s no

where else to go

Poem By Ella Gagliardi

L A S T N I G H T I R A N A W A Y -

Unbeknownst to me, it’s established

Its own routine

Scouring for the tiniest task to stop

nodding off into slumber, a one way

Ticket to repeating the same day,

same week, same month all over again

my imagination starved mind craves

for false realities starring my

emotional insecurities directed by my

subconscious, an award winning cast

for restlessness

in my dreams,

we were about to exchange

goodnights and I love you’syour

as I begged for you to stay

I wanted to feel your love after months

of starvation

pulling me closer with every breath

every once and a while trailing your

fingers up and down my back, melting

me into security and bliss


but, something changed in the script-

I am compelled to tell you how perfect

you are

your beauty flows in your intention and

in your precious locks of hair

your ethic is admirable, accomplishing

every last goal in mind setting you up

for the brightest future

how could you ever think of yourself

as less than?

you will always be more than enough,

more than perfect


at this moment I break the fourth wall

as tears begin to overwhelm my


spilling over my waterline

tracing down my cheek

eventually dripping down to my pillow

I brushed it off as a moment of love so

Passionate, so encapsulating, making

It so much more painful that you and I

Only exist through a screen.

But at ungodly hours, thoughts begin

To warp.

Those were the first time those words

Had graced my mind as a natural


I had never heard someone think to

tell me that I was


Equally sad and empowering, I had

Only heard it from myself, even more

So the fact that mere words of

encouragement could bring tears to

my eyes.

But it was a moment of love

Overflowing with passion

As I had finally cracked the code that

Had puzzled me for years- how can I

Love myself when all I feel is hate?


B A L S E R A – T H E S T O R Y O F A

C U B A N W O M A N , A N D H E R




The dreadful day had arrived, and my heart began to beat faster as the seconds passed by. I knelt

on the edge of a muddy swamp, with the slimy contents reaching up to my neck. I was carefully

waiting for a signal from my abuelo, who was going to let me know that it was time to join the

others on the balsa, by discretely splashing a fishing rod into the water. It was quick, and I almost

didn’t recognize the hushed sound. It was impossible to completely process what I was doing, but I

soon found myself struggling to breathe as I found a comfortable position on the wooden board

that lined the floor. I finally found the courage within me to keep my eyes open, and to look at the

worried faces of the balseros that accompanied me. Most of them, I easily recognized. My

grandparents, my mother, my two aunts, and quite a few neighbors that I had gotten used to

chatting with every afternoon. Their presence made me feel relaxed; knowing that we were all

seeking the same thing assured me that it was worth the struggle. I wanted to be strong for them, I

knew I had to. At just 11 years old, I had already endured the pain of living in some of the worst

situations a country could offer. The scarcity surpassed that of lacking food; the division between

those who supported the government and those who desperately opposed it spread hatred and the

unity we once held, disappeared.

Our plan was to give the Cuban Coast Guard the impression that we were going to spend the day

fishing, seeing as it was something common along the Nuevita coast. This area was specifically

known for carrying the country’s fish market, but also for being the most common escape to those

seeking freedom elsewhere. Realistically, we would be moving miles away from the 12-mile mark, in

hopes of reaching American territory. Because of the Cuban Adjustment Act, we didn’t fear

deportation. We often heard of refugees who received assistance and welfare benefits, including

housing and food stamps, which became available immediately once they reached US land. All of

the rules meant that any Cuban who wanted to become a permanent resident of the United States

could do so, much quicker and easily than people coming from other parts of the world. This part

sounded pretty straightforward, but the key requirement was that we had to reach dry land. Under

an amendment to the Cuban Adjustment Act, Cuban migrants could be apprehended in the water

between the U.S. and Cuba and get sent home, which meant that even once we left Cuban waters,

we were still in danger of being sent back. Overall, this trip was bound to bring days of torture, no

matter the outcome.



This wasn’t our first time doing this. We had just spent 3 months

imprisoned in the Cayman Islands, after yet another failed

attempt to escape led us farther away from our destination than

we could’ve ever imagined. We had spent that time with our

hopes higher than ever and imagining only the best outcomes. We

were seeking asylum, and at that point, it didn’t matter who

provided us with it. If we ever stepped on Cuban territory again,

we would go straight to prison, and that is something that made

me go insane. As stated by Cuban law, anyone who escaped—or

who talked about it, assisted someone else, or collected any

rafting materials—was subject to ten years in prison. Anything

could happen, and I was ready to endure whatever outcome.

On our third day at sea, our motor completely broke down.

Water had entered it, and we hadn’t brought any tools that could

possibly fix the issue. Two days later, my father saw a cruise ship

in the distance; this gave us hope, and we started to believe that

we would see land sooner than later. As more time passed, the

waters turned clear and our emotions turned bright. We were

close, and we felt safer than we had since we had embarked on

our journey.

We reached the island town of Key Biscayne, Florida on July

4th, 1999. I can still close my eyes and vividly see everything we

went through. The way chills travel up my spine when I relive

the moments are indescribable, yet there is absolutely nothing I

would’ve done differently. I believe that everything happens for

a reason, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to

accomplish what many can’t, and to represent the courage that

Is buried deep inside the souls of those living back home. I did it

for them; I needed to honor those who didn’t succeed, those

who are struggling now, and those who will attempt the voyage

later on.




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