Autumn in Costa Blanca is cool at night at amazingly hot during the day, there is always time to find a nice quiet cool place to read the latest edition of Out and About magazine which is all about what's going on locally with restaurants, bars, and entertainment. During autumn you can enjoy so much without having to worry too much about the heat and that's why we see more visitors from the UK and Norway than any other time of year.

Autumn in Costa Blanca is cool at night at amazingly hot during the day, there is always time to find a nice quiet cool place to read the latest edition of Out and About magazine which is all about what's going on locally with restaurants, bars, and entertainment. During autumn you can enjoy so much without having to worry too much about the heat and that's why we see more visitors from the UK and Norway than any other time of year.


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<strong>Oct</strong>ober 2021 • Issue <strong>191</strong><br />

Halloween<br />

Night<br />

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Costa Blanca<br />




PAGES 30-33


OCTOBER 2021 | 3<br />

VCA25009<br />

VCA0586<br />





Remember Clocks Change This Month - <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

Dear Reader<br />

Well it certainly has<br />

been an awkward<br />

time for us all<br />

trying to understand new<br />

rules and restrictions. It gets<br />

so confusing. After all this time<br />

let’s hope it will not be long now<br />

before normality returns. It has also been<br />

difficult to accept wearing masks, for me it is<br />

uncomfortable, again keeping fingers crossed<br />

it doesn’t last too long at least we don’t wear<br />

them when outside now?<br />

As the summer has come to an end as<br />

the days are cooler, however our <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

<strong>issue</strong> will brighten up your day. Whatever<br />

the weather’s like outside your window,<br />

consider that the sun is well and truly<br />

shining in our Out & About Costa Blanca<br />

magazine, all year round. As always you<br />

will find something amazing and different<br />

with every edition. In the pages of the<br />

Out & About magazine, you are spoilt for<br />

choice when it comes to articles to read on<br />

different stimulating and exciting subjects<br />

and on every page you will find something<br />

of interest. Having so many professional<br />

journalists writing such fascinating articles.<br />

Although the summer brought excitement<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober is as busy. Time and Tide waits for<br />

no man and I cannot believe how quickly<br />

the summer has gone and how soon things<br />

start to change. For example, this month,<br />

remember the clocks go back an hour on<br />

Sunday, <strong>Oct</strong>ober 31, 3:00 am and in England<br />

go back 1 hour at 2am on 31st <strong>Oct</strong>ober.<br />

To remember which way to set your watch,<br />

keep in mind “spring forward, fall back”.<br />

You set your clock forward in the spring<br />

when Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts<br />

thus lose one hour and back one hour when<br />

DST ends in the fall, so we gain an hour by<br />

turning the clock back. DST is a<br />

change in the standard time with<br />

the purpose of making better use<br />

of daylight and conserving energy.<br />

The birthstones and flowers for<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober are Opal or Tourmaline,<br />

Calendula or Cosmos. The two signs<br />

associated with the month of <strong>Oct</strong>ober are<br />

Libra and Scorpio. People born from <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

1st to <strong>Oct</strong>ober 22nd are members of the<br />

Libra sign. The people born under the Sign<br />

Libra are kind, gentle and lovers of beauty,<br />

harmony and peace. However, in their effort<br />

to keep everyone happy, they find it difficult<br />

to say ‘NO’ to anyone, and as a result, they<br />

end up getting stressed. They have a lot of<br />

positive traits, but some negative ones, too.<br />

Because of its incredible passion and<br />

power, Scorpio is often mistaken for a<br />

fire sign. In fact, Scorpio is a water sign<br />

that derives its strength from the psychic,<br />

emotional realm. Like its fellow water signs,<br />

Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is extremely<br />

clairvoyant and intuitive<br />

In the ancient Roman calendar, <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

was the name of the eighth month of the<br />

year. Its name comes from octo, the Latin<br />

word for “eight.” When the Romans<br />

converted to a 12-month calendar, they tried<br />

to rename this month after various Roman<br />

emperors, but the name <strong>Oct</strong>ober stuck!<br />

Enjoy <strong>Oct</strong>ober and keep healthy, happy,<br />

smiling and positive. Perhaps with the cooler<br />

weather now you can relax and step out of<br />

those fridges ha! Remember you are never<br />

alone with a copy of “Out &About Costa<br />

Blanca”. Until next month keep happy and<br />

healthy!!<br />

Carol R. Levey

OCTOBER 2021 | 5<br />


C O N T A C T S<br />

EDITOR<br />

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Can our AGONY UNCLE help you<br />

Readers<br />

Letters<br />

Email to: relojdesol@mail.com<br />

My boyfriend and I have been living<br />

together very happily for three years.<br />

Lately though I have noticed that he seems<br />

more tired and pays me less attention<br />

than he did. I am scared that he may have<br />

another woman in his life, and I keep<br />

thinking what am I doing wrong?<br />

Elisabeth. Calpe<br />

Relationships change. After three<br />

years together you are probably<br />

very comfortable together, but the<br />

relationship may change for many<br />

reasons, and not necessarily because<br />

he has met someone else. If home<br />

life is happy and you are content<br />

living together then the relationship<br />

moves into a comfortable slot. If you<br />

are looking for signs of his infidelity<br />

and worrying that you are doing<br />

something wrong then something is<br />

wrong, and you are insecure as his<br />

partner. The only way to resolve this<br />

is not to look for clues, or to accuse,<br />

but simply talk to each other. He<br />

shouldn’t need reminding about being<br />

your partner, and you really have to<br />

eliminate your suspicions and have<br />

trust in your ongoing relationship.<br />

My Father lives alone back in the UK<br />

and we have not seen each other for some<br />

time because of the current restrictions.<br />

My older sister, who lives nearby him,<br />

has suggested that it is time for me to<br />

return to live in the UK so that we can<br />

share the care of Dad. Currently he is in<br />

good health and under the watchful eye<br />

of my Sister, but I cannot face returning<br />

to live back in the UK. I do not want to<br />

upset my Sister, but this may not be an<br />

option.<br />

Pat. Sagra<br />

If you are needed then you can think<br />

about going back temporarily, when<br />

needed, to help to share the care of<br />

your father. I trust that your<br />

Sister chose to live where she does,<br />

and that gives you the right to live<br />

where you want to too. When, and<br />

if any care is needed for your father<br />

then your Sister may call you to<br />

help when the time comes. You are<br />

not denying your responsibility but<br />

you are stating the facts that you<br />

may continue to be resident in the<br />

Country that you have chosen to<br />

live in, as your right. Everything

AGONY UNCLE OCTOBER 2021 | 9<br />

hedges on the health and care<br />

of your father, and he currently<br />

isn’t the person calling you back<br />

home, anyway. Steer away from<br />

any emotional blackmail. Tell your<br />

sister that you will always do<br />

whatever you feel that you can do,<br />

and she will have to be satisfied<br />

with that, for now.<br />

The annual anniversary of the death of<br />

my husband is approaching and I am<br />

always so depressed as I miss him so<br />

very much. I do not sleep well nor do I<br />

eat properly and my stress levels are at<br />

an all time high every September. There<br />

is no use telling me that I should get<br />

over this, every year is worse and I will<br />

never ever be the same again.<br />

Merle. Denia<br />

I am sorry for your loss. I do think<br />

however that you cannot change<br />

what has happened by honouring<br />

your husband’s demise with your<br />

sorrow. There are many other ways<br />

to show the man that you still love<br />

that you are continuing to live<br />

your life and getting on with all the<br />

things that you must. I am sure that<br />

he would not want to hear of your<br />

grieving and risking your physical<br />

and mental health levels recalling<br />

the painful month of his death,<br />

by suffering. Rather still, accept<br />

as an anniversary your wedding<br />

day, or his or your birthday, or<br />

the memories of a special holiday<br />

together. If you celebrate by<br />

remembering happy times then<br />

that love that brought you together<br />

can be suitably honoured with<br />

a beautiful smile as a treasured<br />

memory of your very special<br />

relationship.<br />

Readers can now send their questions and problems<br />

@<br />

to a newly appointed Agony Uncle. He is a Therapist,<br />

Counsellor, Psychologist and Life Coach and will be answering the best from his mailbox exclusively here<br />

in Out and About, every month. Every email gets a personal reply from Agony Uncle and with your consent,<br />

and subject to space; question and reply can be printed in a future edition of Out and About. Names and/or<br />

locations will be disguised assuring confidentiality. Email to: relojdesol@mail.com<br />

Due to the success of the current exhibition, it has been extended till 31-<strong>Oct</strong>-21.<br />

Local artist David Biglands<br />

is displaying contemporary illustrations<br />


Calle Oscar Esplá 2, CALPE, 965835824.<br />

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.00- 14.00 & 17.00 - 20.00. SATURDAYS 10.00 - 14.00.<br />




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Sponsors Jalon Valley A.R.C. & AKIRA Dog Sanctuary Pages<br />

“Animal voices are silent<br />

But their cries can be heard<br />

If you care enough to listen”<br />

Tel. 657 689 567 - www.akira-animals.com - Facebook Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary<br />

LOLITA<br />

Lotita lived on the streets in Moraira before<br />

she was rescued and brought to Akira. We<br />

gradually built up her confidence and she has<br />

been ready for her own home for a very long<br />

time. She enjoys being with people, cuddles<br />

and going out for walks and would make a<br />

lovely family member. Lolita is vaccinated,<br />

chipped and has a passport so, if you think<br />

you could open your heart to this girl to let<br />

her enjoy the life she always dreamed of, then<br />

please contact us today. ‘Phone 657 689<br />

567 or email akirashelter@aol.com for more<br />

information.<br />

VINCE<br />

Vince, our lovely Podenco, pictured with a<br />

little Akira resident is very sad as nearly<br />

all of his kennel mates whom he has loved<br />

have left him for permanent homes. He is<br />

such a special boy and we volunteers can’t<br />

understand why he hasn’t been snapped<br />

up. Vince is 5 and has been with us since<br />

he was six months old! He would like a<br />

home with a female dog but with no cats or<br />

young children. Please contact Akira shelter<br />

on 657 689 567 or email akirashelter@aol.<br />

com for further details.<br />

Tel. 657 689 567 • www.akira-animals.com • Facebook Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary

OCTOBER 2021 | 11



Vision problems are very common among schoolage<br />

children. These <strong>issue</strong>s are often easy to<br />

treat, sometimes requiring little more than a pair of<br />

prescription glasses. But if vision problems aren’t<br />

addressed, it can have lasting effects on your child’s<br />

success in school, personal relationships<br />

and confidence engaging in normal<br />

activities.<br />

It’s important for parents and<br />

teachers to stay mindful of<br />

everyday signs that a child<br />

may need vision correction:<br />

1. They hold books<br />

unusually close to their<br />

face<br />

2. They lose their place as<br />

they read<br />

3. They squint or tilt their<br />

head to see better<br />

4. They sit too close to the TV<br />

5. They rub their eyes a lot<br />

6. Their eyes tear up for no<br />

apparent reason<br />

7. They tend to close one eye during<br />

activities like reading or watching TV<br />

8. They avoid activities that require near vision<br />

(reading, homework, computer use) or distance<br />

vision (sports, other recreational activities)<br />

9. They mention that their eyes are tired or they have<br />

a headache<br />

10. Their grades are lower than normal<br />

Blurry vision may be interfering with your child’s<br />

ability to learn in school. Regular eye exams can<br />

detect and correct this and other vision problems.<br />

If your child shows any of these signs, an optometrist<br />

can help you figure out whether an eye problem is the<br />

underlying cause.<br />

Childhood refractive errors<br />

In some cases, a child can have astigmatism and<br />

nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness at the<br />

same time. You will get a vision prescription after<br />

your child’s eye exam (and contact lens fitting, if<br />

contacts are needed) and you can use it to buy glasses<br />

or contacts wherever you’d like.<br />

Myopia is a growing problem among children. It’s<br />

natural for myopia to slowly get a little worse as<br />

10 “hidden” signs your<br />

child may need glasses<br />

people get older, but sometimes it progresses too<br />

quickly. It can lead to a condition called high myopia.<br />

This greatly increases the risk of developing visionthreatening<br />

diseases like retinal detachment, macular<br />

degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma later in life.<br />

By 2050, as many as 1 in every 10 people on<br />

Earth may have high myopia — nearly<br />

four times as many people as in 2015.<br />

Other childhood eye problems<br />

Refractive errors change the<br />

way light registers inside the<br />

eye, but other childhood eye<br />

conditions can affect the way<br />

the eyes move together.<br />

Between 5% and 10%<br />

of school-age children<br />

are thought to have an<br />

eye teaming or focusing<br />

problem.<br />

These conditions include:<br />

- Strabismus – a problem with<br />

the way the eyes are aligned.<br />

Strabismus is often referred to as<br />

“crossed eyes”.<br />

- Amblyopia – also called “lazy eye.” Reduced<br />

vision in one eye.<br />

- Convergence insufficiency – a form of intermittent<br />

exotropia, which is itself a type of strabismus. The<br />

eyes have a hard time working together to focus on<br />

near objects. When a child tries to focus on something<br />

close, one eye turns slightly outward instead of<br />

inward.<br />

Refractive errors and eye teaming or focusing<br />

problems aren’t the only conditions that can affect a<br />

child’s life.<br />

Other common problems include:<br />

- Color blindness: More accurately known as color<br />

vision deficiency, color blindness causes problems<br />

seeing some – but rarely all – colors. There are several<br />

different types of color blindness.<br />

- Vision loss: The most common causes include<br />

injuries, congenital conditions and complications<br />

that stem from other health problems. About 3% of<br />

children under age 18 are either visually impaired or<br />

blind.<br />

Connecting vision with attention and learning<br />

Dra. Maria Isabel Signes-Soler, PhD, FAAO • Tel: 965832080


disorders<br />

Between 5% and 15% of school-age children are<br />

affected by a learning disorder. About 80% of these are<br />

reading disorders, like dyslexia. Nearly 1 in 10 schoolage<br />

children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity<br />

disorder (ADHD).<br />

These conditions are not vision disorders themselves,<br />

but they can coexist with certain eye problems.<br />

How often do kids need eye exams or vision screenings?<br />

The American Academy of Ophthalmology<br />

recommends the following schedule for vision<br />

screenings early in life:<br />

1. As a newborn<br />

2. Between 6 and 12 months’ old<br />

3. Between 1 and 3 years’ old<br />

4. Between 3 and 5 years’ old<br />

5. After age 5<br />

As children progress through<br />

their school-age years, it is<br />

recommended an eye exam<br />

every year, regardless of<br />

whether a vision problem is<br />

present.<br />

If you suspects a problem with<br />

your child’s eyes or eyesight,<br />

contact an optometrist or ophthalmologist for a<br />

complete eye exam.<br />


FOR<br />




Hello and welcome once again to<br />

The All Time Greats page. In the<br />

light of the recent sad news about<br />

Charlie Watts I thought I would say a<br />

few words about the now late and<br />

irreplaceable quiet man of The<br />

Rolling Stones. In all their<br />

notoriety when did you<br />

hear that Charlie Watts had<br />

caused any trouble???!<br />

On many occasions<br />

Charlie has been called<br />

one of, if not the, greatest<br />

rock drummers of all time.<br />

Having spent the last 60 of<br />

his total of 80 years as a key<br />

member of, again many say, the<br />

greatest rock band of them all I do not<br />

see this as flattery. Charlie was, yes, very<br />

much the quiet man of the band. His journey<br />

into rock drumming had actually started<br />

with a love of jazz which is something<br />

he retained all his life actually leading<br />

and drumming with a number of<br />

jazz bands. In the early 60s this<br />

inevitably branched into R &<br />

B and it was moving in those<br />

circles in London that he came<br />

to meet Brian Jones and the<br />

other members of the band<br />

that became The Rolling<br />

Stones. Charlie was in fact<br />

the last of the “main five” to<br />

join in 1963. Away from the<br />

group he led a very private life<br />

that was totally different from the<br />

kind enjoyed by most rock stars. With<br />

the band his drumming was steady, solid and


OCTOBER 2021 | 15<br />

completely reliable whilst, at the same<br />

time, undemonstrative. With the<br />

equally reliable and placid<br />

bassist Bill Wyman at his<br />

side Charlie was half<br />

of the Stones´ rhythm<br />

section that was<br />

actually the bedrock<br />

on which the band´s<br />

eternal flamboyance<br />

was based. Their<br />

rock steady musical<br />

talent allowed Mick<br />

and Keith to kick out<br />

the jams and provide<br />

the fireworks from the<br />

front of the stage.<br />

When famously asked about<br />

his life as a Rolling Stone Charlie replied<br />

that he and Bill had spent about 20 years<br />

EACH sitting around in recording studios<br />

waiting for their colleagues to show up for<br />

work! Charlie did have a spell under the<br />

influence of heroin but it was a habit he<br />

kicked unlike his fondness for alcohol. He<br />

had it seems a solid marriage which started<br />

as early as 1964 with his wife, Shirley,<br />

surviving him today. They had one child, a<br />

daughter born in 1968 (with the great name<br />

of Serafina!) who, in turn, gave them one<br />

granddaughter. Charlie, it seems, was never<br />

interested in dabbling with groupies or the<br />

trappings of a rock star´s life that would<br />

put his marriage in peril. Charlie was, of<br />

course, a VERY rich man and indulged<br />

in some delightful hobbies. He loved to<br />

collect antique furniture and artefacts and<br />

in mature years enjoyed living on a farm in<br />

Devon where he and Shirley bred Arabian<br />

horses. He was also a competent artist who<br />

made a habit of sketching the hundreds of<br />

hotel rooms in which he lodged. Unlike his<br />

colleagues in the Stones Charlie was a very<br />

snappy dresser and always turned out for<br />

public appearances immaculately dressed<br />

suited and booted and wearing a collar and<br />

tie. He had a shave and donned full<br />

regalia on the famous night on<br />

which he punched Mick Jagger<br />

to the floor after hearing the<br />

infamous “Where is my<br />

drummer” rant. Of all the<br />

Charlie Watts stories that<br />

have emerged after he left<br />

us this one seems to be the<br />

favourite!<br />

The years had taken their<br />

inevitable toll and in 2004<br />

Charlie was diagnosed with<br />

throat cancer despite giving up<br />

smoking twenty years earlier and<br />

moderating his drinking. A year later<br />

he was involved in a serious car accident<br />

in the South Of France but he recovered and<br />

drummed on. Shortly before he died Charlie<br />

had announced he would be resting rather<br />

than touring in the autumn as a result of a<br />

“previous procedure” and then , on the 24th<br />

August, came the news that he had gone.<br />

RIP Charlie.<br />

Starting on Saturday 23rd <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

and available for the next 7 days<br />

JC´s Podcast will take us back to<br />

1964 and feature the very first , rough<br />

and raw, eponymous LP recorded at<br />

Decca by The Rolling Stones. Feel<br />

free to contact me via Pure Gold FM<br />

or by Email to “jcpodcast10@gmail.<br />

com.” I look forward to the pleasure<br />

of your company for another<br />

All Time Great in next month´s<br />

magazine until when I strongly urge<br />

you to KEEP ROCKING and aim to<br />

make it to, at least, 80.<br />

by John Curtis


vivaldimoraira<br />

vivaldimoraira<br />

...a smooth experience<br />

The beautiful coastal village Moraira, located on the Costa Blanca<br />

has a new hotspot; Brasserie Vivaldi, where coziness and<br />

qualitatively good food are central.<br />

FloriditaMoraira<br />

floriditamoraira<br />

Open every day. Check our website or facebook/<br />

instagram for current opening hours.<br />

Passeo Senillar 25, 03724 Moraira<br />

+34 965271088 | www.brasserievivaldi.com<br />


US THIS<br />




HOUSE!!<br />

(wine, cava, beer or<br />

refreshment)<br />

NEW OWNERS! The best music bar in Moraira with live music 5 nights a week!<br />

(after COVID lockdown). The hotest address for your drinks and cocktails!<br />

Check our instagram/facebook for all actual news. SEE YOU SOON AT FLORIDITA!<br />

Calle Tosqueres 3, 03724 Rada de Moraira

OCTOBER 2021 | 17<br />

KOSTA!<br />

R E S T A U R A N T<br />

C/Mulhacen 10<br />

On the Coast Road | Between Moraira and Calpe, 95<br />

03724 Moraira,<br />

Tel. 865 77 83 00 Mob. 608 733 584<br />

Every day 12:30 - 22:00<br />

Simply The Best – What More Could You Ask for!<br />

AT KOSTA everything is outstanding - beginning with the welcome from the<br />

owner Christian, who makes everyone feel welcome like a special and valued<br />

guest in his home along with the very attentive multi-lingual staff and<br />

great service.<br />

Enjoy a wonderful lunch time or evening meal with friends<br />

or celebrate a family birthday.<br />

Food is excellent quality and presented beautifully.<br />

This is a restaurant that you simply cannot fault for food quality, service and<br />

value for money<br />

What more can you ask it’s perfect


Magic Travel<br />

Moments<br />

Highlight those (many) travel moments in<br />

my life when things have ‘sparkled’.<br />

by John<br />

David<br />

Moorhouse<br />


A Bed of Roses<br />

St. James’s - rich in Springtime colours, young<br />

skies full of promise, at noon in The Park -<br />

after Morning Service at The Abbey.... cross<br />

over The Pond, greet the birds.... and there<br />

it is, before me, a feast for appreciative eyes,<br />

in an immaculately-maintained setting.... yet<br />

delicately free !<br />

An expression of pure beauty and subtle<br />

aroma.... an Invitation to Love, to the Joys of<br />

Nature, to Perfection Itself .... I should have<br />

stopped longer, but “The Grenadier” was<br />

calling me to a clash of arms and the memory<br />

of heroes long dead.<br />

Tarragona Cannon<br />

Walking up a long, impressive Ramp<br />

towards the towering Ramparts,<br />

under a blazingly hot sun almost<br />

overwhelming us, we stopped to take<br />

photos, grouping in front of the barrel<br />

of an old, black Cannon, set in a carriage<br />

of stone.<br />

The barrel was pointed over our<br />

heads, a pyramid of iron balls stacked<br />

neatly beside it, ready to greet an<br />

approaching enemy with deadly<br />

defiance.... a different kind of defiance


It’s not about catching a cold, or finding a pot of<br />

gold....<br />

it applies equally to young and old !<br />

But can I retain it? Try to grasp and explain it?<br />

How to draw a picture of something that’s not<br />

there?<br />

And yet it’s everywhere.... all the time !<br />

Why chase an illusion, a veritable fusion of<br />

thoughts,<br />

feelings, un-real delusions, half-truths, lies,<br />

confusions ?!<br />

What’s the difference between reality and<br />

(imagination) ?<br />

was demanded of the 4 as they<br />

clambered onto the Cannon and seated<br />

themselves astride it, youngest at the<br />

front, oldest at the back.<br />

Somehow, the sun did not matter<br />

as they grinned at the camera with<br />

squinting, crinkled, young eyes !<br />

To Catch the Dream; to hold it;<br />

to never let it go; to build on it;<br />

to make it come alive, to do more than just<br />

survive....<br />

let me reach out for it; to do more than thrive !!!!<br />




FLIGHTS FROM 1st JUNE 08.30-21.30<br />

lisa.calpe7@yahoo.co.uk<br />





<strong>Oct</strong>ober 1, 1908 - Henry Ford’s<br />

Model T, a “universal car”<br />

designed for the masses, went on<br />

sale for the first time.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 1, 1979 - After 70 years<br />

of American control, the Panama<br />

Canal Zone was formally<br />

handed over to Panama.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 3, 1863 - President<br />

Abraham Lincoln <strong>issue</strong>d a<br />

proclamation designating the<br />

last Thursday in November as<br />

Thanksgiving Day.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 5, 1964 - The largest<br />

mass escape since the<br />

construction of the Berlin Wall<br />

occurred as 57 East German<br />

refugees escaped to West Berlin<br />

after tunnelling beneath the wall.<br />

Birthday - “Father of the Space<br />

Age” Robert Goddard (1882-<br />

1945) was born in Worcester,<br />

Massachusetts. During his<br />

lifetime he was ridiculed by<br />

the public and the press over<br />

his idea of constructing a<br />

space flight machine. In 1926,<br />

he launched the world’s first<br />

liquid-fuelled rocket on a<br />

farm near Auburn, Mass. In<br />

1935, his liquid-fueled rocket<br />

surpassed the speed of sound.<br />

Other developments included<br />

a steering apparatus for rocket<br />

machines, staged rockets to<br />

reach high altitudes, rocket fuel<br />

pumps, and a self-cooling rocket<br />

motor.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 6, 1927 - The first<br />

“talkie” opened in New York.<br />

The Jazz Singer starring Al<br />

Jolson was the first full-length<br />

feature film using spoken<br />

dialogue.<br />

Birthday - Engineer and<br />

inventor George Westinghouse<br />

(1846-<strong>191</strong>4) was born in<br />

Central Bridge, New York. He<br />

developed air brakes for trains<br />

and was later responsible for the<br />

adoption of alternating current<br />

(AC) systems for electric power<br />

transmission in the U.S. He was<br />

also the first employer to give his<br />

employees paid vacations.<br />

Birthday - John Lennon (1940-<br />

1980) was born in Liverpool,<br />

England. He was a member<br />

of The Beatles, an influential<br />

rock group which captivated<br />

audiences first in England and<br />

Germany, and later in America<br />

and throughout the world. He<br />

was murdered in New York City<br />

on December 8, 1980.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 13, 1792 - The<br />

cornerstone of the White House<br />

was laid by George Washington.<br />

The building, located at 1600<br />

Pennsylvania Avenue, is three<br />

stories tall with over 100<br />

rooms, and was designed by<br />

James Hoban. In November of<br />

1800, President John Adams<br />

and his family moved in. The<br />

building was first known as<br />

the “Presidential Palace,” but<br />

acquired the name “White<br />

House” about 10 years after<br />

its completion. It was burned<br />

by British troops in 1814, then<br />

reconstructed, refurbished and<br />

reoccupied in 1817.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 13, 1884 - Greenwich<br />

was established as the universal<br />

time from which standard<br />

times throughout the world are<br />

calculated.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 20, 1944 - During World<br />

War II in the Pacific, General<br />

Douglas MacArthur set foot on<br />

Philippine soil for the first time<br />

since his escape in 1942, fulfilling<br />

his promise, “I shall return.”<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 24, 1929 - “Black<br />

Thursday” occurred in the New<br />

York Stock Exchange as nearly 13<br />

million shares were sold in panic<br />

selling. Five days later “Black<br />

Tuesday” saw 16 million shares<br />

sold.<br />

Birthday - Artist Pablo Picasso<br />

(1881-1973) was born in Malaga,<br />

Spain. He was an experimental<br />

painter and also became a fine<br />

sculptor, engraver and ceramist.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 28, 1886 - The Statue<br />

of Liberty was dedicated on<br />

Bedloe’s Island in New York<br />

Harbor. The statue was a gift<br />

from the people of France<br />

commemorating the French-<br />

American alliance during the<br />

American Revolutionary War.<br />

Designed by Frederic Auguste<br />

Bartholdi, the entire structure<br />

stands 300 feet (92.9 meters)<br />

tall. The pedestal contains the<br />

words: “Give me your tired,<br />

your poor, your huddled masses<br />

yearning to breathe free, the<br />

wretched refuse of your teeming<br />

shore. Send these, the homeless,<br />

tempest-tost to me, I lift my<br />

lamp beside the golden door!”<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 31st - Halloween or<br />

All Hallow’s Eve, an ancient<br />

celebration combining the<br />

Christian festival of All Saints<br />

with Pagan autumn festivals.<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober 31, 1940 - The Battle of<br />

Britain concluded. Beginning on<br />

July 10, 1940, German bombers<br />

and fighters had attacked coastal<br />

targets, airfields, London and<br />

other cities, as a prelude to a<br />

Nazi invasion of England. British<br />

pilots in Spitfires and Hurricanes<br />

shot down over 1,700 German<br />

aircraft while losing 915 fighters.<br />

“Never in the field of human<br />

conflict was so much owed by so<br />

many to so few,” declared Prime<br />

Minister Winston Churchill.


OCTOBER 2021 | 21<br />





TIMES<br />

Mon - Sun<br />

11.30-4.00pm<br />

in the afternoon<br />

6.00pm-12<br />

Midnight<br />

Carretera Calpe-Moraira, 193, TEULADA 03724 (Alicante)<br />

Tel: 965 744 431 or +34 625 763 925<br />

Email: lingganglu@gmail.com


OCTOBER 2021 | 23<br />

Free Home Delivery<br />

Servicio a Domicilio Gratis<br />

Moraira & Surrounding Area<br />


10% Discount On Take Away / Para Llevar<br />

Lunch menu 9,95€ Special menu 13,95€<br />

Ctra. Moraira-Calpe, 253 | 03724 Moraira, Alicante | Tel. +34 965 748 298<br />

Mov. 632 87 24 08 | www.gurasrestaurant.com |<br />

12.00 - 15.30/ 18.00 - Late | Monday Lunch Closed<br />

10%<br />

discount on<br />

take away<br />

food<br />

Available<br />

for special<br />

occasion<br />

or private<br />

parties<br />

At Guras Curry House, we have a<br />

passion for making sure customers<br />

have an enjoyable time as well as<br />

eating delicious genuine Nepalese<br />

Indian Food. Guras combine a<br />

panoramic range of Nepalese and<br />

Indian food, cooking many of<br />

your favourite dishes including,<br />

Tikka Masala, Korma, Pasanda,<br />

Karahi, Bhuna, Saag as well as<br />

Special House Grilled dishes.<br />

Private parking.<br />

Childrens<br />

menu available<br />

from Chicken<br />

Nuggets to<br />

Fish fingers<br />

6.50€<br />

Reserve your table telephone<br />

632 87 24 08 or 96 574 8298


Calpe, Benissa, Altea, Moraira<br />

Inmo COBAT welcomes you to the Costa Blanca.<br />

Since 2003 we are an “all-in” company<br />

when buying or selling property.<br />

www.cobatcostablanca.com<br />


CALPE 279,000€<br />

Single storey villa with<br />

long driveway, garage<br />

and pool, spacious<br />

terrace with beautiful<br />

views, fruit orchard,<br />

quietly located at<br />

the end of dead end<br />

street only 10 minutes<br />

by car from centre<br />

and beach of Calpe.<br />

Ref. 3142<br />

CALPE 445,000€<br />

Ready to move<br />

in, a bright and<br />

modern villa (2013)<br />

with several terraces<br />

and beautiful<br />

swimming pool<br />

with sauna, in<br />

a quiet location<br />

close to the town<br />

Ref. 3129<br />

CALPE 429,000€<br />

Wow; villa with<br />

3 kitchens, 2<br />

living rooms, 5<br />

bedrooms and<br />

4 bathrooms,<br />

outside shower,<br />

covered BBQ area,<br />

garage, carport<br />

and parking.<br />

Ref. 3016<br />

CALPE 475,000€<br />

Spacious villa in<br />

tranquil area,<br />

walking distance<br />

beach and with<br />

100% privacy.<br />

Lovely views to<br />

the “ Peñon de<br />

Ifach “. Ref. 2791<br />

CALPE 720,000€<br />

Modern new<br />

build villa with<br />

landscaped<br />

garden, spacious<br />

garage and private<br />

swimming pool, a<br />

real opportunity.<br />

Ref. 12835<br />

CALPE 785,000€<br />

Gorgeous panoramic<br />

sea view villa with<br />

heated pool,<br />

garage,<br />

exterior kitchen<br />

annex lounge and<br />

mature garden.<br />

Ref. 2837<br />

Inmo Cobat<br />

Telephone:<br />

0034 620146993

The Kathmandu Nepali-Indian Restaurant<br />

Carretera Moraira-Calpe coast road No 144,<br />

(in front of Euro Gym), Moraira<br />

Tel: 96 649 2436<br />

Welcome to ‘The Kathmandu’ restaurant in Moraira<br />

where the food is prepared in the Nepalese style giving you<br />

fragrant and tasty dishes from India.<br />

Kathmandu Restaurant is a very popular Nepali-Indian<br />

Restaurant in Moraira.<br />

The restaurant serves quality Indian and Nepali dishes at<br />

reasonable prices or to Take Away with a 10% DISCOUNT.<br />


There are special discounts for celebrations and parties.<br />

The Kathmandu has free parking directly outside the restaurant.<br />

The menu at The Kathmandu includes a wide selection of Indian<br />

and Nepalese dishes to choose from. There is a special set menu<br />

for 14.50€ per person, which includes a choice of starter, main<br />

course, rice or naan bread, side dish and ice-cream or coffee.<br />

Nepalese cuisine, is known for the flavours and textures of their<br />

curries. For those of you who enjoy a hotter curry, then just ask the<br />

Chef and he will certainly be able to accommodate.<br />

There is also a very well stocked bar to suit all tastes. Inside the<br />

restaurant is spacious and attractive in design. Outside has a<br />

stylish, also spacious semi covered lovely terraced area.<br />

Great Indian food, owner and members of the staff are really<br />

friendly and you will find it a pleasure eating there! There are other<br />

Kathmandu restaurants in Javea and Denia.<br />


12.00 – 15.30/18.00 – late. For<br />

reservations call on 966 492 436.<br />


MENU<br />





PART ONE<br />

Have you ever had one of those<br />

flashes when you realise<br />

something you should have<br />

known all along? I think it has<br />

to do with bits inside your<br />

brain called synapsis. I<br />

understand (well to be<br />

honest I don’t) but I<br />

read somewhere that<br />

two of these brain<br />

bits connect with<br />

an electrical signal<br />

and you ‘get it’, a<br />

new understanding.<br />

It’s often shown in<br />

cartoons with a flashing<br />

light bulb over the head.<br />

I had one of those<br />

momentous realisations which<br />

is so obvious I can’t understand<br />

why I’d not thought of it before. In England,<br />

America and Australia and maybe other<br />

first world countries shopping is a hobby<br />

especially in UK. What else can you do on<br />

a cold, wet, windy miserable Saturday than<br />

throw on the coats and go to the local mall?<br />

The bright lights, the entertainment centre,<br />

the warm friendly buzz and the shops. Ah,<br />

the shops with their tempting displays (all<br />

scientifically arranged based on trends and<br />

temptations) lie in wait to relieve you of<br />

your money.<br />

“Oh, I love that.”<br />

“That would be helpful in the kitchen.”<br />

“His eyes will pop out when he sees me<br />

wearing this.”<br />

I’m sure you get the picture.<br />

Even men I understand are<br />

not immune although they<br />

are most likely to be found<br />

in the DIY stores or the<br />

electronics department.<br />

Everyone is happy,<br />

moving from shop<br />

to shop, spending,<br />

acquiring and drooling<br />

over the purchases back<br />

home.<br />

Even the Covid<br />

restrictions did not stem the<br />

flow, we simply exchanged<br />

shop windows for internet screens,<br />

scrolled down studying the goods on<br />

offer and pressed the buy button. Even<br />

imprisoned in our homes, the spending did<br />

not stop.<br />

Box after package after parcel piled up<br />

on doorsteps all around the world and we<br />

tricked ourselves into believing we were<br />

providing employment for the delivery<br />

companies and workers in the mega<br />

warehouses.<br />

But what is the result? Besides the piles of<br />

discarded cardboard filling up the rubbish<br />

bins, we have crammed our homes with<br />

stuff we don’t really want and often, stuff we<br />


OCTOBER 2021 | 27<br />

don’t really need either. Cupboards, shelves,<br />

wardrobes are bulging at the seams, older<br />

possessions go up into the attic, occasionally<br />

items are transported to charity shops, but<br />

most times we occupy by volume a smaller<br />

and smaller space in our living areas.<br />

But then the day comes when we decide<br />

to move, maybe downsize and we are forced<br />

to have a major sort out. Now, we discover<br />

that none of the offspring or relatives will<br />

give houseroom to things that are just too<br />

good to throw away. Did we ever think<br />

that stuff we treasured was of no interest to<br />

another generation?<br />

Are you old enough to remember the days<br />

when the 21st birthday watch was removed<br />

as you were laid to rest? That the Dunhill<br />

lighter, bought on the plane on your way to<br />

Majorca would now be defunct?<br />

So, we live in a throwaway world, but<br />

that doesn’t stop us buying stuff that has a<br />

limited shelf life.<br />

When we first moved from Scotland<br />

to live in Kenya, we carefully chose<br />

possessions that would be sent on to our<br />

new home in Nairobi. Due to a combination<br />

of circumstances, it was never shipped and<br />

when we unpacked the boxes almost two<br />

years later, we couldn’t believe what rubbish<br />

we’d chosen to keep. Many of the clothes<br />

were covered in mildew, and I had no use<br />

for any of the items that only months earlier<br />

had seemed so precious.<br />

We are being urged to reduce raping our<br />

planet by acquiring unnecessary goods and<br />

now, as I gaze in the shop windows, the<br />

question I ask myself is “Am I prepared to<br />

pay to have this shipped across an ocean?”<br />

If the answer is no, I admire and walk away.<br />

By Dee Tavener-Craig<br />


on Monday, 13th to Friday, 24th September. We will then close for one week for re-stocking with<br />

our Autumn/Winter items and re-open on Monday, 4th <strong>Oct</strong>ober.<br />

All proceeds are for the needy animals of Calpe<br />

A difficult year for all of us but we still need to raise money for Calpe’s lost or abandoned dogs and cats.<br />

Our shop is an Aladdin’s cave of clothing, books, DVDs, bric-a-brac<br />

and household goods so come along and snap up a bargain. The shop is situated in the lower ground floor of<br />

Edificio Perlamar on the Gabriel Miro, Calpe and is open from 10am until 1pm Mondays to Fridays.<br />

The president, Elinor Gonzalez lives in Las Bassetes where she cares for<br />

Calpe’s abandoned and sick animals, bringing them back to health and<br />

finding new caring owners for them. Her telephone number is<br />

620 106 733<br />

and she also has a stall on the Wednesday and<br />

Saturday market in Calpe if you wish to offer help<br />

or Dog walk, or adopt one of the lovely dogs<br />

Elinor would be so pleased to hear from you.




The application of<br />

percutaneous electrolysis<br />

applies mostly to tendon<br />

injuries such as tendonitis (<br />

tendonosis), partial tendon<br />

tears and myotendon injuries in<br />

different parts of the body.<br />

This therapy consists of applying a<br />

galvanic electrical current through a<br />

small needle ( accupuncture needle)<br />

with the idea of causing a mild local<br />

inflammatory reaction that restarts the<br />

healing process. We always apply this<br />

technique guided by our ultrasound<br />

imaging system, which allows for<br />

precission when introducing the needle<br />

into the affected area. The ultrasound<br />

equiplment allows us to keep a check<br />

on the progress of the recovering t<strong>issue</strong>.<br />

We usually apply 3 sessions that are<br />

spaced out within a period of 3 to 4<br />

weeks, these sessions are combined<br />

with our usual physiotherapy and<br />

osteopathy treatments.<br />

I have been applying this technique for<br />

over 7 years now and with great results<br />

Simon Ratcliffe is a licensed Physiotherapist and Certified Osteopath C.O. for the<br />

Family Medical Centre in Albir. Contact Simon on 966 865 072 for an appointment.


OCTOBER 2021 | 29<br />

so far, these are the sort of problem it<br />

can be used for:<br />

• Rotator cuff injuries at the shoulder.<br />

• Patellar tendinopathy (knee)<br />

• Achilles tendinopathy (heel)<br />

• Tennis elbow<br />

• Plantar fasciitis<br />

• Old muscular or tendon injuries<br />

that develop fibrosis.<br />

If you suffer any of these injuries<br />

you now know we have this<br />

technology, allowing for a correct<br />

evaluation and best treatment<br />

available.<br />

Carrer Móstoles<br />

Article supplied by Simon Ratcliffe<br />

Osteopath and Physiotherapist, the<br />

Family Medical Centre, Albir.<br />

MR YEN<br />


Calpe-Moraira Road No 223<br />

(Opposite Centro Comercial Moravit Moraira)<br />

Tel. 966 279 783/631 274 015 • Asia_ye@hotmail.com<br />


A warm welcome awaits you from the owner “Yen” at MR YEN Asian Bar/Restaurant in Moraira.<br />

You will immediately notice the pleasing atmosphere and the different areas where you can dine. From a front<br />

terrace to a well presented dining area inside, to a large covered back terrace. Thus plenty of space to choose where<br />

to dine, with comfortable seating. Everything is perfect.<br />

There is a variety of menus and diverse dishes, with delicious tasty food, all at<br />

excellent prices. There are set menus and a variety of meat dishes from Pork,<br />

Duck, Chicken, Beef and seafood with vegetables, rice or noodles.<br />

There is also a “Take Away Service”. Very attentive friendly<br />

family service.<br />

Perhaps you would like to relax just with a drink on the<br />

terrace. No problem.<br />

Parking available at the<br />

front of the restaurant.<br />





12.00-16.00 - 18.00-24.00<br />

Pepe<br />

La Sal<br />

€<br />

KIDS<br />

MENUS<br />


Ctra. Moraira a Cal p e<br />

Mr YEN<br />

CV-746<br />

Calle Dakar<br />

Camino del Andragó<br />

Ctra. Moraira a Calpe<br />

€<br />

Camino del Paellero<br />

Calle P<br />

irineos<br />

Calle<br />

Maigmó<br />

Ctra. Mo


Paralympic Movement<br />

The Paralympic Movement offers sport<br />

opportunities for athletes with physical,<br />

vision and/or intellectual impairments<br />

that have at least one of the following 10 eligible<br />

impairments: Impaired muscle power, impaired<br />

passive range of movement, Limb deficiency, Leg<br />

length difference, Short stature, Muscle tension.<br />

The word “Paralympic” derives from the<br />

Greek preposition “para” (beside or alongside)<br />

and the word “Olympic”. Its meaning is<br />

that Paralympics are the parallel Games to<br />

the Olympics and illustrates how the two<br />

movements exist side-by-side.<br />

In the Paralympic Games, the eligibility<br />

criteria differ across sports and disability groups.<br />

... In the Special Olympics, an athlete must be at<br />

least eight years of age and be identified by an<br />

agency or professional as having an intellectual<br />

disability to be eligible to participate.<br />

Special Olympics welcomes all athletes with<br />

intellectual disabilities, (ages 8 and older) of<br />

all ability levels, to train and compete in over<br />

30 Olympic-type sports. ... To participate in the<br />

Paralympic Games, athletes must fulfil certain<br />

criteria and meet certain qualifying standards in<br />

order to be eligible.<br />

What is T20 Paralympics?<br />

The Paralympic class for Track and Field<br />

athletes with intellectual impairment is “20.” The<br />

Prefix T to the class denotes Track events (e.g.<br />

T20) while “F” denotes Field events (e.g. F20).<br />

T44 is a disability sport classification for<br />

disability athletics, applying to “Single below<br />

knee amputation or an athlete who can walk<br />

with moderately reduced function in one or both<br />

legs.” It includes ISOD A4 and A9 classes.<br />

What is Paralympics 11? Class 11 : Paralympic<br />

Games Class 11<br />

The Paralympic Games are a multi-sport<br />

event for athletes with physical, mental and<br />

sensorial disabilities. This includes<br />

mobility disabilities, amputees, visual<br />

disabilities and those with cerebral pfounder Sir<br />

Ludwig Guttmann<br />

Sir Ludwig Guttmann, the neurosurgeon who<br />

founded of the Paralympic Games. The Jewish<br />

doctor arrived in Oxford in 1939 having fled<br />

Nazi Germany.<br />

Sir Ludwig Guttmann was a British<br />

neurologist who established the Stoke<br />

Mandeville Games, the sporting event for people<br />

with disabilities (PWD) that evolved in England<br />

into the Paralympic Games. A Jewish doctor who<br />

fled Nazi Germany just before the start of the<br />

Second World War, Guttmann was a founding<br />

father of organized physical activities for people<br />

with disabilities. Please see the article on Ludwig<br />


Sir Ludwig Guttmann<br />

OCTOBER 2021 | 31<br />

Sir Ludwig Guttmann CBE FRS (3<br />

July 1899 – 18 March 1980) was<br />

a German-British neurologist<br />

who established the Stoke<br />

Mandeville Games, the sporting<br />

event for people with disabilities<br />

(PWD) that evolved in England<br />

into the Paralympic Games.<br />

A Jewish doctor who<br />

fled Nazi Germany<br />

just before the<br />

start of the<br />

Second World<br />

War, Guttmann<br />

was a founding father<br />

of organized physical<br />

activities for people<br />

with disabilities.<br />

Ludwig Guttmann<br />

was born on 3 July<br />

1899 to a German<br />

Jewish family in Tost<br />

in Upper Silesia in<br />

the former German<br />

Empire (currently<br />

Toszek, Poland), the son<br />

of Dorothy (Weissenberg)<br />

and Bernard Guttmann, a<br />

distiller. His family moved<br />

when he was three years old<br />

to the Silesian city of Königshütte<br />

(today Chorzów, Poland) where he passed<br />

his Abitur at the humanistic grammar school in<br />

<strong>191</strong>7 before he was called up for military service.<br />

Guttmann encountered his first paraplegic<br />

patient, a coal miner with a spine fracture,<br />

while volunteering at an accident hospital in<br />

Königshütte. The patient later died of sepsis.<br />

[ Guttmann started his medical studies in April<br />

<strong>191</strong>8 at the University of Breslau. He transferred<br />

to the University of Freiburg in <strong>191</strong>9 and received<br />

his Doctorate of Medicine in 1924.<br />

By 1933, Guttmann was working in Breslau<br />

(now Wrocław, Poland) as a neurosurgeon and<br />

lecturing at the university. Guttmann learned<br />

from the pioneer of neurosurgery Otfrid<br />

Foerster at his research institute. Despite having<br />

worked successfully as first assistant to Foerster,<br />

Guttmann was expelled from his<br />

university appointment and his<br />

job in 1933 under the Nuremberg<br />

Laws and his title changed to<br />

“Krankenbehandler” (one who<br />

treats the sick). With the arrival<br />

of the Nazis in power, Jews were<br />

banned from practising medicine<br />

professionally, and he was<br />

assigned to work at the Breslau<br />

Jewish Hospital, where he became<br />

medical director in 1937. Following<br />

the violent attacks on Jewish people<br />

and properties during Kristallnacht on<br />

9 November 1938, Guttmann ordered his staff<br />

to admit any patients without question. The<br />

following day, he justified his decision on a<br />

case-by-case basis with the Gestapo. Out of 64<br />

admissions, 60 patients were saved from arrest<br />

and deportation to concentration camps.<br />

Escape to Britain<br />

In early 1939, Guttmann and his family left<br />

Germany because of the Nazi persecution of the<br />

Jews. An opportunity for escape had come when<br />

the Nazis provided him with a visa and ordered<br />

him to travel to Portugal to treat a friend of the<br />

Portuguese dictator António de Oliveira Salazar.<br />

Guttmann was scheduled to return to Germany<br />

via London, when the Council for Assisting<br />

Refugee Academics (CARA) arranged for him<br />

to remain in the United Kingdom. He arrived<br />

with his wife Else Samuel Guttmann and two<br />

children, a son, Dennis, and a daughter, Eva age<br />

6 in Oxford, England, on 14 March 1939. CARA<br />

negotiated with the British Home Office on<br />

their behalf, and gave Guttmann and his family<br />

£250 (equivalent to £16,000 in 2019) to help<br />

settle in Oxford. Guttmann continued his spinal<br />

injury research at the Nuffield Department of<br />

Neurosurgery in the Radcliffe Infirmary. For the<br />

first few weeks after arrival the family resided in<br />

the Master’s Lodge of Balliol College (with the<br />

Master Sandie Lindsay) until they moved into<br />

a small semi-detached house in Lonsdale Road.<br />

] Both children were offered free places by the<br />

headmistress of Greycotes School. The family<br />

were members of the Oxford Jewish community,<br />

and Eva remembers becoming friendly with


Miriam Margolyes, now a famous actress. The<br />

Jewish community in Oxford was growing<br />

rapidly as a result of the influx of displaced<br />

academic Jews from Europe.<br />

With the outbreak of the Second World War,<br />

Guttmann and his family stayed in the home of<br />

Lord Lindsay, CARA Councillor and Master of<br />

Balliol College.<br />

Stoke Mandeville Hospital<br />

In September 1943, the British government<br />

asked Guttmann to establish the National Spinal<br />

Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital<br />

in Buckinghamshire. The initiative came from<br />

the Royal Air Force to make sure the treatment<br />

and rehabilitation of pilots with spine injuries,<br />

“who often crashed on approach with their<br />

bombers damaged”. When the centre opened<br />

on 1 February 1944, the United Kingdom’s<br />

first specialist unit for treating spinal injuries,<br />

Guttmann was appointed its director (a position<br />

he held until 1966). He believed that sport<br />

was an important method of therapy for the<br />

rehabilitation of injured military personnel,<br />

helping them build up physical strength and<br />

self-respect.<br />

Guttmann became a naturalised British citizen<br />

in 1945. He organised the first Stoke Mandeville<br />

Games for disabled war veterans, which was<br />

held at the hospital on 29 July 1948, the same<br />

day as the opening of the London Olympics.<br />

All participants had spinal cord injuries and<br />

competed in wheelchairs. In an effort to<br />

encourage his patients to take part in national<br />

events, Guttmann used the term Paraplegic<br />

Games<br />

These came to be known as the “Paralympic<br />

Games”, which later became the “Parallel<br />

Games” and grew to include other disabilities.<br />

By 1952, more than 130 international<br />

competitors had entered the Stoke Mandeville<br />

Games. As the annual event continued to grow,<br />

the ethos and efforts by all those involved started<br />

to impress the organisers of the Olympic Games<br />

and members of the international community.<br />

At the 1956 Stoke Mandeville Games, Guttmann<br />

was awarded the Sir Thomas Fearnley Cup by<br />

the International Olympic Committee (IOC)<br />

for his meritorious achievement in service to<br />

the Olympic movement through the social and<br />

human value derived from wheelchair sports.<br />

His vision of an international games, the<br />

Guttmann<br />

presenting gold<br />

medal to Tony<br />

South at the<br />

1968 Summer<br />

Paralympics in<br />

Tel Aviv<br />

equivalent of<br />

the Olympic<br />

Games themselves,<br />

was realised in<br />

1960 when the<br />

International Stoke<br />

Mandeville Games were<br />

held alongside the official<br />

1960 Summer Olympics in<br />

Rome. Known at the time as the 9th<br />

Annual International Stoke Mandeville Games,<br />

and organised with the support of the World<br />

Federation of Ex-servicemen (an International<br />

Working Group on Sport for the Disabled),<br />

they are now recognised as the first Paralympic<br />

Games. (The term “Paralympic Games” was<br />

retroactively applied by the IOC in 1984.)<br />

In 1961, Guttmann founded the British Sports<br />

Association for the Disabled, which would later<br />

become known as the English Federation of<br />

Disability Sport.<br />

Later life<br />

In 1961, Guttmann founded the International<br />

Medical Society of Paraplegia, now the<br />

International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS); he was<br />

the inaugural president of the society, a position<br />

that he held until 1970

OCTOBER 2021 | 33<br />

He became the first editor of the journal,<br />

Paraplegia (now named Spinal Cord). He retired<br />

from clinical work in 1966 but continued his<br />

involvement with sport.<br />

Guttmann suffered a heart attack in <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

1979, and died on 18 March 1980 at the age of 80.<br />

Legacy<br />

Guttmann on a 2013 Russian stamp from the<br />

series “Sports Legends”<br />

Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the<br />

National Centre for Disability Sport<br />

in the United Kingdom, was<br />

developed by him alongside<br />

the hospital.<br />

A specialist<br />

neurorehabilitation<br />

hospital in Barcelona,<br />

the Institut Guttmann<br />

[es], is named in his<br />

honour. The founder<br />

of this, the first<br />

rehabilitation clinic<br />

for paraplegics in<br />

Spain, was Guillermo<br />

González Gilbey, who<br />

himself suffered from<br />

paraplegia and made<br />

great progress in In June<br />

2012, a life-sized cast-bronze<br />

statue of Guttmann was<br />

unveiled at Stoke Mandeville<br />

Stadium as part of the run-up to<br />

the London 2012 Summer Paralympics<br />

and Olympic Games. After the Games, it was<br />

moved to its permanent home at the National<br />

Spinal Injuries Centre. Guttmann’s daughter, Eva<br />

Loeffler, was appointed the mayor of the London<br />

2012 Paralympic Games athletes’ village.<br />

In August 2012, the BBC broadcast The Best of<br />

Men, a TV film about Guttmann’s work at Stoke<br />

Mandeville during and after the Second World<br />

War. The film, written by Lucy Gannon, starred<br />

Eddie Marsan as Dr. Guttmann and Rob Brydon<br />

as one of the seriously injured patients, who were<br />

given a purpose in life by the doctor.<br />

England with Ludwig Guttmann.<br />

The Sir Ludwig Guttmann Centre is an NHS<br />

facility providing GP, Orthopaedic and Sports<br />

and Exercise Medicine outpatient services as<br />

well as imaging on the site of the 2012 Olympic<br />

village.<br />

The Sir Ludwig Guttmann Lectureship<br />

was established by the International Medical<br />

Society of Paraplegia (now ISCoS) to recognize<br />

Guttmann’s pioneering work and lifelong<br />

contribution to spinal cord care.<br />

The Ludwig Guttmann Prize of the German<br />

Medical Society for Paraplegia is awarded for<br />

“excellent scientific work in the field of clinical<br />

research on spinal cord injury”.<br />

In 2019 the National Paralympic Heritage<br />

Centre, a small accessible museum, was opened<br />

at Stoke Mandeville Stadium celebrating the<br />

birthplace of the Paralympics, sharing the<br />

collections of the early Paralympic Movement<br />

and the central role played by Professor Sir<br />

Ludwig Guttmann.<br />

Honours<br />

As “Neurological Surgeon in charge of the<br />

Spinal Injuries Centre at the Ministry of Pensions<br />

Hospital, Stoke Mandeville”, he was appointed<br />

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)<br />

in the 1950 King’s Birthday Honours. On 28 June<br />

1957, he was made an Associate Officer of the<br />

Venerable Order of Saint John.<br />

He was promoted to Commander of the Order<br />

of the British Empire (CBE) in 1960, and he was<br />

knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1966.<br />

On 24 <strong>Oct</strong>ober 2013, a commemorative plaque<br />

was unveiled by the Association of Jewish<br />

Refugees (AJR) at the National Spinal Injuries<br />

Centre to honour Guttmann’s life and work. As<br />

an active member of the AJR, he had served on<br />

the board for over 25 years.


Name a Guide Dog<br />

Puppy Competition<br />

COMPETITION has been launched to name<br />

A a cute young guide dog puppy.<br />

As part of a campaign to support the ONCE<br />

Foundation for Guide Dogs (FOPG), Specsavers<br />

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Jorge Martínez de Lizarduy Araico from<br />

Specsavers Ópticas in Benidorm comments: ‘We<br />

are really looking forward to receiving some<br />

great name suggestions for FOPG’s next litter of<br />

puppies. Names must start with the letter N, be<br />

short and easy for the dogs to hear and can’t be<br />

people’s names. Please tell us what name you<br />

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select our favourite at the end of <strong>Oct</strong>ober and<br />

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The competition, which is free to enter,<br />

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in <strong>Oct</strong>ober. To enter the competition, follow<br />

Specsavers Ópticas on Facebook, Instagram or<br />

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Alternatively, you can email your entry to paul.<br />

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The competition is being organised as part of<br />

Specsavers Ópticas’ campaign to raise 5,000€<br />

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awareness of the tireless work they do. The<br />

ONCE Foundation for Guide Dogs (FOPG)<br />

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Specsavers Ópticas is located in Javea, Calpe,<br />

Benidorm, Torrevieja, La Zenia and Guardamar<br />

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spirit of Lydia Napier.<br />

The coquettish nymphet who due to a<br />

sinister incident lived and died in the manse<br />

nearly two hundred years earlier dwells in the<br />

secret crypt beneath his study’s floorboards.<br />

Lydia has a fiendish motive in winning the<br />

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OCTOBER 2021 | 37<br />

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Walsh’s Wisdom<br />

Inspire a Nation<br />

the Gift that keeps Giving<br />

Did you ever pause when reading a<br />

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The talented writer’s adagio of adages and<br />

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The award-winning writer often proven to be<br />

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Into the Aladdin’s Cave went the most<br />

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OCTOBER 2021 | 39<br />

replaced inspiration and honour with the bland<br />

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When cheap paperbacks litter the shelves<br />

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The question is again asked; have you ever<br />

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The Roller coaster<br />

Part 7<br />

BY<br />


Since I first introduced you to my<br />

Autobiography in December, I have<br />

given you a glimpse into my humble<br />

Black Country “Beginnings”, my Grammar<br />

School Days, Student Days, and, last month,<br />

my career in “Teaching”.<br />

Alongside these times, there existed my<br />

private life and the extreme situations<br />

and emotions that make<br />

me describe the “Roller<br />

coaster”.<br />

Until I was 19, you<br />

could describe my<br />

life as “Normal”.<br />

The usual ups<br />

and downs and<br />

“Ordinariness” .<br />

Then I fell in<br />

love. Big time.<br />

We literally<br />

“bumped into” each<br />

other. With less than an<br />

hour to go, I had decided<br />

to “ditch” the boring chap I<br />

had been with most of the evening.<br />

Said I was going to the loo, and was on my<br />

way out. Coming in was a group of lads<br />

who were pretty drunk and on their way<br />

home from a night out. They decided to<br />

make one last stop, and I was caught up in<br />

them as they barged their way in.<br />

Before I knew it, I was grabbed by one<br />

of them and pulled on to the dance floor.<br />

Within minutes my head was literally<br />

spinning in a very enthusiastic Gay<br />

Gordons. Other dances followed until I was<br />

so dizzy I had to be helped from the dance<br />

floor by this gorgeous man who was so<br />

apologetic that the Bar had closed and he<br />

couldn’t revive me with a drink.<br />

“That’s OK” I said. “I have<br />

to go to the bus in the Car<br />

Park that takes us back to<br />

our accommodation.”<br />

He saw me out to the<br />

bus, but before he let<br />

me get on it, we had<br />

a passionate embrace<br />

under the trees and<br />

arranged to meet at<br />

7 pm by the college<br />

gate on the following<br />

Thursday.<br />

I don’t remember the bus<br />

ride back. Or even signing in.<br />

But I do remember sitting on my<br />

bed in a kind of daze. Bring out all the<br />

clichés. The lightning strike. Love at First<br />

Sight. Whatever.<br />

The days passed slowly, and Thursday<br />

seemed the longest day of my life - but there<br />

I was by the gate at 7 pm. By 7-30 I wasn’t

ANNE RODGER OCTOBER 2021 | 41<br />

sure what to do. I didn’t know the expression<br />

“stood up” so just kept on waiting. Then<br />

he arrived in a battered old MG, which<br />

had apparently refused to start. He seemed<br />

quite unaware of how late he was - and how<br />

gauche and tongue-tied I was.<br />

He took me to the Bar in the Clumber Park<br />

Hotel and bought me ‘Bitter Lemon’ to drink<br />

as I had never tasted alcohol. He was 25<br />

and seemed to have had an exciting life. He<br />

had been in the Royal Air Force and spent 2<br />

years in Iraq. I was 19 and never been further<br />

than Butlins Holiday Camp. He talked of his<br />

holidays in Cyprus, then living in London<br />

working for a Tea Company. He loved live<br />

theatre and talked about the Art World which<br />

fascinated him. “I’m into photography”<br />

he said. “Next time I’ll bring along the<br />

transparencies I’ve just had developed, and<br />

show them to you.” My heart flipped with<br />

the realization that he wanted to see me<br />

again.<br />

That was it. I was in love. My life would<br />

never be the same again.<br />

It was many years before he told me that<br />

he was late for our first date was because<br />

he was seeking out the mates he had been<br />

with on that Saturday evening, to ask if they<br />

could remember what “the bird” was like<br />

that he was with. He had only got as far as<br />

“brunette” and “not very tall” so desperately<br />

hoped that there was only one short brunette<br />

at the college gate on that fateful Thursday<br />

evening.<br />

They say opposites attract. But there is<br />

no logic to falling in love. He was totally<br />

unsuitable but totally gorgeous and no-one<br />

could ever tell me anything different.<br />

I rode the Roller Coaster of his years<br />

out of work, his serial infidelities, and the<br />

unhappiness he would bring me.<br />

After 20 years of marriage, I finally<br />

divorced him. Only to spend 6 years on my<br />

own, and then marry him again. But I’ll tell<br />

you about that another time.<br />

“On Being Blonde”<br />

And she was fair as the Rose in May.<br />

About her hair, what more to say?<br />

So fair and blonde - most time is true<br />

Till 6 weeks gone and the roots show<br />

through.<br />

Then our May Rose begins to frown<br />

At more expense to conceal the brown.<br />

Her image must be as it was in May<br />

No-other will know when the brown becomes<br />

grey<br />

For she’ll remain blonde<br />

For blondes have more fun<br />

And that’s what she’ll do in the<br />

years to come.


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Specialist Painting and Decorating<br />

With over 35 years experience in all aspects of painting and decorating<br />

including DBS checked for working for the vulnerable, domestic,<br />

commercial and industrial projects, including spray painting. We use only<br />

the highest quality products and ensure that the projects are left clean and<br />

tidy. We always ensure the client is happy before we leave and we have 5*<br />

reviews on our facebook page so you have the confidence in us.<br />

We are fully registered and insured.<br />

Feel free to ring or email for a free quotation.<br />

styledecs@yahoo.com<br />

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1702104550178152<br />

Telephone 0034 711092706


As a youngster I used to visit Hampton Court<br />

frequently. There is something very special about the<br />

surviving Tudor architecture, although the Palace<br />

shows evidence of innovations that have spanned the last<br />

three hundred years. Each dynasty of Monarchy endowed<br />

Hampton Court with updates, trimmings and features that<br />

reflect the passing of times, thus producing a mixture of<br />

architecture and a core of design that superbly reflects on all<br />

aspects of decor across those centuries.<br />

Central to the gardens is a wonderful Maze. It is<br />

constructed in Box Wood trees which give density to the sheer<br />

walls of green that hide the secret pathway to the middle. In<br />

any maze it is the centre that everyone is looking for, and,<br />

having found it, the exit is what everyone will seek. Chaos<br />

comes when people are travelling in each and every direction,<br />

and every turning looks exactly the same as the last one.<br />

There are cul de sac dead ends and a lot of teasing when you<br />

reach well into the centre but cannot fathom how you access<br />

that coveted bench right in the centre.<br />

People enter with a view to always keeping left, which<br />

doesn’t work well, or maybe going for the right, which is<br />

not always the correct strategy to follow, and which may<br />

slowly serve to drive you crazy. What is needed to reach the<br />

sanctuary of the centre is patience, calm, and persistence. As<br />

you traverse the green corridors of pollarded trees you have<br />

no clue as to where the next turning is taking you to. You<br />

cannot rely on instinct because you may think you are onto a<br />

winner and have found your way, but somehow that Centre<br />

gets further away with every step. It is frustrating and it was<br />

designed as an Amuse Bouche to whet the appetite for the<br />

rest of the surrounding House and its gardens. Children got<br />

lost in it. Lovers across the decades chose to get lost in it, and<br />

after all it is merely part of our journey of life to overcome the<br />

barriers that prevent us from reaching our goals and then to<br />

go safely home for tea.<br />

Life has become more complicated recently. We may feel,<br />

and we do have every right to feel, as if changes all around<br />

us have made us visitors to a big maze that is life. We should<br />

mourn the freedoms of the past and present ourselves to<br />

being a part of a future that embraces changes and yet it is<br />

not so easy to take, and our instincts are based on survival<br />

and strength, after all. We are all lost in a current Maze of<br />

uncertainty and there may very well be some false turns and<br />

frustrations as we look for each our personal Sanctuary as a<br />

place of safety. The pathway ahead may serve to tease us, but<br />

uncertainty and changes against our wishes are demands and<br />

we should be free to experience that which we feel is a part of<br />

our individual lives, and as such; our own rights as Citizens<br />

of the World.<br />

As there are shifts Politically we may very well see<br />

many changes, and we all want to be part of any change<br />

that will ensure that the Planet survives and that life, as we<br />

perceive it, continues to be mutual and pleasing. Yes, we may<br />

have to rethink, and backtrack and yet there should be no<br />

compromise. When quality of life is no longer available to<br />

us then we should not have to continue, and our own rights<br />

should be there in our defence and not as an illusion of the<br />

lies of some others.<br />

Where does Spirit come into this? Well, our journey of life<br />

has brought us safely to where we are, and on that journey<br />

of life we have had a continuing backup of those who wish<br />

that we get the very best that we can. By acting as a holding<br />

station, open to all, the great Spirit World is not a divide,<br />

but it is a filter to reclaim the souls that are passing through,<br />

whilst caring adequately for all those who need Spiritual<br />

Guidance and love to see them through. Because Spirit is<br />

a body of those who have passed over, so too it is the final<br />

resting place for all souls in transit. Unlike Hampton Court<br />

Maze there will be no dead ends, cul de sacs or irritating<br />

twists and turns as we complete this, our journey of life. The<br />

directive point of the Spirit World is the mainstay of support<br />

and the reception of travelling souls as they congregate and<br />

plan their onward journey. This may take them out of their<br />

comfort zones, but so too will it see a fairness in treatment, an<br />

equality of residence open to all who have lived life and wish<br />

to have guidance and support for the next vital stage of the<br />

journey. Nobody who needs to enter is barred, and nobody<br />

is ever alone there, unless they want to be. Pain does not exist<br />

and all our loved ones who have gone ahead have passed<br />

the portals and determined what choices awaited them in the<br />

options of Spirit. There will be a way in, some changes and<br />

an enlightening process designed to remove the burden of<br />

past worries and negativities as we each examine our lives<br />

and choose accordingly to move onwards, stay and work, or<br />

develop skills as Guides or Helpers to those living here on<br />

Earth who need our tender love and care to carry on. No life<br />

is wasted. Mystery and magic such as we may never have<br />

experienced awaits us, and since there are no barriers then we<br />

know that we shall be well protected and taken care of.<br />

Life is amazing in every way, and though sometimes we<br />

find it hard to achieve happiness, or we are frustrated or<br />

impatient, the Grand exit from Spirit, when the time comes,<br />

means that we have done what we were sent here to do and<br />

now is the time to rest and recuperate.<br />

May life make your journey happy, and here’s hoping you<br />

find your way to the safety of your destination with no wrong<br />

turns or dead ends! Spirit knows sometimes you need to<br />

know how to escape, but be safe and accept now the secrets<br />

of life that are your true treasures.<br />

Love & Light, - Kenny Corris<br />



TEL. 96 587 8424/686 361 594 / EMAIL: KENNYCORRIS@HOTMAIL.COM

OCTOBER 2021 | 45<br />


TIMES<br />

Mon-Fri:<br />

10.00-17.00<br />

CLOSED<br />

Sat & Sun


Sunday<br />

3rd <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

A.J. SWING<br />

Friday 29 <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />


PARTY<br />

Father Ted’s<br />

Camino del Pallero, 6, Moraira<br />


Mon 3 – 9<br />

Tues 3 – 9<br />

Weds 3 – 11<br />

Thurs CLOSED<br />

Fri 3 – 10<br />

Sat 2 – 10<br />

Sun 10 – 8<br />

Father Ted’s can be described as a “Jewel in a Crown” as<br />

it sparkles with personality and is a “gem” of a bar to visit<br />

with a warm welcome.<br />

In the Moraira area where there are plenty of fizzy beers, it’s a joy to get a decent<br />

pint of Guinness, properly served. The owner and staff are professional and friendly<br />

and the food is very good. It has a relaxed and civilized feel about it, everything<br />

a bar should be. Another big asset is the wide selection of “GUEST CRAFT ALES”<br />

available including “ADNAMS BROADSIDE” and “NEIPA” on draught.<br />


What a find! Great food and service and good value for money. Treat yourself to<br />

a traditional Sunday Lunch with a choice of starters, main courses of Roast Beef,<br />

Roast Chicken, Roast Lamb, or Roast Pork served with all the trimmings, starting<br />

from 10.95€. Spaces are limited though so give Gwen a ring on 966 490 277 or 630<br />

965 392 to book. Lunch will be served from 1.30.<br />

Staff very friendly and attentive. Home-made Specials from €6.95.<br />

Inside seating 52 people and on the terrace 20. Plenty of outside parking space.<br />

Check us out on Facebook for Up and Coming Events.<br />



Please check our Facebook page for revised times, capacity and<br />

entertainment, as these may change due to the easing of restrictions<br />


Including Punk IPA and<br />

Bombardier on draught.<br />

New beer arriving on draught.<br />


All your favourite sports!<br />


Quiz Night & The Open Box<br />


Homemade fish & chips<br />

plus a selection of<br />

homemade pies for 7.95€<br />


Meal deals from 5.00€<br />


Available from 11.95€

OCTOBER 2021 | 47<br />

Father Ted’s<br />

Camino del Pallero, 6, Moraira<br />

A Gem of a Place<br />

One Course 11.95€<br />

Two Courses 13.95€<br />

Three Courses 15.95€<br />

Normal Opening Hours<br />

Mon 3 - 9 , Tues 3 – 9, Weds 3- 11, Thurs Closed, Fri 3 –<br />

10, Sat 2 – 10, Sun 10 – 8<br />

Opening hours may vary and entertainment due to ongoing restrictions.<br />

Check our Facebook page or phone the bar on 966 490 277/630 965 392<br />

Booking advised: 966 490 277 / 630 965 392<br />

Camino Del Pallero 6, Moraira



Do you ever feel worthless?<br />

Perhaps you have lost sight of the fact<br />

that we are all precious, all different,<br />

all given the capacity to love and<br />

hate, and all given the choice to decide<br />

which one of those two roads we want to<br />

go down. It is amazing to realise that no<br />

matter how many people are involved in<br />

our lives, we have the final say about how<br />

we are going to deal with things, just by<br />

our attitude, and the way we decide to react<br />

to what goes on in our lives.<br />

I read something quite lovely the other day<br />

and would like to share it with you to make<br />

you think:<br />

“A college lecturer held up a £20 note and<br />

asked the audience of 200 who would like<br />

to have it. All the hands went up. He then<br />

crumpled it, and asked the question again...<br />

all the hands went up. He then put it on the<br />

floor and scruffed it up with his foot, and<br />

still everyone wanted it. He then said:<br />

“My friends, you have all learned a very<br />

valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the<br />

money, you still wanted it because it did<br />

not decrease in value. It was still worth £20.<br />

Many times in our lives, we are dropped,<br />

crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the<br />

decisions we make and the circumstances<br />

that come our way. We feel as though<br />

we are worthless; but no matter what<br />

happened or what will happen, you will<br />

never lose your value.<br />

Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased,<br />

you are still priceless to those who love<br />

you. The worth of our lives comes, not in<br />

what happens to us, but by ...WHO WE<br />

ARE.<br />

You are special - don’t ever forget it.”<br />

Perhaps we could think of that when we<br />

feel particularly down, or talk to someone<br />

else who feels that way. Sometimes in life<br />

we get pointers about which direction we<br />

should go in, and we choose to ignore them,<br />

even to the point of feeling that things<br />

don’t apply to us......what opportunities we<br />

could be missing! By just keeping an open<br />

mind and considering every option that<br />

comes our way, without being judgemental<br />

or negative about things, we could open<br />

our lives up measurably, even by taking<br />

on other points of view. We are all given<br />

masses of opportunities every day to make<br />

a difference to our lives, but some of us<br />

think that life just has to go on the same as<br />

yesterday and the day before, and we don’t<br />

see any way out of a routine or a rut that<br />

we have created for ourselves.<br />

You deserve better, we all do! Just viewing<br />

things differently makes all the difference.<br />

Just deciding to smile at everyone we meet<br />

makes a difference! Did you know that<br />

the mere gesture of smiling produces an<br />

electrical stimulus that effects the pituitary<br />

gland, which releases the endorphins in the<br />

brain that make us feel good?....why not<br />

smile more?!!!<br />

Till the next time!<br />

Violet King

OCTOBER 2021 | 49<br />

Restaurante<br />

Maryvilla<br />


Intimate friendly atmosphere with amazing food and stunning sea views.<br />

Family friendly and perfect for every occasion.<br />

Run by Master Chef , Werner Esser.<br />

Open every evening except<br />

Wednesday 6 until late<br />

Maryvilla, 73, 03710, Calpe<br />

(Opp Ecomas Letting Offices)<br />

For reservations:<br />

965 83 49 59<br />




50+ men - are you taking<br />

care of your health?<br />

We all know that sticking to<br />

a healthy lifestyle helps<br />

prevent many illnesses and<br />

health problems. People today are<br />

very conscious of this and most are at<br />

least making some kind of effort to stay<br />

healthy and fit.<br />

The trouble is how do you know<br />

that you efforts are paying off? Some<br />

things are obvious; we all have access to<br />

weighing scales for example but are you<br />

sure your heart is healthy? How do you<br />

know you are not diabetic? Not all health<br />

problems give us warnings or have<br />

symptoms that we would necessarily<br />

take much notice of. So what can you do?<br />

Take part in screening programmes!<br />

Screening means to look for signs of<br />

diseases and conditions before there are<br />

symptoms. It helps to identify health<br />

<strong>issue</strong>s at an early stage leading to earlier<br />

treatment, minimising or avoiding<br />

complications and even saving lives.<br />


Self-service Laundry<br />

DOMESTIC &<br />


washing programs<br />

Lavanderia Autoservicio<br />

Programas lavado<br />



CALPE, Calle Pintor Sorolla, 15<br />



OCTOBER 2021 | 51<br />

This is just as important for women as<br />

it is for men but we know from<br />

research studies that many men<br />

will not go anywhere near a<br />

Doctor unless dragged there<br />

or blackmailed!!<br />

So all you men, if<br />

you are offered health<br />

screening take advantage<br />

of it! Depending upon<br />

where you live you will<br />

have access to different<br />

types of screening but<br />

do remember virtually<br />

all kinds of screening are<br />

available privately. If you have<br />

concerns about family history of<br />

certain conditions have a chat with<br />

your Family Doctor.<br />

Some examples of health screening are:<br />

• Blood pressure<br />

• Cholesterol<br />

• Diabetes<br />

• Bowel cancer<br />

• Prostate cancer<br />

• Aortic aneurysm<br />

Think about it.......You wouldn’t drive a<br />

car for 50 years and expect nothing to go<br />

wrong with it! Checking brake hoses can<br />

save you from injury, death or disability!<br />

Now apply that same logic to your body.<br />

Screening for the above does not just<br />

improve prognosis for cancers and help<br />

prevent a fatal ruptured aneurysm but<br />

also helps avoid strokes, heart attacks,<br />

kidney and eye disease and even<br />

amputations!<br />

So, seriously think about screening<br />

tests. (See March Special Offer at the<br />

Family Medical Centre, Albir – 20%<br />

off PSA tests).<br />

· Article by Dawn Blythe S.R.N. R.M.<br />

· The Family Medical Centre, Albir. 966 865 072<br />

· www.albirfamilymedicalcentre.com


Firefox<br />

https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles.com/games/daily-cr<br />

ACROSS<br />

1 Stick held by African explorer (4)<br />

3 Being most dilatory, I started afresh (8)<br />

9 Draw animal, filling in only half (7)<br />

10 Unexpected defeat for group at university?<br />

(5)<br />

11 Wireless announcement in port (5)<br />

12 No longer bound to get involved in duet<br />

(6)<br />

14 Be back in time for discussion (6)<br />

16 Collect James the actor (6)<br />

19 Nut cracked for old man (6)<br />

21 Cheers! Old man’s providing food in bar<br />

(5)<br />

24 Means to rebuild minister’s house (5)<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

Sudoku Today<br />

23<br />

Classic Sudoku<br />

24 25<br />

Place a digit from 1 to 9 into each of the empty squares so that each digit appears<br />

exactly once in each of the rows, columns and the nine outlined 3x3 regions.<br />

25 Divert public besieged by soldiers twice (7)<br />

26 A key adviser somewhere in Australia (8)<br />

27 Biblical king finally lacking as leading man<br />

26 27<br />

(4)<br />

ACROSS<br />

1 Stick held by African explorer (4)<br />

DOWN 3 Being most dilatory, I started afresh (8)<br />

1 Pass 9over Draw Oregon animal, and filling notice in nothing only half in (7)<br />

state<br />

10<br />

(8)<br />

Unexpected defeat for group at university? (5)<br />

11 Wireless announcement in port (5)<br />

2 Famous 12 No saw longer (5) bound to get involved in duet (6)<br />

4 Refuge 14unknown Be back in time a squalid for discussion district (6) (6)<br />

16 Collect James the actor (6)<br />

5 Cow kept by aged auntie (5)<br />

19 Nut cracked for old man (6)<br />

6 Oriental 21 Cheers! festival on Old the man's first of providing November food (7) in bar (5)<br />

7 Carry 24child Means on back to rebuild of bike minister's (4) house (5)<br />

25 Divert public besieged by soldiers twice (7)<br />

8 Arrange 26 A roster key adviser for holiday somewhere location (6) in Australia (8)<br />

13 Do well 27 Biblical with old king Shakespearean finally lacking duke as leading (8) man (4)<br />

15 Rest DOWN that’s essential for tightrope-walker?<br />

(7) 1 Pass over Oregon and notice nothing in state (8)<br />

17 Dress<br />

2 Famous<br />

that makes<br />

saw<br />

a heartless<br />

(5)<br />

tyrant rage (6)<br />

4 Refuge unknown in a squalid district (6)<br />

18 A party 5 Cow radical kept is by revered aged auntie (6) (5)<br />

20 Character 6 Oriental from festival Greece, on part the of first a fearsome of November (7)<br />

gang 7(5)<br />

Carry child on back of bike (4)<br />

8 Arrange roster for holiday location (6)<br />

22 Hands, 13 Do we well hear, with hesitate old Shakespearean (5)<br />

duke (8)<br />

23 Outer 15Mongolia Rest that's supports essential Forster for tightrope-walker? or Austen (7) Test your brain on our SUDOKU puzzle.<br />

Fill each square so that each row, column and<br />

novel 17(4)<br />

Dress that makes a heartless tyrant rage (6)<br />

18 A party radical is revered (6)<br />

each 3x3 square contains all digits from 1 to 9.<br />

Sudoku Today ( https://sudoku.today )<br />

Newdoku ( https://newdoku.com )<br />

20 Character from Greece, part of a fearsome Samurai Sudoku gang ( https://samuraisudoku.com )<br />

Sudoku Puzzle<br />

(5)<br />

Answers to both puzzles can be found on page 56.<br />

22 Hands, we hear, hesitate (5)<br />

23 Outer Mongolia supports Forster or Austen novel<br />

8<br />

9 10<br />

11 12<br />

14 15 16 17<br />

19 20 21 22<br />

18<br />

10-January-2021<br />

(Solution)<br />

Sudoku Puzzle ( https://www.sudokupuzzle.org )<br />


OCTOBER 2021 | 53<br />

Nanny M’s<br />

Mobility & E-Bike Rentals<br />

Alquiler de bicicletas electricas<br />

y movilidad reducida<br />

Please call for more information<br />

Por favor Llame para más información<br />

(+34) 623 395 569<br />

(+44) 7754995044<br />

865 815 206<br />

Nanny M’s is a family run mobility<br />

scooter and E-Bike Rentals<br />

business which opened in July<br />

in Moraira. David Agacy, the<br />

owner will be there to assist you<br />

to choose which type of mobility<br />

scooter, wheelchair or electric<br />

E-Bike would suit you to hire. This<br />

is a unique business as they have<br />

designed their own type of electric<br />

bike, even down to the type of<br />

screws used. The model looks<br />

like a scooter but it is an electric<br />

E-Bike. A lot of thought, planning<br />

and care went into their unique<br />

design.<br />

The name of the Company<br />

is in recognition of their dear<br />

grandmother Marjory, who was<br />

the salt of the earth and was<br />

particularly active, respected,<br />

and influential member of her<br />

local social sphere. Marjory was<br />

long considered a pillar of the<br />

community in England.<br />

At Nanny M’s you are hiring<br />

reliable top-of-the-line mobility<br />

scooters to travel in style. Their<br />

scooters provide freedom and<br />

independence to people with<br />

disabilities and the elderly.<br />

Find out everything you need<br />

to know about hiring a mobility<br />

scooter, electric E-Bikes and<br />

wheelchairs from Nanny M’s. David<br />

and his team are knowledgeable<br />

about their trade as they also have<br />

businesses in England. They are<br />

very helpful and will give you good<br />

advice on what type of mobility<br />

scooter would suit you.<br />

Nanny M’s treat all their customers<br />

like an extended member of the<br />

family. They are here to help. Feel<br />

free to come in and have a chat or<br />

give David a call.


Well Alfie certainly celebrated his<br />

birthday in style in September<br />

and got all the squeaky toys<br />

imaginable, so he was very happy. So<br />

was Bentley and I, we made sure we<br />

got the toys first ha ha.<br />

I am pleased the cooler weather<br />

has arrived as I am carrying some<br />

muscle and weight and the heat got<br />

to me.<br />

As I mentioned before I am on a<br />

special Metabolic diet. The food is<br />

helping me to lose weight…I think. It<br />

should fill me so I am not hungry.<br />

The trouble is I do not like to “miss-out”<br />

on anything and like to keep up with the<br />

other younger “party paws set” but the next<br />

day I cannot keep my eyes open and just<br />

sleep and sleep. Whereas the sensible one<br />

Bentley goes to bed early. I wish I did but I<br />

have to be in the midst of everything. Thus<br />

the next day I look terrible, with bags under<br />

my eyes, and yawning all day and flopping<br />

here and there, I can hardly raise my head<br />

to yawn. However, I have decided not to<br />

do these party nights and punish myself<br />

the next day!! Although I will be at the<br />

Halloween party. Alfie is not keen to wear<br />

his Halloween outfit.<br />

For more info on this adorable dog please<br />

telephone the PEPA helpline on 650 304 746<br />

or email p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com<br />

Please give a thought to those lovely<br />

friends of mine in the local rescue shelters.<br />

Bentley and Tyson together in their<br />

Halloween costumes. .<br />

The PEPA helpline on 650 304 746 or<br />

Email: p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com<br />

They need your help for dog walking,<br />

fostering and most of all for adoption. My<br />

four legged friends will love you forever.<br />

We have our Halloween costumes and<br />

already for the celebrations. Lots of tail<br />

wags, paw, paws and licks from Tyson,<br />

Bentley and Alfie.<br />


OCTOBER 2021 | 55<br />

• Ultimate Protection!<br />

• 100% Safe For Humans & Pets<br />

• 4 Week Mosquito Protection Cycle<br />

• Reliable Service<br />

CALL 681 609 730<br />

or visit www.fogoffspain.com<br />

Reclaim<br />

your garden<br />

this summer!<br />

Our treatment service provides your garden with<br />

its very own four week no-fly zone. Meaning you<br />

and your family can enjoy your outdoor space,<br />

garden & pool without worrying about mosquitoes!<br />

Contact us today for your FREE no obligation quote<br />

and start enjoying your garden again!


Frederick William Skilton<br />

18.10.35 - 20.08.21<br />

Known to his friends as Rick, he was born<br />

in Croydon on the 18th <strong>Oct</strong>ober 1935 to<br />

a humble, loving, working class family.<br />

As he grew up, it soon became obvious how<br />

bright and intelligent Rick was and he went on<br />

to win a scholarship. From there he studied<br />

medicine, subsequently becoming a Consultant<br />

Gynaecologist working in London. This is where<br />

he met a lot of celebrities as a patients, such as Julie<br />

Garland, Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Bassey to<br />

name a few. For a time he was a doctor with the<br />

Royal family and even went on a trip to Australia<br />

with them. Later in his career, he changed from<br />

Gynaecology to research and teaching. He was part<br />

of the research team who discovered the Vaccine<br />

for poliomyelitis. He was also in the group of<br />

assistant Doctors who helped Professor Christiaan<br />

Barnard (who did the first heart transplant) when<br />

he came to St George’s Hospital, London. In<br />

1997 in Roslyn, Scotland, Rick was also part of the<br />

research team who worked with Ian Wilmut in the<br />

successful cloning of Dolly the sheep.<br />

Rick’s life changed when he left the UK to<br />

move to Spain with his then partner Graham, who<br />

wanted to take early retirement. So, he left the UK<br />

as Professor Skilton and arrived in Spain as ‘Rick’<br />

at the end of the 1990’s.<br />

Here they both joined the Harlequins in 2004<br />

and went on to do many shows. A man of many<br />

talents, not only playing a role in the chorus but<br />

also at times, taking on the compéring.<br />

His partner Graham, sadly passed away in<br />

January 2007 but never one to stand still, later<br />

that same year through to 2008 he directed many<br />

cabaret shows of his own to raise money for<br />

charities, one of which was for Adopt a Child,<br />

which he organised through the Oasis church in<br />

Javea run by Clive Read.<br />

His life then changed again in <strong>Oct</strong>ober 2008 when<br />

he met Tony who would later become his partner<br />

for life when they married in 2009. They first met<br />

when Rick went to see a performance of ‘Oliver’ by<br />

the Footlights Theatre Group in which Tony was<br />

part of the Chorus line. They were introduced by<br />

a mutual friend, John Bennetts in the bar after the<br />

show and the rest as they say, is history.<br />

Rick was a well-loved<br />

and respected man. Ready<br />

to help where he could,<br />

enjoying others people’s<br />

company and whenever he<br />

met you, he always left you with a smile on your<br />

face. He will be missed by so many people.<br />

I very much agree with the last lines on Rick’s<br />

life. Rick was a well-loved and respected man.<br />

He was a big asset to the Harlequin group.<br />

He enjoyed being with people so “meeting<br />

and greeting” people at the Harlequins shows<br />

was perfect for Rick’s personality. He was also<br />

excellent on stage and he was my dancing<br />

partner. Such enjoyable, happy times. He<br />

made me laugh so much as he was full of fun.<br />

Whenever he met you, he always left you<br />

smiling. He will be so greatly missed by me and<br />

members of the Harlequin group.<br />

The year’s Rick was in the group were such<br />

jovial times to reflect on. He wrote an article for<br />

my magazine called from “Theatre to Theatre”<br />

as from being a Surgeon in a theatre he then<br />

started to tread the boards on the stage theatre,<br />

thus “Theatre to Theatre”. He would often tell<br />

some very funny stories of questions asked him<br />

as a doctor but we won’t go into that but they<br />

were very, very comical. He was a character<br />

himself and once you were introduced to Rick<br />

you would feel you had known him all your life<br />

and he always had something to say to make<br />

you laugh. So pleased I met Rick recently and<br />

had the chance of another laugh.<br />

So, so sad. I feel privileged, delighted and<br />

lucky to have known Rick he will always be in<br />

my thoughts. Such a lovely, cheerful man.<br />

Carol (Levey)


Book<br />

Review<br />

OCTOBER 2021 | 57<br />

The Evening and the Morning<br />

by Ken Follett (Author)<br />

A Time of Conflict<br />

It is 997 CE, the end of the Dark Ages. The<br />

king’s grip on the country is fragile and chaos<br />

reigns. A young boat builder dreams of a better<br />

future after a devastating Viking raid shatters the<br />

life he hoped for.<br />

Lives Intertwined<br />

A Norman noblewoman follows her husband<br />

to a new land only to find her life there shockingly<br />

different; and a capable monk at Shiring Abbey<br />

has a vision of transforming his humble home<br />

into a centre of learning admired throughout<br />

Europe.<br />

PRICE<br />

12€<br />

Paperback<br />

The Dawn of a New Age<br />

Now, with England at the dawn of<br />

the Middle Ages, these three people<br />

will each come into dangerous<br />

conflict with a ruthless bishop, who<br />

will do anything to increase his<br />

wealth and power, in an epic tale of<br />

ambition, rivalry, love and hate.<br />

Thirty years ago we were<br />

introduced to Kingsbridge in The<br />

Pillars of the Earth, and now in this<br />

masterful prequel international<br />

bestseller Ken Follett will take us<br />

on a journey into a rich past, which<br />

will end where his masterpiece<br />

begins.<br />

“<br />

From the<br />

bestselling author<br />

Ken Follett, The<br />

Evening and the<br />

Morning is a<br />

historical epic<br />

that ends where<br />

The Pillars of the<br />

Earth begins.<br />

“<br />

Format:<br />

Paperback<br />

Publisher: Pan Macmillan<br />

Imprint:<br />

Pan<br />

ISBN: 9781447278825<br />

Published:10 Jun 2021<br />

Classifications:<br />

Historical adventure<br />

Weight:<br />

484g<br />

Dimensions:<br />

112 x 178 x 43 (mm)<br />

Language: English


Halloween Night<br />

Double, Double toll and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble!<br />

The nights are drawing in and Halloween is creeping<br />

nearer..<br />

This year, Halloween Horror Nights returns as an<br />

exhibition so fans can revisit popular features of the past<br />

nine years of the event at the Universal Studios Singapore.<br />

Last year, ths was cancelled. Think you’re brave enough to<br />

walk around in a haunted house? Based on a man-versusnature<br />

narrative, this house boasts special effects and<br />

elaborate set designs.<br />

It’s the event’s first regional collaboration to create an<br />

original haunted house. So what’s the story behind it?<br />

Curse Of The Naga charts the journey of a foreigner who<br />

incurs the wrath of a malevolent naga spirit and has to find<br />

a way to escape her clutches.<br />

The 30th annual HHN at Universal Studios Orlando will<br />

start on September 3. Both events run through <strong>Oct</strong>ober 31.<br />

However in England there are known and talked about<br />

haunted places. Borley Rectory was a Victorian house that<br />

gained infamy as “the most haunted house in England”<br />

after being described as such by psychic researcher.<br />

Widely thought of as one of the most haunted places<br />

in the UK, St Briavels Castle is a number one hot spot for<br />

ghost hunters. Dating back to 1075, the castle has been<br />

used as a hunting lodge, court, and prison. Visitors have<br />

reported babies crying, a ghost in a suit of armour, dark<br />

figures violently pushing them, the sounds of growling,<br />

and a feeling of being strangled...to name but a few.<br />

You could stay there this Halloween - the castle is<br />

currently run as an YHA hostel - but you might not get a<br />

peaceful night’s sleep.<br />

Chillingham by name, and somewhat chilling by nature.<br />

Built as a stronghold in the 12th Century, Chillingham<br />

Castle has a history littered with battles and executions.<br />

It’s rumoured to host tortured spirits, as well as a few<br />

friendly ghosts. The venue puts on regular ghost tours and<br />

all-night vigils.<br />

The Ancient Ram Inn is infamous for its evil spirits and<br />

is a must-visit destination for all paranormal enthusiasts. A<br />

past owner of the inn has described being dragged across<br />

the room by demonic spirits, while the inn is believed to<br />

have been the location of human sacrifice, devil worship<br />

and witchcraft. https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles.com/games/daily-cryptic-crossword?puzz...<br />

C A N E T A R D I E S T<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

8<br />

O O R S A A O<br />

L O T T E R Y U P S E T<br />

9 10<br />

O E S L N T E<br />

11<br />

R A D I O<br />

12<br />

U N T I E D<br />

A R M R<br />

13<br />

P<br />

14<br />

D E<br />

15<br />

B A T E<br />

16<br />

G<br />

17<br />

A R N E R<br />

O A<br />

18<br />

A T O<br />

19<br />

A L M<br />

20<br />

O N D<br />

21<br />

T A<br />

22<br />

P A S<br />

23<br />

E A M O I A P<br />

24<br />

M A N S E<br />

25<br />

R E R O U T E<br />

M C G E E S R<br />

26<br />

A D E L A I D E<br />

27<br />

H E R O<br />

PUZZLE<br />

PAGE<br />


Warwick Castle. Dating back to 1068 when it was built by<br />

William the Conqueror, further additions and renovations<br />

were made to the castle in the 12th century. All this activity<br />

can only mean one thing – paranormal occurrences!<br />

The castle has been the focus of many paranormal<br />

investigations. One such ghost, Sir Fulke Greville, is<br />

frequently spotted. Murdered by his manservant in 1628<br />

he can be seen slowly appearing beside his portrait.<br />

Despite their fame as tourist attractions, the dungeon and<br />

the tower are not for the faint of heart due to the tortured<br />

spirits that remain there. Dare you visit?<br />

Rollright Stones. A site that concealed bones and<br />

perpetuates tales of witchcraft, the Rollright stones are<br />

thought to be older than Stonehenge. Located on the border<br />

between Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, the stones have<br />

stood silently at the very southern end of the county for<br />

an eerie amount of time. What have they witnessed? Only<br />

they know. The site has been rumoured to be a popular<br />

gathering place for many covens over the centuries. Would<br />

you visit to bear witness to the legend?<br />

Battle of Edgehill. Half-way between Banbury and<br />

Warwick is the site of the Battle of Edgehill. Despite the<br />

battle occurring in 1642, phantoms of all the fighting<br />

soldiers have been seen and heard since the dreadful<br />

battle. Despite the visions tapering off into obscurity over<br />

the years, many people who visit the site still feel uneasy<br />

and hear the sounds of battle. It’s interesting to note that<br />

the Edgehill ghosts are the only British phantoms able to<br />

boast recognition from the Public Record Office. Would<br />

you be brave enough to stand on the battleground?<br />

There are many haunted places listed all over Spain and<br />

some very scary places around the word but unfortunately<br />

only enough space to describe a few.<br />

The law School, Cordova, Andalusia. The old building<br />

of the current Faculty of Law, Economics and Business<br />

Studies at the University of Cordoba XIII century. Before<br />

becoming a school began as a Carmelite convent and then<br />

used as a maternity hospital, Sudoku Today<br />

madhouse, Hospice and even 10-January-2021<br />

military hospital. Nowadays, the ghosts of labour who lost<br />

Classic Sudoku<br />

Place a digit from 1 to 9 into each of the empty squares so that each digit appears<br />

their babies, the teacher exactly once died in each of of the rows, a sudden columns and the nine heart outlined 3x3 attack regions.<br />

and<br />

a soldier calling “I am going to kill you” the rhythm that<br />

breaks crystals frighten students and workers.

OCTOBER 2021 | 59<br />

The House of Seven Chimneys, Madrid. It is said that the<br />

spirit of a beautiful lady dressed in white and accompanied<br />

by a strike torch between the chimneys of the building every<br />

night … Apparently, Dona Elena, which she was mistress<br />

of King Felipe II, he died in mysterious circumstances and<br />

his body was never found. But nevertheless, is not the only<br />

walking on the other side and another young woman who<br />

committed suicide on the wedding night of their marriage<br />

of convenience with an elderly wealthy and now travels the<br />

corners of this haunted house clinking coins that King, who<br />

was also a lover, He had given her.<br />

IF spiders, ghosts and things that go bump in the night<br />

don’t scare you off, join the queue to splash €16 million on<br />

Spain’s most haunted house.<br />

The Cortijo Jurado in Malaga, which has captured the<br />

attention of paranormal experts internationally, is now<br />

up for sale. The imposing 19th century mansion perches<br />

alongside the A357 Campanillas road in Malaga province<br />

and was built with 365 windows, one for every day of the<br />

year. Constructed by the Heredia family in the 1830s, legend<br />

has it that numerous unspeakable crimes, kidnappings<br />

and tortures took place before victims’ bodies were buried<br />

within the building.<br />

Halloween is the evening before the Christian holy days<br />

of All Hallows’ Day of All Saints day on 1 November and<br />

All Souls’ Day on 2 November, thus giving the holiday on<br />

31 <strong>Oct</strong>ober the full name of All Hallows’ Eve (meaning the<br />

evening before All Hallows’ Day).<br />

How did it start Halloween? Halloween has its roots in<br />

the ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain, which<br />

was celebrated on the night of <strong>Oct</strong>ober 31. The Celts, who<br />

Lots of great products and special offers<br />

in this months brochure including<br />

lived 2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the<br />

United Kingdom and northern France, believed that the<br />

dead returned to earth on the Celtic (Old Irish) festival of<br />

Samhain. It was the first and most important of the four<br />

quarter days in the medieval Gaelic calendar.<br />

It also marked the end of the harvest season and beginning<br />

of winter or the darker half’ of the year. At Samhain, it was<br />

believed that the Aos Sí needed to be propitiated to ensure<br />

that the people and their livestock survived the winter.<br />

Offerings of food and drink, or portions of the crops, were<br />

left for the Aos Sí. The souls of the dead were also said to<br />

revisit their homes. The belief that the souls of the dead<br />

return home on one night or day of the year seems to have<br />

ancient origins and is found in many cultures throughout<br />

the world.<br />

Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic<br />

the evil spirits or appease them. At Halloween, yards and<br />

public spaces may be decorated with traditionally macabre<br />

symbols including witches, skeletons, cobwebs, and<br />

headstones.<br />

In Ireland and Scotland, the turnip has traditionally<br />

been carved during Halloween, but immigrants to North<br />

America used the native pumpkin, which is both much<br />

softer and much larger – making it easier to carve than a<br />

turnip. Subsequently, the mass marketing of various size<br />

pumpkins in autumn, in both the corporate and local<br />

markets, has made pumpkins universally available for this<br />

purpose.<br />

For me an evening celebrating in a local restaurant<br />

decorated with the usual Halloween features and adults<br />

dressed in witches’ costumes is a fun night ha!<br />

Avon SKIN so SOFT<br />

Dry Oil Spray<br />

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It’s time to stock up on<br />

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You’ll Enjoy Your Visit<br />

OCTOBER 2021 | 61<br />


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Awarded the maximum 5 star rating in the most recent poll by<br />

the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.<br />

ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20:<br />

Later this month, the Full Moon<br />

encourages bold actions and<br />

decisions on the longterm that can<br />

only be for the best, bringing with them results<br />

that you have patiently long awaited.<br />

TAURUS APRIL 22 - MAY 21:<br />

With Venus entering boldly into<br />

Sagittarius you will find this<br />

an excellent time for forward planning,<br />

especially if it encompasses the fun and<br />

excitement you so desperately need.<br />

GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 22:<br />

Ceres reverberates into retrograde in<br />

Gemini, and this transit could end<br />

a relationship that has been on the<br />

rocks of late. Predictably you will find much<br />

relief when you have your freedom.<br />

CANCER JUNE 23 - JULY 23:<br />

You will find sympathy and<br />

harmony by just being yourself<br />

this month. The mid month Mercury direct<br />

in Libra brings both timbre and balance<br />

back into your currently busy life.<br />

LEO JULY 24 - AUG 23:<br />

A problem is not a problem if it<br />

has a solution, and even though<br />

someone has put a spanner in the<br />

works, everything and anything right now<br />

is better than the compromise of the past!<br />

VIRGO AUG 24 - SEPT 23:<br />

Justice is the word of the<br />

moment. You deserve to have an<br />

uncomplicated solution to matters<br />

right now, but if a fight is needed then rest<br />

assured your corner is fully covered.<br />

LIBRA SEPT 24 - OCT 23:<br />

Mercury and Libra conjunct with<br />

Mars in Libra. The time has come<br />

to choose your words carefully, there is more<br />

involved in this than meets the eye and<br />

bigger fish to fry, too!<br />

SCORPIO OCT 24 - NOV 22:<br />

Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto<br />

in Capricorn. Be honest about an<br />

affair of the heart because the time<br />

has come to put your cards on the table and<br />

sentiment is thrown aside.<br />

SAGITTARIUS NOV 23 - DEC 21:<br />

The entry of Venus brings<br />

adventure and travel. This is<br />

a great time for any forward<br />

planning, and a good opportunity to take<br />

time to explore that which grabs your<br />

attention.<br />

CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 20:<br />

Pluto is as analytical as ever, and<br />

sensitively placed to bring a halt<br />

to conflicts and deepening egos. Don’t make<br />

a drama into a crisis and be succinct. The<br />

Sun in Libra balances.<br />

AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 19:<br />

Jupiter sextiles Venus in Sagittarius<br />

and your social circle seems to be<br />

expanding, mainly because of your resilience<br />

and your charm. Be aware and stay focussed<br />

on all levels.<br />

PISCES FEB 20 - MAR 20:<br />

Neptune thrives in Pisces and<br />

makes short work of a deed that<br />

needs to be done. Somebody<br />

needs their comeuppance, and with Venus in<br />

Sagittarius, home truths will spill out too!

OCTOBER 2021 | 63<br />




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