Out and About October 2022 - issue 201

It's almost Halloween a time in Costa Blanca Spain for cooler nights but still warm sunny days, with the hot summer days behind us for another year and the children back in school the resorts, restaurants, and bars are full of winter sun seekers and those who live as expats in Spain coming out from the poolside to socialise and enjoy life to the fullest. Many events and sports activities happen during autumn as well as many hours to relax and enjoy leisure and pastimes including reading our latest publication in print and online the Out and About magazine.

It's almost Halloween a time in Costa Blanca Spain for cooler nights but still warm sunny days, with the hot summer days behind us for another year and the children back in school the resorts, restaurants, and bars are full of winter sun seekers and those who live as expats in Spain coming out from the poolside to socialise and enjoy life to the fullest. Many events and sports activities happen during autumn as well as many hours to relax and enjoy leisure and pastimes including reading our latest publication in print and online the Out and About magazine.


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for the Costa Blanca<br />

<strong>Out</strong> & <strong>About</strong>®<br />

<strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> • Issue <strong>201</strong><br />

Halloween<br />

See pages 32-33<br />

Costa Blanca


OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 3<br />



VAT0049<br />


VAT0021<br />

FINCAS<br />

VBS0455<br />


VCA0285<br />


ACA0205<br />







Dear Reader<br />



Sunday, <strong>October</strong> 30, <strong>2022</strong>, 3:00:00 am clocks are turned<br />

backward 1 hour to 2:00:00 am local st<strong>and</strong>ard time <strong>and</strong><br />

Sunrise <strong>and</strong> sunset will be about 1 hour earlier.<br />

As the summer has come to an end<br />

as the days are cooler, however our<br />

<strong>October</strong> <strong>issue</strong> will brighten up<br />

your day. Whatever the weather’s<br />

like outside your window,<br />

consider that the sun is well<br />

<strong>and</strong> truly shining in our <strong>Out</strong> &<br />

<strong>About</strong> Costa Blanca magazine,<br />

all year round. As always<br />

you will find something<br />

amazing <strong>and</strong> different with<br />

every edition. In the pages of<br />

the <strong>Out</strong> & <strong>About</strong> magazine, you<br />

are spoilt for choice when it comes to<br />

articles to read on different stimulating <strong>and</strong><br />

exciting subjects <strong>and</strong> on every page you<br />

will find something of interest. Having so<br />

many professional journalists writing such<br />

fascinating articles.<br />

Although the summer brought<br />

excitement, <strong>October</strong> is as busy. Time<br />

<strong>and</strong> Tide waits for no man <strong>and</strong> I cannot<br />

believe how quickly the summer has gone<br />

<strong>and</strong> how soon things start to change. For<br />

example, this month, remember the clocks<br />

go back an hour on Sunday, <strong>October</strong> 30th,<br />

3:00 am <strong>and</strong> in Engl<strong>and</strong> go back 1 hour<br />

at 2am. The clock changes happen twice<br />

a year to mark the beginning <strong>and</strong> end of<br />

summer.<br />

To remember which way to set your<br />

watch, keep in mind “spring forward, fall<br />

back”. You set your clock forward in the<br />

spring when Daylight Saving Time (DST)<br />

starts thus lose one hour <strong>and</strong> back one<br />

hour when DST ends in the fall, so we gain<br />

an hour by turning the clock back. DST<br />

is a change in the st<strong>and</strong>ard time with the<br />

purpose of making better use of daylight<br />

<strong>and</strong> conserving energy.<br />

The birthstones <strong>and</strong> flowers for <strong>October</strong><br />

are Opal or Tourmaline, Calendula or<br />

Cosmos. The two signs associated with the<br />

month of <strong>October</strong> are Libra <strong>and</strong> Scorpio.<br />

People born from <strong>October</strong> 1st to <strong>October</strong><br />

22nd are members of the Libra sign.<br />

The people born under the Sign<br />

Libra are kind, gentle <strong>and</strong> lovers<br />

of beauty, harmony <strong>and</strong> peace.<br />

However, in their effort to keep<br />

everyone happy, they find it<br />

difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone,<br />

<strong>and</strong> as a result, they end up<br />

getting stressed. They have a lot<br />

of positive traits, but some negative<br />

ones, too.<br />

Because of its incredible passion <strong>and</strong><br />

power, Scorpio is often mistaken for a<br />

fire sign. In fact, Scorpio is a water sign<br />

that derives its strength from the psychic,<br />

emotional realm. Like its fellow water<br />

signs, Cancer <strong>and</strong> Pisces, Scorpio is<br />

extremely clairvoyant <strong>and</strong> intuitive<br />

In the ancient Roman calendar, <strong>October</strong><br />

was the name of the eighth month of the<br />

year. Its name comes from octo, the Latin<br />

word for “eight.” When the Romans<br />

converted to a 12-month calendar, they<br />

tried to rename this month after various<br />

Roman emperors, but the name <strong>October</strong><br />

stuck!<br />

Enjoy <strong>October</strong> <strong>and</strong> keep healthy, happy,<br />

smiling <strong>and</strong> positive. Perhaps with the<br />

cooler weather now you can relax <strong>and</strong> step<br />

out of those fridges ha! Remember you are<br />

never alone with a copy of “<strong>Out</strong> &<strong>About</strong><br />

Costa Blanca”. Until next month keep<br />

happy <strong>and</strong> healthy!!<br />

Carol R. Levey

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 5<br />

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08 Readers’ Letters<br />

10 Akira<br />

12 Dr. M.Signes<br />

18 David Moorhouse<br />

22 Memory Lane<br />

24 Dee’s Travels<br />

32 Halloween<br />

34 Walsh’s Wisdom<br />

40 Whining On<br />

42 A Medium Rare<br />

48 Albir Family Medical Centre<br />

50 Anne Rodger<br />

51 Cookery<br />

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OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 7<br />

ur New Home?<br />

With our extensive portfolio across the North Costa Blanca, we have<br />

property of all types <strong>and</strong> all budgets. Visit our website or call now.<br />

we’ll get you moving<br />

More<br />

Please<br />

With unrivalled marketing, no wonder we’re<br />

constantly selling properties. List yours with us<br />

<strong>and</strong> we’ll get it sold!www<br />

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@<br />

Can our AGONY UNCLE help you<br />

Readers<br />

Letters<br />

Email to: relojdesol@mail.com<br />

I never really got on with my sister.<br />

We both were very close when we were<br />

younger, <strong>and</strong> I am the older sister. When<br />

my sister lost her husb<strong>and</strong> tragically, I<br />

stepped in <strong>and</strong> all was well.<br />

It is her new boyfriend who is causing<br />

stress to our relationship. I can see he is no<br />

good, <strong>and</strong> that she is suffering!<br />

Alma. Benitachell<br />

Alma, I get the picture. Your sister<br />

knows full well that she has made a<br />

mistake in her choice of partner, <strong>and</strong> she<br />

cannot defend his behaviour. That has<br />

caused her to dig in her heels <strong>and</strong> show<br />

her stubborn side once again. Sadly she<br />

has to wake up <strong>and</strong> smell the coffee,<br />

because until she does, things will not<br />

kick in. Be on st<strong>and</strong>by for her, you care<br />

greatly, I know.<br />

Things are getting harder living here in<br />

Spain. It’s difficult to make a living <strong>and</strong> so<br />

many of my friends have left already. I feel<br />

like I have failed <strong>and</strong> yet I am hesitant to<br />

return to the UK.<br />

Sonia. Benidorm<br />

Life moves on, so, if you are getting<br />

feelings of the need to change, don’t<br />

st<strong>and</strong> in the way of them. Returning to<br />

the UK is not failing, <strong>and</strong> is no reflection<br />

on you at all. Above all drop the idea<br />

that you are running away <strong>and</strong> focus<br />

on your current wants <strong>and</strong> needs, right<br />

now. Then be unafraid to make a move,<br />

wherever it takes you.<br />


yorkshirelinecostablanca.com<br />

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AGONY UNCLE OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 9<br />

@<br />

My neighbour’s dog barks whenever she is You will have to face your neighbour<br />

not at home. She pretends not to know this. <strong>and</strong> tell her that her dog has anxiety<br />

Now she is working at night, we listen to problems when left alone. Then you<br />

hours <strong>and</strong> hours of howling <strong>and</strong> barking. I know that she knows the problems that<br />

love dogs but this is too much.<br />

this is causing, <strong>and</strong> hopefully work to<br />

Daz. a solution that solves the situation <strong>and</strong><br />

calms the dog.<br />

Readers can now send their questions <strong>and</strong> problems to a newly appointed Agony Uncle.<br />

He is a Therapist, Counsellor, Psychologist <strong>and</strong> Life Coach <strong>and</strong> will be answering the<br />

best from his mailbox exclusively here in <strong>Out</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>About</strong>, every month. Every email gets a<br />

personal reply from Agony Uncle <strong>and</strong> with your consent, <strong>and</strong> subject to space; question<br />

<strong>and</strong> reply can be printed in a future edition of <strong>Out</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>About</strong>. Names <strong>and</strong>/or locations will<br />

be disguised assuring confidentiality. Email to: relojdesol@mail.com<br />




From the 1st April - All year round we offer a service for flights between 07.00 hrs - 23.59 hrs<br />



lisa.calpe7@yahoo.co.uk<br />





Hamiltons of Javea & Moraira, Sales, Rentals & Construction<br />

Sponsors Jalon Valley A.R.C. & AKIRA Dog Sanctuary Pages<br />

“Animal voices are silent<br />

But their cries can be heard<br />

If you care enough to listen”<br />

Tel. 657 689 567 - www.akira-animals.com - Facebook Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary<br />

DANTE<br />

Danté is a sweet boy who was kept<br />

chained up with a collar that was<br />

too tight, leaving scars on his neck.<br />

Despite this he is always smiling,<br />

loves people <strong>and</strong> cuddles <strong>and</strong> walks<br />

well on the leash He is good with<br />

children <strong>and</strong> other dogs but not<br />

cats He will need a secure garden.<br />

Please contact Akira on 657 689<br />

567 or email akirashelter@aol.com.<br />

TOFU<br />

Tofu is a new girl at Akira. She is 1<br />

year old <strong>and</strong> good with dogs <strong>and</strong><br />

children. She only weighs 8 kilos so<br />

won’t take up much space on your<br />

sofa but will give you lots of cuddles<br />

<strong>and</strong> love. Please contact Akira on<br />

657 689 567 of email akirashelter@<br />

aol.com.<br />

Tel. 657 689 567 • www.akira-animals.com • Facebook Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 11


Are hearing aids<br />

waterproof?<br />


While it would certainly be a nice perk<br />

if hearing aids were waterproof,<br />

unfortunately, there are few truly<br />

waterproof hearing aids currently<br />

available on the market.<br />

Instead, most hearing aids<br />

are water-resistant,<br />

which means they<br />

should not be<br />

submerged in<br />

water but can<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le a little<br />

bit of moisture.<br />

Moisture is<br />

no friend to<br />

the delicate<br />

electronic<br />

parts of these<br />

expensive<br />

devices.<br />

Hearing aid<br />

components<br />

work best when<br />

they are kept<br />

clean <strong>and</strong> dry, just<br />

like smartphones <strong>and</strong><br />

laptops.<br />

That’s why most hearing aid<br />

manufacturers do not recommend<br />

submerging any of their devices in water. In<br />

fact, some of the counseling you’ll receive<br />

from your hearing healthcare professional<br />

includes information about how to keep<br />

moisture away from your hearing aids.<br />

Are there any waterproof hearing aids?<br />

Yes, Phonak’s Audéo Life hearing aid.<br />

The manufacturer claims these hearing aids<br />

can safely be submerged up to 50 cm (a<br />

little under two feet of depth) in pool water,<br />

freshwater or saltwater.<br />

If you are concerned about your hearing<br />

aids when you are out during a rainy day or<br />

near a pool, with Audéo Life, you can have<br />

peace of mind knowing that your hearing aids<br />

are built to withst<strong>and</strong> the elements.<br />

Or, maybe you’re worried about sweat<br />

interrupting the quality of your hearing aid’s<br />

performance when exercising? Audéo Life<br />

hearing aids are sweatproof, ensuring you<br />

can continue to exercise without<br />

sweat interfering with your<br />

hearing.<br />

There’s no doubt you<br />

will feel more confident<br />

around other people<br />

<strong>and</strong> relish all your<br />

favorite activities<br />

when wearing a<br />

waterproof hearing<br />

aid.<br />

This new<br />

world’s first<br />

waterproof<br />

rechargeable<br />

hearing aid<br />

combines the<br />

hearing performance<br />

of Audéo Paradise<br />

with a robust new<br />

housing that provides<br />

additional protection from<br />

water <strong>and</strong> sweat. Audéo Life<br />

delivers crisp natural sound <strong>and</strong> is<br />

capable being submerged in fresh, pool or<br />

salt water.<br />

How water-resistant are your hearing aids?<br />

To know for sure, find out your hearing<br />

aids’ IP rating.<br />

All hearing aids receive two “IP” ratings<br />

from 1 to 8 to determine how resistant they<br />

are to dust <strong>and</strong> water, from the International<br />

Electrotechnical Commission. The first digit<br />

rates the degree of protection against debris,<br />

such as dust or s<strong>and</strong>, <strong>and</strong> is rated on a scale of<br />

1-7. The second digit, rated on a scale from 1-9,<br />

indicates how resistant the electrical device is<br />

to moisture. It’s the second digit that indicates<br />

how water-resistant a device is.<br />

A hearing aid with an IP67 rating, for<br />

Dra. Maria Isabel Signes-Soler, PhD, FAAO • Tel: 965832080

DR. M. ISABEL SIGNES-SOLER OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 13<br />

example, means it is highly protected against<br />

solid objects such as s<strong>and</strong> or dust <strong>and</strong> has<br />

been tested to work for at least 30 minutes<br />

in water less than three feet deep. Any<br />

number lower than that means the devices<br />

can’t withst<strong>and</strong> any sort of immersion. (The<br />

Phonak Life hearing aid is IP68.)<br />

Do you need water-resistant or waterproof<br />

hearing aids?<br />

Is owning a hearing aid with a high IP<br />

rating for moisture in your best interest? It<br />

might be worth considering if:<br />

• You perspire heavily. If you’re constantly<br />

wiping perspiration from your face<br />

during work or play, your hearing aids are<br />

probably exposed to more moisture than<br />

most.<br />

• You live in humid/wet climates or enjoy<br />

water-related hobbies such as boating or<br />

fishing.<br />

• You are forgetful or absent-minded. Some<br />

hearing aid wearers say their devices are so<br />

comfortable, they completely forget to take<br />

them out before they step into the shower.<br />

There’s really no way around it. Unless you<br />

opt for a completely waterproof hearing aid,<br />

you’ll have to remember to remove yours<br />

before jumping in the pool this summer.<br />

Moisture damage is one of the major reasons<br />

hearing aids are returned for repair.<br />




OFFER<br />

of blue light filter<br />

in progressive &<br />

computer lenses


vivaldimoraira<br />

vivaldimoraira<br />

...a smooth experience<br />

The beautiful coastal village Moraira, located on the Costa Blanca<br />

has a new hotspot; Brasserie Vivaldi, where coziness <strong>and</strong><br />

qualitatively good food are central.<br />

FloriditaMoraira<br />

floriditamoraira<br />

Open every day. Check our website or facebook/<br />

instagram for current opening hours.<br />

Passeo Senillar 25, 03724 Moraira<br />

+34 965271088 | www.brasserievivaldi.com<br />


US THIS<br />




HOUSE!!<br />

(wine, cava, beer or<br />

refreshment)<br />

NEW OWNERS! The best music bar in Moraira with live music 5 nights a week!<br />

(after COVID lockdown). The hotest address for your drinks <strong>and</strong> cocktails!<br />

Check our instagram/facebook for all actual news. SEE YOU SOON AT FLORIDITA!<br />

Calle Tosqueres 3, 03724 Rada de Moraira

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 15<br />

KOSTA!<br />

R E S T A U R A N T<br />

C/Mulhacen 10<br />

On the Coast Road | Between Moraira <strong>and</strong> Calpe, 95<br />

03724 Moraira,<br />

Tel. 865 77 83 00 Mob. 608 733 584<br />

Every day 12:30 - 22:00<br />

Simply The Best – What More Could You Ask for!<br />

AT KOSTA everything is outst<strong>and</strong>ing - beginning with the welcome from the<br />

owner Christian, who makes everyone feel welcome like a special <strong>and</strong> valued<br />

guest in his home along with the very attentive multi-lingual staff <strong>and</strong><br />

great service.<br />

Enjoy a wonderful lunch time or evening meal with friends<br />

or celebrate a family birthday.<br />

Food is excellent quality <strong>and</strong> presented beautifully.<br />

This is a restaurant that you simply cannot fault for food quality, service <strong>and</strong><br />

value for money<br />

What more can you ask it’s perfect

Interested in joining our friendly group?<br />

We are a fun loving, non profit making group who perform<br />

cabarets that help to benefit local charities<br />

We are looking for new people to join us for our next show<br />

Do you like to dance? Routines are fun <strong>and</strong> easy to learn<br />

Maybe you like to sing?<br />

Maybe you’d like to help backstage or front of house?<br />

We rehearse Tuesdays 19.00hrs – 21.00hr<br />

at alternate venues:<br />

● Camping Almafra, Alfaz del Pi ●<br />

● Gran Sol Hotel, Calpe ●<br />

For more details call:<br />

Dawn - 674 621 069 or Carol - 651 459 776


JANUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 17<br />

Foster Consulting is an insurance agency in Calpe, established in 1987, the first<br />

dedicated insurance business in Calpe that dealt with the Expatriate community.<br />

We work with two companies:<br />

LIBERTY SEGUROS <strong>and</strong> ASSSA.<br />

Our policies come in English, Spanish <strong>and</strong> German.<br />

We speak English, Spanish, German, Dutch <strong>and</strong> French.<br />

At Foster Consulting we are committed to providing our customers with excellent<br />

insurance services.<br />

Types of insurance products provided:<br />

• CAR<br />


• HEALTH (including health cover for<br />

residency applications <strong>and</strong> visas)<br />

• DENTAL<br />





• BUSINESS<br />




• PET<br />




• ACCIDENT<br />


Email: info@fosterconsulting.es<br />

Tel: 96 583 83 84<br />

Address: Av. Gabriel Miró 18, Entlo. 2 - 03710-CALPE (Alicante)<br />

DGSFP Registry Number: C0467B53971065<br />


MONDAY -<br />


9.00 AM – 5.00 PM &<br />

FRIDAYS:<br />

8:00 AM – 15.00 PM.


Magic Travel<br />

Moments<br />

Highlight those (many) travel moments in<br />

my life when things have ‘sparkled’.<br />

by John<br />

David<br />

Moorhouse<br />


Verona - City of Contrasts<br />

A<br />

truly fascinating city with a history<br />

that goes back to before Ancient<br />

Rome.... take a look at its contrasting<br />

architectural styles <strong>and</strong> historic features....<br />

st<strong>and</strong> on the imposing bridges that span its<br />

majestic River (Fiume Adige) as it winds<br />

through the city.... admire, enter <strong>and</strong> absorb<br />

the rich, fabulous treasures on display inside<br />

its many churches, cathedrals <strong>and</strong> palaces....<br />

spend money in its stylish shopping areas....<br />

dine lavishly or eat at street-side pizzerias....<br />

all this (<strong>and</strong> much more) we experienced<br />

for the first time in 1969, <strong>and</strong> have joyfully<br />

revisited Verona a number of times over the<br />

years.<br />

Back to 1969 : Our minds <strong>and</strong> senses reeling,<br />

we decided to take a break, to sit quietly on a<br />

bench in the broad, almost-empty Piazza of<br />

San Zeno Maggiore.... don’t read or write,<br />

don’t do anything in particular, just relax for<br />

a few moments.<br />

Our ‘break’ was suddenly shattered by<br />

a daring motorcyclist who roared across<br />

the Piazza, passed behind our bench <strong>and</strong><br />

whipped the cap off my head without me<br />

feeling a thing... he was gone before I or<br />

my wife could shout or try to get help from<br />

someone, anyone....!<br />

I shook my cap-less head in amazement at<br />

the sheer ‘cheek’ of that daring young man on<br />

his flying machine!<br />

“Magic Travel Moments” can happen when<br />

you least expect them.... be prepared!

Epicentre<br />

One of my favourite places (<strong>and</strong> I have<br />

many!) is the Southern Peloponnese of<br />

Mainl<strong>and</strong> Greece.<br />

There are many reasons for this.... my family<br />

have owned a home on the beautiful coast for<br />

more than 40 years.... my late wife <strong>and</strong> I have<br />

lived there year-round 4 times (1999 + + +);<br />

we have learned much <strong>and</strong> deeply appreciate<br />

what this part of Greece offers.... we have also<br />

made many close friends over there, with<br />

whom I stay in touch fully to this day.<br />

Much of Greece is subject to regular<br />

earthquake activity.... it is in an area where<br />

tectonic plates move <strong>and</strong> clash frequently. For<br />

example, in our area, a major earthquake “hits”<br />

approximately every 30 or 40 years - the last<br />

time was in the 1980’s.... but “minor” shifts<br />

occur much more frequently, which adds a<br />

touch of excitement!?.... our property has not<br />

been overly affected by this phenomenon these<br />

last 40 + years; but one never knows when “the<br />

next big one” will come along!<br />

When we go inl<strong>and</strong>, up into breathtakingly<br />

open, mountain country, we head towards<br />

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 19<br />

Pigadia <strong>and</strong> Dendera (lesser-known town <strong>and</strong><br />

village).<br />

En route we pass through what can only be<br />

described as “a higgledy-piggledy conjunction,<br />

a crowded meeting-point for a number of low,<br />

steep-sided hills” through which the narrow<br />

road winds <strong>and</strong> climbs awkwardly!<br />

This is an unforgettable Epicentre of<br />

local earthquake activity.... created over the<br />

millennia.... a testament to one of Mother<br />

Nature’s many irresistible forces.... it is an<br />

ongoing “Magic Travel Moment” in my mind<br />

<strong>and</strong> heart.<br />

Great<br />

products at<br />

great prices<br />

If you would like a brochure<br />

please contact<br />

LISA - 642 911 110<br />

email - lisa.calpe7@yahoo.co.uk





Wheelchair<br />

friendly<br />

The restaurant has the<br />

benefit of a large terrace<br />

for “al fresco” dining<br />

<strong>and</strong> inside also a spacious<br />

dining area. The menu of the<br />

day is excellent value. Enjoy<br />

their juicy Steaks alongside<br />

succulent Ribs, Burgers,<br />

Vegetarian dishes <strong>and</strong> many<br />

more in a Western ambiance.<br />

Everything is cooked in their<br />

open kitchen on a grill. Try<br />

their famous spare ribs. ALL<br />

YOU CAN EAT. There is also<br />

take-away ribs with chips<br />

plus a 3 course daily menu.<br />

Different burgers (Black Angus<br />

Beef), Vegetarian burgers <strong>and</strong><br />

Chicken burgers. For fish<br />

lovers, there is Salmon <strong>and</strong><br />

battered Cod.<br />

The restaurant is known for its<br />

constantly high quality food<br />

<strong>and</strong> attentive service. The<br />

restaurant is located on the<br />

corner of Calle Jardin, Calpe,<br />

with the Cowboy in front of<br />

the door! Tel: 677 727 305<br />

for bookings. Open every day<br />

from 18:00.<br />

You can find their complete menu at<br />


OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 21<br />

Calpe, Benissa, Altea, Moraira<br />

Inmo COBAT welcomes you to the Costa Blanca.<br />

Since 2003 we are an “all-in” company<br />

when buying or selling property.<br />

www.cobatcostablanca.com<br />


CALPE 245,000€<br />

2 bedroom<br />

2 bathroom<br />

groundfloor<br />

apartment with<br />

garden <strong>and</strong><br />

underground parking<br />

Walking distance<br />

shops <strong>and</strong> beach<br />

Ref. 3257<br />

CALPE 390,000€<br />

Beautiful modern<br />

apartment with<br />

sea views <strong>and</strong><br />

parking (<strong>201</strong>8)<br />

Walking distance<br />

to shops <strong>and</strong><br />

beach<br />

Ref. 3254<br />

BENISSA 895,000€<br />

Spacious 4<br />

bedroom villa with<br />

beautiful outdoor<br />

areas <strong>and</strong> large<br />

parking<br />

Ref. 3245<br />


Opportunity: very<br />

well kept 2 bedroom/2<br />

bathroom<br />

apartment with<br />

spacious roof<br />

terrace (4the floor),<br />

underground parking<br />

<strong>and</strong> communal<br />

pool/garden.<br />

Ref. 2952<br />

?<br />

We can<br />

put your<br />

Property<br />

HERE!<br />

MORAIRA 375,000€<br />

SOLD<br />

Gorgeous panoramic<br />

sea view villa with<br />

heated pool,<br />

garage,<br />

exterior kitchen<br />

annex lounge <strong>and</strong><br />

mature garden.<br />

Ref. 2837<br />

Inmo Cobat<br />

Telephone:<br />

0034 6<strong>201</strong>46993



air brakes for trains <strong>and</strong><br />

was later responsible for<br />

the adoption of alternating<br />

current (AC) systems for<br />

electric power transmission<br />

in the U.S. He was also the<br />

first employer to give his<br />

employees paid vacations.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 1, 1908 - Henry<br />

Ford’s Model T, a “universal<br />

car” designed for the masses,<br />

went on sale for the first time.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 1, 1979 - After 70<br />

years of American control,<br />

the Panama Canal Zone was<br />

formally h<strong>and</strong>ed over to<br />

Panama.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 3, 1863 - President<br />

Abraham Lincoln <strong>issue</strong>d a<br />

proclamation designating the<br />

last Thursday in November<br />

as Thanksgiving Day.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 5, 1964 - The largest<br />

mass escape since the<br />

construction of the Berlin<br />

Wall occurred as 57 East<br />

German refugees escaped to<br />

West Berlin after tunnelling<br />

beneath the wall.<br />

Birthday - “Father of the<br />

Space Age” Robert Goddard<br />

(1882-1945) was born in<br />

Worcester, Massachusetts.<br />

During his lifetime he was<br />

ridiculed by the public<br />

<strong>and</strong> the press over his idea<br />

of constructing a space<br />

flight machine. In 1926, he<br />

launched the world’s first<br />

liquid-fuelled rocket on a<br />

farm near Auburn, Mass.<br />

In 1935, his liquid-fueled<br />

rocket surpassed the speed of<br />

sound. Other developments<br />

included a steering apparatus<br />

for rocket machines, staged<br />

rockets to reach high<br />

altitudes, rocket fuel pumps,<br />

<strong>and</strong> a self-cooling rocket<br />

motor.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 6, 1927 - The first<br />

“talkie” opened in New York.<br />

The Jazz Singer starring Al<br />

Jolson was the first fulllength<br />

feature film using<br />

spoken dialogue.<br />

Birthday - Engineer<br />

<strong>and</strong> inventor George<br />

Westinghouse (1846-1914)<br />

was born in Central Bridge,<br />

New York. He developed<br />

Birthday - John Lennon<br />

(1940-1980) was born in<br />

Liverpool, Engl<strong>and</strong>. He was<br />

a member of The Beatles, an<br />

influential rock group which<br />

captivated audiences first<br />

in Engl<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> Germany,<br />

<strong>and</strong> later in America <strong>and</strong><br />

throughout the world. He<br />

was murdered in New York<br />

City on December 8, 1980.

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 23<br />

<strong>October</strong> 13, 1792 - The<br />

cornerstone of the White<br />

House was laid by George<br />

Washington. The building,<br />

located at 1600 Pennsylvania<br />

Avenue, is three stories tall<br />

with over 100 rooms, <strong>and</strong><br />

was designed by James<br />

Hoban. In November of 1800,<br />

President John Adams <strong>and</strong><br />

his family moved in. The<br />

building was first known as<br />

the “Presidential Palace,” but<br />

acquired the name “White<br />

House” about 10 years after<br />

its completion. It was burned<br />

by British troops in 1814, then<br />

reconstructed, refurbished<br />

<strong>and</strong> reoccupied in 1817.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 13, 1884 - Greenwich<br />

was established as the<br />

universal time from which<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard times throughout<br />

the world are calculated.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 20, 1944 - During<br />

World War II in the Pacific,<br />

General Douglas MacArthur<br />

set foot on Philippine soil for<br />

the first time since his escape<br />

in 1942, fulfilling his promise,<br />

“I shall return.”<br />

<strong>October</strong> 24, 1929 - “Black<br />

Thursday” occurred in the<br />

New York Stock Exchange as<br />

nearly 13 million shares were<br />

sold in panic selling. Five<br />

days later “Black Tuesday”<br />

saw 16 million shares sold.<br />

Birthday - Artist Pablo<br />

Picasso (1881-1973) was born<br />

in Malaga, Spain. He was<br />

an experimental painter <strong>and</strong><br />

also became a fine sculptor,<br />

engraver <strong>and</strong> ceramist.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 28, 1886 - The Statue<br />

of Liberty was dedicated on<br />

Bedloe’s Isl<strong>and</strong> in New York<br />

Harbor. The statue was a gift<br />

from the people of France<br />

commemorating the French-<br />

American alliance during<br />

the American Revolutionary<br />

War. Designed by Frederic<br />

Auguste Bartholdi, the entire<br />

structure st<strong>and</strong>s 300 feet (92.9<br />

meters) tall. The pedestal<br />

contains the words: “Give me<br />

your tired, your poor, your<br />

huddled masses yearning to<br />

breathe free, the wretched<br />

refuse of your teeming shore.<br />

Send these, the homeless,<br />

tempest-tost to me, I lift<br />

my lamp beside the golden<br />

door!”<br />

<strong>October</strong> 31st - Halloween or<br />

All Hallow’s Eve, an ancient<br />

celebration combining the<br />

Christian festival of All Saints<br />

with Pagan autumn festivals.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 31, 1940 - The<br />

Battle of Britain concluded.<br />

Beginning on July 10, 1940,<br />

German bombers <strong>and</strong><br />

fighters had attacked coastal<br />

targets, airfields, London <strong>and</strong><br />

other cities, as a prelude to<br />

a Nazi invasion of Engl<strong>and</strong>.<br />

British pilots in Spitfires <strong>and</strong><br />

Hurricanes shot down over<br />

1,700 German aircraft while<br />

losing 915 fighters. “Never<br />

in the field of human conflict<br />

was so much owed by so<br />

many to so few,” declared<br />

Prime Minister Winston<br />





By the time this goes to press, weeks will<br />

have gone by since the sad passing of<br />

Her Majesty the Queen, but I cannot<br />

let this momentous occasion go by without<br />

putting fingers on the keyboard.<br />

Elizabeth R was a beacon of<br />

exemplary behaviour in a<br />

world of chaos, greed<br />

<strong>and</strong> uproar. We are<br />

presently viewing<br />

every night on our<br />

TV screens the<br />

unrest <strong>and</strong> carnage<br />

in the Ukraine,<br />

Sri Lanka, Syria,<br />

Afghanistan, the<br />

Sudan, Somalia,<br />

Myanmar, the<br />

Democratic<br />

Republic of the<br />

Congo, Nigeria,<br />

Yemen, Ethiopia,<br />

Pakistan to name only the<br />

top dozen. There are further<br />

<strong>issue</strong>s in other parts of the world<br />

too, so many never mentioned on the<br />

BBC <strong>and</strong> other UK news channels.<br />

Yet for over seventy years, our Queen was<br />

the one steadfast icon which held the glue<br />

of the United Kingdom together. She never<br />

put a foot wrong, never. Unlike us she never<br />

scratched an itch in an awkward place,<br />

never fell over, never neglected to warmly<br />

welcome the most unsavoury statesmen she<br />

was forced to entertain.<br />

Her devotion to duty was a shining light<br />

in a world which is now immersed in the<br />

‘me’ generation <strong>and</strong> the material world. This<br />

is what we will remember her for most of all.<br />

Sure, she had wealth, household staff<br />

<strong>and</strong> a choice of spectacular<br />

residences, but how many of<br />

us would have changed<br />

places with her? Her<br />

creature comforts –<br />

<strong>and</strong> I for one would<br />

balk at heating<br />

those rooms<br />

in Windsor or<br />

Buckingham<br />

Place – may<br />

seem idyllic,<br />

but she had<br />

no choice but<br />

to entertain,<br />

meet <strong>and</strong> greet,<br />

cut ribbons, visit<br />

a succession of<br />

care homes, schools,<br />

factories, hospitals <strong>and</strong><br />

so on, always smiling, always<br />

gracious, always caring.<br />

Her foreign travels were not the holidays<br />

we come to expect, but more like a route<br />

march. Several changes of clothes every<br />

day, not a moment to take a siesta, perfect<br />

makeup <strong>and</strong> shoes you pray will not<br />

crunch your feet up after the first half hour,<br />

research on her hosts <strong>and</strong> activities. She sat<br />

attentively through long <strong>and</strong> interminable<br />

speeches, <strong>and</strong> hours of performances many<br />

of which I’m sure were not to her taste.<br />


AUGUST <strong>2022</strong> | 25<br />

I am always dismayed at the number of<br />

people who think the monarchy is irrelevant.<br />

It’s the non-political, non-confrontational<br />

link between Britain <strong>and</strong> the rest of the<br />

world. If it reminds people of the colonial<br />

days – which in many ways was a two-way<br />

street – then any country is free to leave the<br />

Commonwealth, or re-join, as South Africa<br />

did while conducting their own internal<br />

affairs with no interference from British<br />

royalty or governance.<br />

I never had the honour to meet Her<br />

Majesty, but I was on the official city media<br />

crew when she visited Durban in March<br />

1995 with Prince Philip. While they arrived<br />

by plane, the Royal Yacht Britannia docked<br />

in the harbour, <strong>and</strong> to my amazement, it had<br />

purple mooring ropes!<br />

We followed her to a school, a home for<br />

the blind <strong>and</strong> Greyville Racecourse. Her<br />

itinerary was timed to the minute. “At<br />

12.23 Her Majesty will have an impromptu<br />

walkabout outside the City Hall for 6<br />

minutes.” We had to laugh at that. That<br />

evening we watched the great <strong>and</strong> famous<br />

board the Royal Yacht for a gala banquet. It<br />

was surreal <strong>and</strong> everyone felt her warmth<br />

<strong>and</strong> presence.<br />

While it is calculated that the royal family<br />

cost every British citizen £1.75 a year for the<br />

civil list, the return is immense. Who can<br />

add up the sterling they attract in tourism<br />

all year round? The British are envied the<br />

world over by many, for the continuity of<br />

over a thous<strong>and</strong> years, along with the pomp<br />

<strong>and</strong> ceremony that only the UK does so well.<br />

We all knew her passing would be soon,<br />

she was 96 years old, but it still came as a<br />

shock, leaving many of us in tears. Now, she<br />

will be with her husb<strong>and</strong> of 73 years <strong>and</strong><br />

finally free to relax <strong>and</strong> look back on a life<br />

well lived. RIP Your Majesty <strong>and</strong> long live<br />

Charles III.<br />

By Dee Tavener-Craig<br />

All proceeds are for the needy animals of Calpe<br />

A difficult year for all of us but we still need to raise money for Calpe’s lost or ab<strong>and</strong>oned<br />

dogs <strong>and</strong> cats.<br />

Our shop is an Aladdin’s cave of clothing, books, DVDs, bric-a-brac <strong>and</strong> household goods<br />

so come along <strong>and</strong> snap up a bargain. The shop is situated in the lower ground floor of<br />

Edificio Perlamar on the Gabriel Miro, Calpe <strong>and</strong> is open from 10am until 1pm<br />

Mondays to Fridays.<br />

The president, Elinor Gonzalez lives in Las Bassetes where she cares for<br />

Calpe’s ab<strong>and</strong>oned <strong>and</strong> sick animals, bringing them back to health <strong>and</strong><br />

finding new caring owners for them. Her telephone number is<br />

620 106 733<br />

<strong>and</strong> she also has a stall on the Wednesday <strong>and</strong><br />

Saturday market in Calpe if you wish to offer help<br />

or Dog walk, or adopt one of the lovely dogs<br />

Elinor would be so pleased to hear from you.


Autumn programme<br />

After a busy summer performing<br />

The Entertainers are taking<br />

a well-earned break during<br />

September. They will kick-off their autumn<br />

programme in <strong>October</strong>, with four events<br />

planned before the start of the Xmas, carols<br />

in the Square(s), programme. So make<br />

a note in your diary <strong>and</strong> come along to<br />

support these local charities.<br />

El Cid, 8 <strong>October</strong> – in aid of Franciscan<br />

Monks’ G<strong>and</strong>ia Hostal<br />

This charity is well deserving of our<br />

support <strong>and</strong> is in urgent need of funds.<br />

Entertainment including BBQ price 17€.<br />

Los Arcos, 13 <strong>October</strong> – Awesome<br />

Autumn, in aid of Jalon Valley Help<br />

Our locally based Alcalali charity is<br />

holding their last of the season ‘Bring Your<br />

Own’ picnic evenings in the Los Arcos<br />

garden. Price 10€.<br />

El Cid, 19 <strong>October</strong> – Final El Cid gig in<br />

aid of Jalon Valley Help<br />

This will be a fitting opportunity to close<br />

this year’s fund-raising efforts for JVH.<br />

Price including BBQ 17€.<br />

We hope many of you will be able to<br />

attend these events <strong>and</strong>, by so doing, help<br />

to raise funds for local charities.<br />

Article written by Peter Socket

Carretera Moraira-Calpe<br />

coast road No 144, (in front<br />

of Euro Gym), Moraira<br />

Tel: 96 649 2436<br />

OCTOBER JULY <strong>2022</strong> | 27<br />



12.00 – 15.30/18.00 – late.<br />

For reservations call on<br />

966 492 436.<br />

Welcome to ‘The Kathm<strong>and</strong>u’ restaurant in Moraira where the food is prepared in the Nepalese<br />

style giving you fragrant <strong>and</strong> tasty dishes from India.<br />

Kathm<strong>and</strong>u Restaurant is a very popular Nepali-Indian Restaurant in Moraira.<br />

The restaurant serves quality Indian <strong>and</strong> Nepali dishes at reasonable prices or to Take Away.<br />


There are special discounts for celebrations <strong>and</strong> parties.<br />

The Kathm<strong>and</strong>u has free parking directly outside the restaurant.<br />

The menu at The Kathm<strong>and</strong>u includes a wide selection of Indian <strong>and</strong> Nepalese dishes to choose from.<br />

Nepalese cuisine, is known for the flavours <strong>and</strong> textures of their curries. For those of you who enjoy<br />

a hotter curry, then just ask the Chef <strong>and</strong> he will certainly be able to accommodate.<br />

There is also a very well stocked bar to suit all tastes. Inside the restaurant is spacious <strong>and</strong> attractive<br />

in design. <strong>Out</strong>side has a stylish, also spacious semi covered lovely terraced area.<br />

Great Indian food, owner <strong>and</strong> members of the staff are really friendly <strong>and</strong> you will find it a pleasure<br />

eating there! There are other Kathm<strong>and</strong>u restaurants in Javea, Denia, Albir, Moraira <strong>and</strong> Valencia.




03724 MORAIRA<br />

Tel. 96 574 5395<br />

www.elnidomoraira.com<br />

Opening hours.<br />

From 10.00 am<br />

every day.<br />

El Nido is a True Haven. Excellent<br />

restaurant in every way - It’s a must<br />

This restaurant is fantastic!!!! You will love the food<br />

<strong>and</strong> its location is in a top spot right opposite the<br />

beach. The staff are lovely <strong>and</strong> very efficient. It’s a<br />

must.<br />

Excellent variety of great food <strong>and</strong> if you need<br />

food to be gluten free they totally underst<strong>and</strong> your<br />

requirements.<br />

The Chef at El Nido, Moraira is an artist, the meals<br />

are displayed with such talent <strong>and</strong> far beyond<br />

anyone’s expectations. Everything is presented<br />

with a clash of favours that complement each other<br />

brilliantly <strong>and</strong> each dish is displayed mouthwateringly<br />

beautiful.<br />

El Nido has a really good menu with a nice mix<br />

of local dishes <strong>and</strong> international style items. The<br />

Service is friendly <strong>and</strong> attentive <strong>and</strong> the food is of<br />

really high quality, it would bear comparison with<br />

some of the prestige places in the larger cities<br />

It is a real gem <strong>and</strong> you will look forward to eating<br />

there again <strong>and</strong> again, as the service is quick<br />

<strong>and</strong> friendly, food is tasty. Location is good. The<br />

whole place feels perfect <strong>and</strong> is worth trying. El<br />

Nido’s paella is also a must <strong>and</strong> is very tasty <strong>and</strong><br />

good value plus an excellent house wine. There<br />

is so much variety in Paella choices from a mixed<br />

meat or fish, vegetable, Seafood, Mellow rice with<br />

Lobster, to Saffron <strong>and</strong> Squid <strong>and</strong> many more to<br />

think about. The tapas are mouth-watering from<br />

mixed fried fish, Clams in Marina sauce, Grilled<br />

cuttlefish to name but a few. A big variety of meat<br />

<strong>and</strong> fish menus such as Grilled Pork fillet, Rabbit<br />

cooked in garlic seasoning, Duck. Or Grilled<br />

Seabass, Lobster stew, Hake to grilled prawns<br />

<strong>and</strong> many more to choose from. Childrens’ menus<br />

available.<br />

El Nido is a true haven to relax <strong>and</strong> enjoy an<br />

evening with friends <strong>and</strong> family. The staff go out of<br />

their way to make you feel welcome.<br />

So all you need to do now is phone <strong>and</strong> reserve your table. Tel. 96 574 5395

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 29<br />

Esmeralda Jewellers is an established family business with a fantastic array of<br />

beautiful jewellery so adorable you would st<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> gaze at the beauty <strong>and</strong><br />

craftsmanship of their products.<br />

They are very professional, reliable people <strong>and</strong> also very helpful so your very<br />

precious watch or piece of jewellery in need of repair or cleaning is safe in their<br />

h<strong>and</strong>s. Thus when looking for that special gift, you need to visit Esmeralda<br />

jewellers. It is a family run business so you are made very welcome <strong>and</strong> the<br />

staff will help you choose jewellery, watches, porcelain Lladro status, Swarovski<br />

Silver crystal, clocks <strong>and</strong> much more. It is well worth a visit. The shop has been<br />

newly refurbished.<br />

The display is so lovely you would “Fall In Love” with the Jewellery.<br />


Av. Gabriel Miró, 29a, 03710 Calpe, Alicante Teléfono: 965 83 06 33

Everything You Need<br />


We pride ourselves on having an exceptional<br />

choice of bed linen to choose from for<br />

comfort <strong>and</strong> ambience. Along with pillows,<br />

cushions, rugs, bath towels, toppers,<br />

mattresses, mattress protectors, throws,<br />

bedspreads, UK <strong>and</strong> black-out curtains (plus<br />

an in-house seamstress service), we have it<br />


Our friendly <strong>and</strong> knowledgable staff are<br />

always there to help you in any way they can.<br />

Come <strong>and</strong> get inspired!!<br />

Centro Comercial Montgó<br />

Cap de la Nao Plá 68<br />

Jávea<br />

Tel: 966 462 275<br />

Partida Planet 177<br />

Altea<br />

Tel: 965 841 399<br />

yorkshirelinencostablanca.com<br />

Follow us on Facebook <strong>and</strong> Instagram<br />

<strong>and</strong> you could WIN a 40€ voucher.


Double, Double toll <strong>and</strong> trouble.<br />

Fire burn <strong>and</strong> caldron bubble!<br />

It’s that time again to venture into<br />

the dark <strong>and</strong> unknown, to be<br />

scared silly <strong>and</strong> love every minute<br />

of it.The nights are drawing in <strong>and</strong><br />

Halloween is creeping nearer.<br />

Halloween is a holiday<br />

celebrated each year on <strong>October</strong><br />

31, <strong>and</strong> Halloween <strong>2022</strong> will<br />

occur on Monday, <strong>October</strong> 31. The<br />

tradition originated with the ancient<br />

Celtic festival of Samhain, when people<br />

would light bonfires <strong>and</strong> wear costumes to ward<br />

off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III<br />

designated November 1 as a time to honour all<br />

saints.<br />

This year, there will be 10 haunted houses at<br />

Orl<strong>and</strong>o’s Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.<br />

“Universal Monsters: Legends Collide” is an allnew,<br />

original house that for the first time in HHN<br />

history finds Dracula, The Mummy <strong>and</strong> The<br />

Wolfman together seeking the same ancient relic in<br />

order to wield its power.<br />

Some rides <strong>and</strong> attractions will remain open for<br />

the nighttime Halloween Horror Nights experience,<br />

such as including Jurassic World – The Ride,<br />

Revenge of the Mummy, The Ride, <strong>and</strong> Transformer:<br />

The Ride-3D, <strong>and</strong> more.<br />

However in Engl<strong>and</strong> there are known <strong>and</strong><br />

talked about haunted places. Borley Rectory was<br />

a Victorian house that gained infamy as “the most<br />

haunted house in Engl<strong>and</strong>” after being described as<br />

such by psychic researcher.<br />

Widely thought of as one of the most haunted<br />

places in the UK, St Briavels Castle is a number one<br />

hot spot for ghost hunters. Dating back to 1075, the<br />

castle has been used as a hunting lodge, court, <strong>and</strong><br />

prison. Visitors have reported babies crying, a ghost<br />

in a suit of armour, dark figures violently pushing<br />

them, the sounds of growling, <strong>and</strong> a feeling of being<br />

strangled...to name but a few.<br />

You could stay there this Halloween - the castle is<br />

currently run as an YHA hostel - but you might not<br />

get a peaceful night’s sleep.<br />

Chillingham by name, <strong>and</strong> somewhat chilling by<br />

nature. Built as a stronghold in the 12th Century,<br />

Chillingham Castle has a history littered with battles<br />

<strong>and</strong> executions. It’s rumoured to host tortured<br />

spirits, as well as a few friendly ghosts. The venue<br />

puts on regular ghost tours <strong>and</strong> all-night vigils.<br />

The Ancient Ram Inn is infamous<br />

for its evil spirits <strong>and</strong> is a mustvisit<br />

destination for all paranormal<br />

enthusiasts. A past owner of the inn<br />

has described being dragged across<br />

the room by demonic spirits, while<br />

the inn is believed to have been the<br />

location of human sacrifice, devil<br />

worship <strong>and</strong> witchcraft.<br />

Warwick Castle. Dating back to 1068<br />

when it was built by William the Conqueror,<br />

further additions <strong>and</strong> renovations were made to<br />

the castle in the 12th century. All this activity can<br />

only mean one thing – paranormal occurrences!<br />

The castle has been the focus of many paranormal<br />

investigations. One such ghost, Sir Fulke Greville,<br />

is frequently spotted. Murdered by his manservant<br />

in 1628 he can be seen slowly appearing beside his<br />

portrait. Despite their fame as tourist attractions, the<br />

dungeon <strong>and</strong> the tower are not for the faint of heart<br />

due to the tortured spirits that remain there. Dare<br />

you visit?<br />

Guys Cliffe House. A haunted gothic mansion<br />

<strong>and</strong> previously used as a masonic lodge, Guys<br />

Cliffe house’s ruins date back to 1751 <strong>and</strong> has a<br />

very colourful history; it has seen the dissolution<br />

of monasteries by Henry V111, been utilised as a<br />

hospital during World War 1 <strong>and</strong> during the Second<br />

World War it became a school for evacuated children.<br />

Plans were in place for the house to become a hotel,<br />

but it soon fell into ruin.<br />

Rollright Stones. A site that concealed bones <strong>and</strong><br />

perpetuates tales of witchcraft, the Rollright stones<br />

are thought to be older than Stonehenge. Located on<br />

the border between Oxfordshire <strong>and</strong> Warwickshire,<br />

the stones have stood silently at the very southern<br />

end of the county for an eerie amount of time. What<br />

have they witnessed? Only they know. The site has<br />

been rumoured to be a popular gathering place for<br />

many covens over the centuries. Would you visit to<br />

bear witness to the legend?<br />

Battle of Edgehill. Half-way between Banbury<br />

<strong>and</strong> Warwick is the site of the Battle of Edgehill.<br />

Despite the battle occurring in 1642, phantoms of all<br />

the fighting soldiers have been seen <strong>and</strong> heard since<br />

the dreadful battle. Despite the visions tapering off<br />

into obscurity over the years, many people who visit<br />

the site still feel uneasy <strong>and</strong> hear the sounds of battle.<br />

It’s interesting to note that the Edgehill ghosts are<br />


OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 33<br />

the only British phantoms able to boast<br />

recognition from the Public Record<br />

Office. Would you be brave enough to<br />

st<strong>and</strong> on the battleground?<br />

There are many haunted places listed all<br />

over Spain <strong>and</strong> some very scary places around<br />

the word but unfortunately only enough space to<br />

describe a few.<br />

The law School, Cordova, Andalusia. The old<br />

building of the current Faculty of Law, Economics<br />

<strong>and</strong> Business Studies at the University of Cordoba<br />

XIII century. Before becoming a school began as<br />

a Carmelite convent <strong>and</strong> then used as a maternity<br />

hospital, madhouse, Hospice <strong>and</strong> even military<br />

hospital. Nowadays, the ghosts of labour who lost<br />

their babies, the teacher died of a sudden heart<br />

attack <strong>and</strong> a soldier calling “I am going to kill you”<br />

the rhythm that breaks crystals frighten students<br />

<strong>and</strong> workers.<br />

The House of Seven Chimneys, Madrid. It is said<br />

that the spirit of a beautiful lady dressed in white<br />

<strong>and</strong> accompanied by a strike torch between the<br />

chimneys of the building every night … Apparently,<br />

Dona Elena, which she was mistress of King Felipe<br />

II, he died in mysterious circumstances <strong>and</strong> his<br />

body was never found. But nevertheless, is not the<br />

only walking on the other side <strong>and</strong> another young<br />

woman who committed suicide on the wedding<br />

night of their marriage of convenience with an<br />

elderly wealthy <strong>and</strong> now travels the corners of this<br />

haunted house clinking coins that King, who was<br />

also a lover, He had given her.<br />

IF spiders, ghosts <strong>and</strong> things that go bump in the<br />

night don’t scare you off, join the queue to splash<br />

€16 million on Spain’s most haunted house.<br />

The Cortijo Jurado in Malaga, which has captured<br />

the attention of paranormal experts internationally,<br />

is now up for sale. The imposing 19th century<br />

mansion perches alongside the A357 Campanillas<br />

road in Malaga province <strong>and</strong> was built with 365<br />

windows, one for every day of the year. Constructed<br />

by the Heredia family in the 1830s, legend has it<br />

that numerous unspeakable crimes, kidnappings<br />

<strong>and</strong> tortures took place before victims’ bodies were<br />

buried within the building.<br />

RIP<br />

Halloween is the evening before the Christian<br />

holy days of All Hallows’ Day of All Saints<br />

day on 1 November <strong>and</strong> All Souls’ Day on 2<br />

November, thus giving the holiday<br />

on 31 <strong>October</strong> the full name of All<br />

Hallows’ Eve (meaning the evening<br />

before All Hallows’ Day).<br />

How did it start Halloween? Halloween has its<br />

roots in the ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival<br />

of Samhain, which was celebrated on the night of<br />

<strong>October</strong> 31. The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in<br />

the area that is now Irel<strong>and</strong>, the United Kingdom<br />

<strong>and</strong> northern France, believed that the dead<br />

returned to earth on the Celtic (Old Irish) festival of<br />

Samhain. It was the first <strong>and</strong> most important of the<br />

four quarter days in the medieval Gaelic calendar.<br />

It also marked the end of the harvest season <strong>and</strong><br />

beginning of winter or the darker half’ of the year.<br />

At Samhain, it was believed that the Aos Sí needed<br />

to be propitiated to ensure that the people <strong>and</strong> their<br />

livestock survived the winter. Offerings of food<br />

<strong>and</strong> drink, or portions of the crops, were left for<br />

the Aos Sí. The souls of the dead were also said to<br />

revisit their homes. The belief that the souls of the<br />

dead return home on one night or day of the year<br />

seems to have ancient origins <strong>and</strong> is found in many<br />

cultures throughout the world.<br />

Masks <strong>and</strong> costumes were worn in an attempt to<br />

mimic the evil spirits or appease them. At Halloween,<br />

yards <strong>and</strong> public spaces may be decorated with<br />

traditionally macabre symbols including witches,<br />

skeletons, cobwebs, <strong>and</strong> headstones.<br />

In Irel<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> Scotl<strong>and</strong>, the turnip has<br />

traditionally been carved during Halloween, but<br />

immigrants to North America used the native<br />

pumpkin, which is both much softer <strong>and</strong> much<br />

larger – making it easier to carve than a turnip.<br />

Subsequently, the mass marketing of various size<br />

pumpkins in autumn, in both the corporate <strong>and</strong><br />

local markets, has made pumpkins universally<br />

available for this purpose.<br />

For me an evening celebrating in a local restaurant<br />

decorated with the usual Halloween features <strong>and</strong><br />

adults dressed in witches’ costumes is a fun night<br />

ha!<br />



Walsh’s Wisdom<br />



During the 20 years I worked for<br />

the Guild of Master Craftsmen I<br />

vetted applicants for membership.<br />

The quality assurance body was pretty<br />

prestigious <strong>and</strong> Rolls-Royce was a typical<br />

member.<br />

As you might imagine I met the best of<br />

the rest. I recall an enquiry received from<br />

a ‘garage’ in Cheshire. After making the<br />

appointment I set out into rural Cheshire<br />

<strong>and</strong> by following directions found myself<br />

driving down a farm track going to a place<br />

If you have a book or indeed any writing needs contact Michael by emailing him at keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com<br />

Michael Walsh Heart to Heart Poetry, Amazon Books.<br />

Email: keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com<br />

AMAZON ‘TOP 100<br />


Website: www.mikewalshwritingservices.wordpress.com

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 35<br />

called I called ‘Nowhere.’<br />

Eventually, I ended up in an isolated<br />

sprawling set of farm buildings <strong>and</strong><br />

sheds. Having identified the huge shed I<br />

was directed to <strong>and</strong> cautiously ventured<br />

inside. After all, this was no one’s idea of<br />

a conventional garage. As I peered around<br />

me my eyes grew wider <strong>and</strong> my breathing<br />

increased.<br />

Here <strong>and</strong> there were scattered the most<br />

breath-taking collection of top marque<br />

cars of Britain including Bristol saloons.<br />

St<strong>and</strong>ing silently, some were obviously<br />

receiving mechanical or bodywork<br />

attention.<br />

After being greeted by the garage<br />

godfather, he amiably explained that he<br />

specialised in maintaining <strong>and</strong> repairing<br />

the cars owned by the indecently wealthy,<br />

powerful <strong>and</strong> influential. Apparently, if<br />

such a fabulous saloon needed looking<br />

at its owner or perhaps his serfs put the<br />

vehicle discreetly into ‘a covered wagon’<br />

<strong>and</strong> it was delivered to my host.<br />

The application process for the Guild<br />

of Master Craftsmen requires the details<br />

of the applicant’s clients who are invited<br />

to endorse the application. My client’s<br />

impressive references were household<br />

names but when I came to Lord<br />

Rothschild, saw his address <strong>and</strong> telephone<br />

number etc, I was sceptical (of receiving<br />

a signed response). My applicant insisted<br />

that the Guild’s letter would be wellreceived<br />

<strong>and</strong> sure enough the endorsement<br />

was returned – signed by Rothschild. Such<br />

is life.


10%<br />

Discount<br />

on Takeaways<br />

Menu of the Day<br />

15.95€<br />

Special Nepalise<br />

Thali dish<br />

• There are set menus.<br />

• Group menus,<br />

• Special Occasion menus<br />

Ctra. Moraira-Caloe ,<br />

11 Edif. Estrella,<br />

local 3, 03724, Moraira.<br />


965 74 54 59<br />


will be performing all your<br />

favorite songs on Sunday 16th<br />

<strong>October</strong> from 7.30 pm until late.<br />



OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 37


Walsh’s Wisdom<br />



When I was out <strong>and</strong> walking,<br />

I chanced upon a maid,<br />

Then as we strolled together,<br />

I asked the maid her name.<br />

Euphoria, she brightly smiled,<br />

I really should have known,<br />

Euphoria is my constant friend,<br />

When autumn’s leaves are blown.<br />

There’s merriment in strolling,<br />

With not a worldly care,<br />

Euphoria’s my soulmate,<br />

We make a comely pair,<br />

So, she will be my ever wife,<br />

Euphoric I will be,<br />

When we are out <strong>and</strong> walking,<br />

We will both be fancy-free.<br />

Michael Walsh Poetry<br />

If you have a book or indeed any writing needs contact Michael by emailing him at keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com<br />

Michael Walsh Heart to Heart Poetry, Amazon Books.<br />

Email: keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com<br />

AMAZON ‘TOP 100<br />


Website: www.mikewalshwritingservices.wordpress.com

WALSH’S WISDOM OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 39<br />

Yellow Flowers<br />

Rippling fields of yellow flowers<br />

turn their backs on springtime showers;<br />

bunches close-packed, bunch upon bunch<br />

bask in Maytime’s heart-warming sun!<br />

Happy they seem, happy they are,<br />

laughing together, every one,<br />

clearly having much friendly fun,<br />

inviting the world to join with them!<br />

by Michael Walsh


Whining on<br />

with Steve<br />

As the summer heat begins to<br />

fade I thought we could take a<br />

quick look at some alternative<br />

ways to enjoy drinking wine.<br />

The most obvious to those visiting<br />

or residing in Spain, is of course,<br />

Sangria so with that in mind a potted<br />

history of Sangria serves well as our<br />

fact for the day.<br />

Sangria, though quintessentially<br />

Spanish has its roots with Romans.<br />

Some 2000 years ago when the<br />

Romans arrived they planted<br />

vineyards all across Spain, as water<br />

was largely unsafe to drink at the<br />

time it was common to fortify it with<br />

alcohol to kill any bacteria. The wine<br />

produced at this time was heavily<br />

watered down <strong>and</strong> laced with herbs<br />

<strong>and</strong> spices to mask the taste of the<br />

poor quality wine.<br />

The name Sangria comes from the<br />

Spanish word sangre (itself from the<br />

Latin sanguis) or blood referring to its<br />

dark red colour.<br />

Sangria has evolved over the<br />

centuries <strong>and</strong> established itself as<br />

cultural drink of Spain, but in keeping<br />

with the nation itself there are no set<br />

rules for exactly how it should be<br />

made, volumes <strong>and</strong> mixes vary <strong>and</strong> as<br />

a consequence any good Sangria run<br />

will offer up many different variants<br />

along the way.<br />

A good Sangria needs to be made<br />

well in advance, in order to allow<br />

the ingredients time to marinade, an<br />

example combination for a traditional<br />

version consists of an equal measure<br />

1 bottle of red wine <strong>and</strong> soda, a good<br />

dash of br<strong>and</strong>y, 2 peaches, 1 apple,<br />

pear, lemon <strong>and</strong> orange, 4 tablespoons<br />

of sugar <strong>and</strong> a cinnamon stick, all cut<br />

<strong>and</strong> left to soak for at least an hour.<br />

A Sangria should not be confused<br />

with a Tinto Verano which is basically,<br />

red wine, lemonade <strong>and</strong> ice.<br />

Sangria can also be made using<br />

Black Velvet<br />

Limoncello Spritz<br />

white wine or Cava, both are quite<br />

different <strong>and</strong> very refreshing, these<br />

add variety <strong>and</strong> fun to your Sangria<br />

nights.<br />

Away from the Sangria there are<br />

other options should you be looking<br />

for a nice wine cocktail.<br />

The first on my list would be a<br />

New York Sour, thought to have<br />

originated in Chicago in the 1880’s<br />

as a Continental Sour it was picked<br />

up <strong>and</strong> popularised by a New York<br />

Bartender <strong>and</strong> so re-named. To make<br />

this shake together Bourbon whiskey,<br />

lemon juice <strong>and</strong> maple syrup with ice,<br />

add to the glass then gently pour red<br />

wine over the back of a spoon to float<br />

on top, to create the two-tone effect.<br />

A Black Velvet is another interesting<br />

option, a simple mix of equal parts<br />

Guinness <strong>and</strong> Champagne made by<br />

pouring Champagne halfway up a<br />

fluted glass then slowly adding the<br />

Guinness over the back of a spoon.<br />

This drink was supposedly created<br />

in London in 1861 whilst the country<br />

was mourning the death of Queen<br />

Victoria’s husb<strong>and</strong> Prince Albert.<br />

Finally, a refreshing Limoncello<br />

Spritz. Simple <strong>and</strong> delicious all you<br />

do is, pour limoncello into a glass<br />

half filled with ice, add club soda<br />

or sparkling water then top off with<br />

Prosecco or Cava <strong>and</strong> stir, garnish<br />

with mint <strong>and</strong> basil. A twist on this is<br />

to blend the ice <strong>and</strong> limoncello first to<br />

create a delicious smoothy desert.<br />

There are so many ways to enjoy a<br />

good bottle of wine, from the ancient<br />

ways of the Romans through to<br />

modern cocktail twists, so pep up<br />

your evenings by enlivening a bottle<br />

this weekend.<br />

Un salud<br />

Until next time, Salud!

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 41<br />



Specialist Painting <strong>and</strong> Decorating<br />

With over 35 years experience in all aspects of painting <strong>and</strong> decorating<br />

including DBS checked for working for the vulnerable, domestic,<br />

commercial <strong>and</strong> industrial projects, Specialises in wallpapering, mould<br />

control <strong>and</strong> power washing, including spray painting. We use only the<br />

highest quality products <strong>and</strong> ensure that the projects are left clean <strong>and</strong><br />

tidy. We always ensure the client is happy before we leave <strong>and</strong> we have 5*<br />

reviews on our facebook page so you have the confidence in us.<br />

We are fully registered <strong>and</strong> insured.<br />

Feel free to ring or email for a free quotation.<br />

styledecs@yahoo.com<br />

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1702104550178152<br />

Telephone Dave on 0034 711092706


Silas was wheeled to me in his large<br />

pram. He was sent for healing, <strong>and</strong><br />

I was immediately drawn to his<br />

wide blue eyes circled in black. Blinking<br />

was uncontrollable for this three year<br />

old spastic boy. He had an involuntary<br />

violent side to side movement of the<br />

upper body, <strong>and</strong> both of his h<strong>and</strong>s were<br />

closed tightly. The body was arched <strong>and</strong><br />

the back legs tucked towards the body.<br />

My first thought was to heal him in<br />

clinic, not with an attending audience<br />

around me, but in the safety <strong>and</strong> comfort<br />

of a treatment room. I asked Silas’s<br />

parents to please bring him to see me<br />

the very next day. Focussing on Silas<br />

I gave him two clear instructions, <strong>and</strong><br />

he thrashed around quite violently as I<br />

spoke to his soul. I asked Silas to pass<br />

a test for me. I asked that he show me a<br />

sign that healing was what he wanted,<br />

because if he was tired then I would be<br />

able to tell him to move on instead…<br />

asking that he choose.<br />

Silas had been given three months to<br />

live. The Doctors explained that he was<br />

not making an enzyme that he needed<br />

as his gall bladder was redundant.<br />

This meant that sadly, little Silas had a<br />

virtually unprotected nervous system<br />

<strong>and</strong> that the myelin sheath of protection<br />

had broken down. Both parents looked so<br />

worn out <strong>and</strong> tired, but their devotion to<br />

their sick little boy was inspiring.<br />

Silas was wheeled to me the second<br />

SILAS<br />

time, <strong>and</strong> already his parents told me<br />

that he had eaten three meals, <strong>and</strong><br />

appeared hungry. This was a promising<br />

sign. When the healing began Silas could<br />

only look at me. The violent movement<br />

in the chest stopped <strong>and</strong> Silas began to<br />

breathe deeply. As the parents watched<br />

Silas began to open one of his h<strong>and</strong>s.<br />

He opened wide all the fingers <strong>and</strong> then<br />

turned his attention to the other h<strong>and</strong><br />

which opened very slowly <strong>and</strong> closed<br />

again. Healing was sent <strong>and</strong> it appeared<br />

to send Silas off into a deep sleep. He<br />

closed his eyes, <strong>and</strong> I hoped he was<br />

taking in the healing properties sent to<br />

him with love.<br />

Silas screamed as he left me. He let<br />

out a terrifying scream <strong>and</strong> arched his<br />

body which made him hard to pick up. I<br />

felt that something had happened, <strong>and</strong> I<br />

hoped for the best.<br />

A week later <strong>and</strong> Silas still has one<br />

open h<strong>and</strong>. He is sleeping better than he<br />

ever has, <strong>and</strong> the violent movement is<br />

hardly there any more. His Doctors have<br />

said he can have surgery if he continues<br />

to thrive. My need to help him turn this<br />

all around has made me so grateful for<br />

just what I have. I will be in close contact<br />

with Silas’s parents, bless them they have<br />

slept better lately too. Love is the greatest<br />

healer, so please send yours to help this<br />

little boy, he needs <strong>and</strong> deserves, all the<br />

healing he can get!<br />

Love & Light, - Kenny Corris<br />



TEL. 96 587 8424/686 361 594 / EMAIL: KENNYCORRIS@HOTMAIL.COM

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 43<br />

Entertainment<br />

Sports<br />

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Video Club<br />

Box Sets<br />

Catch-up TV<br />

Tel: 965 584 097<br />

Mobile: 660 186 505<br />

For all your Satellite or<br />

Internet TV viewing<br />

Set Top Boxes<br />

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info@ccsattv.com<br />

www.ccsattv.com<br />

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Fashion<br />

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Everything<br />

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Carrer San Joan de Garay, Carrer La Santamaría corner<br />

Come <strong>and</strong> enhance<br />

your fashion life!!<br />



No matter what the occasion,<br />

we have the outfit for you!<br />

FOR HER - from dresses & blouses to<br />

jewellery <strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong>bags



Mon 3 – 9<br />

Tues 3 – 9<br />

Weds 3 – 11<br />

Thurs CLOSED<br />

Fri 3 – 10<br />

Sat 2 – 10<br />

Sun 10 – 8<br />

Father Ted’s<br />

Camino del Pallero, 6, Moraira<br />

Father Ted’s can be described as a “Jewel in a Crown” as<br />

it sparkles with personality <strong>and</strong> is a “gem” of a bar to visit<br />

with a warm welcome.<br />

In the Moraira area where there are plenty of fizzy beers, it’s a joy to<br />

get a decent pint of Guinness, properly served. The owner <strong>and</strong> staff are<br />

professional <strong>and</strong> friendly <strong>and</strong> the food is very good. It has a relaxed <strong>and</strong><br />

civilized feel about it, everything a bar should be. Another big asset is<br />

the wide selection of “GUEST CRAFT ALES” available including “ADNAMS<br />

BROADSIDE” <strong>and</strong> “NEIPA” on draught.<br />


What a find! Great food <strong>and</strong> service <strong>and</strong> good value for money. Treat<br />

yourself to a traditional Sunday Lunch with a choice of starters, main<br />

courses of Roast Beef, Roast Chicken, Roast Lamb, or Roast Pork served<br />

with all the trimmings, starting from 10.95€. Spaces are limited though<br />

so give Gwen a ring on 966 490 277 or 630 965 392 to book.<br />

Lunch will be served from 1.30.<br />

Staff very friendly <strong>and</strong> attentive. Home-made Specials from €6.95.<br />

Inside seating 52 people <strong>and</strong> on the terrace 20.<br />

Plenty of outside parking space.<br />

Check us out on Facebook for Up <strong>and</strong> Coming Events.<br />

SUNDAY 18TH<br />


AJ SWING 4PM<br />

MONDAY<br />

31ST<br />




€10.00<br />



Bookings advisable<br />

for any or all of the<br />

above.<br />


€5.00 MEAL DEAL 7-7.30, QUIZ 8-8.30<br />


3 COURSES €12.95<br />

Please check our Facebook page for revised times, capacity <strong>and</strong> entertainment, as these<br />

may change due to the easing of restrictions<br />

RIP<br />

RIP<br />

RIP<br />


Including Punk IPA <strong>and</strong><br />

Bombardier on draught.<br />

New beer arriving on draught.<br />


All your favourite sports!<br />


Quiz Night & The Open Box<br />


Homemade fish & chips<br />

plus a selection of<br />

homemade pies for 7.95€<br />


Meal deals from 5.00€<br />


Available from 11.95€

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Father Ted’s<br />

Camino del Pallero, 6, Moraira<br />

A Gem of a Place<br />

One Course 11.95€<br />

Two Courses 13.95€<br />

Three Courses 15.95€<br />


Mon 3 - 9 , Tues 3 – 9, Weds 3- 11, Thurs Closed,<br />

Fri 3 – 10, Sat 2 – 10, Sun 10 – 8<br />

Opening hours may vary <strong>and</strong> entertainment due to ongoing restrictions.<br />

Check our Facebook page or phone the bar on 966 490 277/630 965 392<br />

Booking advised: 966 490 277 / 630 965 392<br />

Camino Del Pallero 6, Moraira


Restaurante<br />

Maryvilla<br />

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 47<br />


Intimate friendly atmosphere with amazing food <strong>and</strong> stunning sea views.<br />

Family friendly <strong>and</strong> perfect for every occasion.<br />

Run by Master Chef , Werner Esser.<br />

Open every evening except<br />

Wednesday 6 until late<br />

Maryvilla, 73, 03710, Calpe<br />

(Opp Ecomas Letting Offices)<br />

For reservations:<br />

965 83 49 59<br />







Dr. Jose Antonio Canovas Ivorra - UROLOGIST<br />

The LGBTQ+ community<br />

includes people of all social<br />

classes, religions, races <strong>and</strong><br />

ethnicities. Some people who identify<br />

as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,<br />

queer, or gender non-conforming<br />

might face specific health concerns<br />

related to their gender choice, sexual<br />

orientation <strong>and</strong>/or practices.<br />

Many people report having<br />

experienced stigma <strong>and</strong>/or<br />

discrimination for their life choices<br />

<strong>and</strong> consequently worry about<br />

attending medical clinics. Also<br />

some people miss important health<br />

screenings because they may no<br />

longer identify with the organs they<br />

have.<br />

Having worked many years around<br />

London in NHS GUM clinics, I have<br />

a wealth of experience in treating<br />

people from the LGBTQ+ community,<br />

ensuring they receive the most upto-date<br />

advice regarding their sexual<br />

health <strong>and</strong> STI testing. I do not judge<br />

people for their life choices or sexual<br />

preferences, <strong>and</strong> I’m very comfortable<br />

discussing them so there is no need


OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 49<br />

to feel embarrassed talking<br />

with me.<br />

Although we have<br />

a fixed sexual health<br />

clinic time, I try<br />

to make myself<br />

as available<br />

as possible in<br />

order to fit<br />

these important<br />

screenings in<br />

for people as<br />

I underst<strong>and</strong><br />

it’s not always<br />

possible to attend<br />

the clinic at the set<br />

time.<br />

Going to see a doctor<br />

or nurse can be scary<br />

for anyone, but it is often<br />

especially scary for some. We, at<br />

the Family Medical Centre, encourage<br />

all of our patients to be their authentic<br />

selves so that we are able to help you<br />

without judgement.<br />

It’s worth remembering that however<br />

you identify, it is imperative you attend<br />

preventative screenings, whether they<br />

be STI screening, breast examinations,<br />

prostate cancer checks, bowel cancer<br />

checks, cervical cancer tests, blood<br />

pressure checks, or blood tests as they<br />

may well save your life!<br />

Dr.Jose Antonio Canovas Ivorra<br />


• Prostate enlargement<br />

• Early detection of prostate cancer<br />

• Bladder tumours<br />

• Erectile disfunction <strong>and</strong> hypogonadism<br />

• Urgency frequency syndrome <strong>and</strong><br />

urinary incontinence<br />

• Urologic ultrasound<br />

• Recurrent urine infections<br />

• Kidney stones<br />

· Article by Dr jose Antonio Canovas Ivorra<br />

· The Family Medical Centre, Albir. 966 865 072<br />

· www.albirfamilymedicalcentre.com


Today’s Thought<br />

By<br />



Before I became old <strong>and</strong> cynical, I<br />

used to marvel at the inventiveness<br />

of the Marketing men. How did he<br />

think of that? What a clever idea<br />

that is! etc. etc.<br />

Now I find I cannot<br />

underst<strong>and</strong> most of it.<br />

Some images stay<br />

in my mind - but I<br />

can’t remember<br />

what it was<br />

that they were<br />

trying to sell.<br />

Car adverts<br />

in particular.<br />

There seems<br />

to be little in<br />

the advert to<br />

link the words<br />

<strong>and</strong> images to a<br />

particular make of<br />

car. So how do they<br />

work?<br />

So many charities<br />

vie with one other to get a<br />

monthly payment from you. Clever<br />

filming of a very rare wild animal that you<br />

are invited to “adopt”. How would I “adopt”<br />

a snow leopard, tiger, orangutan, polar bear,<br />

gorilla, elephant etc. for 3 pounds a month?<br />

The Dictionary says that ‘adopt’ means “to<br />

take over as one’s own.” How can this be<br />

so? What do people expect when they sign<br />

over their money? As obviously they must<br />

as the adverts are becoming more frequent<br />

with more types of animal being offered for<br />

“adoption”.<br />

I can better underst<strong>and</strong> the word<br />

“sponsor”. If my small monthly payment<br />

can save a child’s sight or provide the<br />

food to save its life. Or can give a young<br />

girl an education, protect her from Genital<br />

Mutilation or childhood marriage, then I can<br />

enthusiastically give my support to<br />

these Charities.<br />

The terrible films<br />

coming from the<br />

Ukraine, the Yemen<br />

<strong>and</strong> other War torn<br />

countries <strong>and</strong> the<br />

ongoing plight of<br />

the people who<br />

have fled to try<br />

to reach safety,<br />

tear at the<br />

heart strings.<br />

The emphasis<br />

is always on<br />

the babies <strong>and</strong><br />

young children.<br />

But these children<br />

have been born into<br />

the situation they are<br />

now in <strong>and</strong> the women<br />

continue to have a child<br />

every year despite this situation.<br />

My brother <strong>and</strong> I were both born during<br />

the Second World War <strong>and</strong> my parents told<br />

us what a big decision it was for them to<br />

bring children into a very uncertain world<br />

- despite the fact that they had a home <strong>and</strong><br />

source of income. Perhaps we should think<br />

more along the line of asking the Charities<br />

to whom we give our money, to help these<br />

unfortunate people to help themselves by<br />

taking more responsibility for their families<br />

<strong>and</strong> try to rear the children they already have<br />

rather than keep on having more of them,<br />

hoping the world of Charity will look after<br />



Cookery<br />

By<br />


Short Crust Pastry<br />

Shortcrust Pastry is so quick <strong>and</strong> easy to make, <strong>and</strong> is so versatile in its use, that I wonder<br />

why it hasn’t been adopted by the rest of the culinary world. Yet it remains uniquely British.<br />

And if you follow the simple rules will always be successful.<br />

1. Use 1/2 plain to 1/2 Self raising flour.<br />

2. Use 1/2 quantity of fat to flour.<br />

3. Use fat in block form (I use 1/2 margarine [or butter] + 1/2 lard or white fat<br />

4. Keep everything as cold as you can, e.g., put water in fridge to chill before you start.<br />

5. H<strong>and</strong>le it as little as possible.<br />

METHOD.<br />

1. Sift flour (I usually use 12 ozs.) + pinch salt into a large bowl.<br />

2. Cut fat into cubes. Using fingertips, rub it into the flour till it looks like breadcrumbs.<br />

3. Using a flat bladed knife to mix, stir in cold water a spoonful at a time.<br />

4. When the dough starts to form clumps, use your fingertips to bring it together into a<br />

ball. It should leave the sides of the bowl clean. (If it sticks or feels wet, sift in a bit<br />

more flour - <strong>and</strong> be more careful with the water next time)<br />

If you used my suggestion of a 12 oz. flour mix, you now have a good-sized ball of dough.<br />

Wrap it in cling film or foil <strong>and</strong> put in the fridge while you decide how to use it. The Spanish<br />

equivalent, made with oil, is used to make empanadas or savoury snacks. The French<br />

equivalent is pate brisee which is used for quiches <strong>and</strong> savoury tarts.<br />

But here you have a dough whose uses are endless - whether you want sweet or savoury,<br />

pie or tart.<br />

Next month I will give you some suggestions, but meanwhile why don’t you practise with a<br />

1/2 quantity (6 ozs. flour, 3 ozs. fat) <strong>and</strong> make yourself some Sausage Rolls :-<br />

METHOD<br />

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 51<br />

Use any sausages of your choice, but skin them before wrapping in pastry. Brush with<br />

egg or milk <strong>and</strong> bake at 200 degrees C. until brown. (The cooking time will depend on the<br />

thickness of the sausages)<br />

A couple of hot sausage rolls with a tin of baked beans or with some mixed veg. <strong>and</strong><br />

tomato sauce makes a tasty lunch. When cold, use them in your lunch box or as a TV<br />



Conn lly's<br />

bar<br />

• Draft Guinness, Strongbow, Heineken & Aguila<br />

• Vast selection of spirits, Cocktails, Smoothies &<br />

soft drinks<br />

• Sporting & Football matches<br />

• Full english breakfast<br />

• Pie chips & gravy<br />

• Toasties<br />

• Burgers<br />

Calle Jardin 7, Calpe • Tel: 602 655 943

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 53<br />

URGENT<br />

Advertising<br />

on behalf of<br />

their owner<br />

Bertie <strong>and</strong><br />

Harry are<br />

5 year old<br />

Dalmatian<br />

mix brothers<br />

They<br />

desperately<br />

need to<br />

find a new home either together or<br />

separately<br />

Unfortunately they are victims of a<br />

marriage breakdown There mom has<br />

tried desperately to find a solution<br />

she has had to move into a small<br />

apartment she took the dogs with<br />

her but sadly they would not settle<br />

after living in the countryside There<br />

constant barking <strong>and</strong> frustration led<br />

to the threats <strong>and</strong> complaints from the<br />

neighbours They are currently living in<br />

the family home but the ex husb<strong>and</strong> is<br />

returning to the property which is his<br />

<strong>and</strong> wants the dogs gone ASAP A truly<br />

sad situation The lady is going to fed<br />

them both everyday but she admits its<br />

no life for them They need to be part of<br />

a family again.<br />

The boys are super friendly with<br />

people but not so good with other<br />

dogs they do need some education <strong>and</strong><br />

socialisation<br />

They are both castrated vaccinations<br />

up to date <strong>and</strong> have passports. Please<br />

contact pepa if you would love to help.<br />

Av. Constitució , 18, planta bajo,<br />

La Font d’En Carros, 46717,<br />

Valencia, España.<br />

Telephone: 650-304-746<br />

Email: p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com


Hi Folks<br />

Well Alfie certainly celebrated<br />

his birthday in style<br />

in September <strong>and</strong><br />

got all the squeaky toys<br />

imaginable, so he was<br />

very happy. So was<br />

Bentley <strong>and</strong> I, we<br />

made sure we got<br />

the toys first ha ha.<br />

I am pleased the<br />

cooler weather<br />

has arrived as I<br />

am carrying some<br />

muscle <strong>and</strong> weight<br />

<strong>and</strong> the heat got to me.<br />

As I mentioned before<br />

I am on a special Metabolic<br />

diet. The food is helping me<br />

to lose weight…I think. It should fill<br />

me so I am not hungry.<br />

The trouble is I do not like to “miss-out”<br />

on anything <strong>and</strong> like to keep up with the<br />

other younger “party paws set” but the<br />

next day I cannot keep my eyes open <strong>and</strong><br />

just sleep <strong>and</strong> sleep. Whereas the sensible<br />

one Bentley goes to bed early <strong>and</strong> Alfie is<br />

in bed by 9.00 pm. I wish I did but I have<br />

to be in the midst of everything. Thus<br />

the next day I look terrible, with bags<br />

under my eyes, <strong>and</strong> yawning all day<br />

<strong>and</strong> flopping here <strong>and</strong> there, I<br />

can hardly raise my head to<br />

yawn. However, I have<br />

decided not to do these<br />

party nights <strong>and</strong><br />

punish myself the<br />

next day!! Although<br />

I will be at the<br />

Halloween party.<br />

Alfie is not keen to<br />

wear his Halloween<br />

outfit. Bentley <strong>and</strong> I<br />

enjoy dressing up.<br />

Please give a thought<br />

to those lovely friends<br />

of mine in the local rescue<br />

shelters. They need your help<br />

for dog walking, fostering <strong>and</strong> most<br />

of all for adoption. My four legged friends<br />

will love you forever.<br />

Lots of tail wags, paw, paws <strong>and</strong> licks<br />

from Tyson, Bentley <strong>and</strong> Alfie.<br />

Tyson<br />

Av. Constitució , 18, planta bajo,<br />

La Font d’En Carros, 46717, Valencia, España.<br />

Telephone: 650-304-746<br />

Email: p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com


OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 55<br />

Firefox<br />

https://arenacloud.cdn.arkadiumhosted.com/overwr<br />

ACROSS<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6<br />

1 Piece of furniture, first in room until<br />

now (2,3)<br />

4 Natural talent making female retreat<br />

(5)<br />

7 State support (8)<br />

7 8<br />

8 They keep together but may be cut<br />

9 10<br />

back (4)<br />

11<br />

9 Herb making daughter unwell (4)<br />

12 13<br />

10 Attack a small man taking lead (7)<br />

12 Game involving line, net, bats (5,6)<br />

14 Annoyed editor changed sides (7)<br />

14 15 16 17<br />

16 Very keen leader dismissed by king of<br />

Israel (4)<br />

18<br />

19 Number, so we hear, in front (4)<br />

20 Heather goes behind boat, looking<br />

Firefox<br />

displeased (8)<br />

19 20<br />

21 Disabled, but getting a sort of medal<br />

(5)<br />

22 Vagrant ACROSS gets a coach (5)<br />

21 22<br />

1 Piece of furniture, first in room until now (2,3)<br />

DOWN<br />

4 Natural talent making female retreat (5)<br />

6<br />

1 Part 7 State of stadium support for (8) bear (5)<br />

2 Cooler 8 They beat keep for together ardent but ardmirers may be cut (3,4) back (4)<br />

7 3<br />

9 Herb making daughter unwell (4)<br />

3 Number<br />

10 Attack<br />

of sheets<br />

a small<br />

-<br />

man<br />

about<br />

taking<br />

a million?<br />

lead (7)<br />

(4) 12 Game involving line, net, bats (5,6) 1 7 5<br />

2<br />

4 Fine 14dish Annoyed turned editor over changed (8) sides (7)<br />

5 Greek 16 Very starter keen in leader local dismissed pharmacy by (5) king of Israel 4 (4) 1 8<br />

5 9<br />

19 Number, so we hear, in front (4)<br />

6 Joint 20 in Heather middle goes of Warsaw behind boat, causes looking displeased (8)<br />

annoyance 21 Disabled, (7) but getting a sort of medal (5) 8 5 7 2<br />

11 Embarrrassed 22 Vagrant gets about a coach poetry (5) - or vice<br />

versa DOWN (8)<br />

7 5<br />

3 1 6<br />

12 Work 1 Part around of stadium spilt rum, for bear causing (5) great<br />

2 Cooler beat for ardent ardmirers (3,4)<br />

agitation (7)<br />

6 9 5<br />

3 Number of sheets - about a million? (4)<br />

13 Short 4 Fine book? dish Star turned restricts over (8) length (7)<br />

15 Source 5 Greek of power starter in for local southern pharmacy players (5) 6 4 1<br />

(5)<br />

6 Joint in middle of Warsaw causes annoyance (7)<br />

11 Embarrrassed about poetry - or vice versa (8)<br />

17 Thick resident in sudden seizure (5)<br />

6<br />

12 Work around spilt rum, causing great agitation (7)<br />

18 Disagreements 13 Short book? in Star the restricts ranks (4) length (7)<br />

How to play<br />

15 Source of power for southern players (5) Test your brain on our SUDOKU puzzle.<br />

17 Thick resident in sudden seizure (5) Sudoku is a logic Fill puzzle each where square you so have that to each populate row, column <strong>and</strong><br />

18 Disagreements in the ranks (4) the grid with numbers. each 3x3 A number square can contains appear only all digits once from 1 to 9.<br />

in each row, column <strong>and</strong> house. Each puzzle can be<br />

solved using logic from the given information <strong>and</strong><br />

Answers to both puzzles can be found on page 62<br />

requires no guesswork.<br />



LIVE<br />

MUSIC<br />

most weekends<br />

(Check Facebook<br />

for updates).<br />

Calle Móstoles 33,<br />

Rada de<br />

Moraira.<br />

Telephone:<br />

965 74 43 66<br />

There is something for everyone at<br />

Hill Top Pub!<br />

Breakfast from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.<br />

Lunch <strong>and</strong> Evening meals available.<br />

• Pool <strong>and</strong> Terrace •<br />



in a new glass enclosed terrace.<br />

Sunday lunches<br />

from 1.00 pm<br />

Pool Table available<br />

Open 7 days a week, early until late.


Book<br />

Review<br />

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 57<br />

PRICE<br />

12.60€<br />


Besides the usual Grisham virtues of an arresting idea, polished<br />

plotting <strong>and</strong> vivid social snapshots, what’s impressive here<br />

is his willingness to take on fresh challenges’ THE SUNDAY<br />

TIMES Nonstop suspense from the Sunday Times bestselling<br />

author: Investigator Lacy Stoltz follows the trail of a serial<br />

killer, <strong>and</strong> closes in on a shocking suspect - a sitting judge. In<br />

The Whistler, Lacy Stoltz investigated a corrupt judge who<br />

was taking millions in bribes from a crime syndicate. She put<br />

the criminals away, but only after being attacked <strong>and</strong> nearly<br />

killed.<br />

Three years later, <strong>and</strong> approaching forty, she is tired of her<br />

work for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct <strong>and</strong> ready<br />

for a change. Then she meets a mysterious woman who is so<br />

frightened she uses a number of aliases. Jeri Crosby’s father<br />

was murdered twenty years earlier in a case that remains<br />

unsolved <strong>and</strong> that has grown stone cold.<br />

But Jeri has a suspect whom she has become obsessed with<br />

<strong>and</strong> has stalked for two decades. Along the way, she has<br />

discovered other victims. Suspicions are easy enough, but<br />

proof seems impossible.<br />

The man is brilliant, patient, <strong>and</strong> always one step ahead of law<br />

enforcement. He is the most cunning of all serial killers. He<br />

knows forensics, police procedure, <strong>and</strong> most important: he<br />

knows the law.<br />

He is a judge, in Florida - under Lacy’s jurisdiction. He has a<br />

list, with the names of his victims <strong>and</strong> targets, all unsuspecting<br />

people unlucky enough to have crossed his path <strong>and</strong> wronged<br />

him in some way. How can Lacy pursue him, without<br />

becoming the next name on his list?The Judge’s List is by any<br />

measure John Grisham’s most surprising, chilling novel yet.<br />

The Judge’s List :<br />

John Grisham’s latest<br />

breathtaking bestseller<br />

by John Grisham (Author)<br />

Format:<br />

Publisher:<br />

Imprint<br />

Paperback / softback<br />

384 pages<br />

Hodder & Stoughton<br />

:Hodder & Stoughton<br />

ISBN: 9781529342413<br />

Published: 7 Jul <strong>2022</strong><br />

Classifications:<br />

Readership:<br />

Weight:<br />

Dimensions:<br />

Pub. Country:<br />


ON JULY 14TH AT 19:00<br />

USA, Modern & contemporary<br />

fiction (post c 1945), Thriller /<br />

suspense, Political / legal<br />

thriller<br />

General (US: Trade)<br />

270g<br />

197 x 128 x 26 (mm)<br />

United Kingdom<br />




Calle Oscar Esplá 2, CALPE, 965835824.<br />

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.00 - 14.00 & 17.00 - 20.00. SATURDAYS 10.00 - 14.00.<br />


FREE<br />

NO<br />




Sir Mo Farah was<br />

brought to the UK<br />

illegally as a child <strong>and</strong><br />

forced to work as a<br />

domestic servant, he has<br />

revealed.<br />

The Olympic star said<br />

he was given the name<br />

Mohamed Farah by<br />

those who flew him<br />

over from Djibouti.<br />

His real name is<br />

Hussein Abdi<br />

Kahin.<br />

He was flown<br />

over from the<br />

East African<br />

country aged<br />

nine by a<br />

woman he had<br />

never met, <strong>and</strong><br />

then made to look<br />

after another family’s<br />

children, he says.<br />

“For years I just kept<br />

blocking it out,” the Team<br />

GB athlete says.<br />

“But you can only block<br />

it out for so long.”<br />

The long-distance runner<br />

has previously said he<br />

came to the UK from<br />

Somalia with his parents as<br />

a refugee.<br />

He says his parents have<br />

never been to the UK - his<br />

mother <strong>and</strong> two brothers<br />

live on their family farm<br />

in the breakaway state of<br />

Somalil<strong>and</strong>.<br />

His father, Abdi, was<br />


killed by stray gunfire<br />

when Sir Mo was four<br />

years old, in civil violence<br />

in Somalia. Somalil<strong>and</strong><br />

declared independence<br />

in 1991 but is not<br />

internationally recognised.<br />

Sir Mo says he was about<br />

eight or nine years old<br />

when he was taken from<br />

home to stay with family<br />

in Djibouti. He was then<br />

flown over to the UK by a<br />

woman he had never met<br />

<strong>and</strong> wasn’t related to.<br />

She told him he was<br />

being taken to Europe to<br />

live with relatives there -<br />

something he says he was<br />

“excited” about. “I’d never<br />

been on a plane before,” he<br />

says.<br />

The woman told him<br />

to say his name was<br />

Mohamed. He says she<br />

had fake travel documents<br />

with her that showed his<br />

photo next to the name<br />

“Mohamed Farah”.<br />

When they arrived<br />

in the UK, the<br />

woman took him<br />

to her flat in<br />

Hounslow, west<br />

London, <strong>and</strong><br />

took a piece of<br />

paper off him<br />

that had his<br />

relatives’ contact<br />

details on.<br />

“Right in front of<br />

me, she ripped it up<br />

<strong>and</strong> put it in the bin. At<br />

that moment, I knew I was<br />

in trouble,” he says.<br />

Sir Mo says he had to do<br />

housework <strong>and</strong> childcare<br />

“if I wanted food in my<br />

mouth”. He says the<br />

woman told him: “If you<br />

ever want to see your<br />

family again, don’t say<br />

anything.”<br />

“Often I would just lock<br />

myself in the bathroom <strong>and</strong><br />

cry,” he says.<br />

For the first few years<br />

the family didn’t allow him<br />

to attend school regularly,<br />

but when he was about


11 he enrolled in Year 7<br />

at Feltham Community<br />

College.<br />

Staff were told Sir<br />

Mo was a refugee from<br />

Somalia.<br />

His old form tutor Sarah<br />

Rennie tells the BBC he<br />

came to school “unkept<br />

<strong>and</strong> uncared for”, that he<br />

spoke very little English<br />

<strong>and</strong> was an “emotionally<br />

<strong>and</strong> culturally alienated”<br />

child.<br />

She says the people who<br />

said they were his parents<br />

didn’t attend any parents’<br />

evenings.<br />

Sir Mo’s PE teacher,<br />

Alan Watkinson, noticed<br />

a transformation in the<br />

young boy when he hit the<br />

athletics track.<br />

“The only language he<br />

seemed to underst<strong>and</strong> was<br />

the language of PE <strong>and</strong><br />

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 59<br />

sport,” he says.<br />

Sir Mo says sport was<br />

a lifeline for him as “the<br />

only thing I could do to<br />

get away from this [living<br />

situation] was to get out<br />

<strong>and</strong> run”.<br />

He eventually confided<br />

in Mr Watkinson about<br />

his true identity, his<br />

background, <strong>and</strong> the family<br />

he was being forced to<br />

work for.


<strong>Out</strong> &<br />

<strong>About</strong><br />

Costa Blanca Magazine<br />

Write an email to<br />

carolrlevey@gmail.com<br />

for further information<br />

or telephone 651 459 776.<br />

NEEDS YOU!<br />

BECOME A<br />

SALES<br />



Part-time or full time

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong> | 61<br />


singing all your<br />

favourite songs.<br />

Sunday 16th <strong>October</strong><br />

at 7.30 pm until late<br />

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the American Federation of Certified Psychics <strong>and</strong> Mediums.<br />

ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 21:<br />

Aspects of Venus <strong>and</strong> the Sun in the<br />

sixth house brings a focus to your<br />

own physical body. Boost strength <strong>and</strong><br />

vitality <strong>and</strong> maintain calm.<br />

TAURUS APRIL 22 - MAY 21:<br />

Creativity burgeons after the New<br />

Moon later this month. Your talents<br />

are ready to come to the fore to help<br />

someone who is in denial.<br />

GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 22:<br />

Actions in the fifth house put a spring<br />

in your step as you see the wider<br />

perspective <strong>and</strong> uplift a relationship<br />

that’s going nowhere.<br />

CANCER JUNE 23 - JULY 23:<br />

Look to your community <strong>and</strong> you<br />

will find that your expertise is sought<br />

to manage a project that currently seems to be<br />

veering out of control.<br />

LEO JULY 24 - AUG 23:<br />

The Full Moon activates Neptune to<br />

help you to examine all aspects of<br />

finances <strong>and</strong> allows your money to work for<br />

you, not you for it!<br />

VIRGO AUG 24 - SEPT 23:<br />

A time for rest, relaxation <strong>and</strong> some<br />

much needed pampering. You appear<br />

to be burning the c<strong>and</strong>le at both ends<br />

<strong>and</strong> you need to de stress.<br />

https://arenacloud.cdn.arkadiumhosted.com/overwrites-live/iframe-rend...<br />

LIBRA SEPT 24 - OCT 23:<br />

Venus, your ruler, takes on the Sun<br />

in the twelfth house. You are in a<br />

contemplating mood <strong>and</strong> things are<br />

now going to happen for you.<br />

SCORPIO OCT 24 - NOV 22:<br />

Romance is in the air as a relationship<br />

blossoms. The eleventh house helps<br />

you to reevaluate your goals <strong>and</strong><br />

dreams, at last!<br />

SAGITTARIUS NOV 23 - DEC 21:<br />

Fourth house energies see you<br />

focusing on your home environment.<br />

This month is all about making<br />

changes where they are needed!<br />

CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 20:<br />

The Mercury retrograde greatly lifts<br />

your energies <strong>and</strong> helps you focus on<br />

what really should happen next. Use<br />

your intuition as a guide.<br />

AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 19:<br />

The ninth house illuminates a journey<br />

that you can finally make! There is<br />

more to this journey than you think,<br />

have fun finding out.<br />

PISCES FEB 20 - MAR 20:<br />

The Full Moon in your sign<br />

illuminates a way ahead. You may<br />

have lost direction but now it’s more<br />

Firefox<br />

than clear what you now need to do.<br />

https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles.com/games/bes<br />

S O F A R F L A I R<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6<br />

T A E I L A<br />

7<br />

M A I N T A I N P I N S<br />

8<br />

N C M I H K<br />

D I L L<br />

10<br />

A S S A U L T<br />

9<br />

U<br />

11<br />

R H E<br />

12<br />

T A B L E T E N<br />

13<br />

N I S<br />

U V D O<br />

14<br />

C R O<br />

15<br />

S S E D<br />

16<br />

A V I<br />

17<br />

D<br />

M T R<br />

18<br />

R E E<br />

19<br />

F O R E<br />

20<br />

S C O W L I N G<br />

I A E W L S<br />

21<br />

L A M E D<br />

22<br />

S T A G E<br />

PUZZLE<br />

PAGE<br />


3 2 4<br />

9 8 6<br />

1 7 5<br />

4 1 3<br />

6 9 8<br />

7 5 2<br />

2 4 1<br />

5 6 7<br />

8 3 9<br />

1 5 6<br />

7 3 4<br />

2 8 9<br />

8 6 2<br />

5 1 7<br />

4 9 3<br />

3 7 8<br />

9 4 1<br />

6 2 5<br />

9 7 8<br />

5 2 1<br />

4 6 3<br />

7 5 9<br />

2 3 4<br />

8 1 6<br />

6 9 5<br />

3 8 2<br />

1 4 7<br />

until now (2,3)<br />

retreat (5)<br />

How to play<br />

Sudoku is a logic puzzle where you have to populate<br />

the grid with numbers. A number can appear only once<br />

in each row, column <strong>and</strong> house. Each puzzle can be

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holding your h<strong>and</strong> all the way<br />

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important matter. Doing so, you will need a<br />

personal <strong>and</strong> professional service. In another<br />

country, where not everybody speaks your<br />

language <strong>and</strong> laws <strong>and</strong> customs are different,<br />

you will certainly have to rely on experts.<br />

Nederl<strong>and</strong>stalig<br />

makelaarskantoor in Calpe.<br />

Let our team find<br />

your dream<br />

At COBAT we take every question serious, we<br />

make plenty of time to negotiate <strong>and</strong> satisfy all<br />

parties, we arrange all the paperwork properly,<br />

sign with you at the notary <strong>and</strong> after the sale we<br />

are still here for you!<br />

An enthusiastic five linguistic team: Johan,<br />

Katleen, Celine, Olga, Christel, Annette <strong>and</strong><br />

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