Out and About December- issue 203

Christmas 2022 is on its way leaving the World Cup almost behind us and now with this month Out and About magazine is out in local shops, cafes bars, and restaurants, oh and Overseas Iceland Supermarket in Benissa a place stacked full of those favorite Christmas goodies. Carol and the team wish all of the readers a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year 2023.

Christmas 2022 is on its way leaving the World Cup almost behind us and now with this month Out and About magazine is out in local shops, cafes bars, and restaurants, oh and Overseas Iceland Supermarket in Benissa a place stacked full of those favorite Christmas goodies. Carol and the team wish all of the readers a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year 2023.


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<strong>December</strong> 2022 • Issue <strong>203</strong><br />

Costa Blanca<br />

The Man Behind the<br />

Story of Father Christmas<br />

See pages 18-19<br />

Merry<br />



DECEMBER 2022 | 3<br />



VAT0049<br />


VAT0021<br />

FINCAS<br />

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Dear Reader<br />

Christmas is nearing our<br />

doorsteps. Not long to<br />

go....how lovely!! I know<br />

this can be daunting for some but I really<br />

do enjoy Christmas time. I’ve just sent<br />

my Christmas list to Santa <strong>and</strong> I’ve been a<br />

good girl, so perhaps I will get everything<br />

I have requested in my letter to him. So<br />

hopefully the new Jaguar will be parked,<br />

gift wrapped, outside my door Christmas<br />

morning? Santa will be very pleased to<br />

know, he can use the chimney this year,<br />

as we now have central heating. He can<br />

leave the presents under the tree, as he did<br />

last year. I am so looking forward to the<br />

glitz, sparkle, Christmas cards <strong>and</strong> all the<br />

joy it brings. Yes, panadols for the hang<br />

over’s!! Christmas cards <strong>and</strong> present lists<br />

are being made <strong>and</strong> Santa can create lots<br />

of happiness for people but please spare a<br />

thought to those that are not in a position<br />

to enjoy Christmas. There are people that<br />

find Christmas a difficult time <strong>and</strong> are sad<br />

<strong>and</strong> lonely. So remember to spare a thought<br />

to a friend, neighbour, or someone that<br />

needs a bit of Christmas comfort <strong>and</strong> cheer.<br />

My decorations are everywhere in the<br />

house <strong>and</strong> each day there are<br />

more. It is like Santa’s Grotto. Still<br />

Santa will appreciate it when he<br />

arrives. On this happy note I would like<br />

to send my sincere Festive greetings to<br />

all <strong>Out</strong> & <strong>About</strong> readers <strong>and</strong> advertisers.<br />

Also, thank you for your support <strong>and</strong><br />

a big Happy Christmas <strong>and</strong> New Year<br />

from us all at the magazine. Remember<br />

you are never alone with an <strong>Out</strong> & <strong>About</strong><br />

magazine with more exciting articles in<br />

the New Year. Here’s wishing you a very<br />

Happy <strong>and</strong> Healthy Christmas <strong>and</strong> New<br />

Year <strong>and</strong> special greetings to friends <strong>and</strong><br />

writers.<br />

The next time I will be writing to you is<br />

“after” your New Year’s resolutions. I am<br />

wondering how many of these pledges<br />

would have been kept i.e. becoming a non<br />

smoker, a tea drinker, slimming, saving or<br />

perhaps making up an overdue argument<br />

or to be kind to “nearest <strong>and</strong> dearest”.<br />

Please let me know, if you dare ha!<br />

Enjoy yourselves, smile, be happy,<br />

healthy <strong>and</strong> keep that “special greeting”<br />

for everyone.<br />

Carol R. Levey

DECEMBER 2022 | 5<br />

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08 Readers’ Letters<br />

10 Anne Rodger<br />

14 David Moorhouse<br />

18 The story behind Father<br />

Christmas<br />

22 Big Ben is a superstar<br />

24 Christmas greetings<br />

28 Walsh’s Wisdom<br />

32 Whining On<br />

34 A Medium Rare<br />

38 Albir Family Medical<br />

Centre<br />

42 Paws For Thought<br />

43 Puzzle Page<br />

45 Book Review<br />

47 Horoscope<br />


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DECEMBER 2022 | 7<br />

Happy<br />

Christmas<br />

Moraira · Jalon · Calpe · Denia · Javea



@<br />

Can our AGONY UNCLE help you<br />

Readers<br />

Letters<br />

Email to: relojdesol@mail.com<br />

This will be a difficult Christmas. Money is tight<br />

<strong>and</strong> just about pays the bills. People have told me<br />

not to get into debt just to provide presents, but<br />

when you have kids it’s hard.<br />

Damara. Teulada<br />

Damara, Yours is one of the many mails I<br />

have had regarding finance <strong>and</strong> Christmas<br />

this year. I can empathise with you that<br />

inflation makes gifting hard. Concentrate<br />

on the kids.<br />

Make a stocking of little gifts that they can<br />

open on Christmas Day <strong>and</strong> tell friends that<br />

this year your focus is on your kids <strong>and</strong><br />

no presents please. Yes we give to receive,<br />

<strong>and</strong> it’s not essential. Send out an online<br />

card message <strong>and</strong> pay your bills. Please do<br />

not think of further debts. There are hefty<br />

electricity bills ahead <strong>and</strong> it’s not easy but<br />

put up the decorations <strong>and</strong> make Christmas<br />

Cookies <strong>and</strong> bring the fun back to a happy<br />

family Christmas. Your children have your<br />

love <strong>and</strong> that is everything to them.<br />

Do you think that I should trace my<br />

husb<strong>and</strong>s calls? I suspect he is seeing<br />

someone <strong>and</strong> I feel that he is lying to<br />

me.<br />

Sondra (SMS)<br />

Sadly, when a relationship gets<br />

to this stage it is always sad to<br />

feel that there is a truth that you<br />

are not a part of. I underst<strong>and</strong><br />

you suspect <strong>and</strong> your intuition<br />

is telling you that something<br />

is not right. Be prepared to<br />

learn the truth <strong>and</strong> accept the<br />

consequences. Of course you<br />

should have a right to his fidelity<br />

<strong>and</strong> his honesty, but right now<br />

both are in jeopardy of your<br />

relationship. Tread carefully, <strong>and</strong><br />

do what you feel is right for you.<br />


yorkshirelinecostablanca.com<br />

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I recently went back to the UK <strong>and</strong> I was<br />

shocked to see my father since he has aged<br />

<strong>and</strong> lost weight since the last time I saw<br />

him. Now on my return I feel guilty to<br />

leave him.<br />

Fiona. La Nucia<br />

I can imagine how you are feeling<br />

Fiona. Age does creep up, <strong>and</strong> we<br />

did have a bad time with COVID so<br />

you couldn’t travel to spend time<br />

@<br />

with Dad. If your life is here in Spain<br />

then you are not guilty of anything<br />

but living in another country. See to<br />

it that your father gets the very best<br />

attention <strong>and</strong> that he is well cared<br />

for. You do not mention that he lives<br />

alone, <strong>and</strong> if he does check out carers<br />

<strong>and</strong> strengthen his network. Stay in<br />

touch all you can. He will feelyour<br />

love around him.<br />

Readers can now send their questions <strong>and</strong> problems to a newly appointed Agony Uncle.<br />

He is a Therapist, Counsellor, Psychologist <strong>and</strong> Life Coach <strong>and</strong> will be answering the<br />

best from his mailbox exclusively here in <strong>Out</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>About</strong>, every month. Every email gets a<br />

personal reply from Agony Uncle <strong>and</strong> with your consent, <strong>and</strong> subject to space; question<br />

<strong>and</strong> reply can be printed in a future edition of <strong>Out</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>About</strong>. Names <strong>and</strong>/or locations will<br />

be disguised assuring confidentiality. Email to: relojdesol@mail.com<br />




From the 1st April - All year round we offer a service for flights between 07.00 hrs - 23.59 hrs<br />



lisa.calpe7@yahoo.co.uk<br />





When I went to Engl<strong>and</strong> for 2 weeks<br />

in July, I was excited to find out<br />

what the Vegan lifestyle was<br />

about. My gr<strong>and</strong>daughter, Lobby, has been<br />

a committed Vegan for over a year,<br />

<strong>and</strong> she wanted to introduce<br />

me to her way of life, <strong>and</strong><br />

share her videos <strong>and</strong><br />

recipes. I hoped to<br />

learn a lot <strong>and</strong> come<br />

back with my Vegan<br />

article <strong>and</strong> recipes<br />

already written for<br />

August.<br />

You will gather<br />

from the tone of<br />

this introduction,<br />

that it did not<br />

happen. Yes, I spent<br />

time in conversation<br />

with Lobby, watched<br />

her videos <strong>and</strong> shared<br />

her recipes. So why can’t I<br />

write an informative article?<br />

On reflection I realise that I have<br />

to approach the subject from a different<br />

angle. It seems that being a Vegan is what<br />

you want it to be - depending on your views<br />

about animals.<br />

Some take the view that the use of animals<br />

in any way is not for them. They do not eat<br />

meat or fish <strong>and</strong> use no animal products. No<br />

eating dairy, wearing fur, or having leather<br />

furniture. (That’s the tip of the iceberg)<br />

I remember catering for a Vegan wedding<br />

reception 50 years ago <strong>and</strong> being completely<br />

thrown by the desserts (no eggs, cream,<br />

cheese, gelatine, etc.)<br />

On my first morning in Engl<strong>and</strong>, cooking a<br />

“full English” breakfast, I asked Lobby if she<br />

wanted anything else on her plate with the<br />

mushrooms, tomatoes <strong>and</strong> sourdough toast.<br />

Imagine my surprise when she said “Two<br />

VEGAN<br />

(noun or adjective?)<br />


fried eggs please.”<br />

During the meal she explained that<br />

it’s OK to use the eggs that happy, free<br />

roaming chickens drop in the straw. These<br />

are the only eggs she will use.<br />

Commercially produced eggs<br />

involve battery hens, which<br />

she believes is abuse, <strong>and</strong><br />

she will not condone any<br />

kind of animal abuse.<br />

I suppose I should<br />

have asked why she<br />

doesn’t drink milk,<br />

but my confusion<br />

had already begun.<br />

The usual reason<br />

why something<br />

becomes fashionable<br />

with young people,<br />

promoted by the media,<br />

is that lots of people are<br />

making lots of money.<br />

I saw this when we were<br />

shopping for the ingredients for<br />

the cheesecake that Lobby was going<br />

to make as the dessert for the family meal.<br />

She already had store cupboard ingredients,<br />

so we had only to buy the extra Vegan<br />

ingredients - which cost over 10 pounds. It<br />

also had to be started the day before, as the<br />

large bag of cashew nuts had to be soaked<br />

overnight before being pureed.<br />

The resulting cheesecake was served in<br />

small slices <strong>and</strong> was OK. I did not ask for the<br />

recipe as the time taken <strong>and</strong> the expense had<br />

ruled it out for me, even before tasting the<br />

finished product.<br />

To summarize, all I can say is that<br />

“anyone” can be a Vegan if they want to be.<br />

The extra step from being Vegetarian is of<br />

your own choosing <strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> seems to depend<br />

on your personal beliefs about the use of<br />



by John David Moorhouse<br />

DECEMBER 2022 | 11<br />

How can we mere mortals true happiness define?<br />

Some think it is a gift sublime,<br />

not hemmed in by place or time.<br />

Others see it as momentary, a passing mood<br />

that on life will barely intrude.... which can be said<br />

of many things!<br />

I felt true happiness when I learned a bike to ride....<br />

but was it actually nothing more than boyhood pride?<br />

Yes, it was an achievement, a mile-stone in my life,<br />

but was it something real (not just true) in Brodick<br />

that summer’s day?<br />

Sometimes I think ‘true’ gets in the way of<br />

learning what life’s about.<br />

It’s not the here <strong>and</strong> now that matters<br />

or truly takes us forward - up <strong>and</strong> up -<br />

to drink from Life’s bottomless cup <strong>and</strong><br />

discover the joys waiting in our future....<br />

If ‘here <strong>and</strong> now’ matters not<br />

how should we treat family <strong>and</strong> friends?<br />

As mere shadows, to be used, then forgotten?<br />

Looking back to my great gr<strong>and</strong>father, Mark Gibson,<br />

(born 1841 - died 1874)<br />

absorbing all my father told me,<br />

Mark was a British Army man.<br />

Setting out from Manchester, he joined the Army -<br />

to see the world, to move up in life, his flag unfurled;<br />

promoted to sergeant, then sergeant major,<br />

he worked with the wounded <strong>and</strong> sick;<br />

<strong>and</strong> died in Aldershot, just 36.<br />

Did Mark Gibson find a new realities,<br />

perhaps happier than before?<br />

He surely had his ups <strong>and</strong> downs,<br />

shifting s<strong>and</strong>s, strange grounds....<br />

We humans can create happiness <strong>and</strong> cultivate<br />

friends<br />

here on Earth while we are alive.... we can do more<br />

than just survive!<br />

25€ OFF<br />

YOUR<br />

NEW<br />





vivaldimoraira<br />

vivaldimoraira<br />

...a smooth experience<br />

The beautiful coastal village Moraira, located on the Costa Blanca<br />

has a new hotspot; Brasserie Vivaldi, where coziness <strong>and</strong><br />

qualitatively good food are central.<br />

FloriditaMoraira<br />

floriditamoraira<br />

Open every day. Check our website or facebook/<br />

instagram for current opening hours.<br />

Passeo Senillar 25, 03724 Moraira<br />

+34 965271088 | www.brasserievivaldi.com<br />


US THIS<br />




HOUSE!!<br />

(wine, cava, beer or<br />

refreshment)<br />

NEW OWNERS! The best music bar in Moraira with live music 5 nights a week!<br />

(after COVID lockdown). The hotest address for your drinks <strong>and</strong> cocktails!<br />

Check our instagram/facebook for all actual news. SEE YOU SOON AT FLORIDITA!<br />

Calle Tosqueres 3, 03724 Rada de Moraira


JANUARY 2022 | 13<br />

Foster Consulting is an insurance agency in Calpe, established in 1987, the first<br />

dedicated insurance business in Calpe that dealt with the Expatriate community.<br />

We work with two companies:<br />

LIBERTY SEGUROS <strong>and</strong> ASSSA.<br />

Our policies come in English, Spanish <strong>and</strong> German.<br />

We speak English, Spanish, German, Dutch <strong>and</strong> French.<br />

At Foster Consulting we are committed to providing our customers with excellent<br />

insurance services.<br />

Types of insurance products provided:<br />

• CAR<br />


• HEALTH (including health cover for<br />

residency applications <strong>and</strong> visas)<br />

• DENTAL<br />





• BUSINESS<br />




• PET<br />




• ACCIDENT<br />


Email: info@fosterconsulting.es<br />

Tel: 96 583 83 84<br />

Address: Av. Gabriel Miró 18, Entlo. 2 - 03710-CALPE (Alicante)<br />

DGSFP Registry Number: C0467B53971065<br />


MONDAY -<br />


9.00 AM – 5.00 PM &<br />

FRIDAYS:<br />

8:00 AM – 15.00 PM.


Magic Travel<br />

Moments<br />

Highlight those (many) travel moments in<br />

my life when things have ‘sparkled’.<br />

by John<br />

David<br />

Moorhouse<br />


Those Kentucky Pony-Trotters<br />

When we saw them come trotting<br />

into the Ring, riders almost sliding<br />

off precarious mini-seats at the rear<br />

of their chariots, we were completely taken by<br />

surprise!<br />

They looked so confident, so self-assured,<br />

almost as if their riders (jockey-like) were not<br />

needed.... all of us reacted spontaneously,<br />

clapping our h<strong>and</strong>s enthusiastically <strong>and</strong><br />

cheering them on as they circled the perimeter<br />

three times, then cut straight across the middle<br />

of the Ring. They half-kneeled <strong>and</strong> brazenly<br />

stared at us (we were about 40 in number)....<br />

“Well, guys! What d’you think of us? Aren’t<br />

we magnificent! We’re not big animals but we<br />

are certainly impressive! You’ve never seen<br />

anything like us, have you!”<br />

They were straight out of Kentucky Blue<br />

Grass Country. In harnesses gently held,<br />

they turned, pranced <strong>and</strong> cavorted through a<br />

number of spell-binding routines, all perfectly<br />

performed in matchless unison.<br />

The show ended after some 15 minutes.<br />

We left the Ring <strong>and</strong> were treated to<br />

steaming mugs of strong coffee but the<br />

Trotters were burned into our memories<br />


DECEMBER 2022 | 15<br />

L<strong>and</strong> of The Free<br />

Our minds are not in chains.<br />

GOD rules <strong>and</strong> ordains;<br />

He guides us through trials <strong>and</strong> pains.<br />

His love everlasts <strong>and</strong> sustains.<br />

Changes there are <strong>and</strong> always will be;<br />

turn left, turn right.... fight the good fight.<br />

Look up, not down; His Creation see.<br />

Go forward with Eternal Light.<br />

by David Moorhouse<br />

Great<br />

products at<br />

great prices<br />

If you would like a brochure<br />

please contact<br />

LISA - 642 911 110<br />

email - lisa.calpe7@yahoo.co.uk



Sunday roast<br />

dinners<br />

available<br />



Wheelchair<br />

friendly<br />

You can find their complete menu at<br />

The restaurant has the<br />

benefit of a large terrace<br />

for “al fresco” dining<br />

<strong>and</strong> inside also a spacious<br />

dining area. The menu of the<br />

day is excellent value. Enjoy<br />

their juicy Steaks alongside<br />

succulent Ribs, Burgers,<br />

Vegetarian dishes <strong>and</strong> many<br />

more in a Western ambiance.<br />

Everything is cooked in their<br />

open kitchen on a grill. Try<br />

their famous spare ribs. ALL<br />

YOU CAN EAT. There is also<br />

take-away ribs with chips<br />

plus a 3 course daily menu.<br />

Different burgers (Black Angus<br />

Beef), Vegetarian burgers <strong>and</strong><br />

Chicken burgers. For fish<br />

lovers, there is Salmon <strong>and</strong><br />

battered Cod.<br />

The restaurant is known for its<br />

constantly high quality food<br />

<strong>and</strong> attentive service. The<br />

restaurant is located on the<br />

corner of Calle Jardin, Calpe,<br />

with the Cowboy in front of<br />

the door! Tel: 677 727 305<br />

for bookings. Open every day<br />

from 18:00.<br />


DECEMBER 2022 | 17<br />

Calpe, Benissa, Altea, Moraira<br />

Inmo COBAT welcomes you to the Costa Blanca.<br />

Since 2003 we are an “all-in” company<br />

when buying or selling property.<br />

www.cobatcostablanca.com<br />


BENISSA 895,000€<br />

Beautiful Ibiza style<br />

4 bedroom villa with a<br />

cozy modern interior<br />

(build 2015).<br />

Close tot beach <strong>and</strong><br />

tennis.<br />

Energy friendly!<br />

Ref. 3298<br />

DENIA from 515,000€<br />


Modern villa with living<br />

/dining room with<br />

open kitchen with<br />

isl<strong>and</strong>, 3 bedrooms,<br />

2 bathrooms <strong>and</strong><br />

guest toilet. Covered<br />

<strong>and</strong> open terrace with<br />

private pool with builtin<br />

stairs,.<br />

Ref. 3268<br />

JALON 649,000€<br />

This country villa<br />

has a spacious,<br />

bright living/dining<br />

room with pellet<br />

stove, fitted kitchen<br />

with laundry room,<br />

master bedroom with<br />

en-suite bathroom,<br />

double bedroom <strong>and</strong><br />

bathroom.<br />

Ref. 12962<br />

CALPE 850,000€<br />


in Calpe Modern<br />

villa with views of<br />

the mountains,<br />

city <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Mediterranean<br />

Sea.<br />

Build in 2019<br />

Ref. 12956<br />

MORAIRA 1.300,000€<br />

Luxury new build with<br />

sea views <strong>and</strong> high<br />

quality.<br />

Not yet started but<br />

paperwork/licencias<br />

in place.<br />

CALPE 423,500€<br />

A classic very well<br />

maintained villa<br />

on 1 level with<br />

huge parking <strong>and</strong><br />

basement.<br />

Ref. 3041<br />

Ref. 3274<br />

Inmo Cobat<br />

Telephone:<br />

0034 620146993


The Man Behind the Story of Father Christmas,<br />

St. Nicholas, Santa Claus <strong>and</strong> The Red Suit<br />

So let’s start off this holiday with some history.<br />

The Victorians did more than anyone to give us<br />

our “modern” Christmas. For the Christmas was<br />

a time for children, charity <strong>and</strong> religion. As the 19th<br />

century wore on, new traditions were imported<br />

<strong>and</strong> invented. Whatever we call him, he<br />

continues to dominate the popular culture<br />

of Christmas across the world <strong>and</strong> is<br />

showing no sign of slowing up.<br />

The Father Christmas Stories…<br />

which one would you like to believe?<br />

There are several legends about St.<br />

Nicholas, although we don’t know if<br />

any of them are correct <strong>and</strong> accurate!<br />

In 1881, political cartoonist Thomas<br />

Nast drew on Moore’s poem to create<br />

the first likeness that matches our modern<br />

image of Santa Claus. His cartoon, which<br />

appeared in Harper’s Weekly, depicted Santa as<br />

a large, elderly, cheerful man with a full, white beard,<br />

he is dressed in a red suit trimmed with white fur, with<br />

a wide black belt, a matching hat, long <strong>and</strong> floppy in<br />

nature, dark boots, carrying a large brown sack on his<br />

back, filled with toys for lucky children. Images of him<br />

have a beard but with no moustache. Urban myth has<br />

it that the red suit only appeared after the Coca Cola<br />

company started an advertising campaign depicting a<br />

red suited Father Christmas in the 1930s. However, the<br />

red suit was used long before, by American illustrator<br />

Thomas Nast.<br />

Prior to Nast’s work, Santa’s outfit was tan in<br />

colour, <strong>and</strong> it was he that changed it to red, although<br />

he also drew Santa in a green suit. This change is often<br />

mistakenly attributed to the work of Haddon Sundblom,<br />

who drew images of Santa in advertising for the Coca-<br />

Cola Company.<br />

Father Christmas is the traditional British name for a<br />

figure associated with Christmas. The term is also used<br />

in many English-speaking countries outside Britain.<br />

A similar figure with the same name exists in several<br />

other countries, from Père Noël/Papa Noel/Padre Noel,<br />

Spain, all Hispanic South America, Brazil, Papai Noel,<br />

Portugal, Pai Natal, Italy Babbo Natale.<br />

In Engl<strong>and</strong> the earliest known personification of<br />

Christmas does not describe him as old, nor refer to him<br />

as ‘father’. A carol in 1435, a song dialogue between a<br />

choir <strong>and</strong> a figure representing Christmas, variously<br />

addressed as “Nowell”, “Sir Christemas” <strong>and</strong> “my lord<br />

Christemas”. He does not distribute presents to children<br />

but is associated with adult celebrations. Giving news of<br />

Christ’s birth, Christmas encourages everyone to eat <strong>and</strong><br />

drink.<br />

Ben Jonson, <strong>December</strong> 1616, his ‘Christmas’ character<br />

therefore appears in outdated fashions, long Stockings,<br />

a close Doublet, a high crowned Hat with a Broach, a<br />

long thin beard, a Truncheon, little Ruffles, white shoes,<br />

his Scarf <strong>and</strong> Garters tied. Later in 1638, “Christmas”<br />

appears as “an old reverend gentleman in furred<br />

gown <strong>and</strong> cap”.<br />

In 1686 he is described as an elderly<br />

gentleman of cheerful appearance, with<br />

cherry cheeks <strong>and</strong> white locks. His<br />

character is associated with feasting,<br />

hospitality <strong>and</strong> generosity to the<br />

poor rather than the giving of gifts.<br />

It is believed that Father<br />

Christmas comes down the chimney<br />

to put presents under the Christmas<br />

tree or in children’s rooms, in their<br />

stockings. Some families leave a glass<br />

of sherry or mulled wine, mince pies,<br />

biscuits, or chocolate <strong>and</strong> a carrot for his<br />

reindeer near the stocking(s) as a present for<br />

him. In modern homes without chimneys he uses<br />

alternative means to enter the home, such as a magical<br />

key that unlocks all doors. In some homes children write<br />

Christmas lists (wishing for presents) <strong>and</strong> send them up<br />

the chimney or post them.<br />

He is often said that he lives at the North Pole but is<br />

also said to reside in the mountains of Korvatunturi in<br />

Lapl<strong>and</strong> Province, Finl<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Another story told. St. Nicholas was a Bishop who<br />

lived in the fourth century AD in a place called Myra in<br />

Asia Minor (now called Turkey). He was a very rich man<br />

because his parents died when he was young <strong>and</strong> left<br />

him a lot of money. He was also a very kind man <strong>and</strong> had<br />

a reputation for helping the poor <strong>and</strong> giving secret gifts<br />

to people who needed it.<br />

The most famous story about St. Nicholas tells how<br />

the custom of hanging up stockings to get presents this<br />

is how it first started!<br />

There was a poor man who had three daughters <strong>and</strong><br />

he did not have enough money for a dowry, (a sum of<br />

money paid to the bridegroom by the bride’s parents on<br />

the wedding day), so his daughters couldn’t get married.<br />

One night, Nicholas secretly dropped a bag of gold<br />

down the chimney <strong>and</strong> into the house (this meant that<br />

the oldest daughter was then able to be married). The<br />

bag fell into a stocking that had been hung by the fire to<br />

dry! This was repeated later with the second daughter.<br />

Finally, determined to discover the person who had<br />

given him the money, the father secretly hid by the fire<br />

every evening until he caught Nicholas dropping in a bag<br />

of gold. Nicholas begged the man not to tell anyone what<br />

he had done, because he did not want to bring attention<br />

to himself. But soon the news got out <strong>and</strong> when anyone<br />

received a secret gift, it was thought that maybe it was<br />

from Nicholas.

DECEMBER 2022 | 19<br />

Because of his kindness Nicholas was made a Saint. St.<br />

Nicholas is not only the saint of children but also of sailors<br />

as sailors were caught in a dreadful storm off the coast of<br />

Turkey. The storm was raging <strong>and</strong> the men were terrified<br />

that their ship would sink. They prayed to St. Nicholas to<br />

help. Suddenly, he was st<strong>and</strong>ing on the deck. He ordered<br />

the sea to be calm, the storm died away, <strong>and</strong> they were<br />

able to sail safely to port.<br />

St. Nicholas was exiled from Myra <strong>and</strong> later put in<br />

prison during the persecution by the Emperor Diocletian.<br />

No one really knows when he died, but it was on 6th<br />

<strong>December</strong> in either 345 or 352 AD. In 1087, his bones were<br />

stolen from Turkey by some Italian merchant sailors. The<br />

bones are now in the Church named after him in the Italian<br />

port of Bari. On St. Nicholas feast day (6th <strong>December</strong>), the<br />

Bari sailors carry his statue from the Cathedral out to sea,<br />

to give them safe voyages throughout the year.<br />

Many countries celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day on<br />

6th <strong>December</strong>. In Holl<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> some other European<br />

Countries, children leave clogs or shoes out to be filled<br />

with presents.<br />

In 1823 the famous poem, ‘T’was the Night before<br />

Christmas’ describes eight reindeers <strong>and</strong> gives them<br />

their names. They became really well known in the song<br />

‘Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer’, written in 1949.<br />

Father Christmas, his elves <strong>and</strong> reindeers, do they live at<br />

the North Pole or reside in the mountains of Korvatunturi<br />

in Lapl<strong>and</strong> Province, Finl<strong>and</strong> leave you to choose?<br />

In the 16th Century in Europe, the stories <strong>and</strong> traditions<br />

about St. Nicholas had become very unpopular. But<br />

someone had to deliver presents to children at Christmas,<br />

so in the UK, he became ‘Father Christmas’, a character<br />

from old children’s stories; in France, he was then known<br />

as ‘Père Nöel’; in Germany, the ‘Christ Kind’. In the early<br />

USA his name was ‘Kris Kringle’. Later, Dutch settlers in<br />

the USA took the old stories of St. Nicholas with them <strong>and</strong><br />

Kris Kringle became ‘Sinterklaas’ or as we now say ‘Santa<br />

Claus’!<br />

Many countries, celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day on<br />

6th <strong>December</strong>. In Holl<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> some other European<br />

Countries, children leave clogs or shoes out to be filled<br />

with presents. They also believe that if they leave some<br />

hay <strong>and</strong> carrots in their shoes for Sinterklaas’s horse, they<br />

will be left some sweets.<br />

In 1823 the famous poem ‘T’was the Night before<br />

Christmas’, was published. The eight reindeers became<br />

really well known in the song ‘Rudolph the Red nosed<br />

Reindeer’, written in 1949.<br />

Tinsel <strong>and</strong> The Legend of the Christmas Spider Tinsel<br />

was first created in Nuremberg, Germany in the 1878<br />

when thin strips of silver foil were sold as ‘Icicles’. In<br />

1880 ‘angel hair, made from spun glass was sold. The first<br />

‘tinsel’ garl<strong>and</strong>s were sold in the 1890s from silver plated<br />

copper wire. But when plastic/man made…<br />

Christmas is a season of enjoying the simple things that<br />

make life beautiful. Happy Christmas to you!! May your<br />

world be filled with good health, warmth <strong>and</strong> good cheer<br />

now <strong>and</strong> throughout the year.<br />

All proceeds are for the needy animals of Calpe<br />

A difficult year for all of us but we still need to raise money for Calpe’s lost or ab<strong>and</strong>oned<br />

dogs <strong>and</strong> cats.<br />

Our shop is an Aladdin’s cave of clothing, books, DVDs, bric-a-brac <strong>and</strong> household goods<br />

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The president, Elinor Gonzalez lives in Las Bassetes where she cares for<br />

Calpe’s ab<strong>and</strong>oned <strong>and</strong> sick animals, bringing them back to health <strong>and</strong><br />

finding new caring owners for them. Her telephone number is<br />

620 106 733<br />

<strong>and</strong> she also has a stall on the Wednesday <strong>and</strong><br />

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Carretera Moraira-Calpe<br />

coast road No 144, (in front<br />

of Euro Gym), Moraira<br />

Tel: 96 649 2436<br />



12.00 – 15.30/18.00 – late.<br />

For reservations call on<br />

966 492 436.<br />

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Monday closed.<br />

Tuesday - Sunday<br />

13.00-16.00 -<br />

18.00-23.00.<br />

Welcome to ‘The Kathm<strong>and</strong>u’ restaurant in Moraira where the food is prepared in the Nepalese<br />

style giving you fragrant <strong>and</strong> tasty dishes from India.<br />

Kathm<strong>and</strong>u Restaurant is a very popular Nepali-Indian Restaurant in Moraira.<br />

The restaurant serves quality Indian <strong>and</strong> Nepali dishes at reasonable prices or to Take Away.<br />


There are special discounts for celebrations <strong>and</strong> parties.<br />

The Kathm<strong>and</strong>u has free parking directly outside the restaurant.<br />

The menu at The Kathm<strong>and</strong>u includes a wide selection of Indian <strong>and</strong> Nepalese dishes to choose from.<br />

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There is also a very well stocked bar to suit all tastes. Inside the restaurant is spacious <strong>and</strong> attractive<br />

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Great Indian food, owner <strong>and</strong> members of the staff are really friendly <strong>and</strong> you will find it a pleasure<br />

eating there! There are other Kathm<strong>and</strong>u restaurants in Javea, Denia, Albir, Moraira <strong>and</strong> Valencia.


Big Ben isn’t actually the official name of the famous<br />

l<strong>and</strong>mark. That’s right – this famous London l<strong>and</strong>mark<br />

isn’t officially named Big Ben. For hundreds of years,<br />

it used to be called, simply, the Clock Tower. But in 2012, the<br />

l<strong>and</strong>mark was renamed the Elizabeth Tower to commemorate<br />

the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. So what people actually refer<br />

to when they say “Big Ben” is the bell inside the tower. Oddly<br />

enough, the bell’s real name isn’t “Big Ben” either; it’s called<br />

the Great Bell. So where did “Big Ben” come from? Well, it is<br />

a nickname given to the bell <strong>and</strong> it came from Sir Benjamin<br />

Hall’s name. He was the first commissioner of Public Works in<br />

London who was in charge of the construction of the Houses of<br />

Parliament, the building to which the tower is attached to. His<br />

name is inscribed upon the bell when it was casted in 1858, thus<br />

the nickname Big Ben.<br />

Big Ben is big.<br />

The bell weighs 13.7 tons, which is about twice the weight of a<br />

T-Rex! Its diameter is at 8.9 feet, while the hammer inside the<br />

bell weighs 441 pounds. Meanwhile, there are four clocks on<br />

the tower, one on each side of it. Each clock has a diameter of 23<br />

feet. The hour h<strong>and</strong> is 9.2 feet long while the minute h<strong>and</strong> is 14<br />

feet long. The tower required more than 3,000 cubic feet of stone<br />

<strong>and</strong> almost 92,000 cubic feet of bricks to construct. The face of<br />

each clock is made of 312 sections of opal glass <strong>and</strong> requires<br />

cleaning every 5 years.<br />

Big Ben wasn’t designed by a clockmaker.<br />

Edward Dent, a clockmaker, created the initial design of the<br />

clockwork. But Edmund Beckett Denison changed Dent’s<br />

design so much that he became known as the chief designer.<br />

As you already know, he wasn’t a clockmaker. He was a lawyer<br />

who, interestingly, did not patent his design, so any clockmaker<br />

is free to use it.<br />

Big Ben has pennies on the pendulum. Each clock has a<br />

pendulum that swings back <strong>and</strong> forth to control the movement<br />

of the h<strong>and</strong>s. If the clocks happen to run fast, an English penny<br />

is added to the pendulums. On the other h<strong>and</strong>, if the clocks<br />

happen to run slow, an English penny is taken away from the<br />

pendulum. This practice is where the British idiom “putting a<br />

penny on” came from.<br />

Big Ben chimed for the first time 160 years ago.<br />

On July 11, 1859, Big Ben chimed for the first time. However,<br />

just two months later, the bell cracked <strong>and</strong> the clock tower<br />

was silent for four years afterwards while the bell was<br />

being repaired. Although that wasn’t the longest time<br />

that the clock tower did not chime; in 1976, the bell was<br />

repaired for nine long months.<br />

Big Ben is a superstar.<br />

One of the most interesting facts about Big Ben<br />

is how often it is featured in films. You can see the<br />

famous London l<strong>and</strong>mark in seventeen Disney<br />

films including Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, The<br />

Parent Trap, A Christmas Carol, <strong>and</strong> most recently<br />

Mary Poppins Returns. The earliest movie to have<br />

recorded the clock tower was Stage Fright in 1950.<br />

It also appeared in The Day the Earth Stood Still<br />

(1951), 28 Days Later (2003), V for Vendetta (2006),<br />

Like Crazy (2011), Spectre (2015), <strong>and</strong> London Has<br />

Fallen (2016). Aside from numerous appearances in<br />

films, Big Ben is also very popular among tourists <strong>and</strong><br />

in fact one of the most popular tourist attraction in the<br />

United Kingdom.<br />

Big Ben has seen quite a bit of history.<br />

Big Ben has stood tall through the reigns of six<br />

monarchs: Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King<br />

George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI, <strong>and</strong><br />

Queen Elizabeth II. As a tribute to the first monarch that it has<br />

lived through, all of the clock’s faces are inscribed with “Oh<br />

Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the First” in Latin. Aside<br />

from monarchs, here are other historical facts about Big Ben:<br />

• The bells toll at the 11th hour of November 11 (Remembrance<br />

Day) each year to commemorate the end of the First World War,<br />

thanks to the Armistice that took effect in 1918.<br />

• During World War II, the Clock Tower dials remained unlit<br />

due to wartime blackout rules in the City of London.<br />

• In 1941, a bomb from a German aircraft hit the top of the<br />

tower, resulting in exterior damages.<br />

Big Ben is lit.<br />

Big Ben is lit both in the literal sense <strong>and</strong> the millennial meaning<br />

of the word. In the literal sense, the faces of the clocks are lit<br />

by 28 85-watt bulbs that are so energy efficient, they can last<br />

up to 60,000 hours – that translates to 2,500 days or almost 7<br />

years! The lights also tell us something about the UK Houses<br />

of Parliament. When it is in session, the Ayrton Light on top of<br />

the tower is lit up.<br />

Big Ben is currently under construction.<br />

The Clock Tower closed for tours in 2016 due to renovations.<br />

One of the things they were working on is the installation of<br />

a lift made tours a lot more accessible. A toilet was installed<br />

inside the tower. Tours of Big Ben are resumed in 2020. You<br />

can catch a glimpse of the exterior via one of the London Tours.<br />

Big Ben Cool Facts<br />

Here are some other cool facts about Big Ben.<br />

• A flock of birds rested on the minute h<strong>and</strong> in 1944. They were<br />

heavy enough that they caused the clock to run slow.<br />

• Big Ben chimed late on New Year’s Eve in 1962 because of<br />

snow <strong>and</strong> ice that weighed down the h<strong>and</strong>s.<br />

• The Clock Tower leans in an angle of about 0.04 degrees. The<br />

inclination is so minute that you won’t notice it unless you pay<br />

close attention.<br />

Once tests of the quarter bells have been completed<br />

Parliament will be able to announce a specific date for when<br />

the bells will be heard permanently. Parliament’s overriding<br />

priority is the completion of the project to schedule, on time<br />

<strong>and</strong> to the highest quality. It remains on track to do so.<br />

Earlier this year, the Great Clock’s Victorian mechanism was<br />

successfully re-installed <strong>and</strong> has been functioning correctly<br />

for several months. The final stage in the Great Clock’s<br />

restoration will be the return of Big Ben’s ‘bongs’ - ringing<br />

out across London accompanied by the Tower’s quarter<br />

bells, which chime the famous ‘Westminster Melody’.<br />

Once testing has been completed on the Great Clock<br />

<strong>and</strong> the bells have been brought back into regular use,<br />

the conservation of the Elizabeth Tower will be complete.<br />

Over the Summer, power <strong>and</strong> data infrastructure<br />

would have been connected <strong>and</strong> fire safety systems<br />

installed - including the complex sprinkler system<br />

<strong>and</strong> fireproofing that will help safeguard this historic<br />

building.<br />

Soon after, the lighting systems in the Tower will<br />

also be completed, with the clock dials’ new energyefficient<br />

LED illumination in operation. The new<br />

lighting system behind the dials will have the ability to<br />

change colour when required.<br />

Parliament will then resume ownership of the<br />

building <strong>and</strong> begin to prepare it for future use. The<br />

installation <strong>and</strong> testing of new exhibition spaces,<br />

workshops <strong>and</strong> tour routes is expected to be completed<br />

in the Winter. Parliament expects to welcome its first<br />

visitors back inside the Elizabeth Tower soon after, in<br />

Spring 2023. More information on the visitor offer will<br />

be provided in the coming months.<br />

Big Ben is coming back.

DECEMBER 2022 | 23<br />

KOSTA!<br />

R E S T A U R A N T<br />

C/Mulhacen 10<br />

On the Coast Road | Between Moraira <strong>and</strong> Calpe, 95<br />

03724 Moraira,<br />

Tel. 865 77 83 00 Mob. 608 733 584<br />

Every day 12:30 - 22:00<br />

Simply The Best – What More Could You Ask for!<br />

AT KOSTA everything is outst<strong>and</strong>ing - beginning with the welcome from the<br />

owner Christian, who makes everyone feel welcome like a special <strong>and</strong> valued<br />

guest in his home along with the very attentive multi-lingual staff <strong>and</strong><br />

great service.<br />

Enjoy a wonderful lunch time or evening meal with friends<br />

or celebrate a family birthday.<br />

Food is excellent quality <strong>and</strong> presented beautifully.<br />

This is a restaurant that you simply cannot fault for food quality, service <strong>and</strong><br />

value for money<br />

What more can you ask it’s perfect

24<br />

Christmas<br />


Joyeux Noël Happy Christmas<br />

greetings<br />

Gelukkig Kerstfeest<br />

Fröhliche Weinachten<br />

Feliz Navidad<br />

With Christmas <strong>and</strong> 2022 just around<br />

the corner, we felt it might be a good<br />

time to reflect on the past year <strong>and</strong> look<br />

forward to the coming year.<br />

Looking back on 2021<br />

It’s impossible to talk about 2021<br />

without mentioning Covid. But in the<br />

final 3 months of the year, we really feel<br />

life is getting back to normal.<br />

All our staff are now back working <strong>and</strong><br />

as mentioned last month, we have even<br />

taken on new staff. More about that in<br />

January.<br />

During the year, we have worked on<br />

the business, looked at how we do our<br />

marketing <strong>and</strong> we feel we are even more<br />

better positioned to do what we do best, Thank You to..<br />

selling <strong>and</strong> renting property.<br />

Wish all their clients <strong>and</strong><br />

In August we completed our own move<br />

to new offices in Jalon <strong>and</strong> began<br />

searching friends for new offices in a Javea really <strong>and</strong> enjoyable<br />

Denia<br />

Looking Foward to 2022<br />

Christmas <strong>and</strong> New Year with<br />

The main thing will be exp<strong>and</strong>ing the<br />

business <strong>and</strong> opening new offices. We<br />

name the public’s mind.<br />

hope good to have new health offices in both Denia <strong>and</strong> happiness.<br />

<strong>and</strong> Javea, <strong>and</strong> maybe even further<br />

afield. We’ll continue to invest in our<br />

staff <strong>and</strong> our marketing. We’ve actually<br />

got buyers waiting for the right property<br />

so if you’re thinking of selling, you really<br />

should consider contacting us.<br />

We couldn’t have got through the last<br />

2 years without the loyalty <strong>and</strong> support<br />

from several quarters. Our staff have<br />

been amazing <strong>and</strong> have shown that<br />

going the extra mile helps everyone.<br />

Our marketing partners have been really<br />

supportive in ensuring we’ve kept our<br />

And of course, our buyers <strong>and</strong> sellers,<br />

without whom we wouldn’t have a<br />

business. To everyone that has listed,<br />

bought or sold, the heartiest of thanks<br />

you’s <strong>and</strong> to everyone a very happy<br />

Christmas <strong>and</strong> prosperous 2022.<br />

Cheers!<br />

Contact us (all areas):<br />

+34 96 649 1883<br />

moraira@moraira-hamiltons.net<br />

www.moraira-hamiltons.net<br />

would like to wish all<br />

their customers a<br />

Happy Christmas <strong>and</strong> a<br />

prosperous New Year.<br />

Phil <strong>and</strong> Julie wish their<br />

clients a really<br />

Happy & Healthy<br />

Christmas <strong>and</strong> 2023.<br />

Isabel <strong>and</strong> team at Opticas<br />

Audífonos Signes Calpe<br />

wish you all a very Merry<br />

Christmas <strong>and</strong> a Happy <strong>and</strong><br />

Healthy New Year 2023.<br />

British Medical<br />

<strong>and</strong> Dental Centre<br />

Every good wish for<br />

Christmas <strong>and</strong> 2023 from the<br />

Family Medical Centre Team.<br />

“We’re here to care for you”.<br />

Tel. 966 865 072<br />

www.albirmedicalcentre.com<br />

Calle Mostoles 33, Moraira<br />

Gary, Ellie, Jen, Darren<br />

<strong>and</strong> all the team<br />

Would like to take this opportunity<br />

to wish our clients <strong>and</strong> staff a very<br />

Merry Christmas <strong>and</strong> a Healthy<br />

Happy New Year, 2023.<br />

with International Food Calle<br />

Mulhacén, 7, send their best<br />

wishes to customers <strong>and</strong> staff for<br />

Christmas <strong>and</strong> New Year.<br />

Kirsty, Gary, Laura <strong>and</strong><br />

Cate, would like to wish their<br />

customers <strong>and</strong> staff a very<br />

merry Christmas <strong>and</strong> a<br />

Happy New Year.<br />


EUROPA<br />


Gill from Libreria Europa, Calpe.<br />

May your Christmas sparkle with<br />

moments of laughter <strong>and</strong> goodwill<br />

<strong>and</strong> may the New Year ahead be<br />

filled with contentment <strong>and</strong> joy.<br />

To all our customers <strong>and</strong><br />

readers wishing you all a<br />

wonderful Christmas <strong>and</strong> a<br />

Prosperous New Year.<br />

Email: mark@fosterconsulting.es | Tel: 96 583 83 84 | Av. Gabriel Miró 18, Entlo. 2 - 03710-CALPE<br />

...a smooth experience<br />

Holiday greetings to all our<br />

vivaldimoraira<br />

staff <strong>and</strong> customers<br />

vivaldimoraira<br />

for Christmas <strong>and</strong><br />

the New Year.<br />


Would like to yorkshirelinecostablanca.com<br />

wish all their clients <strong>and</strong> friends a<br />

Follow us on Facebook <strong>and</strong> Instagram<br />

very healthy <strong>and</strong> happy Christmas <strong>and</strong> New Year.<br />

The beautiful coastal village Moraira, located on the Costa Blanca

DECEMBER 2022 | 25<br />

Lucy, Gemma <strong>and</strong> all at the Bed Centre would like<br />

to take this opportunity to wish clients <strong>and</strong> friends<br />

a happy Christmas <strong>and</strong> a healthy New Year.<br />

Bar<br />

El Martillo<br />

Carretera Teulada<br />

Moraira 52 • Moraira<br />

would like to wish all<br />

their clients <strong>and</strong> friends<br />

a very happy Christmas<br />

<strong>and</strong> New Year.<br />

wishes everyone very happy<br />

Christmas <strong>and</strong> New Year.<br />

OUT & ABOUT<br />


Carol <strong>and</strong> her team would like to take this<br />

opportunity to wish a Happy Christmas<br />

<strong>and</strong> New Year to everyone involved<br />

with the magazine from our Graphic<br />

department, our fantastic journalists,<br />

representatives, readers <strong>and</strong> advertisers<br />

plus the outlets that help with the<br />

distribution. Good health <strong>and</strong> happiness<br />

for 2023 New Year. A big thank you for<br />

your support.


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DECEMBER 2022 | 27<br />

We pride ourselves on having an exceptional<br />

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Our friendly <strong>and</strong> knowledgable staff are<br />

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Come <strong>and</strong> get inspired!!<br />

Centro Comercial Montgó<br />

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Jávea<br />

Tel: 966 462 275<br />

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Tel: 965 841 399<br />

yorkshirelinencostablanca.com<br />

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Walsh’s Wisdom<br />



I<br />

recall the time when the U.S. space<br />

agency NASA once spent millions<br />

developing a pen that would write in<br />

a non-gravity environment. The Russians<br />

replied; ‘we use a pencil.’ A friend once<br />

boasted that if you pressed a little button on<br />

his new battery-powered watch the h<strong>and</strong>s<br />

lit up. I asked him if he had never heard of a<br />

luminous watch.<br />

Why do we make our lives so complicated<br />

<strong>and</strong> for what purpose? Information fatigue:<br />

a single edition of the New York Times<br />

contains as much information as would be<br />

learnt in an average man’s lifetime a couple<br />

of hundred years ago. Adding to my store of<br />

useless knowledge, there is more hi-tech in<br />

my mobile phone than there was in the first<br />

spacecraft.<br />

In some ways, it can be argued that we<br />

all benefit from the remarkable advances<br />

that have taken place over the last decades.<br />

The next frontier to be broken down is<br />

surely the simplification of gadgets. Many<br />

of today’s aids to modern living are beyond<br />

comprehension.<br />

This a pressing problem for we are<br />

becoming programmed to look for difficult

DECEMBER 2022 | 29<br />

rather than simple solutions. Why is there<br />

a reluctance to explain gadgets in a<br />

comprehensible way? I can well<br />

imagine someone replying<br />

to NASA’s scientists that<br />

the pencil solution is too<br />

simplistic.<br />

Having failed to master<br />

all but the basics in<br />

many household<br />

gadgets I once<br />

conceded that I had<br />

technophobia. I kept the<br />

grim finding to myself.<br />

That was until a<br />

national newspaper<br />

tasked their readers with<br />

their ability to use gadgetry<br />

common to modern<br />

households. It was discovered<br />

that over 80 per cent of us cannot<br />

quite get the hang of programming<br />

devices or putting things together.<br />

I downloaded <strong>and</strong> print the instruction<br />

manual for my very modest digital<br />

camera. The instruction book is the size<br />

of a telephone directory <strong>and</strong> largely<br />

incomprehensible.<br />

There is something about the human<br />

condition that strives for change whether<br />

it is necessary or not. They boast of multimillion-euro<br />

fighter jets <strong>and</strong> state-of-the-art<br />

early detection systems. Recently a couple of<br />

Swedish self-publicists flew a light aircraft<br />

unimpeded in <strong>and</strong> out of Belarus territory. At<br />

the height of the Cold War, a German student<br />

flew a single-seat Cessna across the USSR<br />

<strong>and</strong> l<strong>and</strong>ed it in Red Square.<br />

Thanks to my PC I can listen to local radio<br />

stations or read the local press anywhere<br />

in the world. I like just two <strong>and</strong> I have no<br />

need for the other several million. Two<br />

newspapers used to be enough; one national,<br />

one local.<br />

As Albert Einstein surmised: ‘It has<br />

become appallingly obvious that our<br />

technology has exceeded our humanity.’<br />

If you have a book or indeed any writing needs contact Michael by emailing him at keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com<br />

Michael Walsh Heart to Heart Poetry, Amazon Books.<br />

Email: keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com<br />

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Website: www.mikewalshwritingservices.wordpress.com


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Eve from 7.30 pm until late.<br />



DECEMBER 2022 | 31


Whining on<br />

with Steve<br />

As we approach New Year<br />

<strong>and</strong> prepare to welcome<br />

2023! I thought it the ideal<br />

time to take a look at Sparking<br />

Wine, Champagne, Cava <strong>and</strong><br />

Prosecco.<br />

Champagne is naturally the<br />

international go to for celebrations<br />

but for Spain Cava is easier <strong>and</strong><br />

more affordable option.<br />

The production process for both<br />

is the same <strong>and</strong> both tend to use<br />

a three- grape blend. Champagne<br />

uses two reds grapes Pinot Meunier<br />

<strong>and</strong> Pinot Noir <strong>and</strong> one white,<br />

Chardonnay. Cava commonly<br />

uses two white <strong>and</strong> one red,<br />

Parellada, Xarel-lo <strong>and</strong> Macabeo.<br />

These grapes are then blended<br />

according to the wine makers choice<br />

before being added to a bottle/<br />

tank <strong>and</strong> mixed with “liqueur de<br />

triage” a mix of sugar <strong>and</strong> yeast.<br />

During fermentation a pressurised<br />

atmosphere creates carbon dioxide<br />

gas which is trapped in the bottle by<br />

a cap. The wine remains in the bottle<br />

for at least 9 months as the yeast<br />

eats the sugar so producing more<br />

gas <strong>and</strong> alcohol, the carbon dioxide<br />

creates the bubble inside the wine,<br />

the bottles are stored upside down so<br />

that the dead yeast can be removed<br />

via freezing the neck <strong>and</strong> disgorging<br />

at the final stage to remove the<br />

stopper <strong>and</strong> waste.<br />

The longer the fermentation<br />

process the greater the number of<br />

bubbles <strong>and</strong> the dryer the wine will<br />

become.<br />

The process for Prosecco is<br />

basically the same but with less<br />

aging <strong>and</strong> so generally less bubbles<br />

<strong>and</strong> consequently producing more<br />

sugar making it sweeter.<br />

Champagne can only be named<br />

such if it originates from the<br />

Champagne region. Cava may<br />

come from any of 159 municipalities<br />

throughout Spain but principally<br />

it is more widely produced in<br />

Cataluna.<br />

The main difference between<br />

Cava, Champagne <strong>and</strong> Prosecco,<br />

like all wines is the terroir, the<br />

l<strong>and</strong> makes the grape <strong>and</strong> the<br />

grape makes the flavour, personal<br />

preference will always be the key<br />

deciding factor as some good Cava’s<br />

<strong>and</strong> Prosecco’s can rival Champagne<br />

in both taste <strong>and</strong> sparkle but not yet<br />

cache.<br />

So, which to buy for your New<br />

year celebration? Clearly this is about<br />

budget <strong>and</strong> taste, good Champagne<br />

is expensive, usually quite smooth<br />

<strong>and</strong> dry with plentiful bubbles. Krug,<br />

Dom Perignon are obvious options<br />

for those happy to be well north<br />

of 100 euro, Ruinart is a very nice<br />

option closer to 50. These are good<br />

options for a real celebratory pop but<br />

30 euro will get a really nice Cava<br />

such as Bertha Siglo XXI a good high<br />

quality wine.<br />

If you’re just looking for a good<br />

drinking bottle of fizz to end the<br />

evening, then a reliable Freixnet Ice<br />

always hits the spot, or a Freixnet<br />

Prosecco for those with a sweeter<br />

tooth, both around a more affordable<br />

10 euro.<br />

Whichever way you go, be sure to<br />

have a good <strong>and</strong> happy New Year.<br />

Un Salud.<br />

Until next time, Salud!

DECEMBER 2022 | 33<br />



Specialist Painting <strong>and</strong> Decorating<br />

With over 35 years experience in all aspects of painting <strong>and</strong> decorating<br />

including DBS checked for working for the vulnerable, domestic,<br />

commercial <strong>and</strong> industrial projects, Specialises in wallpapering, mould<br />

control <strong>and</strong> power washing, including spray painting. We use only the<br />

highest quality products <strong>and</strong> ensure that the projects are left clean <strong>and</strong><br />

tidy. We always ensure the client is happy before we leave <strong>and</strong> we have 5*<br />

reviews on our facebook page so you have the confidence in us.<br />

We are fully registered <strong>and</strong> insured.<br />

Feel free to ring or email for a free quotation.<br />

styledecs@yahoo.com<br />

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1702104550178152<br />

Telephone Dave on 0034 711092706


I<br />

really cannot believe that I am writing<br />

my Christmas Message right now.<br />

After two years of confinement <strong>and</strong><br />

restrictions this year has flown by.<br />

It’s been a year that passed so very<br />

quickly. I never know what really causes<br />

this. I used to think it was because I am<br />

in senior years, but that’s not necessarily<br />

true since young people feel the same fast<br />

frequency of the passing of time right now.<br />

In many ways Time has become an illusion,<br />

<strong>and</strong> the days seem to fly on by, without a<br />

doubt. Is it because we live in a high tech<br />

World? Maybe life in Spain is the reason?<br />

Endless days of sun <strong>and</strong> blue skies?<br />

Whichever, I am always looking back at<br />

things <strong>and</strong> treasuring memories, hopefully<br />

I can be a part of whatever comes next, <strong>and</strong><br />

be of some use to the process that we call<br />

our sharing of lives to build a better future.<br />

Sadly it doesn’t always work out!<br />

This year Christmas is in reality so close,<br />

<strong>and</strong> normally I have prepared for it. I am<br />

inclined to buy little gifts throughout the<br />

year, whenever I can, but right now I have<br />

yet to put both heart <strong>and</strong> soul into the<br />

Festive Season. My cupboards are not yet<br />

full.<br />

I don’t think that the state of the World<br />

actively promotes peace <strong>and</strong> goodwill<br />

anymore. Thus Christmas becomes the<br />

antidote to bring some focus to the drawing<br />

in of another year. Wars that seem pointless<br />

<strong>and</strong> maniacal <strong>and</strong> general suffering do<br />

nothing to make us feel that Christmas Day<br />

is special when it’s actually just another<br />

date in the calendar. This year we won’t<br />

have the traditional Queen’s speech,<br />

something so traditional that it has always<br />

punctuated a home Christmas since I was<br />

knee high to a grasshopper. Social conflicts<br />

see pensioners crowding into Shopping<br />

Malls to keep warm; presumably having to<br />

think twice before they eat or heat because<br />

both together are deemed a luxury. Human<br />

lives are in jeopardy as the desperate<br />

seek solace in the UK, <strong>and</strong> that involves a<br />

treacherous journey across the Channel in<br />

flimsy, unsafe vessels, <strong>and</strong> possibly death<br />

by drowning.<br />

Money is too tight to mention. Inflation<br />

has galloped out of control so that we don’t<br />

get the bang for our buck anymore.<br />

Fortunately the Christmas Season brings<br />

a lot of kindness. For those who give time,<br />

food <strong>and</strong> money to the many Food Banks,<br />

bless you. I am always on the look out<br />

to gift a R<strong>and</strong>om Act of Kindness. This<br />

is paying for groceries to a stranger who<br />

doesn’t have enough cash <strong>and</strong> is frantically<br />

scraping coins up to pay at the check out,<br />

or looking to see what items they could<br />

do without. It’s buying a Secret Santa<br />

gift <strong>and</strong> delivering it. Buying a homeless<br />

person a gift needn’t cost the Earth, <strong>and</strong><br />

your kindness will help them. Yes, it is the<br />

thought that counts!<br />

My local church has set up a space where<br />

clean warm clothes can be left. Foods can<br />

be donated for delivered weekly boxes, <strong>and</strong><br />

any specific needs are clearly advertised.<br />

Pasta, tinned tomatoes <strong>and</strong> rice are always<br />

on that list, <strong>and</strong> every tin or packet counts.<br />

Sometimes it is the difference between<br />

a meal or hunger. Some residents in my<br />

village no longer have an electricity supply.<br />

Others have electricity <strong>and</strong> are scared to<br />

turn it on because of inflated bills they can’t<br />

pay. What kind of a World is this?<br />

My sincere wish is that everyone enjoys<br />

the Christmas Season. Personally I feel it is<br />

a time to celebrate the year no matter what<br />

it has brought you. I still do love to decorate<br />

the house <strong>and</strong> hear the Carols sung. I am<br />

happy with a Turkey s<strong>and</strong>wich <strong>and</strong> some<br />

cranberry sauce <strong>and</strong> maybe the odd mince<br />



TEL. 96 587 8424/686 361 594 / EMAIL: KENNYCORRIS@HOTMAIL.COM

DECEMBER 2022 | 35<br />

pie, or two. I like the messages people send<br />

<strong>and</strong> the fact that they communicate with<br />

each other so we can join up the World<br />

with an intention to celebrate. I love to<br />

watch people opening their gifts <strong>and</strong> to see<br />

their reactions rather than to open any gifts<br />

that I get. I love the bustle of the Christmas<br />

Shopping <strong>and</strong> the lights in the streets. Dark<br />

nights come alive with a touch of sparkle<br />

<strong>and</strong> I can dream happily <strong>and</strong> remember<br />

Christmases if the past. I love to have a<br />

log fire <strong>and</strong> sit <strong>and</strong> watch the flames as the<br />

house heats up <strong>and</strong> the fact that I can lose<br />

myself in the glow. Small things mean a lot.<br />

My Mother died on Christmas Day <strong>and</strong> I<br />

know each year that I celebrate she would<br />

heartily approve. It was her who stayed<br />

up late on Christmas Eve to decorate<br />

the house single h<strong>and</strong>edly when I was<br />

small. I also know that she would hate<br />

for me to mourn or be distressed, since<br />

she loved the Festive Season <strong>and</strong> all that<br />

came with it! Every Christmas I celebrate<br />

the eighteen years I had Christmas with<br />

my Mother; <strong>and</strong> I have had fifty years<br />

celebrating without her. I wonder what she<br />

would have thought had she lived to see<br />

the breakdown of our Planet right now.<br />

The destruction of needless War in the<br />

Ukraine <strong>and</strong> the unrest brought about by<br />

pure greed <strong>and</strong> stealth in general. The fear<br />

of a lack of fuel <strong>and</strong> spiralling prices do<br />

nothing to comfort those vulnerable people<br />

calling out for help in a World that may be<br />

seen as non caring. Show that you do care,<br />

whatever you do, make this Christmas<br />

count for you <strong>and</strong> all you love, as well as<br />

those who may well need your generosity<br />

<strong>and</strong> kindness just to carry on. Everything<br />

you can spare is a gift that someone,<br />

somewhere will treasure.<br />

Happy Holidays to you all, Bless you!<br />

Love & Light, - Kenny Corris<br />

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Father Ted’s<br />

Camino del Pallero, 6, Moraira<br />

Father Ted’s can be described as a “Jewel in a Crown”<br />

as it sparkles with personality <strong>and</strong> is a “gem” of a bar to<br />

visit with a warm welcome.<br />

In the Moraira area where there are plenty of fizzy beers, it’s a joy to<br />

get a decent pint of Guinness, properly served. The owner <strong>and</strong> staff are<br />

professional <strong>and</strong> friendly <strong>and</strong> the food is very good. It has a relaxed <strong>and</strong><br />

civilized feel about it, everything a bar should be. Another big asset is<br />

the wide selection of “GUEST CRAFT ALES” available including “ADNAMS<br />

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Lunch will be served from 1.30.<br />

Staff very friendly <strong>and</strong> attentive. Home-made Specials from €6.95.<br />

Inside seating 52 people <strong>and</strong> on the terrace 20.<br />

Plenty of outside parking space.<br />

Check us out on Facebook for Up <strong>and</strong> Coming Events.<br />

XMAS<br />


HOURS<br />

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Sat 24th Xmas Eve Open 2.00<br />

Sun 25th Xmas Day<br />

12-4.00 drinks only<br />

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Reservations only<br />

Monday 26th Boxing Day<br />

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Tues 27th CLOSED<br />

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Friday 30th Normal hours<br />

Sat 31st NEW YEAR<br />


Sun 1st CLosed<br />


Mon 2nd CLOSED<br />

€5.00 MEAL DEAL 7-7.30, QUIZ 8-8.30<br />


3 COURSES €12.95<br />

Please check our Facebook page for revised times, capacity <strong>and</strong> entertainment, as these<br />

may change due to the easing of restrictions<br />


Including Punk IPA <strong>and</strong><br />

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New beer arriving on draught.<br />


All your favourite sports!<br />


Quiz Night & The Open Box<br />


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plus a selection of<br />

homemade pies for 7.95€<br />


Meal deals from 5.00€<br />


Available from 11.95€

DECEMBER 2022 | 37<br />

Father Ted’s<br />

Camino del Pallero, 6, Moraira<br />

A Gem of a Place<br />

One Course 11.95€<br />

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Three Courses 15.95€<br />


Mon 3 - 9 , Tues 3 – 9, Weds 3- 11, Thurs Closed,<br />

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Opening hours may vary <strong>and</strong> entertainment due to ongoing restrictions.<br />

Check our Facebook page or phone the bar on 966 490 277/630 965 392<br />

Booking advised: 966 490 277 / 630 965 392<br />

Camino Del Pallero 6, Moraira






Christmas is a time where<br />

families <strong>and</strong> friends get<br />

together. Unfortunately<br />

families all under one roof for a<br />

long period of time can be stressful.<br />

Cooking, entertaining <strong>and</strong> trying to<br />

please all members of the family can<br />

be difficult to achieve.<br />

Firstly resolve any grievances in<br />

the past year with family members or<br />

friends that are going to be around.<br />

This will stop old grudges <strong>and</strong><br />

arguments from being ignited.<br />

Give people jobs to do on the<br />

day, people like to feel useful. By<br />

delegating the pressure of doing it all<br />

is relieved <strong>and</strong> the feeling of being<br />

taken advantage of will subside. The<br />

more active people are, the less likely<br />

they are to be confrontational or<br />

grumpy. Do not be a martyr - allow<br />

people to help!!<br />

• Discuss beforeh<strong>and</strong> what your<br />

visitors would like to eat <strong>and</strong> watch<br />

on television, <strong>and</strong> what the children<br />

would like to do


DECEMBER 2022 | 39<br />

• Try <strong>and</strong> have some kind of timetable<br />

otherwise people will just sit for<br />

hours watching television.<br />

• Avoid spending too much time with<br />

individuals that you do not always<br />

get along with.<br />

• If people or children are getting<br />

restless or overexcited, go for a long<br />

walk. A change of scene <strong>and</strong> fresh air<br />

will make everyone feel better.<br />

• Try not to drink too much alcohol!!!<br />

Ha!<br />

• If you are going to a family members<br />

for Christmas set boundaries<br />

beforeh<strong>and</strong> like the time to arrive <strong>and</strong><br />

when you have to leave<br />

• Avoid certain triggers like<br />

conversation topics such as religion,<br />

politics<br />

Think positive, every family has some<br />

conflict. It is normal <strong>and</strong> every family<br />

has it. You will survive it just pre plan<br />

before, try <strong>and</strong> get a good night’s sleep<br />

the night before. At some point during<br />

the day sit back <strong>and</strong> enjoy it!!!<br />

And for those who STILL haven´t<br />

finished their Christmas shopping<br />

for that special person or loved one,<br />

remember Christmas gift vouchers are<br />

still available at The Family Medical<br />

Centre, Albir.<br />

· Article by Dr jose Antonio Canovas Ivorra<br />

· The Family Medical Centre, Albir. 966 865 072<br />

· www.albirfamilymedicalcentre.com



singing all your<br />

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at HIMALAYA<br />


Moraira<br />

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Set Top Boxes<br />

Dish installations<br />

Dish re-alignments<br />

info@ccsattv.com<br />


DECEMBER 2022 | 41


Hi Folks<br />

I<br />

have decided to retire <strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong> over my<br />

story to my step brothers, Bentley <strong>and</strong> Alfie. I<br />

feel I am getting too old to put paw to paper.<br />

However, knowing how the little one Bentley<br />

can take over, I have decided to become a Ghost<br />

Writer. This way I can keep an eye on them.<br />

I explained to Santa how I am retired <strong>and</strong><br />

unable to help this year <strong>and</strong> I had a reply from<br />

Santa <strong>and</strong> he would have liked my help to pull<br />

his sleigh again but can underst<strong>and</strong> my decision<br />

as not young now! The Reindeers did need my<br />

muscle power as there are many more presents<br />

to deliver <strong>and</strong> more places to call on. However,<br />

he has accepted the help from my step brothers<br />

Bentley <strong>and</strong> Alfie. They did do a good job last<br />

year under my guidance, so do have some<br />

experience now <strong>and</strong> they enjoyed giving a helping<br />

paw. I know Santa will not mind them helping<br />

with the sacks of presents. So here I am now<br />

passing the article over two my step brothers.<br />

We, Bentley <strong>and</strong> Alfie are all getting really<br />

excited about opening our Christmas presents.<br />

Tyson is more grown up than us but we do tend to<br />

show off <strong>and</strong> get our own way. We are such spoilt<br />

dogs we have already torn open a few. Alfie has<br />

a squeaky toy in his mouth now running around<br />

the room, trying to catch everyone’s attention.<br />

There are many less fortunate dogs in Shelters<br />

that would love to have a “Forever Loving”<br />

home, even fostered would be a better situation<br />

<strong>and</strong> not all my furry friends would have such a<br />

fun Christmas as the three of us have. So please<br />

give those less fortunate a thought <strong>and</strong> adopt or<br />

foster for Christmas. Alfie is normally full of life<br />

<strong>and</strong> I know he will enjoy the fast pace of getting<br />

to every place in time. We will definitely be tired<br />

after but the excitement of Christmas day will<br />

keep us on our paws!<br />

I do love my sleep <strong>and</strong> sometimes use Alfie as<br />

my pillow. He doesn’t mind as he likes to be close<br />

to me. It was so comfortable. As you can see from<br />

the photo. We are two very placid dogs. Bentley<br />

the smallest is the “Boss” dog. He always has to<br />

win <strong>and</strong> have the toys first. We give in to him all<br />

the time, as he gets grumpy with us if we don’t.<br />

I have been wearing my Bio flow-collar now<br />

for some time <strong>and</strong> no aches or pains. It has really<br />

solved my rheumatism problem as I pulled a<br />

back leg muscle. My family contacted Carol of<br />

Eternal Health about the Bio flow magnetic collars<br />

for animals. Also available for humans. From<br />

the very first day of wearing the collar I had no<br />

discomfort or pain. I would strongly suggest that<br />

your family contact Carol. A lovely Christmas<br />

present coming along for some furry friends!!<br />

I enjoy playing games with Bentley <strong>and</strong> Alfie<br />

especially tug of war with my rope toys. We have<br />

two big boxes of toys in the lounge <strong>and</strong> each of us<br />

has a favourite.<br />

For more info on ??? please telephone<br />

the PEPA helpline on 650 304 746 or email<br />

p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com.<br />

To all my furry friends. Have a woofing, tail<br />

wagging Christmas Festive season with lots of<br />

tail wags, paw, paws <strong>and</strong> licks for the New Year.<br />

Tyson, Bentley <strong>and</strong> Alfie. We cannot wait to open<br />

our toys. Have opened one or two already. The<br />

squeaky toys Alfie howls at the noise but he still<br />

squeezes them. We bark with laughter at him.<br />

Until next year!! Happy 2020. Keep wagging those<br />

tails!!<br />

Tyson<br />

Av. Constitució , 18, planta bajo,<br />

La Font d’En Carros, 46717, Valencia, España.<br />

Telephone: 650-304-746<br />

Email: p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com


DECEMBER 2022 | 43<br />

Firefox<br />

https://arenacloud.cdn.arkadiumhosted.com/overwr<br />

ACROSS<br />

1 Unready king making girl embarrassed (8)<br />

6 Article I’m to make objective (3)<br />

9 Precise former spouse has to do<br />

something (5)<br />

10 Directors <strong>and</strong> editor got on (7)<br />

11 Oil change after journey in African port (7)<br />

13 “Room at the Top” in Greek (5)<br />

14 Teased for being badly dressed (6)<br />

15 Beer? Bert is ordered to swallow it (6)<br />

19 Aimed to reform press, TV, etc. (5)<br />

21 Allowances made for disturbance on stair?<br />

(7)<br />

22 Just say I may be found in a French resort<br />

(7)<br />

23 New gown about right? No, it’s not Firefox right (5)<br />

24 Observe the bishop’s territory (3)<br />

25 Drink that’s bad for teenager? (5,3)<br />

https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles.com<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

8<br />

9 10<br />

11 12 13<br />

14 15 16 17<br />

18<br />

19 20 21<br />

22 23<br />

24 25<br />

ACROSS<br />

DOWN1 Unready king making girl embarrassed (8)<br />

2 Dashing 6 Article in great I'm to confusion make objective (7) (3)<br />

5 8 1<br />

7 2<br />

3 Scoff 9 Precise when leader former is spouse knocked has out to in do something (5)<br />

10 Directors <strong>and</strong> editor got on (7)<br />

preliminary round (3)<br />

9<br />

11 Oil change after journey in African port (7)<br />

4 Bunny 13 "Room talk? (6) at the Top" in Greek (5)<br />

5 Mad 14artist Teased turns for playwright being badly (9) dressed (6) 7<br />

6 9 8<br />

15 Beer? Bert is ordered to swallow it (6)<br />

6 Check<br />

19 Aimed<br />

car heading<br />

to reform<br />

for<br />

press,<br />

Tottenham<br />

TV, etc.<br />

(5)<br />

(5) 8 4<br />

5<br />

7 Another 21 Allowances word for doctor made for found disturbance in some on stair? (7)<br />

dictionaries 22 Just say (5) I may be found in a French resort (7)<br />

8 Browbeat 23 New Trojan gown hero about (6) right? No, it's not right (5) 9<br />

2<br />

24 Observe the bishop's territory (3)<br />

12 Working 25 Drink with that's gear bad in top for form teenager? (9) (5,3)<br />

7<br />

9 4<br />

16 Pair DOWN involved in most woe (7)<br />

17 Quit 2<strong>and</strong> Dashing write in one’s great name confusion again? (7) (6)<br />

4 6 3<br />

1<br />

18 Royal 3 Scoff pop star when (6) leader is knocked out in preliminary<br />

round (3)<br />

19 Mother 4 Bunny has second talk? (6) thoughts after<br />

8<br />

contagious 5 Mad artist disease turns (5) playwright (9)<br />

20 Teacher 6 Check with car north-eastern heading for poet Tottenham (5) (5) 1 7<br />

8 6 9<br />

7 Another word for doctor found in some dictionaries<br />

23 Be (5) successful for first half of season (3)<br />

How to play<br />

8 Browbeat Trojan hero (6)<br />

Test your brain on our SUDOKU puzzle.<br />

12 Working with gear in top form (9) Sudoku is a logic Fill puzzle each where square you so have that to each populate row, column <strong>and</strong><br />

16 Pair involved in most woe (7) the grid with numbers. each 3x3 A number square can contains appear only all digits once from 1 to 9.<br />

17 Quit <strong>and</strong> write one's name again?<br />

in<br />

(6)<br />

each row, column <strong>and</strong> house. Each puzzle can be<br />

solved using logic from the given information <strong>and</strong><br />

18 Royal pop star (6)<br />

Answers to both puzzles can be found on page 47<br />

requires no guesswork.<br />

19 Mother has second thoughts after contagious<br />

disease (5)<br />

20 Teacher with north-eastern poet (5)


LIVE<br />

MUSIC<br />

most weekends<br />

(Check Facebook<br />

for updates).<br />

Calle Móstoles 33,<br />

Rada de<br />

Moraira.<br />

Telephone:<br />

965 74 43 66<br />

There is something for<br />

everyone at Hill Top Pub!<br />

Open Christmas Day<br />

<strong>and</strong> New Year’s Eve<br />

tickets only<br />

Breakfast from 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.<br />

Lunch <strong>and</strong> Evening meals available.<br />

• Pool <strong>and</strong> Terrace •<br />



in a new glass enclosed terrace.<br />

Sunday lunches<br />

from 1.00 pm<br />

Pool Table available<br />

Open 7 days a week, early until late.


DECEMBER 2022 | 45<br />

Book Review<br />

CALP<br />

Blanc i negre<br />

PRICE<br />

35€<br />

A passion for collecting <strong>and</strong> for recovering<br />

the history of Calp is what our director,<br />

Joaquín Vázquez Boronat (Jacky), feels,<br />

<strong>and</strong> it is a passion that has carried out<br />

many decades of exercising it day by day<br />

<strong>and</strong> materializing it in a large documentary<br />

<strong>and</strong> graphic archive, which he has led to<br />

collaborate with the last publication of<br />

Editorial “TIVOLI” entitled “Calp. Blanc<br />

i Negre. 1920-1970”, a book that shows<br />

a graphic vision <strong>and</strong> a Calp unknown to<br />

many people <strong>and</strong> that will bring much<br />

longing to others.<br />

Available at Bookshop Europa, Calle Oscar<br />

Espla, Calpe. Price: 35 Euros.<br />


ON JULY 14TH AT 19:00<br />




Calle Oscar Esplá 2, CALPE, 965835824.<br />

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.00 - 14.00 & 17.00 - 20.00. SATURDAYS 10.00 - 14.00.<br />


FREE<br />

NO<br />




<strong>Out</strong> &<br />

<strong>About</strong><br />

Costa Blanca Magazine<br />

Write an email to<br />

carolrlevey@gmail.com<br />

for further information<br />

or telephone 651 459 776.<br />

NEEDS YOU!<br />

BECOME A<br />

SALES<br />



Part-time or full time

DECEMBER 2022 | 47<br />

Awarded the maximum 5 star rating in the most recent poll by<br />

the American Federation of Certified Psychics <strong>and</strong> Mediums.<br />

ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 21:<br />

Mercury <strong>and</strong> Pluto in the tenth<br />

house…time to deep think on the<br />

true meaning of life with sweeping<br />

changes. Take control, because you can.<br />

TAURUS APRIL 22 - MAY 21:<br />

Venus, your planetary leader instals<br />

some love <strong>and</strong> tender care right when<br />

most needed. Be passionate about<br />

yourself too, it’s about time!<br />

GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 22:<br />

Jupiter transits the eleventh house,<br />

time to reach out <strong>and</strong> connect.<br />

Transformation is a slow progress…so<br />

hang on in there.<br />

CANCER JUNE 23 - JULY 23:<br />

The Full Moon shines on you <strong>and</strong><br />

illuminates skills you hide for no<br />

good reason. Take the higher ground <strong>and</strong> be<br />

you, it’s not selfish it’s realistic!<br />

LEO JULY 24 - AUG 23:<br />

Mercury retrogrades on the 29th.<br />

Check out that small print before you<br />

sign anything. Stall if you have to <strong>and</strong> check<br />

everything first.<br />

VIRGO AUG 24 - SEPT 23:<br />

Jupiter in the eighth house bodes a<br />

step ahead on finances. Money comes<br />

<strong>and</strong> goes but find a way to squirrel<br />

away that you deserve.<br />

https://arenacloud.cdn.arkadiumhosted.com/overwrites-live/iframe-rend...<br />

LIBRA SEPT 24 - OCT 23:<br />

Mercury <strong>and</strong> Pluto in the fourth<br />

house sees a focus on a family matter<br />

that needs your tender loving care to<br />

see it through. Be frank but fair!<br />

SCORPIO OCT 24 - NOV 22:<br />

With Mars retrograde in the eighth<br />

house ask yourself what is your<br />

motivation? After all, it wasn’t you<br />

who decided to change the goalposts.<br />

SAGITTARIUS NOV 23 - DEC 21:<br />

The Sun in your second house sees<br />

you seeing things from a different<br />

angle. Make no plans to return when<br />

in your heart you are adamant.<br />

CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 20:<br />

The New Moon in your sign brings<br />

you: new values, new aspects, a re-set<br />

<strong>and</strong> a new you too. There is no going<br />

back now!<br />

AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 19:<br />

Live for the moment! Believe in the<br />

unseen <strong>and</strong> the invisible because they<br />

are starting to exist for you. Faith is<br />

your strength <strong>and</strong> your light!<br />

PISCES FEB 20 - MAR 20:<br />

Mercury in your eleventh house<br />

resonates with Pluto this month. Stop<br />

wishing <strong>and</strong> make dreams your true<br />

Firefox<br />

reality. Now is your time.<br />

https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles.com/games/bes<br />

E T H E L R E D A I<br />

7<br />

M<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6<br />

H E A A R U E<br />

8<br />

E X A C T<br />

10<br />

B O A R D E D<br />

9<br />

C R B M I I<br />

11<br />

T R I P<br />

12<br />

O L I<br />

13<br />

A T T I C<br />

O N P T T<br />

14<br />

R A G G E D<br />

15<br />

B I T<br />

16<br />

T E<br />

17<br />

R<br />

R<br />

18<br />

P S W E<br />

19<br />

M E<br />

20<br />

D I A<br />

21<br />

R A T I O N S<br />

U O T I S I<br />

22<br />

M E N T I O N<br />

23<br />

W R O N G<br />

P N N C I M N<br />

24<br />

S E E<br />

25<br />

G R E E N T E A<br />

PUZZLE<br />

PAGE<br />


6 5 8<br />

9 3 2<br />

7 1 4<br />

3 8 1<br />

4 9 5<br />

2 6 7<br />

8 4 6<br />

5 2 9<br />

1 7 3<br />

1 9 4<br />

7 8 5<br />

2 6 3<br />

4 7 2<br />

3 1 6<br />

8 5 9<br />

9 3 7<br />

6 4 1<br />

5 2 8<br />

3 7 2<br />

4 1 6<br />

9 8 5<br />

5 6 9<br />

8 2 7<br />

1 4 3<br />

2 5 1<br />

7 3 8<br />

6 9 4<br />

arrassed (8)<br />

3)<br />

do something (5)<br />

How to play<br />

Sudoku is a logic puzzle where you have to populate<br />

the grid with numbers. A number can appear only once<br />

in each row, column <strong>and</strong> house. Each puzzle can be


Calpe, Benissa, Altea, Moraira<br />

COBAT welcomes you to<br />

theCosta Blanca.<br />

Since 2003<br />

Buying or selling a house or apartment is an<br />

important matter. Doing so, you will need a<br />

personal <strong>and</strong> professional service. In another<br />

country, where not everybody speaks your<br />

language <strong>and</strong> laws <strong>and</strong> customs are different,<br />

you will certainly have to rely on experts.<br />

Nederl<strong>and</strong>stalig<br />

makelaarskantoor in Calpe.<br />

Let our team find<br />

your dream<br />

At COBAT we take every question serious, we<br />

make plenty of time to negotiate <strong>and</strong> satisfy all<br />

parties, we arrange all the paperwork properly,<br />

sign with you at the notary <strong>and</strong> after the sale we<br />

are still here for you!<br />

An enthusiastic five linguistic team: Johan,<br />

Katleen, Celine, Olga, Christel, Annette <strong>and</strong><br />

Tanya will work together with you <strong>and</strong> their vast<br />

network to find the right buyer or the dream<br />

property for you.

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